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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
CBCBritish Columbia »Calgary Edmonton »Saskatchewan» Manitoba» Thunder Bay» Sudbury » Windsor » Kitchener-Waterloo Hamilton Toronto »Ottawa Montreal »New Brunswick  Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia »Newfoundland & Labrador

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More flood emergencies declared on Prairies
         Police seize almost 70 kilograms of marijuana
Alberta judge sentenced for driving over .08
         Hadfield, Mercer and Cronenberg to get Order of Canada
Underwater researchers explore Haida Gwaii
         EI confusing for Atlantic Canada: report
Charter, universal health care top unity poll
         Nova Scotia signs training deal with Ottawa
Confusing EI rules have created fear among Atlantic Canadian workers: report
         Voters cast ballots today in four byelections
Anti-spam law coming into effect Tuesday

Chris Hadfield, Guy Gavriel Kay, Rick Mercer to get Order of Canada
         FATCA tax deal forces Canadian banks to send info to IRS
Canada Day 2014: How to fly the Canadian flag
         It's byelection day: 5 things to watch
Putin gets payback for Canada's anti-Russia stance


Live: Byelections results in four federal ridings

U.S. authorities dismantle marijuana pipeline from Canada
         Order of Canada: Ottawa inductees recognized for diplomacy, medicine, photography
Canada Day photo exhibit: Images of Afghanistan
         Watson: Political emails are the most depressing spam of all
Pour the perfect pint of beer on Canada Day
         UN and partners ask for more money to save mothers
Assassination sites service tourism's dark side
         U.S. authorities dismantle marijuana pipeline from Canada
Stop performing routine pelvic exams on women, says American medical group
         Travel Chat: Last-minute summer holiday deals for families

Update: State of emergency now in effect in 36 Saskatchewan communities
         Most Canadians think of themselves as cool, sexy and polite: survey
Political party emails latest 'psychological effort' to get Canadians to donate
         Canada's drug-impaired driving law 'cumbersome to enforce and prosecute,' watchdogs say
Raise a pint: Home brewing hobby has seen a resurgence over last decade
         T he Caesar: Canada's greatest boozy invention

Sorry if you've heard this before, but here are 8 Canadian stereotypes, eh

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What unites Canada? Charter of Rights and universal health care: poll 7 hours ago
         Confusing EI rules have created fear among Atlantic Canadian workers: report 7 hours ago
Squamish forest road reopened freeing hundreds of campers 2 hours 22 minutes ago
         After 150 years on U.S. soil, artifact from Charlottetown is sailing home 11 hours ago
Quebec heat will make moving day tricky 12 hours ago
         $20,000 per person: Activists push for guaranteed minimum income for Canadians Sun, 29 Jun, 2014
Questions surround Canada's free trade agenda Sun, 29 Jun, 2014

         Vancouver port volumes rise on U.S. port labor talks
Homeless benches in Vancouver draw international attention
         Parks Canada researchers return from expedition off B.C.'s Haida Gwaii

Weekend dog attacks on children prompt charges, impounding
         Sale of Canadian assets of railroad in Lac-Megantic disaster is completed
New anti-spam law 'hassle' for small business owners in N.B.
         Cancer patient told to fundraise for drug by health department
Raven knocks out power to 9,000 Yukon customers

Cuban prosecutors seek 15 years for Canadian accused of bribery

         Canadian finance minister says no housing bubble in Canada
Canada aboriginal court win sparks new pipeline questions
         A year on, Quebec town remains in grip of 'train from hell'
Canada finance minister warns over global hunt for yield
         Bank of Canada under pressure as inflation at 27-month high

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Premier's LNG Dreams Given Reality Check By Japanese Expert
         Visiting from Tokyo, Dr. Ken Koyama says BC faces 'severe' competition in selling gas to Asia. By Geoff Dembicki
BC Gov't Withholds Report on Inappropriate School Executive Pay
         Move sets a 'novel' precedent that increases secrecy, observers say. By Andrew MacLeod
Tsilhqot'in Nation Gives Canada a New Chance to Do It Right
         Why our era of resource giveaways may be over. By Mitchell Anderson
Can You Imagine? Toppling the Fossil Fuel Empire
         Required: bold thinking to preserve civilization and a liveable planet. By Murray Dobbin
Tyee Poll: How Would You Suggest Canada Celebrate 150 Years?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canadian Progressive World<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada setting new global standard for TPP secrecy: Council of Canadians

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Stephen Harper's Canada: The Legacy of Tyrants
         Building a nation on permafrost
Putin gets payback for Canada's anti-Russia stance
         Celebrate Canada's history of courage and hard work
Not criminally responsible law erects hurdles for mentally ill

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
After Losing Vote, U.S.-EU Threaten to Undermine Treaty
         U.S. Reaction to New Immigrant Influx Could Violate International Law
U.S.: What Is the Greatest Threat of Them All?
         Violence Casts Shadow Over 'Himalayan Viagra' Harvest in Nepal
OP-ED: Surging Violence Against Women in Iraq
         Maternal Deaths Due to HIV a Grim Reality
Battle Stations: Civil Society Fights Radio and TV Spectrum Auctions

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Fashion Victims of Cambodia
         Cleaning Workers Victims of Police and Austerity in Greece
School to Prison Pipeline
         End to Violence Unlikely as Ceasefire Extended in Ukraine
10 Years Since Historic Legal Victory Protecting Rights of Guantanamo Detainees
         War\'s First Casualty: the Truth

The ISIS War in Iraq Has Roots Much Deeper Than Sectarian Violence | Mnar Muhawesh Interviewed by Dennis Trainor Jr.
         Russell Brand\'s speech to 50,000 people at the anti austity protest in London
World War One 100th Anniversary: What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand Had Lived?
         Hottest Year On Record?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reader Supported News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Blackwater Death Threat Said to Stifle US Inquiry
         White House Seeks New Deportation Powers READ MORE
From Occupy Movement to Social Reconstruction READ MORE
         Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Wal-Mart, Amazon and the 1 Percent’s Sick Triumph Over Us All READ MORE
When Civil-Rights Unity Fractured READ MORE
         Honeybees Feel the Sting of Pesticides READ MORE

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
World Goes On "High Alert" After Arizona Quake Confirms Worst Fears Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A Step Closer to Bio-Printing Transplantable Organs: Study
         All the world's oceans have plastic debris on their surface, passing intofood chain
Mind Control Scientists Using Light To Alter The Brain
         Cargill Announces New Non-GMO Soybean Oil
America's Nazis in Kiev: "Russians are Subhuman"

Smart Lights: New LED Networks Could Track Your Every Movement
         "New Generation Of Non-Metallic Explosives"... "As the July 4th Holiday Approaches" DUN! DUN! DUN!
Trigger-Happy Police Unload Pistols on Frightened Cow
         How Private Funding Influences GMO Research
The Next Generation Of Robots Will Be Very Emotional, Very Social
         Associated Press to Implement Robot Journalism
Pesticides found in 51% of "bee-friendly" plants from garden centers across U.S.
         Dragonfly: New Cyber Attack Against Western Energy Companies
Foreknowledge Issues Raise Questions of Boston Terror Suspects' Relationship With FBI
         Police Confiscate Healthy Baby Because it Was Born at Home

New TSA fees to make airfare more expensive starting next month
         N.Y. top court says towns can ban fracking
Microchip Implants with Health Data Proposed in Australia
         Activity Trackers – Selling Transhumanism to the Unawake
Argentina Must Pay $539 Million Today - Default Imminent
         The Top Four Obesity Myths
Anti-surveillance Blackphone handset starts shipping
         'Open Informant' turns your private messages into NSA protest badge

L'appel de Laraque fait des vaguesPlus
         Un garçon de cinq ans disparu à CalgaryPlus
Les agressions sexuelles en hausse lors de la fête du CanadaPlus
         Une dame meurt heurtée 2 fois par le même véhiculePlus
Pas de collusion chez Hydro-Québec, assure son PDGPlus
         Homicide sur l'avenue Malo: le suspect accusé de meurtrePlus
2000 morts en juin en IrakPlus
         Mohamed Fahmy ne fera pas appelPlus
Un octogénaire est grièvement blessé à MontréalPlus
         Attentats devant le palais présidentiel au Caire: 2 mortsPlus

Les trois Israéliens disparus retrouvés mortsPlus
         Construction: le mandat du médiateur prolongéPlus
Moscou et Européens poussent Kiev à prolonger la trêve Plus
         35 chefs d'accusation pour des crimes sexuelsPlus
É-U.: un patron n'est pas tenu de payer les contraceptifsPlus
         Déportation d'une famille rom : la mère lance un cri du coeurPlus
Élections partielles en cours en Alberta et en OntarioPlus
         Baignade nocturne: un homme manque à l'appelPlus
30 ans de prison pour l'ex-chef de l'armée rwandaisePlus
         La Corée du Nord propose au Sud de cesser les insultesPlus


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