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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Harper's foe isn't the Supreme Court — it's the Constitution

Ottawa gives blessing to Northern Gateway
         Canada not making overtures to Iran
A chronology of the Northern Gateway project
         Poll hints at foreign-worker program changes
Facts about the Northern Gateway pipeline
         Comparing Northern Gateway and Keystone XL
Two Manitoba politicians plan
         Alberta Appeal Court upholds union contempt
Teachers on picket line as strike begins
         Alberta county declares emergency as water rises

A noteworthy exchange from question period
         Toronto man faces child porn charges
Daycare evacuated after carbon monoxide leak
         Bring mandatory voting, preferential ballot to Canada: Trudeau adviser
'Troubling' disclosure failures at Kwantlen
         Canadian reporter held in Egypt stays hopeful
Legion to include RCMP, peace officers as veterans
         Four struck by lightning north of Toronto
$100M donation to University of Calgary
         Police make hospital contract fraud arrest

Board to destroy milk from farm in abuse case
         Cop committed to trial in streetcar
Man who bombed Giant Mine gets day parole
         Nova Scotia hires workplace safety prosecutor
Bilingual obligations not met: report
         Teachers, union urged to work out contract
Woman found guilty in pit-bull attack

         New Brunswick conservation efforts funded

Right to be forgotten': How Canada could adopt similar law for online privacy
         Harper may delay picking next NB lieutenant-governor, expert says
Iraq conflict: Could it boost the Keystone XL pipeline bid?
         How the U.S. and Iran could achieve détente over Iraq
Should the prostitution law debate hear from johns?

         DEVELOPING Federal gov't approves Northern Gateway pipeline project
DEVELOPING Carbon monoxide leak forces Quebec daycare evacuation
         DEVELOPING Man guilty in 1992 YK Giant Mine bombing gets day parole
Northern Gateway pipeline dominates question period 3:07
         http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Politics/ID/2465502861/  read 1992 commentsvideo
The federal government has agreed to let Enbridge build its Northern Gateway pipeline,
subject to 209 conditions recommended by the National Energy Board
and further talks with aboriginal communities. 7:06 PM ET

Northern Gateway Pipeline approved: B.C. reacts6:37 PM ET
         NEW Northern Gateway pipeline approval: Alberta reacts7:16 PM ET
Northern Gateway is not alone - 5 more pipelines to watch5:33 PM ET
         Northern Gateway opponents to push for referendum if pipeline OK'dJun 16 video
B.C. girl invents headlamp powered by body heat read 59 commentsvideo
         Arctic expert from Quebec dies on holiday when cliff collapses
Chilliwack Cattle Sales milk to be destroyed in wake of cow abuse video read 150 commentsvideo
         Narcissists do better on job interviews, study finds read 95comments
POLL FIFA World Cup: Is Guillermo Ochoa's save the greatest ever? read 1 commentsvideo
         Talks resume in B.C. teachers' strike after public schools closed read1210 commentsvideo

Icebergs freed by climate change decimate Antarctic sea life read 597comments
         Hidden portrait discovered in Pablo Picasso's The Blue Room
Edmonton woman fights discrimination against workers with tattoos, piercings read 328comments
         Moncton RCMP lack 'ready access' to federally recommended rifles and vests
Officer to stand trial in Sammy Yatim death
         Lightning injures 4 on golf course north of Toronto video
World Cup games costly at Little Italy bar
         Children's shows to return in flurry of reboots
Olga Ogloff granted Canadian citizenship after 85 years
         Regina man offers strangers $1,000 each to quit smoking

Northern Gateway pipeline approved with 209 conditions video
         Tornado warnings for major southern Ontario citiesvideo
Ann Makosinski's new invention: A body-heat powered headlamp video
         B.C. teachers' strike: schools closed as talks resumevideo
Flood warning prompts Lethbridge County state of emergency video
         250 new emojis include middle finger, Vulcan salute, no racial diversity

Northern Gateway pipeline approved
         Piping up about Northern Gateway
Provinces and cities creating 'criminal law through back door'
         Liberals defend celebrating Romeo Dallaire with online card
Five kids sick after carbon monoxide leak at Quebec daycare
         Federal executives lack training, flexibility, expert says
Den Tandt: Political gain as well as peril in Tories' Gateway decision
         Supreme Court delivers crucial win for online privacy rights
Between a rock and pipeline: Feds distance themselves from Gateway
         Inability to taste and respond to fat in food may explain why some overeat: Study

A noteworthy exchange from question period Tuesday in the House of Commons
         Medicine Hat could see repeat of 2013 flood as rain pounds southern Alberta
Severe weather hits central Ontario, officials respond to reports of injuries
         Show us how much money that'll cost: education minister to B.C. teachers' union
Canada still isolates Iran, despite Iraq crisis and British, U.S. moves
         Dad in-training: Should we bring the kids?
Study matches lung cancer drugs to patients' gene profiles
         Aging in Canada: How well are we treating our elders?
This week in health: Fathers' mental health, afternoon slumps, and more

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Opposition condemns Tories' approval of Northern Gateway project 2 hours 36 minutes ago
         Saskatchewan's Brad Wall is Canada's most popular premier yet again 5 hours ago
Toronto neighbourhood defends itself against councillor Giorgio Mammoliti calling it a 'pedophile district' 6 hours ago
         Royal Alberta Museum in dispute over aboriginal consultations 10 hours ago

Marc Emery, B.C.'s Prince of Pot, vows to campaign for Liberals upon jail release
         New tool helps Canadians track how telecoms are using their personal data
Flood diversion tunnel backed by Calgary council committee
         How do they get the oil out of oilsands?
Draft environmental bill of rights for youth introduced in N.B.
         See pictures of a rare white moose in western N.L.

Whitehorse woman's backyard chicken coop now legal
         Flaming raven starts forest fire, cuts power to Yellowknife

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
BC Becoming a 'Poacher's Paradise'
         Former fishery officer warns cuts hinder capacity to fight illegal fishers. By Kristian Secher
Canada Stalls on Global Copyright Treaty that Supports the Blind
         In digital era, accessibility commitment a 'no-brainer' By Michael Geist
Only Election Votes Can Stop Northern Gateway
         Pipeline petitioners miss fundamental flaws of BC's 'citizens' initiative' process. By Bill Tieleman
Teacher Strike 'Imminent' as Sides Remain Far Apart
         Employees gave international trade ministry, MCFD lowest marks for work environment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Canadian Progressive World<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Council of Canadians stands with UBCIC in opposition to Northern Gateway pipeline
         Council of Canadians supports Unist'ot'en action camp
Forest Ethics Responds to New Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Proposal
         Enbridge Inc Rebuked: "This is not an Enbridge animation" (VIDEO)
Sierra Club Canada statement on civil disobedience
         Elizabeth May Questions Harper on Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline [VIDEO]
"Common Causes" launches with actions in 25 Canadian cities, support for Idle No More
         Line 9: The Tar Sands Come to Ontario (VIDEO)
Five strategies to stop Enbridge's Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Great Wall of Gateway: a citizens' vote promised to kill Enbridge pipeline
         Expect a Citizens' Initiative vote in BC to force government to kill Northern Gateway, if feds approve it on Tuesday.
BC landowner "crushed" by NEB's stonewalling on Kinder Morgan expansion
         I was crushed when I left the NEB building."
Vancouver Aquarium just doubled, with watery world expansion
         Got kids with no school (due to the strike)? The Vancouver Aquarium just unveiled its most significant expansion in its 58-year history.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Between a rock and pipeline: Feds distance themselves from Gateway

Enbridge plots next steps after Northern Gateway gets federal nod
         NDP accuses government of 'ugly, secretive, partisan' in-camera trial ordering party to pay back $1.17-million

Saskatchewan happy with Northern Gateway approval
         Alberta lauds Northern Gateway decision
If logic prevailed, Stephen Harper would pass the torch
         Will Trudeau rise ­ or fall ­ on political seesaw?
Big oil and its government may meet its match in Beautiful British Columbia
         What the leaders can learn from the Ontario election
Aboriginal rights must be addressed if pipeline is to proceed:

Hard Choices? Hardly
         Vancouver traffic-congestion plan could be model for the world
Vancouver costs soar through civic payroll
         Ambassador Gary Doer predicts U.S. will decide on Keystone next spring
Olivia Chow attacks rival John Tory over record as a Rogers exec
         New legal battle shaping up over Supreme Court judge
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Disaster-Prone Caribbean Looks to Better Financing
         U.S. Economy Will Grow But Not Trickle Down, OECD Warns on Inequality
Mosul Refugees Victims of "Victory of the Revolution"
         Obama's Free Trade Strategy Falters in Asia
From Religious Conflict to an Interfaith Community
         Turkey's Kurdish Problem Likely to Worsen After ISIS Gains in Iraq
Search for Nigerian Girls May be Impeded by Government's Longstanding Lack of Coherent Strategy
         Pillay Alarmed by Inter-communal Violence in Sri Lanka
Report Shows Lack of Transparency in Small Arms Trade

Worsening Violence in Iraq Threatens Regional Security

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Colombia's Elections: An Indian Perspective
         The 'Young War Criminal' Speaks – OpEd
Saudi Arabia Rejects Foreign Interference In Iraq
         Why Did The Advance Of ISIS Catch Anyone By Surprise? – OpEd
Genesis: Harry Truman And The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – OpEd
         'India Modi-Fied:' Hope, Change, And South Asia's Future – Analysis
Afghanistan: High Turnout And Fraud Claims In Run-Off
         Militants Onslaught: Iraq, US Equally Share Blame – Analysis
Fukushima: Next Stage For Robotic Decontamination
         Why Violent Attacks Continue Against Muslims In Sri Lanka? – Analysis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Consortium News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Treating Snowden as a 'Personality' Read more
         How Iran Could Help on Iraq Read more
Learning No Lessons About War Read more
         America's Dangerous Mideast Illusions Read more
Why Take the Neocons Seriously? Read more
         Iran Offers Scaled-Back Nuke Program Read more
Neocons Double-Down on Iraq/Syria Read more
         Overreacting to the Iraq Crisis Read more

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cato Institute <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Other Veterans Scandal, by Michael F. Cannon and Christopher A. Preble
         Common Core, the Worm in the Teacher's Apple by Neal McCluskey
Reducing the Risk of Oil Price Spikes by Richard W. Rahn
         Tax Exiles Flee America: Blame the Greedy Politicians by Doug Bandow
More Companies Escaping America's Masochistic Corporate Tax System by Daniel J. Mitchell
         Last August, I shared a list of companies that "re-domiciled" in other nations so they could escape America's punitive "worldwide" tax system.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gatestone Institute<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

How the West Facilitates Hamas's Mission
         Islam: Is Integration Working? Part I of III
Witness Intimidation: New London Mega-Mosque
         UK: Extremist Chaplains and Prison Radicalization
Salafi-Jihadists: "A Persistent Threat" to Europe and America
         Liberating Libya: General Vows to Crush Terrorists
Israel Should Exploit Palestinian "Unity" - Here's How

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Not So Exceptional After All
From Representative Democracy Back to Republic?
Reforming Democracy and the Future of History
Brazil and the United States: So Different, Yet So Similar
China's Interest in Central and Eastern Europe
Japan: A Venetian Destiny?



Can Your Car Be Hacked?


From: "Eugene Parks"
Subject: Public Statement Re Enbridge's Northern Gateway Project

As many of you know, I am the person who stood up Enbridge's new Incident Management System after the Michigan spill. I know a lot about incident management generally, and at Enbridge in particular. Also, I am a Metis of Algonquin descent from the Ottawa Valley. Environmental management, Enbridge, and Indigenous communities profoundly matter to me. Accordingly, in light of Prime Minister Harper's approval of the Northern Gateway project, I have a comment to make.
Rigorous construction standards and management of any pipeline is a must. The assumption that there will be failures is also a must. A standing capacity to address major issues is a must.
More importantly, my experience tells me that the only way for the Northern Gateway to be a safe pipeline is for there to be transparency, trust, cooperation and investment  among  all  stakeholders.  Chief among the Gateway's stakeholders are the Indigenous people of BC. If the Indigenous people of BC can  be shown that the Northern Gateway pipeline is safe, economically valuable to them, and in their long term interest, then there is sufficient evidence for me to believe the pipeline can  be built and operated safely.  Conversely, if the Indigenous people say in the end, 'No' then there is likely not enough management transparency to build a safe pipeline.
Notwithstanding what I know about economics, incident management, and project management, the bottom-line for the fate is the Northern Gateway currently is – and should be – the judgment of the Indigenous People of BC.  I stand with their "nay" or their "yah".
Transparency and trust among all stakeholders is the most critical litmus test of the safety of any major project.
Eugene Parks
(not a  spokesperson for Enbridge or the Indigenous People of BC)
Reference:  http://www.enbridge.com/MediaCentre/News/Expanding-Sustainability-Reporting.aspx
To: "letters@nationalpost.com .
Subject: Look how Clinton balanced the budget by raising taxes on the rich

The Editor
National Post

Look how Clinton balanced the budget by raising taxes and why many Republican governors had been raising taxes

Re "Fiscal restraint the real loser of the Ontario election," by Andrew Coyne (July 14).

Andrew Coyne misses the point about fiscal conservatism when he says: "This election was very much a referendum on fiscal conservatism, and the fiscal conservatism lost."  He seems not to realize that fiscal conservatism is also about raising enough revenues to pay for essential public services and not about simply cutting spending. To balance the budget without undermining essential public services, Kathleen Wynne should look how former U.S. President Bill Clinton balanced the budget by raising taxes on wealthy Americans.

When former US President Bill Clinton entered the White House, his first act was to raise taxes on wealthy Americans (earning $250,000 and above) to stem a runaway budget deficit left behind by earlier administrations. Clinton's tax-hike on the rich, denounced by neo-conservatives as "a passport to recession," balanced the budget, produced a surplus, lowered the long-term interest rate and triggered the longest economic boom in recent history. His successor, President George W. Bush, squandred the surplus by his staggering $1.67 trillion tax cut, producing a $400 billion deficit.

It may be interesting to note that while Mr. Bush was cutting taxes federally, many Republican governors, defying the tax-cut orthodoxy of their own party, had been raising taxes to pay for essential public services.

"Pure conservatism means lean and responsible government, not mean and irresponsible government," said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who reluctantly raised taxes to pay for increases in government spending. After first cutting taxes and spending, Mr. Huckabee eventually found that his state's funding obligations were rising for education, health care and law-enforcement. He said this prompted him to raise taxes.

And Huckabee is not alone. Ohio Gov. Bob Taft raised taxes to the tune of $2.9 billion over two years. Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn pushed through an $836 million tax increase. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue also raised taxes. In fact, more than half of the nation's 28 Republican governors have raised taxes. These governors say that fiscal responsibility and a commitmennt to maintain adequate spending on essential programs such as education and health care made their decisions to increase taxes necessary.

"What did they want me to do -- not put teachers in our new schools?" Mr. Guinn said of critics who wanted him to cut spending. Kathleen Wynne should ask the same question to her critics who are clamouring for spending cuts at the expense of essential public services.

To: mcfaul@stanford.edu
CC: inytletters@nytimes.com; joe.hueglin@bellnet.ca
Subject: To the Editor
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 23:40:55 -0400

The Editor
International New York Times
Copy to: Prof. Michael McFaul, professor of political Science, Stanford University: Russian President Vladimir Putin must be incredibly short-sighted to stir up new conflicts with Ukraine with which shares so many things in common while ignoring the long history of conflicts with a rising China. With an impoverished Russia becoming increasingly dependent on a rising China for its economic survival, it will need the European Union to counter China. In fact, Russia needs Europe more than Ukraine.
By annexing Crimea, an impoverished Russia has created a precedent for a rising China
Re "Orchestrated conflict," by Sabrina Tavernise (June 14-15).
Sabrina Tavernise quotes Prof. Michael McFaul, professor of political science at Stanford University and a former U.S. ambassador to Russia saying (correctly) : "As in other places in the world, these 'old' ethnic tensions are in fact very new, generated not by ancient history but by current political elites." But by fabricating a new conflict with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin may be ignoring the potential of real conflict with a rising China which has historical grievance against Russia.
In 2011, I spent a month visiting Shaghai, Beijing and other cities of China. It was a rewarding experience to see the world's most populous country on the march. With its Maglev (magnetically-levitated) trains running at a breakneck speed of 430 kilometers per hour, Shanghai looks like a city of the future.
By 2010, China achieved many important milestones: It overtook Japan as the world's second largest economy; it overtook the United States as Japan's biggest trading partner; it overtook Japan as South Koea's biggest trading partner and it overtook the United States as the world's bggest market for cars. In fact, China is now bankrolling America's trillion-dollar budget deficit.
I had the opportunity to have an interesting discussion with a fluently English-speaking student in Shanghai. We talked about China's meteoric rise as an economic superpower. He was very upbeat and told me China's rise has been peaceful. When I asked him what did he think about China's relations with Russia which was a communist country before, he told me they are very good and getting better. China is already Russia's biggest trading partner. Then he told me that despite its one-child policy, China is an overpopulated country and needs land for expansion and Russia should sell its underpopulated vast lands in the Far East to China in the same way it sold Alaska to the United States in the 19th century. I told him it seems to be a good idea provided Russia agrees to it. He told me this is inevitable, as with only 140 million people, Russia doesn't have the manpower to develop the region larger in size than China.
At the time, thought this is a wishful thinking on the part of a young graduate student, but after Putin's annexation of Crimea, I am having a second thought. In this context, it may be pointed out that in the 19th century, a weak China was forced by Russia to cede vast areas in the Eastern Siberia. By annexing Crimea on historical and ethnic grounds, Putin might have created a precedent for China to reclaim these territories. An impoverished Russia, totally dependent on China for its economic survival, might find it difficult to resist China. Moreover, the demographic composition of the Far Eastern Russia is changing through osmosis as ethnic Chinese are moving to the region to fill the void. By alienating Europe and creating a lasting conflict with Ukraine, an economically, politically and militarily impoverished Russia may find itself at the mercy of a powerful China with a historical score to settle.
Putin may come to regert his actions in Ukraine as he might need Europe to balance its dependence on a powerful and dominant China.  Instead of threatening the West, Putin might be seeking Europe's support when a mighty China demands the return of the lands taken from it. The graduate student may be right, Russia lacks manpower and increasingly, financial resources needed to develop these vast empty lands. Russia is likely to be the victim of its own folly. US Presdent Barack Obama has acted wisely by not entering into any military conflict with Russia over Crimea. As Napoleon once remarked: "Don't interrupt the enemy when he is making a false move."

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Ontario should reduce its deficit: Oliver,  Julian Beltrame, Jun 16 2014

Re:  Ontario should reduce its deficit: Oliver, Julian Beltrame, Jun 16 2014

Advising a constant driving speed of 50 km/h is bad advice. While that velocity may at times be correct, it is not appropriate under all weather conditions, nor for highway driving, nor at stop signs.

Similarly, Finance Minister Joe Oliver gives bad advice when he says that Canada and Ontario should balance their budgets. A balanced budget may be right occasionally when the economy is operating at full capacity, but since Canada currently has 1.3 million looking for work, a business sector reluctant to invest, tapped-out consumers, and a large trade deficit; government austerity today would be pro-cyclical, and counter-productive, as proven by European countries experiencing stagnant economies and double-digit unemployment as a consequence of expenditure cutbacks.

In 1944, massive deficit financing drove the Canadian unemployment rate down to 1% and one out of three adult males was directly employed by the government in military service. Far from destroying the economy, these economic policies not only led to military victory, but set the stage for a golden era of post-war prosperity, when roads, hospitals, universities, and social services were funded.  

If Joe Oliver really wanted to help the provinces, he would expand his own budget and thereby support a national economy currently hobbled by shortage of demand. 


1. 1939--1945: World War II Transformed the Canadian Economy

The government budget deficit also increased rapidly: in 1939, the budget deficit was less than 12% of GNP; in 1945, that rate rose above 42%. Nevertheless, by 1944, the Great Depression had faded into memory, and the unemployment rate was less than 1%.
By the end of the war, the economy had a more highly skilled labour force, as well as institutions that were more conducive to sustained economic growth.

2. Chill out time: better get used to budget deficits | Bill Mitchell

So when all these political leaders have been falling into the deficit hysteria mantra and assuring us that they would be invoking fiscal austerity strategies in the coming year – all that was telling private investors (that is, the real investors who build productive capacity) was that demand would probably deteriorate even further and so why create new productive capacity. It becomes a vicious circle – private spending declines – the automatic stabilisers drive up the public deficit – the deficit terrorists go crazy and because they have control of the media create political pressures for the government – the government runs scared and announces austerity – private spending declines further on the news – the automatic stabilisers drive up the public deficit and so on.

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: interesting the name ISIS used for the 'terrorists' in Iraq???
Masonic jews plot to contrtol the world
Isis goddess of magic and healing