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Stephen Harper gives out pancakes and handshakes at Stampede breakfast
         Eugenie Bouchard falls in straight sets in Wimbledon final
Arthur knocks down trees, power lines
         Ontario PC executive to set leadership rules
Byelection losses, inauspicious fundraising results fuel NDP pitch for donations

Premier Wall asks Prime Minister for $100M flood relief advance
         Arthur Porter 'angry' with his treatment by Canada
Refugee health-care cuts: Doctors gave voice to 'most vulnerable'


Heartfield: Refugee rules are bad policy, legal or not
         16 tax tips for moonlighters and freelancers
Military descends on southern Manitoba to fight flooding

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Solar energy use in Edmonton on the rise
         Crews battle wildfire near Banff National Park border
'What am I doing up here?' The social impacts of mining jobs

Health Canada inspection raises concerns about GSK flu vaccine plant 7 hours ago
         Peter MacKay and the trouble with women 7 hours ago
Stampede chuckwagon lockdown protests 'cruel bloodsport' 6 hours ago
         Graduate survey shows stark differences in salaries 7 hours ago
Meet Bobby Powell, Canada's forgotten tennis star from 1908 11 hours ago
         Calgary police confirm violent incident in case of missing boy, grandpare

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Vancouver's Lost Salmon Streams Wriggle Back to Life
Residents aim to restore life long buried under urban development. By Pauline Holdsworth
For Viruses, Air Travel Ushers in a Golden Age
Like SARS and H5N1, 'chikungunya' won't be the last world-touring outbreak. By Crawford Kilian
Abbotsford to Argue Its Bylaws Don't Hurt the Homeless
City shouldn't be 'fighting people without homes,' says plaintiff. By Emi Sasagawa

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Top aides to leave Ontario NDP ranks over the summer
         Canada to boost efforts to help Syrian refugees
PEI, Nova Scotia join Alberta in opposing changes to foreign worker program


'Consumers' stay away in droves from 4 byelections
         One-third of Ontarians want Horwath to quit, poll shows
U.S. expats feel sold out by Canada

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Refugee rules are bad policy, legal or not
         Lisa MacLeod named Tory critic for government's budget cuts
Audit challenges government on Old Age Security savings

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
On the Road to Theocracy: The Hobby Lobby Decision Read the Article at BuzzFlash
         Obama Weighs Steps to Cover Contraception Read the Article at The New York Times
Texas Governor Pushes for Troops on US Border Amid "Refugee Crisis" Read the Article at The Guardian
         With Democrats Split on Inequality Issues, Obama Shifts Talk Away From Income Gap Read the Article at The Washington Post
Post-Hobby Lobby, Religious Organizations Want Exemption From LGBT Hiring Order Read the Article at Talking Points Memo
         We Are a Clueless Nation: America's Congenital Blind Spot on Iraq Read the Article at Salon
Germany Summons US Ambassador Over Spy Allegations Read the Article at The Wall Street Journal
Richard D. Wolff | Giant Corporations, Giant Failures
         Predatory Capitalism and the System's Denial in the Face of Truth
Thirty-Five Years of Bashing Stereotypes, Tearing Down Walls, Smashing Icons and Visionary Cartooning
         Boys Will Be Boys: the United States' Campus Rape Policy
The High Cost of Cheap Shrimp
         More McCarthyism Aimed Against Academic Freedom and Dissent
Surveillance Lessons From 1971 Still Resonate Today
         Learning From Debt: How It Strengthened My Dreams and Brought My Family Closer
Repro Wrap: Here Comes the Fall-Out From the Supreme Court's Reproductive Rights Rulings
         All Around Cowboy: Inside the World of Queer Rodeo
The Cost of Texas' "Miracle" Economy, Gag Orders and EPA Interference

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         The Superpower And The Caliphate
The emergence of the "Islamic State" signals the final collapse of U.S. imperial strategy in the Muslim world.
         Arab Spring, Jihad Summer By Pepe Escobar
The new Caliph has in fact declared a jihad on all that basket of corrupt and/or incompetent Middle East "leaders" - so some fierce "battle for survival" reaction from the Houses of Saud and Thani, for instance, is expected.
         Israel, Censorship and The Huffington Post
HP refused to publish a piece that was ' deemed to be 'inflammatory' - because it criticized the Israeli government, while allowing a leading Zionist to publish a piece attacking Palestinians as a culture.
         Watch: Israeli Police Brutally Assault Palestinian-American Teen Video
Video emerged Thursday of Israeli border police brutally beating a Palestinian boy unconscious in a Jerusalem neighborhood.
         Davos Class Jittery Amid Growing Warnings of Global Unrest
We're entering a new era of global instability and resistance.
         US Sends Green Berets to Northern Iraq:
Special Forces advisors have set up an operations center in northern Iraq as part of the expanding U.S. political and military effort to keep Iraq from splintering against attacks by Islamic extremists, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday.

         Hamas 'ready for Gaza ceasefire' if Israeli raids stop:
Hamas has offered to halt its rocket attacks if Israel stops its air raids on the Gaza Strip, the BBC understands. A source with the Palestinian militant group said Egyptian intelligence officials had brokered a potential ceasefire, after escalating clashes.
         Arabs demonstrate in Nazareth as popular protests spread:
Violence rages in northern, central Israel day after funeral of murdered Arab teen; ex-Shin Bet chief: Failed Israeli policies to blame for situation
         Liberman: Arab Israeli rioters' place not in Israel:
FM says clear message must be sent to 'those who enjoy Israeli citizenship but act like terrorists'
         Autopsy shows Palestinian youth burnt alive:
A preliminary autopsy report shows that 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir was burnt alive by his kidnappers, a senior Palestinian official said late Friday.
         American teen brutalized by Israeli police 'to be tried Sunday':
The teen is a student at Universal Academy of Florida high school in Tampa, local news website 10 News reported.

         Settlers 'abduct, attack' Palestinian near Nablus:
The settlers stepped out of a car and "sprayed gas" at Adeli before pulling him into one of the vehicles, witness Abas Adeli said.
         Former Israeli Defence Minister calls on government to assassinate Hamas leaders:
"The government must immediately return to the assassination policy, and let Hamas leaders understand that there is no security for them day and night and that there is no difference between political and army wing leaders."
         On US TV, Israel is 'Striking Back':
The way TV outlets characterized the Israel actions on their July 1 newscasts was instructive.
         Taliban torch hundreds of 'NATO-supplying' fuel trucks near Kabul:
An assault by militants at a large parking lot on the outskirts of Afghan capital, Kabul, Friday night left at least 200 fuel tankers incinerated. The Taliban said the privately-owned tankers were targeted because they supply foreign troops.
         Kiev says 13 military personnel killed in fighting in east Ukraine:
At least 13 Ukrainian military personnel were killed in separate incidents on Friday in fighting against pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, a statement from the headquarters of Ukraine's "anti-terrorist operation" said. Nine others were wounded.
         Ukraine claims victory in crucial rebel stronghold:
President Petro Poroshenko issued a statement saying government troops had taken Slovyansk, a city of about 130,000 that has been at the center of fighting between Kiev's troops and pro-Russian rebels, after a night of combat.
         Donetsk militia confirm leaving stronghold city of Slavyansk - media:
"The Ukrainian military is in control of Slavyansk," Channel One reported citing the headquarters of the Donetsk People's Republic. "Early in the morning, the self-defense fighters were forced to leave the city."
         World leaders unite in Ukraine peace push:
Poroshenko's decision Monday was immediately followed by the launch of a "massive" offensive by Kiev that drew warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin about his right to protect compatriots in Ukraine.
         Putin sends Obama an Independence Day message, says he wants better ties:
Russian President Vladimir Putin told Barack Obama in an Independence Day message Friday that he hopes the two countries can improve relations, and he urged Washington to treat Moscow as an equal partner.
         Russia passes law to force websites onto Russian servers:
The law will mean that from 2016, all Internet companies will have to move Russian data onto servers based in Russia or face being blocked from the web. That would likely affect U.S.-based social networks such as Facebook, analysts say.

         Germany Getting Ready To Divorce U.S. Ally: Op-Ed:
From recent talks and discussions in Germany I conclude that the U.S. is losing more and more support and sympathies. The admiration of earlier times has turned into disgust
         Putin to visit Cuba and other LatAm nations:
From Cuba, Putin will travel to Argentina for trade and energy talks with President Cristina Kirchner, before moving on to a summit of the BRICS group of developing countries in Brazil.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

How ISIL Is Financing Its War Machine: Terror 2.0 – OpEd
         China Bans Ramadan In Uighur Northwest – Analysis
Return Of Kashmiri Pandits – OpEd
         EU Widens Tax Investigation Into Multinationals
Moldova Police Seize Smuggled Snake Venom
         Turn Back Crime Steps Up A Gear With Formula 1
Characteristics Of Islamophobic Twitter Trolls Revealed
         Who Is Responsible For Climate Change?
NATO Awaits BiH Progress On Alliance Membership
         Libya Added As Well To Turkey's 'Blacklist' In Middle East – OpEd

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ukraine: Kiev's Ticking Time Bomb

Forget Fluoride Lets Add Lithium To Public Water!
         Remote German Village Sets Up Own Fast Internet
What's Wrong with War on Drugs
         "We May Only Have a Few Years" To Prevent Killer Robots
New Film - Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective?
         Central Bankers Fire Back at Their Own Club Over Bubbles
Gov't Scientists: Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing ­Because Of Global Warming
         Chile releases official study on UFO photos "This was definitely NOT a drone"
The Danger of Conflating Criticism of Israel with Anti-Semitism
         The Globalist Multicultural Migration Agenda
Healthy GMO-Free Emergency Foods

Une distraction mortelle sur les routesPlus
         514 nains de jardin fracassent le record GuinnessPlus
Un homme et son cheval au sommet de la Tour de CalgaryPlus
         Les Forces canadiennes prêtent main-forte au ManitobaPlus
Le «calife» jihadiste appelle les musulmans à lui obéirPlus
         Arthur plonge la moitié de la Gaspésie dans l'obscuritéPlus
Calgary: un suspect arrêtéPlus
         Un mois de juin légèrement plus chaud qu'à l'habitudePlus
Des moyens de pression originaux au casinoPlus
         Les heurts s'étendent à Israël après la mort d'un PalestinienPlus

Montréal: entente de travail chez les concessionnairesPlus
         Un an après: commémoration à Lac-MéganticPlus
Trois blessés dans une collision entre bateauxPlus
         Ecole d'Albi: autour des enfants après la tragédiePlus
Les forces de Kiev reprennent SlavianskPlus
         Un jeune de 15 ans atteint par balle au parc du Mont-RoyalPlus
Première rencontre avec des victimes de prêtres pédophilesPlus
         Collision entre un conducteur ivre et une auto-patrouille


U.S. expats feel sold out by Canada May, large Canadian financial institutions will begin reporting information to the Canada Revenue Agency,
which will in turn pass that information on to the IRS by that autumn.

I deal with two banks who will I expect be asking me if I am in any way shape or form an American
so they can pass on personal information to our Canadian Revenue Agency who will pass it on to
the American IRS.

My answer will be "None Of Your Business"
I hope yours is the same
(The ** are optional)

From: Rebecca Gingrich

Subject: war equals wealth for the banksters
Big Central Bankers: The Root of Pure Evil. The Major Source of Instability around the World.
Subject: "A German's View on Islam"   DD

Joe--regardless of who wrote this abysmal article it does state truthfully the israeli view of Islam and what we are supposed to believe about them and how our governments react to anything done by Muslim countries and our disgusting aim to destroy them

Subject: Cow cancer was cause of Harvest Meats recall, CFIA says    DD

Joe--they recalled the meat products because animal cancer was found in the carcass but the meat products were already on the market???   Why is the meat not tested BEFORE it is allowed on the market for human consumption??  Cleaning up after the fact accomplishes nothing. 
This is why no one wants pipelines etc.  No one is accountable except the taxpayer and the mistakes in the infrastructure is only noticed after a tragedy like Lac Megantic.  

Subject: They make the laws but don't have to obey them.  Is this happening in Canada???
'More than 10' politicians on list held by police investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring'
Whistleblower who prompted Operation Fernbridge says up to 40 MPs and peers knew about or took part in child abuse
Subject: A golden opportunity to fix transit in the GTA.   DD

Joe--these corporations might be arms length from government but with both government and these corporations being funded by the taxpayer the length of the arm is only long enough to exchange tax dollars.  And we know the taxpayer loses in all transactions because corporations are gods.  Sadly all levels of government have no concept of democracy. 

Thanks Rene for speaking the truth about our corporatocracy.  Sadly it will only get worse. 

Subject: Wounded vets see 20-per-cent income drop: surveys   DD

Joe--I have no doubt that Fantino will collect his pension that these Veterans also pay for.  These poor Canadians are suffering from the things they saw and were forced to do on orders from the government but they can not be reimbursed so they can live.  I have no doubt that Harper has put more money into the Veterans department but that doesn't mean it will find it's way to the Veterans.  Name one time when money allocated by government did anything for the people it was allocated to.
I hope the young people are reading things like this so they will not join the killer corps.  But then the government would just order conscription again?


From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: About 40 Politicians In On UK Pedophile Ring: Report Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

This is a can of worms for the British establishment.   
It has been known for decades what has been going on regarding children and young people   Ten years ago the BBC, the police forces & some members of the Royal Family were implicated in participating in these crimes making it fairly easy to cover up these crimes.  Furthermore, some of these high profile people, including women, were part of some Satanic cult and sacrifices of children took place.   There was a story a few years ago in the British MSM about a young teenage girl running away naked from the palace grounds.  That story quickly died.  I presume she was saved but what happened to her afterwards is anyone's guess.
As distasteful as this story is.....don't think it can't be true.   Keep in mind Vancouver's pig farm and all the VERY high profile people who participated in what was going on.   Our MSM, in the initial stages of this story, named some but then went silent on the individuals taking part.
: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Occult Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF

Seven minute video of Lagarde delivering her speech.   Very strange.   What's with these elite people ?   Why would she make such a speech and tip people off about somekind of major future financial event ?  Who is she really speaking too ?   Are political/economic decisions being made by Western leaders based on numerology,  astrology etc.   Any thoughts ?   (I would never have believed this if not for this video where I can see and hear for myself)


"7 references:
1:22 - "Now I'm going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven"
1:34 - "Most of you will know that seven is quite a number
2:24 - "2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven"
4:08 - "It will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF" (7 + 0 = 7)
4:22 - "And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, 25th.." (2 + 5 = 7)
4:38 - "It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jietters"
5:08 - "After those seven miserable years, weak and fragile"
5:14 - "We have seven strong years"
5:43 - "Now I don't know if the G7 will have anything to do with it" (G is also the 7th letter of the alphabet)

"2014 references:
1:18 - "The global economy and what we should expect for 2014
2:19 - "So if we think about 2014
2:24 - "2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven"
3:54 - "So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in may respects"
5:05 - "So my hope and my wish for 2014