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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Labrador ferry issues wipe out grocery stocks
         U.S. to free Marc Emery after 5-year pot term
Alberta politician caught in prostitution sting welcomed back to Tory caucus
         Former GG wants to head La Francophonie
Regina health region spending on new equipment
         Swan to Harper: don't criminalize prostitutes
Top court to rule on case over logging rights
         Ontario looks at pesticide in bee deaths
Europe takes rehab approach to Islamic extremists
         Ottawa eases way for small wireless carriers

Quebec home daycare works strike for one day
         Prostitution bill likely to face court challenge, Peter MacKay says
Marathon prostitution hearings begin today in special summer parliament session

Afghan memorial unveiled with short notice on minister's order
         Yves Bolduc's $215K bonus unethical, say ex-health ministers
Christian college headed by religious freedom ambassador set to close
         Peter MacKay warns prostitution will be decriminalized without new law
AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction will be tailored toward new players
         Ontario PCs are divided and dispirited. So what now?
Saskatchewan tornado in wedding photos stirs social media storm
         The life of a jihadi wife: Why one Canadian woman joined ISIS's Islamic state

Study suggests link between oilsands and Fort Chip illnesses
         Saskatchewan tornado in wedding photos stirs social media storm video
Biggest flying bird ever gets identified from fossil
         Jellyfish population boom wreaking havoc worldwide audio
Party has long road back from recent election loss

         2 B.C. rock slide victims rescued by Winnipeg man
Ottawa targets Big 3 again with new wireless spectrum rules
         Ontario looking to restrict use of bee-killing pesticides

WestJet plans to fly wide-body planes by fall 2015
         OxyContin and other opioids tied to 1 in 8 deaths in young adults, Ontario study shows
Facebook posts aid researchers in tracking e-cigarette use, manipulation
         Edmonton doctor helps Syrians in online psychiatric sessions
3D-printed prosthetic arms rescue child victims of war
         $2 hospital meals could cause malnutrition, dietitians warn
'McJobs' give teens competitive advantage: UBC study read 81comments
         Canadian border agents can't be forced to wear name tags: tribunal read338comments
Jellyfish population boom wreaking havoc worldwide audio
         Business leaders call on Ottawa to reverse 'alarming slide' in skills training

Prostitution bill examination lets former sex workers address MPs read 1678 commentsvideo
         Battle against invasive Asian Carp gets a boost with Ontario lab

Civil servant fired for privacy breaches, excessive Internet usage
         Ill feelings? Tony Clement poised to tackle sick leave in the public service
Changing climate at root of 'utterly unprecedented' summer flood
         MacKay: Gov't won't 'decriminalize' prostitution-related acts
The Gargoyle: Citizens' group worried about secret Trans-Pacific Partnership talks in Ottawa
         Coyne: Soak the rich! Abolish the corporate income tax
Search for missing family converges on slough; Douglas Garland held on unrelated charge

Some B.C. nurses' overtime pay gives them an income rivalling doctors' earnings
         Canada to enhance airport security
Keep meals simple yet delicious without the need for too much prep when camping
         No queue jumping for surgery for children of affluent families: Report
Health Canada inspection raises concerns about GSK flu vaccine plant

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tsilhqot'in Decision: Time to Grow up, Canada
         Gone are childish notions dismissive of native land claims. By Rafe Mair
'We Need to Do Something': Canada's New Settler Solidarity Movement
         How non-native groups are building support for aboriginals. By Meg Mittelstedt
Tear Down Families: Rentals Tight, a Survival Strategy
         Vancouver area's high priced housing forces some families to move from one home slated for demolition to the next. By Emi Sasagawa

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

John Tory has the lead in new Toronto mayoral poll

Treasury Board President Tony Clement wants to tackle sick leave in the public service
         Records could have been changed, Del Mastro's lawyer suggests
Peter MacKay warns prostitution will be decriminalized without new law

AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction will be tailored toward new players
         Don't underestimate Trudeau, say two former Harper advisers
Harper's Trudeau jabs belie fear of the young lion
         Voting: inconvenient, illogical…priceless
For Conservatives, courts are a tempting target in 2015 campaign
         Work together on Gateway, for prosperity's sake
Bright new email Camelot for spam-a-lot
         Why Stephen Harper Will Face Justin Trudeau In The Next Federal Election By Jamie Gilcig
Neighbours, proximity and the clothesline of hate
         Plan will create traffic chaos on Eglinton

Rail companies are committed to ensuring oil is delivered safely
         Ottawa guts already overloaded disability benefits tribunal
Unions sit out PS sick leave discussions
         Economists see grounds for optimism when Canada's jobs data unveiled
Oil sands pollutants contaminate traditional First Nations' foods: report
         Oilsands development linked to cancer, First Nations say
Billionaire Koch brothers are big oil players in Alberta
         Taseko sees 'positive future' for New Prosperity mine after high court ruling
Judicial activism in Canada – Charter fights
         PMO looking to 2015 election, say sources

AG continues Senate probe, auditors could visit Senators across Canada
         Public service executive bonuses down but some depts win big
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
FATCA Just a Band Aid for Latin American Tax Evasion
         Lebanon's Closed Doors for Palestinian Refugees
Floods Displace Lives and Dreams in Paraguay
         Balkans Still Overshadowed by World War I
Lack of Toilets Keeps Women Out of Politics
         Burundian Women Want a Greater Say in Running of Country
Shoemaking Saves Zimbabwe's Jobless Youth

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Raw Milk's Solution to the Regulation Vacuum and Scrutiny
         Robots Get Internet Cloud Brain: "Wikipedia For Robots" (Updated)
The Almighty Dollar Is In Peril As The Global 'De-Dollarization' Trend Accelerates
         Virtual Economy's Phantom Job Gains Are Based on Statistical Fraud
Government Censorship Via 'The Right To Be Forgotten' Ruling
         A New World Self Order: America 2.0

Report: NSA compiling baby photos, medical records and resumes of citizens
         Robots Get Internet Cloud Brain: "Wikipedia For Robots" (Updated)
BAE Systems Plan Directed Energy Weapons and Drones That Divide to Conquer
         Canadian & Australian Prime Ministers Deliver Exact Same Speech (Word For Word) About Iraq & Terrorism
Globalists Committing Mass Murder of Ukraine's 'Parasite' Citizens

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://consortiumnews.com/ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Confronting Terrorism with Peace Read more
         NYT Dishes More Ukraine Propaganda Read more
An Insider's View of Nixon's 'Treason'  Read more
         Obama's Options on Iraq Read more
The Cost of Iraq War Immunity Read more

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cato Institute <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Export-Import Bank Debate Suggests Traditional Opponents of Corporate Welfare See Tea Party as Bigger Evil,
         Why the Tea Party is Wrong about Immigration Reform
Hobby Lobby, Contraception, and the Primitivism of Politics
         The End of Forced Union Dues?
America's Relationship with Poland: Military Alliance or Social Club?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Israel Hayom<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Police arrest 6 Jewish suspects in murder of Arab teen
         How do we deal with the shame?
Arrest of Jewish suspects reignites Arab riots across Israel
         Israel responded correctly, what of the Arabs?
Netanyahu: Israeli Arabs can't have it both ways []
         Dr. Haim Shine | Where does Israeli Arab loyalty lie?
The right response The new outposts erected this weekend in Gush Etzion must be quickly expanded himon | A blow to academic coexistence
         A Facebook post supporting terrorism shocked and angered the student body at Ariel University, who saw the Arab students as friends.
The land of the Color Red sirens The government should send three or four ministers to live in the south, under rocket fire, until the tension subsides.
         Tel Aviv will never change Tel Aviv has historically managed to slough off each and every individual or institution that tried to alter its unique fiber.

Weekend riots raise concerns of renewed intifada
         Police suspect nationalistic motive in murder of Palestinian youth []
South under fire: Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Beersheba
         Will Hamas choose war?
Hamas talks cease-fire as rocket fire continues
         Israel's goal: Contain the unrest
Israel arrests alleged accomplice in murder of Jewish teens
         US 'troubled' by police beating of murder victim's cousin
'Hate Israel' posts, groups on the rise since murder of Arab teen
         Defying interior minister, Tel Aviv grocers stay open on Shabbat

Keeping Shabbat is a national value
         AP interview: Militant says Jordan not immune to surrounding chaos
Kerry's stubborn march of folly

Un alligator de type caïman repêché d'un étang à TorontoPlus
         Plus de 12 000 $ pour les enfants de Déliska BergeronPlus
Tempête Arthur: la ville de Marsoui coupée en deuxPlus
         L'enquête sur remise en liberté repoussée au 17 juilletPlus
Trois enfants amputés par un tracteur-tondeuse Plus
         Prime d'Yves Bolduc: des médecins dans la mire de la RAMQPlus
L'État de New York autorise le cannabis médicalPlus
         Le maire Ford troisième dans un sondagePlus
Le PQ accuse le ministre Poëti d'«aplaventrisme»Plus
         Prostitution: MacKay défend son projet de loiPlus

Ukraine: Donetsk prépare sa défense Plus
         Recouvrement de l'autoroute Ville-Marie: en «mode réalisation»Plus
Ghani devance largement AbdullahPlus
         Israël: menace de conflit généralisé avec le HamasPlus
Garderies en milieu familial: grève et manifestations Plus
         Frontière Mexique-Guatemala: trois morts dans un séismePlus
Construction: dernière journée de médiationPlus
         2014 à 2016: 213 chantiers routiers en MontérégiePlus
De nouveaux trains, mais pas encore de Train de l'OuestPlus
         Trois ans de radiation pour Gilles Vézina ?Plus

Typhon Neoguri: alerte maximale au JaponPlus
         Il voulait débarquer sur les plaines avec sa carabinePlus
L'ex-président Edouard Chevardnadzé est mortPlus
         Pédophilie: le pape dénonce la complicité de l'ÉglisePlus
La Corée du Nord enverra au Sud des pom-pom girlsPlus
         Un hélicoptère militaire s'écrase au Vietnam: 16 mortsPlus