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Fw: Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev 'assisting Ukraine security'

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05 May 2014
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Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev 'assisting Ukraine security' 04 May 2014 Numerous US agents are helping the coup-appointed government in Ukraine to "fight organized crime" in the south east of the country, the German newspaper Bild revealed. According to the daily, the CIA and FBI are advising the government in Kiev on how to deal with the 'fight against organized crime' and stop foment the violence in the country's restive eastern regions.
Moscow: Kiev and western sponsors directly responsible for bloodshed in E.Ukraine 03 May 2014 Kiev's government and its western allies bear full responsibility for the recent bloodshed in Ukraine, Russia's presidential spokesman has said, adding it is now impossible to convince people in the region to disarm because their lives are under threat. Spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, released an official statement following the tragic events in Odessa. 39 anti-government activists have died in a fire at the Trade Unions House there, after the building was set ablaze by pro-Kiev radicals. Some anti-Kiev protesters burned to death, while others suffocated or jumped out of windows, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said.
Russians storm Odesa police station, free 67 activists 04 May 2014 Pro-Russian militants stormed a Ukrainian police station in Odesa on Sunday and freed nearly 70 fellow activists as the prime minister blamed police corruption there for dozens of deaths in rioting on Friday. "Russians won't abandon their own!" militants chanted as they smashed windows and broke down the gate at the compound, where comrades had been held since Friday's mayhem. Others shouted "Russia! Russia!" and "we will not forgive!" Odesa police said 67 activists were allowed to walk free. Some officers were offered the black and orange St. George's ribbon, a Russian military insignia that has become a symbol of the revolt, and were cheered by the crowd of several hundred.
Everyone is under surveillance now, says whistleblower Edward Snowden 03 May 2014 The US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden has warned that entire populations, rather than just individuals, now live under constant surveillance. "It's no longer based on the traditional practice of targeted taps based on some individual suspicion of wrongdoing," he said. "It covers phone calls, emails, texts, search history, what you buy, who your friends are, where you go, who you love." Snowden made his comments in a short video that was played before a debate on the proposition that surveillance today is a euphemism for mass surveillance, in Toronto, Canada.
Eleven terrorists with links to Al Qaeda have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the disappearance of MH370 --Interrogations came after demands from agencies including FBI and MI6 --Manifest revealed presence of consignment but did not reveal its contents --Airline has admitted 200kg of lithium batteries were among the items 03 May 2014 A group of 11 terrorists with links to Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] were yesterday being interrogated on whether they are behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The interrogations come after international investigators, including the FBI and MI6, asked for the be questioned intensively about Flight MH370. An officer with the Counter Terrorism Division of Malaysian Special Branch said yesterday the arrests had heightened suspicion that the flight's disappearance may have been an act of terrorism.
Mother stopped at Sydney Airport, charged with supporting terrorism 05 May 2014 A mother-of-four has been charged with supporting terrorism after she was arrested at Sydney Airport while trying to board a flight to Syria with her young children, police say. Detectives from the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team arrested the 29-year-old woman, from Brisbane, at Sydney Airport about 8.30pm on Saturday shortly before she was due to board the international flight.Police also executed three search warrants - two in Sydney and one in Brisbane.
2 Fukushima Police Officers Found Dead in Apparent Suicides 04 May 2014 Fukushima prefectural police said Thursday that two senior officers have [allegedly] committed suicide this week. In the first case, which occurred on April 28, Yoshikuni Tasaki, 51, an inspector, hanged himself inside an office at a police building. In the second case, which occurred on Wednesday, Yoshihiro Hikiji, 52, who was Tasaki's superior officer at the Fukushima police department, was found dead in a car in a park in Yamagata Prefecture.
Nuclear expert doubts ice wall will solve Fukushima radiation leaks 02 May 2014 An international nuclear expert expressed skepticism Thursday about Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s plan to set up an experimental ice wall to ultimately stop radioactive water from escaping from the troubled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. "I'm not convinced that the freeze wall is the best option," former U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Dale Klein, who heads a supervisory panel tasked with overseeing the operator's nuclear safety efforts, said in an interview with Kyodo News. "What I'm concerned about is unintended consequences," Klein said.
Japan effort to restart nuclear plants delayed until after summer 02 May 2014 Moves by Japan's government and electric utilities to restart nuclear power plants idled after the 2011 Fukushima accident are facing further delays and appear unlikely to succeed before the summer peak...In the latest development, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the government agency conducting the reviews, told Kyushu Electric Power on Friday that a list of planned and completed safety upgrades for a pair of reactors, contained in a 7,200 page application that it submitted this week, was insufficient. Kyushu Electric had not adequately outlined measures to deal with some types of fires, including a theoretical [false flag] blaze caused by an airliner crashing into a reactor, the agency said.
M6.2 earthquake jolts Tokyo vicinity 05 May 2014 A strong earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 6.2 jolted Tokyo on Monday morning. The quake, which struck 5:18 a.m., measured lower 5 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7 in Chiyoda Ward in central Tokyo, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. The agency traced the focus of the quake to a point some 160 km below seabed off Izu Oshima island.
Spy Plane Fries Air Traffic Control Computers, Shuts Down LAX 03 May 2014 A relic from the Cold War appears to have triggered a software glitch at a major air traffic control center in California Wednesday that led to delays and cancellations of hundreds of flights across the country, sources familiar with the incident told NBC News. On Wednesday at about 2 p.m., according to sources, a U-2 spy plane, the same type of aircraft that flew high-altitude spy missions over Russia 50 years ago, passed through the airspace monitored by the L.A. Air Route Traffic Control Center in Palmdale, Calif. The L.A. Center handles landings and departures at the region's major airports, including Los Angeles International (LAX), San Diego and Las Vegas...
Terrorism Case Defense Wants Surveillance Records --Prosecutors say he took a phony car bomb from an undercover FBI agent in 2012 04 May 2014 Attorneys for a Chicago terrorism suspect are urging a federal appeals court to uphold a trial judge's decision to grant defense lawyers unprecedented access to secret intelligence-court records. In their March appeal to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, prosecutors said letting the defense see the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court documentation would be a "sea change" in how such sensitive documents are handled and could end up jeopardizing national security. But attorneys for 20-year-old Adel Daoud argued in a Friday filing that the trial judge acted appropriately and didn't abuse discretion when ordering that the defense could see the documents. Daoud is a U.S. citizen from a Chicago-area suburb. [Seems to me, the FBI agent/false flag architect who provided the 'phony car bomb' should be the on trial here--not Daoud.]
Police activity closes all eastbound I-580 lanes in Richmond 03 May 2014 (CA) The CHP was notified of a crash involving a blue Ford SUV on eastbound I-580 near Regatta Boulevard around 12:40 today. Witnesses said that another vehicle had been shooting at the SUV prior to the crash. Upon arrival, the CHP located a man in the Ford who had died and had been shot at least once. All lanes of I-580 EB are closed at this time in order to collect evidence.
U.S. president pokes fun at CNN over extensive missing jet coverage 04 May 2014 U.S. President Barack Obama joked about Russian President Vladimir Putin and issues much closer to home as he headlined the White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday night. The president poked fun at CNN's extensive coverage of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. He said he was still jet-lagged from his visit in recent days to Malaysia and added, "The lengths we have to go to get CNN coverage these days!"
President Obama speaks at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner 04 May 2014 In addition to joking about Fox News and Hillary Clinton, President Obama spoke about the value of press freedom at the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday. (Transcript)
White House reporters honor black journalist 03 May 2014 Harry McAlpin was standing outside the Oval Office, moments away from becoming the first black reporter to attend a presidential news conference, when one of his contemporaries approached with a deal. Stay out here, the reporter told McAlpin...He marched into the Oval Office anyway. McAlpin, who became a fixture at the White House during the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, never got a White House Correspondents' Association membership while he was alive. The rules were rigged to keep him out. But now, in its centennial year, the WHCA is honoring McAlpin with a posthumous membership and a scholarship bearing his name. 
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