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08 Jun 2014
Previous edition: Breaking: Seattle Campus Shooting; Multiple Casualties Reported (Google subscribers: Google Filter Instructions for CLG Newsletter.)
Breaking: Shooters at Las Vegas Walmart Kill Three, Proclaim 'The Revolution Has Begun' 08 Jun 2014 At least three people have been killed in an active shooting near a Las Vegas Walmart. Multiple shooters were reportedly involved, one of whom has shot herself in the head, and police have barricaded the building. [Updated: Two officers have been shot,] though it's unclear whether they are among the dead. The story is developing. According to 8NewsNow, the shooting commenced when two suspects stormed a nearby pizzeria and shot two police officers inside. Witnesses say that the suspects then took the officers' gear and proclaimed that "the revolution has begun," and headed into the Walmart across the street...Metro SWAT units entered the store at around noon, and the armor unit was deployed fifteen minutes later.
U.S. sends stealth bombers to Europe; all aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons 08 Jun 2014 The Air Force has further beefed up its bomber presence in Europe, deploying two B-2 stealth bombers for military exercises in the region. The forward-deployed B-2s are assigned to 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. The bombers on Sunday joined three B-52 Stratofortress aircraft already deployed to RAF Fairford, a British air base west of London. All five of the aircraft are capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
Anonymous email leak from Security Service of Ukraine to Derek Chollet, U.S. Asst. Secy. of Defense 08 Jun 2014 (Click here for image of documents and source.) 'We managed to get access to a personal computer, one of the Assistant Chairman of Ukrainian Gestapo VA Nalivaychenko. As a result of the action at our disposal got a document that reveals some details of destruction [Gen. Serhiy] Kulchytsky filth. (Translation.) [See also: Rebels down Ukrainian helicopter, killing troops and general 29 May 2014 In another devastating blow to Ukraine's armed forces, rebels shot down a troop helicopter Thursday, killing at least 12 soldiers...Among the dead was Gen. Serhiy Kulchytsky, who the Interfax news agency said was in charge of training Ukraine's National Guard.]
Major terrorism trial could be held in secret for first time in UK legal history 04 Jun 2014 A major terrorism trial is set to be held entirely in secret for the first time in British legal history in an unprecedented departure from the principles of open justice, the court of appeal has heard. The identities of the two defendants charged with serious terror offences are being withheld from the public, and the media are banned from being present in court to report the forthcoming trial against the two men, known only as AB and CD. The unprecedented secrecy has been imposed on the proceedings after the Crown Prosecution Service obtained legal orders to withhold the names of the defendants and allow the trial to take place in private on the grounds, they said, of national security. At the court of appeal in London, Anthony Hudson, representing the Guardian and several other media organisations, challenged the orders, which will allow a secret criminal trial to take place for the first time in legal history.
NSA can get rid of evidence, judge says after reversing order --'The Court rescinds the June 5 order.' 07 Jun 2014 A federal judge who ordered the National Security Agency to retain all records of its secret telephone surveillance related to an ongoing case has reversed the order just a day after it was issued. "In order to protect national security programs, I cannot issue a ruling at this time. The Court rescinds the June 5 order," US District Judge Jeffrey White said from the bench on Friday. The NSA had been prohibited from destroying any of its records of communications surveillance on Thursday - specifically under the government's Section 702 program.
Vodafone reveals existence of secret wires that allow state surveillance --Wires allow agencies to listen to or record live conversations, in what privacy campaigners are calling a 'nightmare scenario' 05 Jun 2014 Vodafone, one of the world's largest mobile phone groups, has revealed the existence of secret wires that allow government agencies to listen to all conversations on its networks, saying they are widely used in some of the 29 countries in which it operates in Europe and beyond. The company has broken its silence on government surveillance in order to push back against the increasingly widespread use of phone and broadband networks to spy on citizens, and will publish its first Law Enforcement Disclosure Report on Friday.
U.S. spy agency joins Facebook, Twitter [Um, I think they 'joined' a long time ago...think 'conjoined' twins.] 07 Jun 2014 The CIA, which has long trolled social media to try to uncover global trends and track evil-doers, officially joined Twitter and Fb on Friday. The spy agency cast the move as an effort to better get out its message and engage directly with the public, but its first Twitter message, sent out shortly before 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT), did not indicate there would be major revelations. It said simply: "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet."
How an FBI informant orchestrated the Stratfor hack 05 Jun 2014 Sitting inside a medium-security federal prison in Kentucky, Jeremy Hammond looks defiant and frustrated. "[The FBI] could've stopped me," he told the Daily Dot last month at the Federal Correctional Institution, Manchester. "They could've. They knew about it. They could've stopped dozens of sites I was breaking into." Hammond is currently serving the remainder of a 10-year prison sentence in part for his role in one of the most high-profile cyberattacks of the early 21st century...There's no question of his guilt: Hammond, 29, admittedly hacked into Stratfor's network and exfiltrated [much] data and millions of emails, information that was later shared with the whistleblower organization WikiLeaks and the hacker collective Anonymous. Sealed court documents obtained by the Daily Dot and Motherboard, however, reveal that the attack was instigated and orchestrated not by Hammond, but by an informant [Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu], with the full knowledge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Blasts, gunshots, fatalities as armed militants storm Pakistan's largest airport 08 Jun 2014 At least nine people have been killed and at least 15 others injured after heavily armed militants stormed the airport in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city. Twelve militants are thought to be inside and fire is seen rising from the scene. The death toll includes seven personnel from the Airport Security Force (ASF) and one from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA), according to Pakistani English-language newspaper Dawn, citing authorities.
Baghdad car bombs kill 60; militants storm Ramadi university 07 Jun 2014 A wave of car bombs exploded across Baghdad on Saturday, killing more than 60 people, and militants stormed a university campus in western Iraq, security and medical sources said. In total, there were a dozen blasts in mainly Shi'ite districts of the capital, the deadliest of which occurred in Bayaa, where a car bomb left 23 people dead, many of them young men playing billiards.
FBI Investigates Threats Against Bergdahl Family 08 Jun 2014 Threats against the family of former Taliban prisoner Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are being investigated by federal, state and local authorities. William Facer, a spokesman for the FBI's Salt Lake City division, said Saturday in a statement: "The FBI continues to monitor the situation in Hailey, Idaho. We are working jointly with our state and local partners and taking each threat seriously." The soldier's parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl, live in Hailey, Idaho.
Bergdahl tells of ordeal in cage after escape attempt 07 Jun 2014 Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has told medical officials that his captors locked him in a metal cage in total darkness for weeks at a time as punishment for trying to escape... Bergdahl, who was released last Saturday to U.S. commandos in Afghanistan in exchange for five Taliban detainees held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, remains in a military hospital in Germany without access to news media - and thus is oblivious to the raging criticism from some in Congress about the prisoner swap and even from members of his former platoon who say he deserted them. CNN reported Friday that Bergdahl said he was held in a metal box or cage, but the officials Saturday offered new details. He was kept there apparently as punishment for one or possibly two attempted escapes, as first reported by the Daily Beast website last week and confirmed by a U.S. official.
NAFTA panel won't review Canada's policy that fails to protect polar bears 07 Jun 2014 An international trade panel has decided not to review whether Canada is enforcing its own environmental legislation to protect its polar bear population. The Commission for Environmental Co-operation voted 2-1 to reject a request for an investigation into why Canada has chosen not to designate the bears as threatened or endangered. A U.S. environmental group had filed a submission claiming that decision leaves the bears without protection, despite the ongoing loss of their sea-ice habitat and resulting projections of declining numbers.
Flight 370 families start whistle-blower fund 06 Jun 2014 Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are launching a crowd-funding campaign ['Reward MH370: The Search for the Truth'] to raise a 3 million reward for a whistle-blower to expose key information, and 2 million for private investigators to follow up leads. Almost three months after the plane disappeared, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, some relatives are frustrated by the failure of the official search to find any concrete evidence, and say they are convinced that authorities are concealing the truth.
Nurse who refused flu shot wins lawsuit against Hackettstown Regional Medical Center 05 Jun 2014 (NJ) A Warren County nurse was unfairly denied unemployment benefits after she was fired for refusing a [deadly, useless] flu shot without claiming a religious or medical exemption, a New Jersey appeals court ruled today. The three-judge panel wrote that the hospital's policy of allowing religious or medical exemptions to the flu shot requirement "unconstitutionally discriminated against" plaintiff June Valent by rejecting her refusal to be vaccinated for secular reasons. The appellate judges concluded that the hospital violated Valent's right to freedom of expression by endorsing the religious-based exemption while denying her secular choice.
Saudi review finds over 100 more MERS infections 03 Jun 2014 Saudi Arabia, which is grappling to contain the spread of a frequently deadly respiratory virus, announced Tuesday that a review of the illness led authorities to sharply revise upward the number of confirmed infections and deaths from the disease. The surprise disclosure followed the unexpected firing of the kingdom's deputy health minister, heightening concerns about the country's ability to halt the spread of the Middle Eastern respiratory virus. He was the second senior Saudi health official to lose his job in less than two months.
Three killed, suspects 'commit suicide' after Las Vegas shooting spree 08 Jun 2014 Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian have been reportedly killed in a shooting spree that started at a pizza restaurant and spilled over to a neighboring Walmart store. The two shooters have committed suicide, according to police. Suspects told shoppers they were part of a "revolution" and wanted a shootout with Metro police force and had a "suicide pact." Details are yet to emerge, but police sources told Las Vegas Review-Journal that the two officers were killed by a man and a woman who approached them at the CiCi's Pizza just before 11:38 am local time. As the couple was leaving the restaurant, one yelled "This is the start of a revolution!" witnesses report.
Georgia courthouse shooter once worked for the TSA, official says --Suspect had explosives, assault rifle, sheriff says 06 Jun 2014 A man armed with explosives and an assault rifle might have entered a north Georgia courthouse Friday if not for a deputy who was wounded in the shootout with the gunman, Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper said. Piper said the suspect [Dennis Marx] began a "full frontal assault" on the building by driving up, throwing out "homemade spike strips" to delay any police response, and trying to run over a deputy, Piper said... "The SWAT team, which happened to be close by [!?!] on their way to another function, also pulled up about 30 seconds into this gunfire fight and they engaged Mr. Marx, and Mr. Marx is dead with multiple gunshot wounds," the sheriff said.
Shooting on Seattle college campus hits at least 6 05 Jun 2014 A man in his 20s died and at least three others were hospitalized after a shooting inside an engineering building on the campus of Seattle Pacific University on Thursday afternoon, authorities said. A suspect was in custody. Seattle police had initially sought [and at least one witness observed] a second suspect, but later said the person in custody was the only shooter. As many as five other people were injured, according to the Seattle Fire Department.
Homeland Security, DEA, Hazmat Descend on San Jose Home 07 Jun 2014 Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration agents, hazmat crews and fire trucks descended on a residential home near downtown San Jose on Friday morning, causing a stir in the neighborhood and yielding at least one arrest. The suspect wasn't immediately identified. Homeland Security spokeswoman Virginia Kice said her agency was conducting a search warrant as part of an "ongoing investigation."
Keystone XL pipeline opponent cites terrorism concerns 04 Jun 2014 Billionaire Democratic donor and environmental activist Tom Steyer opened a new front Wednesday in his campaign to derail the Keystone XL project by commissioning a study of the oil pipeline's vulnerability to terrorism. The three-month study, conducted by former Navy SEAL David M. Cooper, concluded that Keystone XL was an especially attractive target for terrorists because of its high political visibility and route through parts of the Ogallala aquifer, which is the source of drinking water for millions of people in the Plains states..."I found that a handful of terrorists could use just four pounds of explosives at each of three pump facilities located" along the route "to cause explosions that could trigger a catastrophic spill of 7.24 million gallons," he wrote, according to a redacted version of the report provided to the media.
U.S. senators in deal on veterans health scandal; 18 deaths confirmed 05 Jun 2104 U.S. Senate negotiators reached a bipartisan deal on Thursday to ease healthcare delays at the Department of Veterans Affairs as the agency's acting boss revealed that 18 veterans on a secret waiting list had died while waiting for VA care in Phoenix. If passed, it would allow veterans more access to private doctors and give the VA new authority to open 26 clinics, hire more doctors and nurses and fire poor-performing staff. [The VA scandal was allowed to happen to bring about privatization--that's the actual scandal. --LRP].
Brooklyn Will Vie to Host 2016 Democratic National Convention, de Blasio Says 06 Jun 2014 Brooklyn, a nexus of the new Democratic left that has morphed from working-class enclave to a gritty, global arbiter of cool, will vie to host the Democratic National Convention in 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said on Friday. In a formal bid, the de Blasio administration proposed the Barclays Center, the rust-glazed sports and entertainment arena in Brooklyn's bustling downtown, as the anchor venue for the quadrennial gathering, with accommodations and other events to be spread across the city's other four boroughs. 
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