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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Liberals win 4th mandate; perhaps majority
         Last ditch talks before B.C. teachers strike
Raitt vows NDP will repay for mailings
         Police used BlackBerry messages in sweep
Don't tweet photo of ballot: Elections Ontario
         A noteworthy exchange from question period
Teen arrested with weapon at school: police
         Franking: free mail privileges explained
Gas leak forces evacuation in Kapuskasing
         Explosives found in Colborne home: OPP

Metro mayors approve $7.5B transportation plan
         Inquest into man's death in ER concludes
Fighter replacement homework done: panel
         York cop charged in Toronto woman's death
Russian envoy retires from Canada posting
         Housing market a key risk to Canada: BoC
Toronto Zoo looks for signs of panda pregnancy
         Toronto raids linked to armoured truck heist
One in five youths overweight or obese: survey
         Canadians lax in protecting themselves online: poll

Atlas shows traditional Inuit trail network
         More sex assault charges against Stirling man
Today on the Hill: MPs watch the clock
         Baloney Meter: Does austerity mean prosperity?
Today on the Hill: Summer recess beckons as MPs run out the parliamentary clock
         Bronze statue of Farley Mowat unveiled

Liberals re-elected with majority
         Full Ontario election results from the CBC
Motion ordering Mulcair to committee went too far: Speaker
         Toronto jail video police swore 'did not exist' released in brutality complaint
Immigration Minister Chris Alexander hangs up on As It Happens
         NDP bid to open up all-party internal economy board nixed by House

Live map: Ontario election results
         Police in Quebec used BlackBerry messages to take down alleged crime groups
Coyne: Let's take the 'temporary' out of temporary foreign workers
         Maher: Voter turns up at wrong polling station thanks to odd letter

Justin Trudeau ticked off Canadians with abortion ruling, but they're still supporting him
         B.C. teachers' strike: Why teaching will never be declared an essential service
Rogers to spend $450 million over 3 years to upgrade its B.C. wireless network
         'Little Sweatshop' fitness group not a business, woman says
Quebec aims to reform pension plans of municipal workers
         David Dodge says low rates should encourage infrastructure spending
Quebec jail escapees were not required to wear handcuffs during hearings
         Grade 2 class seeks to save brown bats from white-nose syndrome

Franked mail intended to ensure communication between governed and government
         A noteworthy exchange from question period Thursday in the House of Commons
NASA's 'flying saucer' mission hopes to launch by late June

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Lodge Owner Sums Up Ferry Cancellation as Regionally Unfair
         Port Hardy-Bella Coola route bore comparable traffic to Gulf Islands line. By Andrew MacLeod
Aquarium Makes Good on Free Passes for Low-income Visitors
         Offer extended yearly to 26,000 Vancouverites who can't pay top dollar to see the dolphins. By David P. Ball
Jack White's 'Lazaretto' Is a Diverse Winner
         But you might want to skip track one. By Alex Hudson
Alexandra Morton Challenges Federal Fish Farm Licences in Court
         Biologist takes issue with transfer of virus-infected fish into wild salmon waters. By Pauline Holdsworth
Teachers Vote Overwhelmingly to Walk out on Classes
         'Historic' turnout gives union power to pull out of talks, but both sides remain hopeful for a deal. By Katie Hyslop
VIEW: All eyes on Christy Clark as Northern Gateway decision imminent

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
School year may be over on Monday
         The B.C. Teachers Federation said a full-scale teacher strike could begin Monday if bargaining between now and this weekend with the province fails to produce a deal. At risk, is the rest of the...
Government may delay decision on Enbridge Northern Gateway: Rickford
         The 209 conditions take a long time to consider, says Rickford.
Five You Can Drive: Whitewater rafting and hot-spring soaking within three hours of Vancouver
         Tar Sands Messiah" satirizes Hollywood critics of Alberta's energy boomtown

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ottawa vows oil-sands export route through B.C.

Tories fight back against critics of citizenship bill
         What Ontario's election campaign wasn't about
Last gasp for Ontario's Common Sense Revolution?
         Canada should make voting mandatory

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Submarine repairs to cost $18 million
         Justin Trudeau faces scrutiny on abortion, prostitution, physician-assisted death
Senate goes to court to prevent human rights hearing
         Government's refusal to release 'public' report on F-35 to overshadow independent panel's stamp of approval
What's a middle-of-the-road Ontarian to do?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mulroney-headlined Dean Del Mastro fundraiser numbers raise questions

         Liberals find posting MP expenses an onerous task
Don't tweet photo of ballot: Elections Ontario
         The craziest thing in Hudak's platform? It's not the math.
Tim Hudak has used a logical approach to win over voters. Too bad voters aren't logical
         Justin Trudeau does MPs a disservice by suggesting their intellectual capacity is limited by their gender
PC leadership front runner Jim Prentice battles back against latest accusations in the air

Income splitting can make our tax system fair for taxpayers with young children
         Vastly different campaigns for McIver and Prentice
No reason House spending board can't meet in public, says former law clerk
         Harper hints at approval of Northern Gateway pipeline
Quebec police raids target alleged Mafia members
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Despite Crisis, Europe Continues to Protect Its Banksters
         Asian Nations Bare Teeth Over South China Sea
Peru Needs to Know More About its Water in Order to Supply More People With the Valuable Resource
         Shona, Zimbabwe's Local Language, Takes on Urban Grooves and Gets Street Cred
Mauritian Sugar Farmers Squeezed by Low Prices as Bagasse and Ethanol Become Popular By-products
         Mothers Light Up Homes in Rural Tanzania
Cameroon, Where Poor Infrastructure Doesn't Dim Love for Football

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How We Broke the Bank of England - Robert Johnson on Reality Asserts Itself (4/8)
         Does Eric Cantor's Historic Defeat Signal The Ending of The Republican Party?
Tenants and Workers Speak Out Against Plans To Sell Off Baltimore's Public Housing
         Will Potter: The shocking move to criminalize nonviolent protest
Ontario Votes: Will the Conservative Pro-Austerity Party Win?
         Eric Cantor Suffers Historic GOP Primary Loss in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Corporate Backlash
The Truth About Climate Change and Sea Levels Rising

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Louisiana bans suing of oil and gas companies Source
         Australia $15 billion plan for US F-35 purchases criticized Source
How the French resilience can reshape Europe Source
         Boko Haram militants abduct 20 more women in Nigeria Source
Obama administration arms local cops to the teeth Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Monsanto Teaching a Health Class In a School Near You?
         Meet the Artificial Intelligence Program That's Learning Everything
Australian Security Agencies Target "SyrianGirl" Mimi Al-Laham
         Is this why no one found WMDs in Iraq?
12 Shocking Numbers About The Global Financial Ponzi Scheme
         SPLC Calls Shots in Post-Vegas Propaganda War
6 Reasons to Oppose Common Core
         Sheriff Says Cops Need MRAP War Vehicles Because America Is A "War Zone"
Georgia To Seize Dormant Bank Accounts: "Government is Going to Grab it"

Meet the Artificial Intelligence Program That's Learning Everything
         NY Bill to Legalize Hemp Goes to Gov. Cuomo Desk
Budweiser lists ingredients for first time
         US pushing local cops to keep quiet on surveillance
Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown
         Tesla releases patents to the public to boost open source innovation
Lava Breaks Through The Earths Crust In An Area With NO Known Volcanoes
         Obama: Iraq will need additional US assistance
Facebook Is Now Sharing Your Browsing History With Advertisers
         Warrantless cell phone tracking ruled unconstitutional in federal court

American scientists controversially recreate deadly Spanish Flu virus
         Solar Flares Disrupt Communications on Earth, Could Send Shockwave on Friday the 13th
Protein-Rich Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Stroke
         The Art of Propaganda: Guardian's Pro-Slavery Hit Piece

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Obama Weighs 'All Options' for Iraq as Hawks Revive War Drums
CIA Drone Strikes Resume in Pakistan After Five-Month Pause
First Nations Vow: There Will Be No Tar Sands Pipeline
15 Years in Prison for Egyptian Revolutionary as 'War on a Generation' Continues
'A Good Day for Billionaires,' a Bad Day for Student Loan Borrowers

On Warming Planet, US Corn Industry 'Unsustainable'
Sunni Militants Vow to March on Baghdad
Torture in American Prisons: Class Action Law Suit Approved
Amy Goodman: Children on the Run: The Deepening Immigration Crisis
Robert Parry: Blaming Obama for Iraq's Chaos

William Astore: Uncle Sam Doesn't Want You ­ He Already Has You
Robert C. Koehler: Soul Murder and the Profound Brokenness of Human Culture
Peter Hart: Iraq Is a Place Where Americans Suffered
Rory Fanning: Friendly? All Deaths Are Shameful in a War That Shouldn't Be
Defense for Children International Palestine: Use of Live Ammunition Confirmed in Nawarah Shooting

The Detention Watch Network: Detainees at Pinal County Jail Demand ICE End Detention Contract
Reprieve: Government 'Needs More Time' to Explain Kenya Torture Role

Les libéraux continueront de gouverner l'OntarioPlus
         BPR aurait amené des élus du PQ et du PLQ à la pêchePlus
Justin Bourque «était devenu paranoïaque» Plus
         Toujours pas de remplaçant pour les CF-18Plus
Manon Massé se dit victime d'intimidationPlus
         Ville de Québec: entente signée avec les cols bleusPlus
Orsainville: ordonnance de non-publication levéePlus
         Le culte du spaghetti: pas une religionPlus
La CPI jugera Gbagbo pour crimes contre l'humanitéPlus
         Mondial 2014: ouverture de ferveur, d'erreur et de heurtsPlus

Alcool jusqu'à 6h: Coderre veut revenir à la chargePlus
         Régimes de retraite: «Une déclaration de guerre», selon les syndicatsPlus
Évadés d'Orsainville: dehors sur ordre d'un jugePlus
         Routhierville: «Ça aurait été moi la prochaine»Plus
Procès de Lise Thibault: l'immunité royale à l'agendaPlus
         Prostitution: opération charme des conservateursPlus
Tués à cause de canards: un crime et non un accidentPlus
         31 arrestations contre le crime organisé italienPlus
Évasion: la ministre Thériault affirme qu'on lui a mentiPlus
         Jambes sectionnées: une poursuite de 500 000 $Plus

Irak: les jihadistes avancent vers BagdadPlus
         Réseau de trafic de stupéfiants démanteléPlus
Routhierville: «Quand j'ai su, j'ai perdu la tête, j'ai hurlé»Plus
         Vol MH370: premières indemnisations de 50 000 $Plus
Montréal: les bars ne seront pas ouverts jusqu'à 6 h


An  Ontario P.C Party Leader with these beliefs:

"On the first day of this series, we said that, in a perfect world, we'd be urging Ontarians to vote for the non-existent Liberal Progressive Conservative Party: a party that believes in fiscal responsibility as the foundation of government, but not its point; a party that understands the necessity of government to build a better society, but also government's limitations; a party that puts the free market at the centre of its thinking, while acknowledging its imperfections; a party that chooses policies based on evidence, not dogma; a party powered by ideas, but still able to feel the pain of real people; a party that favours amelioration over revolution; a party that if entrusted with the stewardship of the once healthy but now mildly ill patient known as Ontario, could credibly promise to leave her in better shape." The Globe and Mail

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