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Fw: Obama Backs Away From Net Neutrality Campaign Promises After FCC Vote

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16 May 2014
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CLG Founder quoted in story! Why NYU gave a Harvard professor a cheap apartment 15 May 2014 You don't have to be a Harvard professor to know this is one sweet apartment deal. For years, New York University has leased a luxury flat in Chelsea to famous academic Henry Louis Gates Jr. at a deeply discounted rate despite the fact that Gates teaches at Harvard - not NYU. The steep markdown on the posh faculty pad, likely worth thousands of dollars a month, was arranged by NYU President John Sexton, who has come under fire for [such arrangements]. "It's a very interesting use of NYU property as a recruiting tool," said Michael Rectenwald, a professor of liberal studies at the school. "It's not even dangled. It's given in advance." [This is while people like me can't get an NYU apartment, even though I *do* teach at NYU -- full time for 6 years! --Dr. Michael Rectenwald]
Obama Backs Away From Net Neutrality Campaign Promises After FCC Vote 15 May 2014 ...Barack Obama was crystal clear during the 2008 campaign about his commitment to ensuring equal treatment of all online content over American broadband lines. "I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to network neutrality," Obama told a crowd at Google in 2008. "Because once providers start to privilege some applications or websites over others then the smaller voices get squeezed out and we all lose." At a 2007 campaign forum, he went so far as to specifically promise that his Federal Communications Commission appointments would defend the principle of a "level playing field for whoever has the best idea." But on Thursday, the President made no public statement when three DemocRATs he appointed to the FCC voted to move forward with a plan to allow broadband carriers to provide an exclusive "fast lane" to certain corporations to get their content transmitted online.
FCC vote threatens net neutrality 15 May 2014 US telecommunications regulators [sic] on Thursday formally proposed new "net neutrality" rules that may let Internet service providers charge content companies for faster and more reliable delivery of their traffic to users. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has come under fire from consumer advocates and technology companies for proposing to allow some "commercially reasonable" deals in which content companies could pay broadband providers to prioritize traffic on their networks. Wheeler's two fellow DemocRATs at the FCC concurred with him for a 3-2 vote to advance the proposal and begin formally collecting public comment, though they expressed misgivings about the plan.
VA-based DynCorp contractors hired underage Afghan boy to entertain them, still got billions from U.S. State Dept. 28 Apr 2014 The Department of State has spent billions on Afghan reconstruction since America's longest-running war began there over a decade ago, but a new report reveals that the majority of that money went to a single contractor with a sordid past. According to that recently released write-up, the United States gave $2.7 billion to Virginia-based military contractor DynCorp between 2002 and March 2013, even as the embattled firm was being berated by bad publicity brought on by a handful of scandals and mishaps. In 2007, for example, a Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR) report determined that "DynCorp seemed to act almost independently of its reporting officers at the Department of State," and had billed the US government for millions of dollars for unauthorized work. In 2011, the company agreed to settle the dispute by signing a check to the State Dept. for $7.7 million, but that same year the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks published a diplomatic cable that further attracted negative attention to DynCorp by revealing that contractors hired an underage Afghan boy to entertain them. Nevertheless, DynCorp continued to take in billions from the State Dept. for contract work in both Afghanistan and Iraq. [See: DynCorp Disgrace By Kelly Patricia O'Meara 14 Jan 2002 Middle-aged men having sex with 12- to 15-year-olds was too much for Ben Johnston, a hulking 6-foot-5-inch Texan, and more than a year ago he blew the whistle on his employer, DynCorp, a U.S. contracting company doing business in Bosnia. Wow. Child rape *still not a disqualifier* for DynCorp to continue to steal billions for so-called Iraq-Afghanistan 'reconstruction.' And yet, we can't get a pothole fixed on an Interstate because GOPredators, complicit with their DemocRATic sellouts, will block any bill that doesn't help the Koch suckers. --LRP]
Coup-installed far-right Ukraine government borrows $1 billion under U.S. guarantees [Too bad U.S. students can't get loans like this!] 15 May 2014 Ukraine starts offering $1 billion in eurobonds on the external market with a record-low interest rate of 2.9 percent since the 5-year debt securities are guaranteed by the U.S. government taxpayers, a first for the country. On May 8 the Cabinet of Ministers passed a decree regulating the eurobond issue. It is virtually risk-free because no one expects the U.S. will not be able to cover principal and interest payments.
Ah, then came the dawn. Biden's son joins board of Ukraine gas company 13 May 2014 Vice President Biden's son Hunter is joining the board of a gas company that operates in Ukraine. Burisma Holdings, Ukraine's largest private gas producer, said Hunter Biden -- an attorney -- will be in charge of its legal unit and help the company with other international organizations.
Ukrainian APCs open fire at RT's video agency crew near Kramatorsk 14 May 2014 RT's Ruptly video journalists came under fire as their car was targeted near the city of Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine. The shooting came from two APCs, the crew said. According to Ruptly's producer, the journalists were en route to the town of Dmitrovka, some 30 kilometers from Slavyansk. A crew of another Russian TV network, Channel 5, was also in the same car.
UN-marked strike helicopter 'used by Kiev against militia' sparks scandal 14 May 2014 The UN has voiced concerns over the apparent use of UN-marked helicopters by Kiev troops in their military operation against Donetsk regional militia. A video of a white-painted Mil Mi-24 strike helicopter with UN logo has emerged. When inquired about the United Nations' stance on the use of peacekeeper-marked military hardware in non-peacekeeper operations, the office for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's spokesperson said such use would violate UN rules.
Moscow to suspend American GPS sites on Russian territory starting June 1 13 May 2014 Russia is going to suspend the operation of all American GPS sites on its territory, starting from June 1, said Russia's deputy PM, Dmitry Rogozin, who is in charge of space and defense industries. "Starting June 1, we will halt the work of those stations on Russian territory," Rogozin said. Rogozin pointed out that American GPS ground stations are located in Russia under an agreement that dates back to 1993 and 2001.
Pentagon approves moving Manning to civilian prison to obtain gender treatment 14 May 2014 In an unprecedented move, the Pentagon is trying to transfer convicted national security leaker Pvt. Chelsea Manning to a civilian prison so she can get treatment for her gender disorder, defense officials said. Manning was convicted of sending classified documents to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. The soldier has asked for hormone therapy and to be able to live as a woman. [The better move would have been to free Chelsea Manning...]
New York Police Recruit Muslims to Be Informers 10 May 2014 ...The men, all Muslim immigrants, went through similar ordeals: Waiting in a New York station house cell or a lockup facility, expecting to be arraigned, only to be pulled aside and questioned by detectives. The queries were not about the charges against them, but about where they went to mosque and what their prayer habits were. Eventually, the detectives got to the point: Would they work for the police, eavesdropping in Muslim cafes and restaurants, or in mosques? Beginning a few years after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, a squad of detectives, known as the Citywide Debriefing Team, has combed the city's jails for immigrants - predominantly Muslims - who might be persuaded to become police informants, according to documents obtained by The New York Times, along with interviews with former members of the unit and senior police officials.
Boston FBI agent who fatally shot Ibragim Todashev was target of brutality suits with Oakland police 14 May 2014 The Boston FBI agent who fatally shot a Chechen friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in Florida last year had a brief and troubled past at the Oakland Police Department in California. In four years, Officer #8313 took the Fifth at a police corruption trial and was the subject of two police brutality lawsuits and four internal affairs investigations... Over the past year, FBI and Massachusetts officials have refused to identify the two state troopers and the agent involved in the May 22, 2013, shooting of Ibragim Todashev, 27, in his Orlando apartment, where he agreed to be interviewed.
FBI aimed snipers' rifles at accused Boston bomber's friends 14 May 2014 FBI agents searching for the accused Boston Marathon bomber surrounded an apartment where two of the suspect's friends were living and trained the laser scopes of sniper rifles on them, a federal agent testified on Wednesday. Four days after the bombing, heavily armed law enforcement agents surrounded the building where two college friends of accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev lived, acting on information, later proven inaccurate, that the suspect was hiding in there. "They focused their laser-scoped rifles, their long weapons, on the occupants inside," after the pair, both Kazakh nationals, peered out the window at the police who surrounded them, FBI special agent John Walker testified at a pre-trial hearing.
EU to bug every car in UK with tracker chips --Ministers admit they are powerless to stop Big Brother technology 12 May 2014 Every new car sold in Britain will have to have a 'black box' device fitted to track drivers' movements from next year, under plans being imposed by the European Union. Despite serious concerns about privacy and cost, UK ministers admit they are powerless to stop the Big Brother technology being forced on motorists and car makers. Officials also fear the scheme, known as eCall, could be used by police or insurance companies to monitor motorists' every move.
Charges filed against ex-City Hall manager of Chicago's red-light camera program 14 May 2014 The former City Hall manager who ran Chicago's red-light camera program was arrested today on federal charges related to the investigation of an alleged $2 million bribery scheme involving the city's longtime vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems. A federal complaint filed in U.S. District Court today accused John Bills of taking money and other benefits related to the contract with Redlfex. Federal prosecutors alleged that Phoenix-based Redflex funneled cash and other benefits, including an Arizona condominium, to Bills since before the contract was signed in 2003.
TSA to post advisories about MERS in airports --2 health care workers exposed to MERS patient had flu-like symptoms 13 May 2014 Two health care workers went to the emergency room with flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with a patient confirmed to have Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, officials said Tuesday. The Florida patient represents the second confirmed case of MERS brought into the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will post CDC advisories at more than 20 U.S. airports to alert travelers about the virus.
Two Florida hospital employees have flu-like symptoms after contact with MERS case --Employees are among 20 hospital personnel, family members and dozens of others being monitored for potential exposure 13 May 2014 Two Florida hospital employees who came into contact with the second confirmed case of the deadly respiratory virus known as MERS in the United States have developed flu-like symptoms and are being tested for the viral infection, hospital and state health department officials said Tuesday. One employee of Dr. P. Phillips Hospital in Orlando was admitted Monday. The other employee is home.
Southern California wildfires force 125,000 to flee, one dead 15 May 2014 A towering wall of flames charged a hillside California community on Thursday as firefighters battled fierce wildfires that have forced 125,000 people to flee homes in the San Diego area and may have killed at least one person. Of nine major wildland blazes burning across Southern California, the so-called Cocos Fire posed the most immediate threat as it marched toward the communities of San Marcos and Escondido in northern San Diego County.
Fire at Camp Pendleton forces evacuations 14 May 2014 Two fires erupted on Camp Pendleton amid dry, blisteringly hot conditions Wednesday -- one blackening scores of acres on the eastern side of the base and another charring brush along Interstate 5 and forcing a full closure of the freeway. The first of the two blazes began spreading about 9:45 a.m. at Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook, according to Camp Pendleton public affairs. The second fire broke out about 10 a.m. on the eastern side of the I-5, near Las Pulgas Road, possibly due to a fire that engulfed and gutted a box truck, according to the California Highway Patrol.
Cal State San Marcos evacuated; 30 homes burn in Carlsbad 14 May 2014 A new wildfire in San Diego County forced the evacuation of Cal State San Marcos on Wednesday as crews battled a series of other blazes that had taxed firefighting resources to the point that officials declared a local emergency. The university, which has an enrollment of more than 10,000 students, was in the middle of administering spring finals when the fire in the hills south of the campus advanced closer and the evacuation order was issued.
Layoff notice preceded fatal W.Va. mine accident 14 May 2014 Weeks before an underground accident killed two workers, employees at a problem-plagued West Virginia mine were notified that they may lose their jobs because the coal was selling for less than the cost of digging it out. Saint Louis-based Patriot Coal told all 450 workers at its Wells mining complex on April 23 that a large-scale layoff or closure of the mine was possible. Mine operators are required to give 60 days' notice before such actions under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, also known as WARN.
Turkish protesters target Erdogan as coal-mine death toll climbs to 274 14 May 2014 In a relentless procession that ignited wails of grief, rescue workers coated in grime lumbered out of a mine in western Turkey again and again Wednesday, struggling to carry stretchers laden with bodies covered in blankets. The corpses' faces were as black as the coal they worked on daily. There were 274 of them - and the fate of up to 150 other miners remained unclear in Turkey's deadliest-ever mining disaster.
U.S. fast-food workers go on strike to protest low pay 15 May 2014 U.S. fast-food workers went on strike on Thursday, aiming to convince thousands of restaurants they make huge profits from paying them a pittance and that they deserve a raise. The one-day strike is the latest in a series of U.S. protests over the past 18 months that have targeted fast-food restaurant operators, including [corpora-terrorists] McDonald's Corp and Burger King Worldwide Inc. They come at a time when U.S. Democrats have been pushing to raise the federal minimum wage ahead of this year's mid-term congressional elections, seeing income inequality as a powerful campaign issue.
Pro-choice activists stage protest as Missouri passes bill requiring women to wait 72 hours before having an abortion --The measure would triple Missouri's current 24-hour waiting period 15 May 2014 Women in Missouri will have to wait three days after first seeing a doctor before having an abortion under a new bill passed by the state's Republican-controlled Legislature. Democratic Governor Jay Nixon has not said whether he will sign into law or veto it. The measure would triple Missouri's current 24-hour waiting period and put the state in line with Utah and South Dakota as the only states to mandate a 72-hour time frame.
Judge Strikes Down Idaho's Same-Sex Marriage Ban 13 May 2014 A federal magistrate judge has ruled that Idaho's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. U.S. District Magistrate Judge Candy Dale wrote in the ruling Tuesday evening that Idaho's laws banning same-sex marriage unconstitutionally deny gay and lesbian citizens of their fundamental right to marry. Dale says marriage works a fundamental change on the lives of all who experience it, and holds immense personal and spiritual significance.
Heartbroken baby elephant refuses to leave dead mother's side 14 May 2014 Oblivious to the cold - and predators - as night falls, an orphaned elephant calf holds a vigil by the body of his dead mother. The five-month-old lovingly laid his trunk on her as the emotional drama was played out in Samburu, northern Kenya. Worried for his safety, keepers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), Kenya Wildlife Service and Save the Elephants worked through the night to capture the bull - who stubbornly refused to leave his mother's side.
Baby Elephant Stays by Dead Mother's Side 14 May 2014 When an elephant mother lay on the ground in what would become her final resting place, her calf had nowhere else to go. So the baby elephant stayed by his dead mother, resting on her remains and refusing to leave her side.
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