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THIS IS A FIRST  (at least to my memory)

Canada's role in the Middle East since Lester Pearson was honoured with a Noble Prize
has been that of peace maker rather than powder monkey.

Hopefully there will not be an army incursion into the Gaza Strip
I support the Letter to Minister John Baird
Please consider your support: Baird position or that of IJF

Barack Obama offers US help to negotiate Israel-Hamas ceasefire...

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A desire for peace and justice ­ or revenge?

Israel 'not escalating situation' in Gaza: John Baird

Emergency Gaza Humanitarian Letter to Minister John Baird




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
CBCBritish Columbia »Calgary Edmonton »Saskatchewan» Manitoba» Thunder Bay» Sudbury » Windsor » Kitchener-Waterloo Hamilton Toronto »Ottawa Montreal »New Brunswick  Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia »Newfoundland & Labrador

North CTV Atlantic  CTV Montreal  CTV Ottawa  CTV Toronto  CTV Northern Ontario  CTV Kitchener CTV Winnipeg  CTV Regina CTVSaskatoon  CTV Calgary  CTV Edmonton  CTV British Columbia

Del Mastro denies writing, receiving emails
         Six Nations warn of grave consequences this summer
Time right on internal trade reform: Moore
         After relative calm, a pre-electoral storm of ads about to blow through
This time it's different on efforts for a free trade zone within Canada: Moore
         Ontario reluctant to lift some trade barriers
All eyes on court as aboriginal ruling looms
         Winnipeg changes tune on singing ban
No howls at Winnipeg zoo over tunnelling wolves
         Canadian charities in limbo, feel 'chill' as tax audits widen to new groups

Study cites 'chill' from tax agency audits of charities' political activities
         Metro to end free newspapers in some cities
Bell Media cuts dozens of staff at MTV, Much and M3
         Harper offers support to Netanyahu
Del Mastro to continue testimony at his election overspending trial
         Historic land-title ruling creates 'uncertainty' for development, report says

TPP trade talks too secret, NDP MP Don Davies says
         NDP takes Board of Internal Economy to court over mailouts
Via trains cancelled after freighter derails in Brockville
         Road rage rises over summer in Canada, experts say
Midwifery program with core aboriginal mandate halted
         Marc Emery, the 'prince of pot,' may be a liability for the Liberals
Is Stephen Harper obliged to fill empty Senate seats?

         Globe and Mail union OKs new contract
ESPN #BodyIssue embraces strong, not skinny bodies
Nathan O'Brien Amber Alert: 'Hopeful' police expand search to 2nd landfill video
         Silent-movie posters in Vancouver house found under floorboards
Israel offered White House's help to negotiate ceasefire with Hamas video
         Emery plans to hold rallies in 30 Canadian cities to stir up support for Trudeau
Obama offers to negotiate ceasefire between Israel, Hamasread 2247comments
         Girl thought cured of HIV shows infection signs
Prairie floods: Drained wetlands partly to blame, says expert
         Supreme Court decision on Grassy Narrows could change rules for treaty lands
Rare silent-movie posters found under floorboards of 1924 Vancouver house
         The keeper of Parliament Hill's living history

Prostitution bill should be about sex work and not trafficking, MPs told
         Ban antibacterials triclosan and triclocarban, report says
Up to 3 million Saskatchewan farm acres flooded
         Vapourizing marijuana reaching trend status, Canadian doctor says
Why teens take risks like texting and driving
         Poverty a major barrier to good health for urban aboriginals: study

PS union files labour complaint over Conservatives' sick-leave changes
         Email scammers target online job boards
Reevely: Municipal oversight ombudsman's delight
         Search of cadets' belongings violates charter: liberties group
Den Tandt: French firms vie for share of DND pie
         Mom's the word: Breastfeeding in public a non-issue that just won't die

A Mississippi girl born with the AIDS virus and in remission for years despite stopping treatment now shows signs that she still harbours HIV - and therefore is not cured.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Life most expensive in Vancouver, but Cdn cities drop in worldwide ranking 9 hours ago
         Public sector unions file complaint with labour board, refuse to consult on sick leave benefits 6 hours ago
Manitoba flood: Officials express 'cautious optimism' about 2nd crest 5 hours ago
         Report calls for ban on antibacterial chemicals ubiquitous in consumer products 3 hours ago
Ontario Liberals approve throne speech in confidence vote 7 hours ago
         Nurses in central Newfoundland worried about 24-hour shifts 4 hours ago
Via Rail says train disruptions will continue into Friday morning 1 hour 47 minutes ago
         Fire north of Slave Lake deemed out of control 21 hours ago
Road rage rises over summer in Canada, experts say 14 hours ago

         Winnipeg to ban singing on the bus, and other odd Canadian laws

Harper Conservatives to woo Quebec voters, report suggests
         Is your community safe in the event of a train derailment? Blast-Zone will tell you
Public sector unions file complaint with labour board, refuse to consult on sick leave ben …
         B.C. First Nation evicts CN Rail, logging companies, fishermen from its lands
B.C. fraud case draws $11M in penalties; 2 men banned from securities trading
         Quebec court orders religious group to compensate victims of sexual abuse
Oil prices drop, gas prices follow
         Nova Scotia NDP wants help for spoiled food costs during outages
Western premiers pitch freer trade, loosening TFW crackdown
         Western provinces say they badly need temporary foreign workers


Dispatches from the Conservative government's boilerplate room
         Stephen Harper vulnerable after all
Exploitation of servants sparks embassy crackdown in Ottawa

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

MP Dean Del Mastro gives an explanation for $21,000 personal cheque at heart of Elections Act case
         This time it's different on efforts for a free trade zone within Canada: Moore
Former prostitute blasts media for misunderstanding issue
         How Harper can make the Senate a winning issue
Is there a moral case against prostitution?
         The shocking truth about B.C.'s carbon tax: It works
Canada's activist soul vs. the Moody's bogeyman
         Andrea Horwath under fire from within NDP
Aboriginal ruling will create court solutions

Battle begins to include slogan in new Alberta licence plates
         Damning Orgaworld audit shows staff misled council
Let's save Granville Island from the bureaucrats
         Former British envoy to Canada key to pedophile probe shaking Britain
Alberta will not be 'bullied' into joining national securities regulator: Horner
         Ottawa hopes for new deal to pull down east-west trade barriers
Exploitation of servants sparks embassy crackdown in Ottawa

Federal government looks to buy, sell and trade 'Buro-crats'
         Freight train derails in Brockville, Ont.
Via trains cancelled after freighter derails in Brockville
         Feds examine prepaid cards as alternative to cheques
Bell Media cuts dozens of staff at MTV, Much and M3
         Metro to end free newspapers in some cities
What Canada's national television network could learn from the BBC

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A desire for peace and justice ­ or revenge?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Reader Supported News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Report: Israel Warns 100,000 Gaza Residents to Leave

Lewis reports: "About 100,000 Gaza residents living in cities near the border with Israel were reportedly told Thursday to leave their homes ahead of anticipated military action by the Israeli army, the Times of Israel said." READ MORE
Palestinians Say Death Toll Over 70 Orlando Crowcroft, Guardian UK
Crowcroft reports: "The death toll in Gaza continued to rise on Thursday as Israel's strikes against Hamas intensified, while residents in Tel Aviv awoke to explosions as rockets were shot down over the city by the Iron Dome defence system." READ MORE
Israel Steps Up Gaza Offensive as Missiles Head Towards Tel Aviv Airport Peter Beaumont, Guardian UK
Beaumont reports: "Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Israeli military to "intensify even further" its assault on the Gaza Strip." READ MORE

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The True Gaza Back-story That The Israelis Aren't Telling
How come all those Palestinians - all 1.5 million - are crammed into Gaza in the first place?
No Where To Hide Is Israel Planning Gaza's "Final Solution"?
Since US aid to Israel is $3 Billion annually, they too are partner in yet another Middle East crime against humanity.
Standing On The Bodies U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Backing Israeli (Murder) in Gaza
"Despite Israel's repeated efforts to pursue peace, Hamas has continued its policy of terror and violence against the Israeli people," the lawmaker Israel said.
IDF's Gaza Assault is to Control Palestinian Gas, Avert Israeli Energy Crisis
Israel's long-term goal "besides preventing the Palestinians from exploiting their own resources, is to integrate the gas fields off Gaza into the adjacent Israeli offshore installations."
Murder in Gaza: Israel kills at least 84 people in Gaza:
An Israeli air strike killed seven Palestinian civilians on Thursday, including five children, in the largest death toll from a single attack since the start of the three-day offensive, t
Nearly half of Gaza fatalities women, children: Ministry:
Around half of Palestinians killed thus far in a fresh Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip are women and children, according to the latest estimates by the Palestinian Health Ministry Thursday.
Nobody should be a number: Names of those killed in Gaza:
The following is a list of those Palestinians who have been killed thus far, as provided by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to Lebanese daily Al Akhbar.
Reactions to the attacks on Gaza :
Prime Minister David Cameron's office said he "strongly condemned the appalling attacks being carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians...and underlined Israel's right to defend itself from them." "The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela vigorously condemns the unfair and disproportionate military response by the illegal state of Israel against the heroic Palestinian people "
Palestinians flex legal rights at UN:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has asked Switzerland - as the depository for Geneva Conventions - to convene a meeting of the parties to the 4th Geneva Convention on the protection of civilian persons in time of war.
Israel, U.S. try to ward off UN condemnations of Gaza air strikes:
Jerusalem and Washington are trying to prevent the UN Security Council from condemning Israel's air offensive in the Gaza Strip, in which dozens of Palestinian civilians have been killed, Israeli diplomats said Thursday.
U.S. Human Rights Council envoy vows to target anti-Israel bias:
The new U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council said battling anti-Israel bias on the body was a "key priority."
Israeli attitudes towards Gaza on display at Facebook:
Protest: Stop the Bombing, Stop the Killing, Free Palestine!:
Opposite the Israeli Embassy - High Street Kensington, W8 4QB - London - Date : FRIDAY 11/07/2014 - 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
U.N. evacuates dozens of foreign staff from Libya:
The United Nations has evacuated dozens of foreign staff from its mission in Libya due to a deteriorating security situation in the North African country, a U.N. spokesman said on Thursday.
Kiev official: Military op death toll is 478 civilians, outnumbers army losses:
Four hundred and seventy-eight civilians, including seven children, have been killed in Kiev's military crackdown on the eastern regions of Ukraine, the country's deputy health minister said on Thursday.
Ukraine rejects ceasefire calls:
There are reports of heavy artillery and military buildup near Donetsk, as Kiev announced its attack on pro-federal insurgents will take another month.
Ukraine rebel commander says will not pull out of Donetsk:
Igor Girkin, a Muscovite who has the nom de guerre of Igor Strelkov, has been criticised by some other rebel commanders for withdrawing from Slaviansk last weekend and allowing government forces to savour a major victory.
10 Things Europe Does Way Better Than The USA:
Europe is so much ahead of America when it comes to such things as health care, better sex ed, and less violent crime.
German Police Fired 85 Bullets All Year, US Police Use 90 on 1 Person: Video -
America's Destabiliziation Of Latin America:
The attempted subversion of a country's political system is not unique to U.S. actions against Cuba, nor is it unique to USAID.
How the War on Drugs and the War on Terror Merged Into One Disastrous War on All Americans: Op-Ed:
 The consequences are measured in lives, limbs and cash.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ira Chernus: Israel's Strategy and America's Mythology
Gaza Death Toll Soars as Israel Intensifies Bombing
Sonali Kolhatkar: The Algebra of Israeli Injustice Against Palestinian Children
Peter Hart: Why ABC Thought Suffering Palestinians Were Israelis
Rebecca Gordon: A Nation of Cowards?
Robert Naiman: Netanyahu's War: What Is It Good For?

Examen indépendant sur les agressions sexuelles déclenchéPlus
         Un enfant enlevé par son père retrouvé Plus
Bolduc a été imprudent, admet CouillardPlus
         Une cycliste poursuit la Ville de Montréal Plus
Les déplacements de Lisée scrutés à la loupePlus
         Pères rédemptoristes: les victimes ont gain de causePlus
La prison provinciale pourrait nuire à KhadrPlus
         Première mine de diamant en activité dès 2017Plus
Un bambin laissé seul dans une voiture à MontréalPlus
         On pourra boire à une borne-fontaine à MontréalPlus

Les libéraux en avance dans les intentions de vote Plus
         Le bilan s'alourdit à GazaPlus
Des voleurs de banque arrêtés dans le coffre de la voiturePlus
         «On ne fait qu'appliquer les règles existantes»Plus
Rob Ford aurait coupé les liens avec Sandro LisiPlus
         Ukraine: attaque à 30 km de DonetskPlus
Entente avec les cols blancs: «les erreurs du passé sont réparées»Plus
         Agression sexuelle: Alexandre Aubin de retour en courPlus
Berlin expulse le chef des services secrets américainsPlus
         Déraillement d'un train du CN en OntarioPlus

Intimidation: Québec lance une consultation en lignePlus
         Le typhon Neoguri file vers TokyoPlus
Montréal, ville la plus congestionnée du CanadaPlus
         Une photo du PM australien étonne les internautes


Mid-East crisis

An Iron Dome air defence system fires to intercept a rocket fro
Rockets and missiles
What are the weapons which are being used in the Israel-Gaza fighting?

Risks of invasion
Vicious cycle
Grief and anger
Disappearing dream
Unity scepticism
Arms smugglers
Peace talks
Palestinian territories
Little hope for talks
Prisoner profiles
Core issues
Does peace process matter?
Subdued hopes
Ending the deadlock
Palestinians disappointed
'Economic peace'
Charm offensive
Unbreakable bond
Q&A: UN bid
Conflict's legality


History of peace talks
Eased Gaza blockade

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