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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Key juncture in road to Confederation happened 150 years ago this week1 hour 22 minutes ago
         Assessment of homes damaged by central Ontario twister nearly done 6 hours ago
Blood Reserve remains under state of emergency 7 hours ago
         Ottawa-bound Via Rail train hits, kills pedestrian 8 hours ago
Melting Yukon ices reveals 5,000-year-old treasures 4 hours ago
         Temporary foreign worker changes do little to calm debate in B.C. 9 hours ago
Del Mastro trial begins on Elections Act charges from 2008 campaign 8 hours ago
         Quebec police capture 3 inmates escaped in helicopter jailbreak 8 hours ago
Quebec woman's jailed Saudi husband faces whipping 5 hours ago
         Thunderstorms hit southern Manitoba on 1st day of summer 10 hours ago

Garrison Petawawa holds Afghanistan commemoration parade Sat, 21 Jun, 2014
         Indigenous health-care research gets $10M from Toronto doctor Sat, 21 Jun, 2014

Immigration advocates, small businesses decry overhaul of Temporary Foreign Worker program
         B.C. teachers' strike: Vince Ready declines mediator job
Veteran mediator declines to help end teachers strike in British Columbia


JTF2 to stay in Ottawa for at least another five years
         Reevely: What a modern Progressive Conservative party could look like
Shuffle sees new top bureaucrats at Energy, Environment
         Wheelchair art adds colour to Ottawa Rehab Centre
J.D.M. Stewart: Look broadly for Canadian heroes
         Den Tandt: Liberals' secret isn't Teflon ­ it's strategy


Jason Kenney sends small businesses addicted to temporary foreign workers to rehab
         PC post-election post-mortem will be painful
The government spied on me without a warrant

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Quebec poll: Liberals and NDP tied in popularity; Mulcair ahead as favourite federal leader
         Mediator declines to work BC teachers strike
Northern Gateway pipeline's doubled-up challenge
         Jason Kenney sends small businesses addicted to temporary foreign workers to rehab
Trudeau's abortion stand only stifles debate
         Young mothers can't be judges anyway
Churn, churn, churn: Forcing foreign workers out faster no solution to Alberta's labour crisis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canada & Iran<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ottawa's position on Iran has isolated Canada: article
         Iran and America Joins Hands in Waging "The Global War on Terrorism"?
Iran steps up on Iraq, leaving Canada alone: Burman
         DEACE: Our war in Iraq will be won by Iran

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Immigration And Mindless Partisanship – OpEd
         Demonizing Sunni Uprising In Iraq – OpEd
Five Steps US Can Take In Iraq Without Going Back To War – OpEd
         Sri Lanka Muslim Businesses Close In Protest Over Attacks
Pope Slams Mafia As 'Adorers Of Evil'
         World Cup: Germany Draw 2-2 With Ghana
LNG: The Long, Strategic Play For Europe: Interview With Robert Bensh
         China Corporate Debt 'Poised To Overtake US' – OpEd
Foreign Companies Bullish On Spain
         Damascus Attacks ISIS Stronghold, Militants Kill Syrian Rebel Officers

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
US vs Syria: How to Lose a War in 3 Years
         Big Agri's GMO "Super Bananas for Brown People"

We're Drowning in Unacceptable Levels of Chemicals
         Opponents rally against Missouri bill that wouldmake industrial farming 'untouchable in court'
Vermont and the People are "Fighting Monsanto" for their Lives
         How the US Is Bullying El Salvador Into Using Monsanto's GMO Seeds
Take a look at the leaders who 'must go' according to imperial US
         How scientists are creating synthetic life from scratch
But where will college graduates work?
         US fired depleted uranium at civilian areas in 2003 Iraq war: report
22 Ways To Conserve Water In Your Home
         3 Raw Superfoods That Provide Big Energy and Nutrition Boosts

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ebola outbreak in W.Africa 'totally out of control' - MSF
         4 western Iraqi towns fall to advancing ISIS militants 2
Australian troops sent to Iraq to 'help secure embassy'
         U.S. officials said to be pushing for the removal of Iraq's leader
Antiwar Protesters Gather Outside Downtown LA Veterans' Hospital
         Putin orders surprise drills to check combat readiness of central Russia forces
Russian checkpoint on Ukraine border comes under fire
         House approves effort to limit NSA searches of U.S. data
Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Media With Conscience<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Palestinians die in clash with Israeli troops
         Teen killed in Golan Heights explosion
Palestine's future: What are the options?
         Major US church votes to sanction #Israel
Every child has a name
         American and Israeli Way of War-
Zombie Ideas and the Presbyterian Church Divestment Decision
         India's new Prime Minister
Sisyphus Redeemed
         Will ISIS Create al-Sham Caliphate & Liberate Palestine?

How to watch the world cup
         The Gambler: Knowing When to Discard Aces and Kings
The Mess in Iraq
         Ed Miliband - A Shameless Zionist In Our Midst
The Noninterventionists Told You So

Un homme est porté disparu aux chutes DorwinPlus
         Un baigneur manque à l'appel à Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldPlus
Un accident force la fermeture de l'autoroute 40 Plus
         Les trois évadés d'Orsainville arrêtés par la SQPlus
Les évadés connaîtront «un temps de prison difficile»Plus
         Ouverture du superhôpital du CUSM: la station Vendôme sera en chantier Plus
Meurtre à Sainte-Agathe: le suspect doit comparaître lundiPlus
         L'itinérant vêtu comme un pompier à un incendiePlus
Un train heurte un piéton près de KingstonPlus
         Un feu de forêt fait rage sur la Côte-NordPlus

Les Peuples pour la Terre Mère contre Enbridge arrivent à OttawaPlus
         Égypte: John Kerry plaide pour la démocratiePlus
La réduction des services enfreint-elle les droits de la personne?Plus
         Léo Bureau-Blouin à la tête du Comité national des jeunes du PQPlus
Collision: une fourgonnette et un autocar impliquésPlus
         Le procès d'ex-membres du régime Kadhafi à nouveau renvoyéPlus
Ukraine: le président propose un dialogue aux séparatistesPlus
         Corée du Sud: échange de tirs près d'une école, cinq mortsPlus
Nouvelle saisie d'une tonne d'héroïne en GrècePlus
         Une menuiserie de Québec de nouveau la proie des flammesPlus
L'été se fera attendre cette annéePlus