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Russia invading Ukraine in 'slow motion': PM
         Time for national chat on CBC's future: Lacroix
Feds won't back down on spat with top court
         NDP calls on PM to testify on robocalls
Oliver says he didn't intrude on Ontario campaign by criticizing pension plan
         Former Alberta premier Redford back in legislature
NDP calls on PM to testify on robocalls
         Campaign buses roll to vote-rich 905 suburbs
Chiefs meet to determine Atleo's successor
         NDP to roll out platform over next few weeks

Criminal case against man implicated in sponsorship scandal postponed to June
         Court rejects B.C.'s claim against CN Rail
Canada Post reports loss of $29M for 2013
         Today on the Hill: TFW debate continues
Wynne's first election campaign an uphill battle
         Members of Parliament asked to facilitate national debate on suicide prevention
Today on the Hill: TFW debate continues
         Liberal, PC campaign buses roll Monday
Long-term expat Canadians win voting rights
         Lawyer who challenged Nadon appointment calls Harper comments 'inappropriate'

DND breaks promise, dismisses PTSD soldier
         Wynne doesn't want election campaign pension pitch sidetracked by Harper spat
Ontario party leaders roll out campaigns
         Canada imposes more sanctions against Russia
Ontario's party leaders start campaigning for June 12 election
         Bar association deeply concerned about spat between Harper and SCOC justice
TransCanada: No NAFTA challenge on Keystone
         Online ads pair up firms, foreign workers

Wynne takes aim at Ottawa, a classic move in Ontario politics
         Library changes seen as risk to Health Canada's credibility
Foreign worker reports death threats, coercion

         Live blog: Ukraine crisis
What to expect (and not to expect) in Ontario election video
         Most people think it's fine for woman to propose marriage, in theory video
Ontario NDP leader hammers rivals Wynne, Hudak on records read 360 commentsvideo
         From police work to inspecting farms, drones are big business in Canada
Ukraine crisis: 10 reportedly killed in eastern city of Kramatorsk
         Ukraine crisis: at least 42 killed in Odesa violence
Willingness to meet federal government part way didn't play well with more activist rivals
         Kathleen Wynne: Harper 'taking over the voice' of Tories in Ontariovideo
PC Leader Tim Hudak touts party's economic plan after election callvideo

Bernard Valcourt puts aboriginal education bill on shelf until chiefs 'clarify' stand
         Records shed light on why National Household Survey release was postponed
Stephen Harper's reckless smear of Canada's top judge
         Health emergency declared over global resurgence of polio
Senator Meredith challenged for using the title 'doctor'
         Canada's mental-health crisis putting an unfair burden on police force

RCMP not denying report of more than 1,000 missing and murdered native women
         Aboriginal students twice as likely to drop out in Alberta
Demands for inquiry follow report of 1,000 murdered, missing aboriginal women
         Pair charged with murder of Loretta Saunders due in Halifax court

Aboriginal liaison worker doubted police would look for missing woman

         Stephen Harper's dispute with chief justice exposes frustration with top court
How the Conservative government has dealt with past critics
         Noelle Paquette murder case: Crown seeks removal of defence lawyer
Plan for Ontario version of CPP looks like overkill
         OSCE observers held in eastern Ukraine freed as Russian separatists seize more government offices
Scientists narrow in on Sea Star Wasting Syndrome devastating the West Coast

         Five Liberal scandals likely to resurface during election campaign

Children's guide to microbes also a useful primer for adults
         Three reasons why Ontario is doomed

Safety and climate concerns as oil-by-rail surges forward in North America
         Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin responds to PMO allegations
Injured worker from Bangladesh Tazreen fire speaks out
         Aboriginal peoples must stay united against the First Nations Education Act
The global reach of temporary foreign worker policies
         Report shows the value of unions
Parliament Hill gets 'fracked'
         Target benefit plans: The latest attack on workers' pensions


What do you think is the biggest issue facing Parliament?

Parliament is back in business this week and there is a lot on the docket. One gets the sense that the Conservatives are going to try to push through a hamper full of legislation in a very short time. The opposition are concerned that the Conservatives are pushing too hard on a number of fronts.
What do you think is the biggest issue facing Parliament?
 The Fair Elections Act
 Temporary foreign workers
 First Nations education
 Omnibus budget implementation bill
 Ugh. I can't even with the Conservatives anymore.
 None of the above.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>National News Warch<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservative attack ads against Trudeau not working: poll
         RCMP commissioner opens up about Nigel Wright case
Bar association deeply concerned about spat between Harper and SCOC justice

Jean-Pierre Kingsley still has concerns over electoral changes
         The Ekos poll: Federal Conservatives still mired below 30 per cent
Kathleen Wynne: Harper 'taking over the voice' of Tories in Ontario
         Province up for grabs in Ontario election
Things would be different if we were talking about 1,186 murdered or missing white women
         High cost of our growing crudeness
Politicians fail, voters forgive

Shawn Atleo the pragmatist couldn't reconcile opposing First Nations styles
         Atleo resigns as AFN national chief
Marijuana was criminalized in 1923, but why?
         Supreme Court Chief Justice denies contacting PM about Nadon nomination
Parties demand failed nominees not run against them
         Harper frowns on Ontario pension plan
Thomas Piketty economics: How the trendy Frenchman could influence Ontario election
         Lifting the lid on B.C MLA spending secrecy
B.C. First Nation launches legal challenge over Kinder Morgan pipeline
         Coderre not giving up fight against tolls on new Champlain Bridge

Coderre seeks stay of execution for Mirabel's passenger terminal
         Canada sending soldiers for military exercises in Poland, part of NATO measures
Public prosecutor not consulted by RCMP on decision not to charge Nigel Wright
         Trudeau ready to revisit Senate reform plan
How Canada's Flirtation with a China Oil Market Soured
         Missing aboriginal women draft report recommended inquiry
Feds swipe at Kathleen Wynne as Ontario campaign kicks off
         Want to run for a party? Fill out this form
Toews dons his judge's robe
         Baird says government backs his position on Via leadership

DND refuse to issue report into suicide of Afghan vet Langridge
         Ottawa pushed to boost benefits for wounded soldiers
Tories and DND told to show some compassion for soldier who attempted suicide 10 hours ago
         Time for a national conversation about public broadcaster, CBC boss says 6 hours ago
Canadians frantic for live-in caregivers hope they're spared from TFW crackdown 6 hours ago
         Canadian women do more housework than international peers 12 hours ago
Too soon to call early HIV treatment in babies a 'cure': Canadian researchers 15 hours ago
         Wynne takes aim at Harper government in first day of Ontario election campaign 9 hours ago
Atleo resignation restores 'integrity,' says Derek Nepinak Fri, 2 May, 2014
         Canada's middle class: Important factors beyond income tell the true story Fri, 2 May, 2014
Canada's middle class: Tories can celebrate surprising report, for now Fri, 2 May, 2014
         Human Brain Microchip Is 9,000 Times Faster Than a PC 17 hours ago

Marijuana was criminalized in 1923, but why? Sat, 3 May, 2014
         RCMP confirm report of more than 1,000 murdered aboriginal women Fri, 2 May, 2014
B.C. First Nation launches legal challenge over Kinder Morgan
         Foreign workers in Canada fear backlash, loss of dreams

PCs must show humility and modesty, former premier Stelmach says
         Ontario's party leaders start campaigning for June 12 election
Yukon MP promises gun owners changes to firearms legislation
         Atleo resignation restores 'integrity,' says Derek Nepinak
Liberals launch attack ad against Stephen Harper's attempts at Senate reform
         Why Conservatives' anti-Trudeau attack ads may be helping the Liberals
First poll since Ontario election call has Liberals poised to win minority government

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Majority sides with Supreme Court ruling on Senate reform, not Prime Minister's Office

         When photo ops backfire: Hudak poster child a 'corporate welfare' beneficiary
Tory Senator Don Meredith's troubles pile up: 1-800 number leads to sex chat line
         New Conservative attack ads target Trudeau's comments on budget, terrorism
Bar alarmed at 'extraordinary' situation between Harper, McLachlin

         Tory Senator Don Meredith Touts Degrees From Unaccredited Schools
Liberal hopeful Andrew Leslie on defence spending, veterans and his choice of political party
         Canada will do whatever it takes to ensure security of U.S. ­ if it doesn't cost too much
Ontario, Quebec elections a study in contrasts
         Stephen Harper's reckless smear of Canada's top judge
Deadlock in aboriginal education
         L'etat, c'est Steve
The unholy alliance of Big Busybody
         Is a wired wilderness blasphemy or progress?
Democracy begins with debate, not a ballot
         Conversations with Chief Justice are normal

Criminal case against man implicated in sponsorship scandal postponed to June
         John Tory and pollster say fee fight has been settled
Evangelicals get head start lobbying on federal government's prostitution laws
         Former MPs say manipulation of nomination races huge problem in politics
Public sector pensions targeted in leadup to auditor general report
         Electoral crimes should be treated same as other crimes, say electoral royal commission's Lortie
Auditor general readies report on relocation-contract mess
         Today on the Hill: TFW debate continues
Feds lack accountability in dealing with Canadians' private info: privacy czar
         Ontario poll: Tories lead but Liberals poised to form government

Ukraine crisis: Rebels 'retreating' in Sloviansk
         Job-vacancy rate plunges as Tories drop Kijiji data
Tony Clement says he won't target public service pensions
         Russia invading Ukraine in 'slow motion,' Harper tells NATO supreme commander
PMO snubs lawyers' request for clarity on allegation against Chief Justice
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Twisting Putin's Words on Ukraine "Sometimes dealing with the waves of U.S. media propaganda on the Ukraine crisis feels like the proverbial Dutch boy putting his fingers in the dike." READ MORE
DEVELOPING Ukraine forces launch assault to retake town of Kramatorsk
DEVELOPING 1st North American diagnosed with MERS in Indiana hospital

NEW Ukraine claims advances on rebel-held positions

UKRAINE IN CRISIS: key facts and developments
Ukraine crisis: New sanctions target Putin's inner circleApr 27 video
Kerry presses Russia to end support for separatists in eastern Ukraine
         Ukraine conflict is "essentially a war" says government official

Ukraine crisis: at least 42 killed in Odesa violence
         Ukraine unrest: PM blames security service over Odessa

Odessa Massacre Pushes Ukraine to the Edge
         Ukraine Crisis: The Battle for Slavyansk

New Must-See Videos
'Get out, fascists!' Angry Ukrainian citizens drive Kiev forces away
Obama Calls Coup Government in Kiev "Duly Elected"
Did the U.S. Carry Out a Ukrainian Coup?TheRealNews
Svoboda and the History of Ukrainian Nationalism Pt. 1by TheRealNews
How Right-Wing Nationalism Rose to Influence in Ukraine (2/2)
Read more Can Obama Speak Strongly for Peace?
Needed: Obama-Putin Summit on Ukraine May 4, 2014 Summit+on+Ukraine+May+4 ,+ 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Claim: Newly Released Flight MH370 Voice Recording Was Edited
         This company wants to make your DNA untraceable
The MERS virus: been down this road before?
         Yosemite National Park Bans Small Amateur Drones
Obama Blasted for Lumping Critics of TPP Secrecy with 'Conspiracy Theorists'
         Ukraine Enacts Compulsory Military Draft
Spy Plane Fries Air Traffic Control Computers, Shuts Down LAX
         DARPA Working on New Language Analysis Program
Mesh networks chat apps to the rescue
         Amidst The Silent Greek Genocide

British Fighters Filmed In Syria 'War Crime'
         Why Walmart Is a Threat to Organic Food
Welcome to the organic civil war

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Read more Will Ukraine Be NYT's Waterloo?
         Read more A People's War in East Ukraine
Read more Twisting Putin's Words on Ukraine
         Read more Who's the Propagandist: US or RT?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
At least 2 army helicopters "shot down" in Ukraine Source
         MERS virus reaches US, first case, CDC alarmed Source
Both Russian & Ukrainian armies send thousands of troops to their borders

Obama and Merkel threaten Russia with "devastating new sanctions" Source
         Canada joins preparations for WW3, sends jets & troops to Romania Source
Heroin production hits record levels in Afghanistan Source
         NASA satellites reveal North Korea huge wildfires Source
Media silent about Christian crucifixions in Syria Source
         US senators fear Russia may abandon NASA's astronauts in space Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         38 People Killed As Radicals Office On Fire In Ukraine's Odessa Video - WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT
Thirty of the victims were found on the floors of the building having apparently suffocated to death with smoke.
         Many Killed - Gunfire and Explosions Outside Pro-federalist Town of Slavyansk: By Video
Ukraine has launched a military assault on the flashpoint town of Slavyansk, raising the stakes in the showdown with Russia, which has promised "catastrophic consequences" if Kiev stepped up operations.
         Emergency Meeting Ukraine's, Russia's and US Envoys to UN Video
Catastrophic consequences are inevitable if Kiev authorities do not stop their "criminal venture," Russia's envoy Vitaly Churkin stressed at the emergency UNSC meeting summoned by Moscow on Friday.
         Washington Intends Russia's Demise
Washington is licking its chops, seeing an opportunity to gain Russia as a puppet state.
         War Pimp Alert What Obama Should Tell Americans About Ukraine
By Zbigniew Brzezinski
The crisis is getting worse. It's time for the president to rally the nation.

         In Case You Missed ItGrand Puppetmaster Brzezinski: Directing War Strategies from the Shadows
This isn't politics; it's hysterics. It's incendiary, jingoistic mumbo-jumbo intended to rouse the public and fan the flames of nationalism.
         A Russophobic, Failed State Ruled by Fascists
This is Obama's plan for the "New Ukraine"
         Western Powers Fomenting Ukrainian Conflict, US Should 'Stay Out' By Ron Paul
Western Ukraine has moved to take back control of the cities in Eastern Ukraine that have been taken over by supporters of Russia.
         The Politics of Red LinesThe World Regards the United States as a "Pariah State"
Putin's takeover of Crimea scares U.S. leaders because it challenges America's global dominance.
         Shocking Odessa video: Trapped people jump out of burning building :
- WARNING! Some users could find this footage disturbing.

         10 people killed in street battles in Kramatorsk, E.Ukraine - self-defense says:
The Ukrainian military has occupied the city of Kramatorsk after an assault, local self-defense has said. Hospitals are "overcrowded with injured," activists say, claiming that 10 people died in fighting overnight and two were "killed by snipers."
         Ukraine retakes security service HQ in eastern town of Kramatorsk: -
Ukrainian forces have retaken the security service headquarters in the eastern town of Kramatorsk, south of rebel stronghold Slaviansk, the country's Interior Ministry said on Saturday.
         Ukrainian troops begin special operation in Slavyansk (PHOTOS, VIDEO):
The Ukrainian army has begun a special operation against pro-autonomy activists in the eastern town of Slavyansk. The city is now blockaded by the Ukrainian military, with 20 helicopters reportedly deployed to crack down on self-defense forces.
         'Many were killed today': Ukraine military storms city :
At least seven dead in day of intense fighting
         At least two Ukrainian army helicopters shot down over Slavyansk (VIDEO):
Self-defense squads have reportedly taken down at least two Ukrainian army helicopters, with one pilot confirmed dead. Another pilot is being operated on, and the fate of the others is currently unknown.

         Ukrainian army launches assault on Kramatorsk:
"The assault is starting now," a Kramatorsk self-defense activist has told RIA Novosti by phone. Another activist told the news agency that the National Guard opened fire on self-defense forces.
         Human chains of E. Ukrainian residents block Kiev troops, APCs (VIDEO) -
In the village of Andreevka, at least 15 armored vehicles were blocked by the locals at a time when other units loyal to Kiev were storming the outermost self-defense checkpoints.
         Putin: Kiev, Western allies responsible for Ukraine bloodshed : Video -
Kiev's government and its western allies bear full responsibility for the recent bloodshed in Ukraine, Russia's presidential spokesman has said, adding it is now impossible to convince people in the region to disarm because their lives are under threat.
         Kiev's 'punitive op' in E. Ukraine irreparably severs Geneva accord - Kremlin:
By unleashing a 'punitive operation' in eastern Ukraine, Kiev has destroyed the last vestige of hope for implementing the Geneva agreement on de-escalating the Ukrainian crisis, Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

         Emergency Ukraine meeting for UN:
The Russian mission to the United Nations tweeted that Moscow had asked for what will be the council's 13th meeting on the crisis, and the spokesman's office for the UN secretary-general confirmed the open meeting would be held later today
         'Sooner or later Kiev's army, Right Sector will attack civilians':By Pepe Escobar :
People in eastern Ukraine are not pro-Russian, they want a united and federalized Ukraine, a Finlandized Ukraine that is equally distant from the EU, NATO and Russia, and they are being confronted by guns
         Russia: 'English-Speaking Foreigners' Fighting in Ukraine:
Russia's Foreign Ministry said that "English speech was heard on the air and English-speaking foreigners were spotted among those who attacked Slovyansk."
         Obama says US preparing for more Russia sanctions:
Obama says he hopes not to have to use such sanctions, but will if Russia's disruptions threaten Ukraine elections scheduled for May 25.
         Canada sending soldiers to Poland amid Ukraine crisis:
Harper made the announcement today in London, Ont., about the military exercises, which he said will be part of NATO "reassurance measures." Canada has diverted frigate HMCS Regina, to help NATO's efforts to send a message of resolve to Russia.

         Propaganda alert: Romania calls for greater U.S. military presence in Black Sea: -
Romania has called for the United States and NATO to boost their military presence in the Balkan country to promote stability in the Black Sea region following Russia's annexation of Crimea.
         Hagel Urges European Allies to Increase Military Spending:
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made a forceful case on Friday for European members of NATO to increase their military spending, calling Russia's intervention in Ukraine a "clarifying moment" for the alliance.
         Dutch MP Geert Wilders: EU cares about expansion, not Ukraine:
The EU is responsible for "the mess" in Ukraine, Geert Wilders, Holland's Party for Freedom leader. Wilders wonders why the bloc has got involved in a country where half the population is against joining Europe.
         Manufacturing Consent: USAID beefs support for Ukrainian media :
The U.S. Agency for International Development announced Friday that it will beef up its spending in Ukraine to help the nation's independent media outlets prepare for covering the May 25 Ukrainian presidential election.

Canadian PM announces more sanctions against Russia
         Russia can switch to payments with India, China in national currencies crushing dollar amid sanctions - experts
OSCE chief to visit Moscow on Wednesday - Kremlin
         Dialogue needed between Kiev authorities and southeastern Ukraine - Putin in conversation with Merkel
Germany calls for second Geneva meeting on Ukraine's crisis
         Preparations for Victory Day parade in Crimea causes hysterics in Ukrainian media
Ukrainian government is supporting and even arming private far-right militias - political analyst
         Washington's chief task is to separate Russia and Ukraine – experts
When will Ukraine repay its gas debt?
         OSCE, Council of Europe should immediately make objective assessment of Ukrainian events - Moscow

Russian aerospace defense troops get five advanced radar stations this year
         Events in southeast Ukraine must be thoroughly investigated - Russian deputy FM
People bring flowers to Ukraine's embassy in Moscow, inscriptions on bouquets read 'Turchynov is murderer'
         Crimea declares 3-day mourning over tragic events in Ukraine's southeast
First Russian oratorio "Minin and Pozharsky" by Stepan Degtyarev
         Patriarch Kirill blames radical politicians for deaths in Odessa
Moscow expresses concerns about reports on preparations by Ukrainian troops to storm Slavyansk
         European Commission confirms Ukraine's gas debt - Russia's energy minister


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