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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Harper to return to Ukraine on Saturday
         Partisan mail, who me? MPs walk fine line when sending taxpayer-funded mailings
Scientists' letter to PM Stephen Harper: Reject Northern Gateway report
         Officials said NDP broke mail rules
Hudak promises cabinet accountability
         Speaker says NDP mailouts broke Commons rules; investigation widens
Harper heads off to Europe for G7, D-Day events, with Putin on his mind
         Leaders meet tonight in televised debate
Patient group fears PC hospital mergers
         Ontario election debate: 5 things to watch for tonight

Justice Clément Gascon chosen for Supreme Court
         Michael Sona's lawyer suggests Andrew Prescott set up robocalls
Daniel Therrien says he would split cyberbullying bill in two
         High radon levels found in Health Canada tests across country
No Putin at Brussels G7 summit, but he'll still dominate the talks
         Bruce Heyman sets out agenda as U.S. ambassador to Canada
Obama's aggressive climate-change move and Canada's response
         Kidnapped: Do governments pay ransoms to militants?

Labour shortage cause of lobster quotas, says processor group video
         P.E.I. woman warns against radon complacency video Radon across CanadaJun 02

A glut of lobsters exceeds demand, forcing much of Canada's lobster industry to grind to a halt
         Dennis King on P.E.I. lobster processors
5 things to watch for in tonight's Ontario election leaders' debate
         Cellphone subscriptions will outnumber world population by next year
Northern Gateway pipeline report 'flawed,' 300 scientists tell PM read1000comments
         It's wait and see for Canada's industry after Obama's climate change plan
PM's pick for privacy watchdog says he'd split cyberbullying bill in 2 read141 commentsvideo
         Via Rail cancels trains to Churchill after derailment
Medical wait times up to 3 times longer in Canada read 446comments
         Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa traffic ranked most congested in Canada

First Nations woman says marital status bars her from running for chiefvideo

The horrors of war: A D-Day veteran remembers
         Robocalls culprit was linked to Conservative party, court told

Tugboat crews in B.C. vote unanimously to strike against Seaspan: union
         Tories reject privacy czar nominee's call to split cyberbullying bill
Timeline of events in the unsuccessful Supreme Court nomination of Marc Nadon
         Ukraine's president-elect Petro Poroshenko faces the tough realities of governing
Western leaders mark D-Day with an aggressor in their midst
         Births main reason for hospital stays in Canada, new report suggests
Making embryos from DNA of 3 people doesn't look unsafe but more research needed
         Doctors use immune therapy against cervical cancer

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Commons committee calls for modest changes to benefits regime for ex-soldiers 2 hours 39 minutes ago
         Sex-trade policy in Vancouver model for what not to do across Canada: advocates 3 hours ago
Human rights fight in B.C. as Shoppers, Walmart resist drug labels for blind 1 hour 14 minutes ago
         Nova Scotia lobster fisheries shut down, some tied up in P.E.I 2 hours 43 minutes ago
Patient advocacy group worries Ont. Conservatives would merge, close hospitals 14 hours ago
         Ex-Quebec construction boss Accurso loses bid to avoid appearing at corruption probe 4 hours ago
Alberta Tory candidate suggests mentally ill offenders be sentenced to care 19 hours ago
         Men rescued from frigid Lake Winnipeg after sailboat capsizes 10 hours ago

When moose and man meet, Newfoundland says give the beast right of way
         B.C. students plan their own protest walkout as teachers' dispute drags on
NDP fights back over ruling that mailouts broke Commons rules
         Street prostitution complaints focus on Beltline, Forest Lawn
Olivia Chow: Toronto belongs 'near the top' of government agenda
         Anti-corruption squad carries out search at Quebec Liberal headquarters
Timeline of events in the unsuccessful Supreme Court nomination of Marc Nadon
         Construction zone speeding focus of RCMP effort
Settlement in Halifax orphanage abuse case is overdue validation, plaintiffs say
         Iqaluit RCMP charge 2 men with marijuana trafficking

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Government
The Canadian Government Has Given Up on Protecting Your Privacy
        Its response to widespread surveillance fears? A legislative 'meh.' By Michael Geist
Rustic Belcarra Cabins Face Eviction, Demolition
        Residents of homes built between 1912 and 1930 appeal Metro Vancouver decision Thursday.
Please Advise! Trudeau's 'Choice' Dilemma
        Our spinmaster-in-residence weighs in on the latest 'bozo eruption' in Parliament.
New, Improved Tyee, Brought to You by You
         VIDEO: Obama's Plan to Reduce Carbon from Power Plants
VIEW: What if Obama's new emissions rule was applied in Canada?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A life cut short in Fort McMurray raises questions about cancer rates near oil sands
Syncrude executive Barbara Jewers' tragic death may be linked to years of oil sands exposure, say doctor and surviving partner.
Dear Prime Minister: we 300 scientists find Northern Gateway review flawed
 On the eve of Ottawa's decision on Northern Gateway pipeline, 300 scientists say a recent federal review of the project was deeply flawed.
Canadian Forces spent virtually all of 2013 watching Idle No More protesters
As activists shut down roads and bridges in protest last year, the Counter-Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of National Defence was watching. Closely.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
RCMP may have found evidence bolstering a defence PM knew of $90,000 payment to Duffy: former House law clerk

         Media watchers often build debate narrative on faulty assumptions
The debate that could make all the difference
         If ads attack them, do they not bleed?
If OPP union's attack on Hudak is not illegal, it is at least unprofessional
         OPPA attack ads cross the line
Public sector muscle influences elections
         Mulroney may not be the ideal federalist fig leaf for Péladeau
With Tories polling behind the NDP and the Wildrose in Edmonton, can any candidate win back the capital?

Tutu's oilsands visit raises questions
         Future of Alberta PC party looking a lot like its past
The boy-next-door was dappled with blood
         Tipping is a loathsome, demeaning exercise
Agencies predict healthy growth for Vancouver
         'Unfair' ECBC hires to stay on
No Putin at Brussels G7 summit, but he'll still dominate the talks
         Harper grilled on EU trade deal announced last October
Feds to table new prostitution bill this week
         Veterans' advocates will be 'pleasantly surprised' with committee proposals: Vice-chair
VIDEO: Ambassador Bruce Heyman Q&A with Frank McKenna
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         Climate Legislation Up Against 'Abenomics' in Japan
Let There Be Light, Implores U.N. Chief
         U.S. Proposes "Revolutionary" Carbon Emissions Rule
World Cup Rolls Out the Green Carpet for 'Ball Armadillo'
         Foreign Aid Funding Luxury Hotels in Myanmar
Pakistan's Coal Rush: A Bubble Waiting to Burst
         Mexico - Both Victim and Victimiser in Cyberespionage
Q&A: Sperisen Trial "A Further Step in the Fight Against Impunity Across the Board"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Run up to World Cup marred by Worker Strikers and Protests
         Will Curfew Laws Make Baltimore City Safer? - TRNN Webathon Panel
U.S. Policy In Africa Is About Advancing Its Own Strategic Interests - TRNN Webathon Panel
         Debating the New EPA Rules for Carbon Emissions from Coal - TRNN Webathon Panel
Jesse Ventura:The War on Renewable Energy
         Conspiracy Theory and America Going Trade Deal Crazy
Former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: U.S. Drone Program Under Obama \"Got Out of Hand\" (Pt 1)
         Ex-Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Committed War Crimes (Pt 2)
The Disappearing Middle Class, US Chamber Buys the Attorney General & Bundy\'s Militias Turn On Each Other

Borderlands: First Moves in Romania
Geopolitical Journey, Part 2: Borderlands
Editor's Note: Stratfor's George Friedman is continuing his trip this week across the region that includes Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. This report on the same region was written in 2010, as he was returning from a similar journey that explored the geopolitical imperatives of those states. The observations and forecast then in many ways mirror the reality today, four years later.
By George Friedman
Read more »

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What If More States Had Set Up Their Own Obamacare Exchanges? – OpEd
         Brazil: Workers Struggle Trumps Sports Spectacle – OpEd
Libya: Power Struggle Between Two Governments, Chaos In Benghazi
         Bulgaria To Build South Steam Despite Commission Warnings
Religious Groups And Scholars Of Islam In Syrian Revolution – Analysis
         Transgenics Prosper Amidst Pragmatism And Collateral Damage
Georgia In Obama's 'European Reassurance Initiative' Plan
         Nigeria Tops Christian Persecution Violence List, According To Open Doors Report
Can Assam Elect A PM? – OpEd
         Pope Francis Has Visited Palestine – OpEd

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Piketty's Exploration of Modern Capital Read more
        Learning the Lessons of the 1 Percent Read more
Money and Second-Class Citizenship Read more
        The World Still Splurges on War Read more
'War on Terror' and the Bergdahl Swap Read more
        Colombia's Choice: Peace or War Read more
The Money Behind the Gun Madness Read more
        Obama's Collapsing Syria Policy Read more
Covert US Military Training Goes to Africa Read more
        Congress Bends to Israel's Iran Demands Read more
Finding an End to Endless Wars Read more
        How Neocons Constrain Obama's Message Read more

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cato Institute <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Worst of Both: The Rise of High-Cost, Low-Capacity Rail Transit,
         The Race to Waste Money on Light Rail,
More on Urban Growth and Transportation

Syrie: Assad vainqueur attendu de la présidentiellePlus
         Visite de l'UPAC à la permanence du Parti libéralPlus
Alerte d'orages violents pour le sud-ouest du QuébecPlus
         Le juge Clément Gascon nommé à la Cour suprêmePlus
Trois mois de prison pour trafic de dinosauresPlus
         Drame familial, drame évitable?Plus
Vie privée: Feu vert à la nomination de Daniel TherrienPlus
         Un couple âgé victime d'une violation de domicile à GatineauPlus
2 filles de 12 ans inculpées de tentative d'assassinatPlus
         Projet Montréal a remboursé sa dette électoralePlus

Tués à cause de canards: pas de feux de détressePlus
         Bergdhal: l'armée ne «fermera pas les yeux» s'il a désertéPlus
Un homme meurt sous les yeux de son pèrePlus
         Rapport du VG: un gouffre de 5,7 milliards $Plus
PKP a rencontré le commissaire à l'éthiquePlus
         Des subventions majorées par NormandeauPlus
Des chaussures de randonnée à 279$ pour LeitaoPlus
         Les envois postaux du NPD passés à la loupePlus
Charbonneau: Tony Accurso débouté en appelPlus
         Obama: plan d'un milliard de dollars pour rassurer ses alliésPlus

Un été agréable prévu pour le CanadaPlus
         Bolduc à la défense des écoles juivesPlus
L'opposition conteste la nomination de Daniel TherrienPlus
         Combats sanglants dans l'est de l'UkrainePlus


Lone person goes to trial after robocall inquiry

From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: Lone person goes to trial after robocall inquiry

40,000 complaints to Elections Canada of which 2,448 (6.12%) were from people claiming misleading or harassing calls. I would bet money that the majority of the 2,448 complaints were about harassment. That would be consistent with complaints made to campaigns I have worked on. While we have a number of complaints that people are 'harassed', we have an equal or greater number who complain that the candidate has not contacted them. Those claiming harassment consider any election period call 'harassment' irrespective of candidate or party. We have been accused of multiple calls on a day when we made no calls from the campaign.
This has to be the most expensive 'tempest in a tea pot' taxpayers have had to endure in some time. I really do want to know how much this three year investigation cost Elections Canada. It seems when conservatives are involved, the name changes to "Erections Canada".
John Feldsted

A differing view point on why the investigation expense was ineffectual :
incapacity to obtain testimony under oath from those controlling access
to the CIMS database for call numbers to give misleading information to

The Commissioner of Canada Elections investigation and a trial regarding the 2011 Canadian federal election voter suppression scandal  (also known as the Robocall scandal, Robogate, or RoboCon) determined the most likely source of the information used to make misleading calls was the CIMS database maintained and controlled by the Conservative Party of Canada.

"The Conservative Party did not reveal the list of people who had access to this database. The party's investigator, lawyer Arthur Hamilton, instructed party workers not to discuss the events during the Elections Canada investigation of the Conservative Party headquarters. [48] [49] "

Inability on the part of the of the commissioner of Canada elections to compel witness testimony when investigating elections law violations ­a power that is exercised by the majority of provincial and territorial elections watchdogs - is unjust. It contributed directly to there being inconclusive evidence in the investigation of misdeeds during the 2011 Election.

Though the ability to seek a court order to compel testimony was among recommendations by Elections Canada and the Commissioner it has been ignored.

Indeed rather than increasing than the capability of the Commissioner to investigate wrong doing the Office with the passage of Bill C-23 into law would no longer be within the politically impartial domain of Elections Canada but rather within a department subject to influence by the government of the day.