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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Pundits warn of low voter turnout in Ontario election
         National palliative-care plan needed: doctors
Wynne says flyer showing Ontario PC leader as the Joker "not acceptable"
         Today on the Hill: Trudeau rallies the troops
Leaders make big push one day before election
         Canada's economy to grow, Alberta's to boom
Dodge advises governments to invest

        Ontario election 2014: Liberals allege 'voter suppression' by PCs

Northern Gateway opponents target MPs in last-ditch campaign
         Justin Trudeau says abortion not up to 'male legislators' to decide
Why Tim Hudak isn't walking away with the Ontario election
         Normerica repackaged, re-dated stale dog treats, say ex-employees

Ancient Rockies fish fossils reveal origin of jaws
         Ontario election: Vote push, claims of dirty tricks mark final campaign dayvideo audio
Ontario election: Liberals apologize for Hudak 'exploding hospital' flyer
         Northern Gateway opponents target MPs in last-ditch campaign
Where did jaws come from? This ancient fish from the Rockies
         NDP to test Justin Trudeau's pro-transparency position
End-of-sitting wrap on Wednesdays with Kady
         Trudeau wants government 'open by default,' Mulcair 'delighted'
Rich got 14.6% richer in 2013
         Have we turned childhood into a disease?

Red meat possibly linked to breast cancer
         Lower-calorie Coca-Cola Life pitched as healthy choice in U.K.
Physician-assisted death debate diverts attention from need for palliative care
         Ontario election 2014: NDP plan to cut ER wait times in half questioned
Drone crash prompts Vancouver to review film industry use

Danny the RCMP dog is 'grieving' for his handler but will eventually be reassigned
         Royal Chat replay: Will Queen Elizabeth abdicate?
Five things from the campaign trail Wednesday
         Fishing for evolutionary secrets in the Rocky Mountains
Justin Trudeau proposes more access to government data (with video)
         Submarine repairs to cost $18 million
Open casting call for 'Rob Ford The Musical'
         Coyne: Gambling on victory in casino of Canadian elections
Den Tandt: Tim Hudak faces do-or-die moment
         Ontario Tories deny dirty tricks as letters misdirect voters

NDP tries to pre-empt expected guilty verdict by 'kangaroo court'
         Trudeau bill would force more transparency on government, reform info act s
Interpol issues alert for Quebec convicts who escaped in helicopter jailbreak
         Genetically modified mosquitoes may help wipe out malaria
Obesity surgery can put diabetes in remission for 15 years for some patients: study
         Fewer men living with women get medical checkups than single or married guys: study
Scientists seeking healthy seniors at risk of Alzheimer's in bid to thwart disease

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Alberta launches program to track dementia patients with GPS devices
         Harper government being pulled into assisted suicide debate
B.C. teachers' strike childcare options raising red flags
         Student bus passes to cost more next year
Vague federal foreign investment rules bad for Alberta, minister says
         CMHC guarantee on mortgage insurance putting taxpayers at risk, says OECD
Rail company to pull out of Cape Breton once $2 million annual subsidy ends
         Arctic research vessel to help Inuit carvers land soapstone

Alberta energy regulator sued over denying First Nations right to speak 2 hours 14 minutes ago
         Canadians see difference between legality and morality of prostitution: poll 4 hours ago
Elizabeth May writes scathing letter about Andrea Horwath, explains why Ontarians need to vote 1 hour 47 minutes ago
         Painting of Toronto's rainbow tunnel set to fetch millions at auction 3 hours ago
Study: Canadian fossil finds give key details about primitive fish; shows precursor to jaws2 hours 59 minutes ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Teachers Vote Overwhelmingly to Walk out on Classes
        Historic' turnout gives union power to pull out of talks, but both sides remain hopeful for a deal. By Katie Hyslop
Thousands of Lawyers Vote Down Approval of Trinity Western School
        Law Society of BC members oppose proposed faculty at faith-based university. By Ian Holliday
If Oilsands Crude Can't Get to China, then Europe Instead?
        Rumoured Enbridge oil shipment to Spain 'tip of the iceberg,' says Calgary analyst. By Geoff Dembicki
Who's Behind BC's New $10-Billion Refinery Bid?
        Pacific Future Energy's team includes former federal Liberal strategists, Clark supporters. By Bob Mackin
After Lucrative Years as a BC Hydro Consultant, Weisgerber Returns to Board
        Former Peace River Socred MLA says his Site C work is done. By Andrew MacLeod
VIEW: BC city halls brace for financial reporting season

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
AFN chief asks: how much of our environment are we consciously willing to destroy?
        "I doubt there is anyone in this room, who is not personally, directly or indirectly investing in the tar sands and pipeline expansion."
Federal minister told LNG plans in danger if Northern Gateway approved
        On the eve of a major federal decision on Enbridge's $6-billion oil pipeline, Minister Greg Rickford was told its passage will "poison" the well with First Nations over LNG.
Teachers hit the pavement today, full-strike threatened
        Kids out of class Wednesday, as B.C. teachers voted 86% in favour of full-strike escalation
Senator's speech praising "green" Fort McMurray goes viral
        Senator praises Fort McMurray as an urban and environmentally conscious community.
BC's tar sands? Thirteen proposed LNG projects equivalent to 13 times current BC emissions
        'Clean' energy would multiply BC's carbon impact.
Shootings at Yaletown and Science World
        The latest in a spate of shootings that happened over past week.
Support pours in for cancer, but not for mental illness
        I've seen mental illness from both sides. Why can't society treat mental illness with the same care and empathy as cancer?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trudeau tables his first private member's bill as Lib Leader
Del Mastro: The Most Important Person in Ontario Election
Wynne serves up cynical Hudak-bashing
Canada's top spy watchdog, Sierra Leone's 'goodwill' ambassador
Bring Down Per-Jet Price
Buy Larry O'Brien's 'Ethical Entrepreneurship'

The Byliners & Co ..
: Prostitution laws a no-win
Curry: Ottawa cut labour market data spending
Mallick: Why did prostitution bill go off the rails ?
Payton: 5 dirty tricks learned from robocalls trial
The political stakes in the decision
Deadline looms for Gateway pipeline decision
to fill labour market needs
Skilled immigrants under 'express entry'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

NDP bid to open up all-party internal economy board nixed by House
         F-35 decision remains in holding pattern

Alberta Sees Canada Approval of Gateway Pipeline: McQueen
         From one pollster to another: Stop trying to predict elections
'Slash and burn' is not the recipe for a better Ontario
         Canada An Energy Superpower? Not!
How Harper became a global guru for climate skeptics
         Why did prostitution bill go off the rails?
Throw the Liberals out
         The final campaign day in Ontario: Liberals go hard after Toronto New Democrats
Kathleen Wynne snubs Toronto Sun columnist Christina Blizzard
         Hudak's 'cure' could kill the patient
Hurricane Hazel pushes Lib cause

In NDP stronghold, some voters desert Andrea Horwath
         Canada starved aboriginal people into submission
Federal Liberals have highest index score followed by Tories – NDP scores drop largely on decline in positive views of Mulcair
         Tories want better data to help fix temporary foreign worker program
Sheila Copps on the Rat Pack and breaking ground on the Hill
         Transgender hate speech protections shut out of cyberbullying legislation
Poll: Ontario Liberals take lead over Tories
         Ethics probe into Nigel Wright shelved pending Duffy investigation: Dawson
Ontario vote could preview 2015 federal fight
         Internal memo reveals Ottawa cut labour market data spending

Wynne's Liberals take lead in sprint to finish
         Canadian prostitution laws a no-win, poll shows
Bill C-36, Tories' Prostitution Act, Isn't Pleasing Base Or Sex Workers
         Hudak's calm and steady campaign could ultimately be what
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  U.N.'s Energy Funding Falls Short of Target by Billions
         Housing Crisis Worsens Urban Inequality in Pacific Islands
Latin America's Forests Need Laws - and Much More
         When Nature Gets a Price Tag
Quest for Self-Determination Continues in New Caledonia
         Nature Is Talking And Africa's Legislators Are Listening
  Wall Street Sets Its Sights on Renters

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Truth and Consequences of Climate Change Denial
         Torture in American Prisons - Class Action Law Suit Approved
The Egyptian Revolution: Three Years and Counting
         The Truth About Climate Change and Sea Levels Rising
         As Taliban Attacks Karachi Airport Again, Could Pakistan Fall Into Civil War With

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Russia launches counter NATO war games Source
         Storm kills 6 Germans in North Rhine Westphalia Source
'I want to leave US forever' – The story of a Stateless man Source
         Tennessee Satanist Cannibal Arrested after Eating Woman Source
US pressures El Salvador to buy Monsanto's GMO seeds Source
         The Sun that Never Sets as seen from ISS Source
Qatar urges UN Security Council to impose Syria ceasefire Source
         Feinstein pushes Soviet-style law to rat out family members with guns Source
Computer AI successfully impersonates human Source
         US woman arrested for filming police wins case Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

China Gas Deal May Boost Prices – Analysis
         China Appeals To UN Chief In Territorial Row With Vietnam
A New Foreign Policy Agenda For Modi: 'Look West' – Analysis
         NSA Can't Stop Deleting Evidence Because Its System 'Too Complex
Breaking The Silence Surrounding War Rape In Bosnia – OpEd
         Arms Race Led By India, Followed By Pakistan – OpEd
Austria Supports Albania's Swift Integration In European Union
         Indonesia's Presidential Campaign: The Economic Agenda – Analysis
Militant Group In Syria Killed 634, Displaced 130,000 Since April

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Brasscheck TV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Reforming education the human way
The late Steve Jobs, who contributed so much to human potential by helping
unleashing it with creative tools, was a skeptic when it came to technology and education.
Interesting insights. Video:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Blaming Obama for Iraq's Chaos Read more
        Reshaping the Vietnam Narrative Read more
Missing the Facts on Iran's Nuke Talks Read more
        An Ignored Pre-9/11 Warning on Spying Read more

Quinze ans de prison pour avoir négligé ses fillesPlus
         Le chien de Dave Ross continuera de servir Plus
Aide médicale à mourir: Barrette réplique à MacKayPlus
         Triple évasion: Interpol émet une alerte orangePlus
Évasion: l'avocat d'Yves Denis dit qu'il ignorait toutPlus
         Production de cannabis: un couple arrêté à l'AssomptionPlus
Les jihadistes s'emparent d'une nouvelle ville en IrakPlus
         Un corps repêché à LévisPlus
États-Unis: Eric Cantor va démissionnerPlus
         Tués à cause de canards: critiquable, mais pas criminelPlus

Grosse saisie de drogue dans l'Ouest du paysPlus
         Routhierville: l'ex-conjoint de la mère accusé Plus
Mourir dans la dignité: MacKay prévient les médecins Plus
         Notre-Dame-des-Neiges: des familles vont toucher 1,2 M$Plus
Le VG dénonce le manque de transparence d'Hydro-QuébecPlus
         Marc-Yvan Côté cherchait des donateurs pour NormandeauPlus
Contributions illégales: Marois n'était pas au courantPlus
         Une vingtaine de motards arrêtés en MauriciePlus
Triple évasion: Couillard ordonne une enquête internePlus
         Pas d'argent pour les élections scolairesPlus

Des ristournes illégales données aux établissements de santéPlus
         Incendie criminel dans un immeuble à Longueuil Plus
Le fils de l'un des fugitifs de Québec est pilotePlus
         «Pics de la honte»: Lisée blâme les libérauxPlus
Mesure contre les itinérants: les «pics de la honte» retirés

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Poverty in Ontario would grow under Hudak, activists predict,  Laurie Monsebraaten, Jun 10 2014

Re:  Poverty in Ontario would grow under Hudak, activists predict,  Laurie Monsebraaten, Jun 10 2014

According to studies, about two-thirds of poverty is directly related to unemployment. Poverty in Ontario would grow under Hudak not only because he lacks specific anti-poverty policies, but because his proposal to terminate 100,000 employees and sharply cut provincial expenditures will cause a deep contraction in the economy.  Austerity has been implemented for the last five  years in Europe, and the result has been double-digit unemployment rates, greater public debt, and intense social distress. Hudak's plans will drive the economy down and ratchet poverty up.

Larry Kazdan,


1. Austerity Is a Disaster: The Lesson of Europe's Record Unemployment
The more a country has cut, the more unemployment it has. Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have all had markets (and Germany) force them to radically reduce deficits amidst already deep slumps. The result has been even deeper slumps. Joblessness has jumped to levels not seen in advanced countries since the 1930s.

2. Fiscal austerity is self-defeating

By failing to acknowledge that when non-government sector spending is insufficient to drive economic growth at levels sufficient to reduce unemployment there is a need for increased discretionary government net spending to support growth, the British government not only is creating an increasing economic malaise but failing to achieve its own (mindless) targets – a reduction in the deficit and outstanding public debt. The lesson is that fiscal austerity is self-defeating on all counts – the things that matter (the real economy including unemployment) and the things that don't matter (financial ratios).

3. Minsky on Ending Poverty: Jobs, Not Welfare

Jobs would eliminate up to two-thirds of poverty.

From: Phyllis Kaffko

Regarding Canada Post cancelling home deliveries and their other changes, we cannot just sit back and accept that as a done deal.  This we should stand up and fight for.  We should changes the executive, who are really doing a terrible job and must go.  You don't close the company, or cancel home delivery, you change the executive.  You get someone who can do the job right.  This current leadership at Canada Post are the most incompetent ever. Is everybody out of their mind????

Please speak out about this terrible mistake.  There are many other options. One could be change home delivery to 3 times per week, rather than stop home delivery. We are a nation of whiners, not winners, not dooers, just complainers and acceptors.

Phyllis Kaffko. 

From: Ed Goertzen
Subject: Re: On the Cusp of the 2014 Ont Election

To the Editors
On the cusp of an election a voter has to remember the media and political
party marketing of past elections.

Remembering Bob Ray, and his huge deficits? It is important also to
remember that the deficits were sponsored by the Mulroney administration
cutting $10 billion out of Ontario's share of transfer payments.

Remembering other Harris election?

With everyone fearing for their job security, the Harris party demonized
the welfare recipients as 'getting a free ride while the rest of us hard
working people suffer.

Remembering the scandals of the McGuinty administration we should all keep
in mind that all three political parties represented in the legislature
voted to cancel the contracts without any knowledge of the costs.

This election campaign could have been won by the Hudak crowd, except
that, before promising a million jobs, they forgot to demonize and
victimize the civil services etc. in order to rally the voters against

Keeping in mind that the most elemental of motivators are fear and anger,
we need to add another interesting behavioural characteristic.

That is "When people are being hurt, and cannot visit retribution on those
who are their bettors, they most often turn on those who are vulnerable to
It explains a lot of spousal and child abuse.

It is important to vote, as it validates the power of those who gain
control of the administration of our pocketbooks.

Ed Goertzen

To: "" <>
Subject: RE: To the editor

The Editor
Daily Times, Lahore, Pakistan
Facing growing demographic, industrial and military clout of China, impoverished and under-populated Russia cannot reduce its nuclear arsenal
In  his June 10 Op-Ed: "The future of nuclear Russia," Rizwan Asghar has touched the heart of Russia's nuclear dilemma when he writes: "The widespread opinion in Russian policymaking circles is that they will not be able to combat US and its allies or even China in conventional warfare and may eventually unable to follow an independent policy if left without nuclear weapons." But he didn't elaborate it and it is mainly to confront China and not simply even China. Today, an impoverished and under-peopled Russia faces the world's most populous country and a mighty industrial and military superpower, China, across its vast under-populated Far Eastern regions and superior nuclear capability provides it the only security.
With about seven million square miles of territories (more than combined areas of China and India), Russia is clearly the largest country in the world. Yet, its small population of 140 million is eclipsed by 1.3 million population of neighbouring China. In fact, vast areas of Eastern Siberia and Far East are nearly empty, but they contain vast oil, gas, coal, iron, copper and other resources that a rapidly growing China needs. Only China has the manpower, captal and increasingly, technical know how to develop these resources. Russia's historical fears of China is further augmented by China's growing military prowess. With 10 million men in uniform, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the largest in the world.
When they were both communist powers, Russia and China clashed several times along Sino-Russians borders and a far stronger Russia prevailed every time. It was a continuation of China's humiliation by Russia since the 19th century when a series of uequal treaties was forced upon the Qing Dynasty by tsarist Russia. Specifically, when in 1858, China had been defeated in the Second Opium War, the Tsar authorized the annexation of Chinese territories on the northern bank of Amur river.
Today the situation is diametrically different. Now Russia faces a powerful China which is the world's second largest economy and an unmatched conventional military superpower. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia is increasingly dependent on China for its economic survival. China is Russia's biggest trading partner, although the trade balance hugely in favour of the People's Republic with China providing consumer products and Russia supplying oil, gas, timber and other raw materials.

But this imbalance has increased the Russian paranoia about the so-called "Yellow Invasion." As BBC correspondent Jonathan Dimbleby writes in his recent book Russia -- A Journey to the Heart of a Land and its People: "It is this suspicion that seems to have fueled the xenophobia that has encouraged some extreme Russian nationalists once more to talk about openly and in racist terms of the 'Yellow Peril'." Or, as a Russian living near the border with China told Bimbleby: "They are elbowing us out. ... I don't like the way in which they are elbowing us all the time."

However, a destitute Russia lacks the economic and military clout to confront China. Russia's army of less than a million is no match to PLA's 10 million. Only Russia has an edge in nuclear capability.As such, it will be naive to think that Russia will give up its nuclear arsenal even if the United States  agrees to give up its own nuclear capability. China's overwhelmingly superior conventional military and demographic clout will always stand in the way of Russia's agreeing to substantial reduction in its nuclear capability. It is the only card it has.

Ottawa, Canada

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: the USI attacked Afghanistan after the Taliban had destroyed 90% of the opium crop
Does Obama Want to Stay in Afghanistan to Harvest Its Opium?
Subject: freedom and democracy in Canada??  Government won't do anything about GMOs but wjill kill healthy sheep???
Canadian Food Inspection Agency Kills Flock Of Rare Healthy Sheep, Destroys Innocent Shepherd's Life
Subject: The elite thieves are crashing the planet
Billions of NATO-dollars unaccounted for

The Most Dangerous Economic Environment of Our Lifetimes
Subject: We are being ripped off every time we eat

Joe--I always check for the 729 bar code number but just discovered a COR symbol on my olive oil--another rip off of the Canadian public.  I have found bacon with the same symbol on it and yet this article states that jews cannot eat pork.  I emailed Maple Leaf Foods who produced the bacon and they wouldn't answer me.