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World honours D-Day's fallen, 70 years on
'What you did here will never be forgotten'
Neighbours rally around Justin Bourque family
Wynne pleads with voters to look past scandal
Image consultants give Wynne the style edge
28,500 new jobs fail to impress markets
Economy adds 25,800 new jobs, all part-time
'I'm done,' says RCMP shooting suspect
Final week of campaigning for June 12 underway
EU to soften fuel quality rules, opening door to Canadian crude: Financial Times
Harper at D-Day commemoration in Normandy

Quebec's end-of-life-care law violates Criminal Code: Ottawa
Manon Perreault, NDP MP, faces criminal charges
Ontario election 2014: What does your party's candidate do?
Ontario election 2014: Too soon to rule out a coalition
Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf at centre of fresh controversy
D-Day 70th anniversary: Watch CBC's live coverage, video

Maher: There's not much we can do to prevent tragedies like the Moncton shooting
         Accused Moncton killer Justin Bourque came from 'beautiful family'
Adding up health care
         OPP granted more time to analyze McGuinty office hard drives
Blatchford: Neighbours who called police about Bourque fear they helped him set a trap
         Why no one is talking health care on the campaign trail

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Fake Your Own Personal Brand: A Vocabulary Guide
         Fifteen words and phrases for hacking it in our union-less, entrepreneurial era.
BC Refuses Calls to Compensate African Tree-planters
         Workers awarded nearly $1 million for abuse suffered in a Golden camp may never receive it because their boss is bankrupt.
Biologist Pokes Holes in BC's Wolf Killing Plan
         It's too vague on poison use and doesn't factor in ecosystem complexity, says Bob Hayes.
Building Schools for All Genders
         VSB to vote on trans-positive guidelines next week.
Publishing Enters Its Netflix Chapter
         But will authors ultimately benefit? Bright minds of one fallen BC book house weigh in.  
Tyee readers still crazy for Alexandra Morton, who tops Order of BC poll
         Activists say police drew guns during 'No Pipelines' graffiti raid

For Stephen Harper, no easy way out of Northern Gateway conundrum
         Political advertising now comes in gimmicky package
Hudak, Horwath demand release of gas plant documents before election
         NDP joins call for Tories to refer prostitution bill to Supreme Court Moncton RCMP shootings prove we're no better than neighbours to south
A bill on the sale of sex or the sale of Conservatives?
         What's wrong with right-wing populism anyway?
Moncton shooting: Slain Mountie leaves behind pregnant wife and young son
         Dalton McGuinty not part of gas plants probe, OPP says

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         Short Circuited: Assessing Tim Hudak's energy policy
JUN 6 2014 The Ontario PCs' assumption that it's possible to slash electricity prices with the wave of a wand, and that in turn will generate large numbers of new jobs, is not believable.
         The Harper government's bogus claims about refugees |
JUN 6 2014 | Dennis Gruending | The Harper government scapegoats refugees in Canada and has cut off access to health care for them.
         The robocall story is not yet over -- just watch the Sona trial in Guelph |
 JUN 6 2014 | Michael Sona is on trial as the culprit in the fraudulent effort to suppress non-Conservative voters in 2011. There is lots of evidence, though, that whoever did it did not act alone.
         Postal banking to the rescue in both Canada and the U.S.
JUN 6 2014 | A study of banks and payday lending companies in the U.S. and Canada shows a real need for a postal bank exists, especially in areas where post offices abound but few banks
         Make 2015 the last unfair election
JUN 6 2014 | Canada's electoral system is failing democracy. We need a citizen-led consultation process and a new electoral model. Make every vote count!
         U.S. acts on climate change! Will Canada do the same?
JUN 6 2014 |Harper has repeatedly pointed to the need for U.S. action for Canada to take steps. Now that Obama has announced a major policy shift will Canada finally join in?

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
'Fortress Europe' Closing the Doors to Syrian Refugees
         Syria's Twin Jihads
Rich Getting Richer as the Poor Crawl Slowly Out of Poverty
         A Common Vision - The Abolition of Militarism
Triple Summit in Singapore Puts Urban Planning on the Map
         Carbon Neutral Tourism Falters in Tobago
Russia May Seek to Emphasise Peace Broker Role in Mideast

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Trickle-Down Economics Confronts an Insurmountable Challenge: Reality Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
         How Acidification, Overfishing and Plastics Threaten the World's Oceans Read the Article at BuzzFlash
McCain Called Out on Prisoner Swap Shift Read the Article at The Huffington Post
         Democrats Unveil Program to Boost Voter Registration Read the Article at MSNBC
Families of Drone Victims: No Hope for Justice in US Courts Read the Article at Common Dreams
         For Immigrants Who Return After Deportation, Little Chance at Due Process, Say Advocates
Border Patrol Nation : How US Creates War Zones at Boundaries With Mexico, Canada
         Who Is Behind the National Right to Work Committee and Its Anti-Union Crusade?
VA Also Not Telling the Truth About Veteran Disability Claims
         Is the US Headed Toward Another Recession?

Anti-Choice Extremism: Cultural Denial and Political Consequences
         Questions Raised About Integrity of Keystone XL's Southern Route After Conditions Added for Northern Leg
The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
         The Real Villains of the Bergdahl Tale
Portland's E. Coli Scare: How Mushrooms Could Have Helped Prevent It
         Clueless in Cairo
Ukraine's IMF Agreement Could Worsen the Country's Problems
         Paul Krugman | The Unlucky Unemployed

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Pakistan: Army Poised For Offensive Against TTP In North Waziristan – Analysis
         Anti-Guantánamo Activists Praise Bergdahl-Guantánamo Prisoner Exchange
Libya Court To Rule On Duelling Premiers
         Kosovo Heightens Security For Elections
NBA Finals: Heat Melts In AC-Less San Antonio
         IMF Chief Lagarde Rules Out Running For European Commission President
Spain's Flourishing Tourism: The Mainstay Of The Economy – Analysis
         Negative Interest Rates: They're Here – OpEd
Materialism And Misery – OpEd
         India: Generalship And The Northeast – Analysis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Global Citizens to Elites: Join Climate Fight 'Or Step Aside'
EU Gets Ready To Open Canadian Tar Sands Floodgate
'Conclusive Link' Between Fracking, Aquifer Contamination Found in Texas
''Astroturf' Groups Leading Drive to Kill Open Internet
Measure Climate-Related Destruction in the Many Trillions of Dollars: UN

'Mass Surveillance at Its Most Severe': Mobile Phone Giant Reveals Direct Govt Wiretapping
Attacking Poor People in Georgia
How Tax Reform Can Save the Middle Class
JP Sottile: Hillary Clinton and the Weaponization of the State Department
Sonali Kolhatkar: The Common Roots of Misogynist Culture in Pakistan and the U.S.

Rajesh Makwana: Global Justice, Sustainability and the Sharing Economy
Ira Chernus: A Civil War Myth That Hurts Us All
Stephen Zunes: US Culpability in the Failure of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Robert Naiman: Warmonger Media Storm Against Saving Sgt. Bergdahl Shows Why We Have So Much War
Witness Against Torture Calls on Obama and Congress to Redouble Efforts to Transfer Detained Men and Close Guantánamo

Our Children's Trust: Youth Denied Critical Climate Change Relief by US Court
Food & Water Watch Petitions USDA to Stop Allowing Imports of Beef Produced Under Privatized Inspection
Is The U.S. Headed Toward Another Recession?
Genetically Modified Crops Fueling Decline of Monarch Butterflies: Report
Pesticide Action Network: Groups Launch New International Effort to Protect Children From "Terrible Twenty" Pesticides

Homme abattu en Ontario: lien avec la vendetta du clan Rizzuto ?Plus
         Les Femen se montrent au Festival du Grand Prix Plus
Moncton: Justin Bourque formellement accuséPlus
         L'autoroute Bonaventure fermera mardiPlus
Plus de poissons dans le fleuve d'ici 50 ans?Plus
         Sœur Gilberte Bussière est de retour au bercailPlus
Drame de Moncton: hommage aux victimesPlus
         Le fédéral aurait déjà décidé d'acheter des F-35 Plus
Un livre français relié avec... de la peau humainePlus
         Lac-Mégantic: une photo choc suscite des réactionsPlus

Mike Duffy dormait à l'hôtel à l'Île-du-Prince-ÉdouardPlus
         Un terrain d'entente pour les régimes de retraitesPlus
Mort de l'agent Dave Ross: «Mon fils est un héros»Plus
         Médecins: Barrette en attente d'une contre-propositionPlus
Une députée du NPD accusée de méfait publicPlus
         Harper souligne le courage des soldats canadiensPlus
Sollicitée par Marc Bibeau, CIMA+ arrosait le PLQPlus
         Plusieurs barrages routiers à prévoir en MontérégiePlus
Suis-je d'un autre siècle?Plus
         L'effet libéral sur l'économie n'est pas instantanéPlus

Yémen: 60 migrants africains se noient au large des côtesPlus
         Commémorations du 70e anniversaire du DébarquementPlus
Réactions à l'arrestation du suspect à MonctonPlus
         Soulagement à MonctonPlus
Le tireur fou de Moncton arrêtéPlus
         Moncton: l'un des trois policiers est québécoisPlus
Moncton sur le qui-vive et le présumé tueur court toujoursPlus
         Tragédie à Moncton: la chronologie des événementsPlus
L'ouverture des bars est loin de faire l'unanimitéPlus
         911 au casino de Niagara: fausse alertePlus

Deux épreuves la conduisent au pénitencierPlus
         Guantanamo: nombreux transferts de détenus en préparationPlus
Adoption du projet de loi sur les soins de fin de viePlus
         Ukraine: les Occidentaux et Poutine à ParisPlus
Bilan routier: moins de décès en auto, mais plus à véloPlus
         Rappels: GM admet sa «responsabilité» Plus
Garderies: la hausse pourrait dépasser l'indexationPlus
         Commission Charbonneau: Bernard Trépanier en quête de prête-noms Plus
Soins de fin de vie: dissension chez les libérauxPlus


From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Government surveillance of Canadians increases (again!) | Ottawa Citizen

I would not have to drink another glass of wine tonight to calm my nerves, if I knew that you would send this far and wide!
Harvey wrote:

The average Canadian had better freakin wake up!
I agree.  
See  Government orders federal departments to keep tabs on all demonstrations across country
When you read it, think of:  "Canada's Secret Billion Dollar Spy Palace" (Oct 2013).  The link to it is included in the posting in case you don't know about it. 
I wrote a note of thanks to journalist David Pugliese.  He has been a stalwart over many years.  Without him, Canadians would be even more in the dark than we are. 
= = = = = = = = =
Email from Sandra Finley