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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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CEO of Cape Breton development agency fired
         No merging public, Catholic schools: Wynne
Big banks to extend no-cost accounts
         Wynne rejects Ontario public sector layoffs
Harper's kids, moms aid plan for poor countries polarizes at home
         Tax cuts since 2005 net Canadians $30B: PBO
Top commander disturbed by sex assault claims
         Harper's kids, moms aid plan for poor countries polarizes at home
Mom thankful for help finding abducted baby
         Hudak to axe College of Trades 'immediately'

New safety requirements set for Keystone pipeline
         Chiefs meet to decide fate of education bill
Former CBC anchor Knowlton Nash dies at 86
         Horwath stands by corruption allegations
Top commander disturbed by sex assault claims
         Niagara Region steelworkers get new contract
Labour boss casts eye on NDP leadership
         Step forward for Kami mine in Labrador
Ottawa native among Calif. shooting victims
         Small quake rattles Baie-Comeau, Que., area

Leaders campaign today in north, GTA, Niagara
         U.S. imposes new conditions on Keystone XL pipeline construction
Today on the Hill: First Nations leaders begin the task of finding a new leader
         Liberal MP McKay taped criticizing Trudeau

First Nations' support for resource development targeted by Ottawa
         Restaurants warn temporary foreign worker freeze will hurt
Tony Clement claims cabinet secrecy over EU trade deal compensation
         Few provinces track complaints by temporary foreign workers
Muslim Brotherhood activities need to be probed in Canada, report says
         Mother and newborn deaths cry out for attention
Could the Karygiannis factor cost the Liberals on June 30?

5 things from Tuesday's campaign trail
         Military hasn't yet started review of sexual assaults, defence chief says
From ammo to aircraft to armoured vehicles: Welcome to CANSEC
         A military merchandising timeline
Editorial: In-flight phone bans are obsolete
         If you're seeking bright ideas, you won't find them in Ottawa
Coyne: Why shouldn't we have free votes in the House of Commons?
         If you're seeking bright ideas, you won't find them in Ottawa
Depression lowers life expectancy as much as smoking: study
         Piglet and dog become inseparable friends

Online memory test aimed at a society increasingly worried over Alzheimer's
         Thousands of temporary foreign workers hired at minimum wage shows program is 'off the rails': AFL
Liberal MP apologizes to Justin Trudeau for 'bozo eruption' comment
         Federal government working to remove outdated job posting from Canada Job Bank
Sexual assault and harassment not part of military culture, says top commander
         Mom of abducted day-old baby thanks social media for helping find infant
Control ingredients by cooking from scratch to help slim down waistline: chef
         10 recipes to cook from scratch

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Federal tax cuts since 2005 net Canadians $30 billion, most to low middle class 1 hour 31 minutes ago
         Stigma to success: Vancouver hospital AIDS ward repurposed over lack of demand 3 hours ago
Sexual assault and harassment not part of military culture, says top commander 1 hour 43 minutes ago
         Lenovo makes $100 'goodwill' offer to customers for faulty Canadian web prices 1 hour 3 minutes ago
Time for 'Saskatchewarm?' Premier muses about annexing Turks and Caicos 6 hours ago
         Canadian veterans with PTSD to be connected with government-funded service dogs 4 hours ago
Big banks, government agree on no-cost accounts for low-income seniors, youth 20 minutes ago
         Chiefs gather in Ottawa to decide fate of $1.9-billion education bill 4 hours ago
Wildlife conflict specialist describes Jasper grizzly attack 17 hours ago
         HPV Canada says last hold-out publicly-funded school board to allow vaccine 5 hours ago
Jason Kenney says new employer blacklist is working

Can airlines keep up with the demands created by new in-flight electronics rules?
         Memories of premiers past continue to haunt the Ontario election campaign
Ottawa to open office in B.C. to woo B.C. First Nations on energy projects
         AIDS ward closes in B.C. as death rate plummets
Vancouver Aquarium's beluga breeding 'indefensible' says Jane Goodall
         Canmore's $14M flood plan takes aim at debris, erosion
Health region takes measures to prevent child abduction
         Meat prices going up, from the farm to the table
CEO of Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. fired after patronage investigation
         TSX slips with gold-mining, energy shares; Scotiabank up

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Russia-China Gas Deal a Train Wreck for BC
         How Clark's promise to voters got signed away in Beijing.
What Do Canadians Value? The Government No Longer Knows
         In another blow to data collection, feds abandon survey that seeks to understand us.
Are Teachers Clued in to What Their Union Demands?
         BC gov't negotiator claims they aren't. Tyee asks educators on strike today.
Don't Forget Who's in Charge of BC's Teacher Troubles
         There's no way you can call her inexperienced.
Agriculture changes threaten $113-million farmers' market sector: letter

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Forcing Liberals to Vote Pro-Choice Is a Step Too Far, Justin
         What Can a Toronto Mayor Actually Do to Create Jobs?
A Kindergarten Student Told Me Teachers Are 'Lazy, Greedy'
         The Pressure's On Harper to End Online Spying -- Let's Keep it Up
Assisted Death Isn't Murder, It's Compassion
         Does the Harper Government Finally Care About NGOs?
Why Maxime Bernier is Consistently Wrong
         Ontario's Math Scores Are Down, So Creating STEM Jobs Doesn't Add Up
Don't Cut Funding For First Nations Children
         The CBC Needs Your Help

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
BC premier's promise to voters got signed away in Beijing

The Byliners & Co ..
Coyne: Trudeau helps the cause of democratic reform
Fine: PM pressured to review top court appointment process
Lett: Glover a very busy non-career politician
Martin: The media join Harper's hit list
Trudeau: I understand his frustrations
Lib MP Mackay decries another Trudeau 'bozo eruption'
Peter MacKay pal gets the boot
Temporary foreign workers program 'off the rails'
Why does Horwath enrage some NDPers so ?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Tony Clement claims cabinet secrecy over EU trade deal compensation
         Documents suggest Ottawa could amend Constitution to allow federal court judges from Quebec on top bench
Harper Government Wanted Meeting With Psy In 2012, Documents Reveal
         PCO email chain raises more questions about RCMP's decision to drop investigation into Wright, says NDP

Ontario Election Poll: Wynne still ahead as "Best Premier" but Unsure Rising
         Liberal MP apologizes to Justin Trudeau for 'bozo eruption' comment
Why we need to rethink the nursing home model
         Trudeau helps the cause of democratic reform (by not pursuing it)
Who needs friends when you've got foes?
         The media join Harper's hit list
Soldier's story puts feds in bad light
         Choose someone other than Steve Paikin to be debate night moderator
Why does Andrea Horwath enrage some New Democrats so?
         Are Wynne and Sousa for real?
Police the temporary foreign worker program ­ or kill it

Ontario poised to lead way with pension enrichment
         Canada ranks high on the scale of ethnic harmony
Ex-Pan Am exec's insights prove Liberals 'can't manage': PC MPP
         Harper under pressure to review Supreme Court appointment process
Rigby helped senior PCO adviser send Paulson letter about missing Senate scandal documents last December
         Federal tax cuts since 2005 net Canadians $30 billion, most to low middle class
Temporary foreign workers program 'has gone off the rails': Alberta labour group
         Ontario Liberals lead PCs by 2; 51% think its time for another party to take over
Karen Stintz turns on John Tory at mayoral debate
         'Close friend' of Mayor Susan Fennell got $1.1M in Brampton city contracts

First Nations' support for resource development targeted by Ottawa
         Official 'terminated' after watchdog finds Tory hiring breach
Harper's kids, moms aid plan for poor countries polarizes at home
         Restaurants warn temporary foreign worker freeze will hurt
Could the Karygiannis factor cost the Liberals on June 30?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


New European Parliament is an eclectic mix of renegades, recluses and rebels
         Nigerian defence chief says military has located abducted girls but can't go in with force
China takes aim at smog with plans to pull six million polluting vehicles off road
         Malaysian government releases new satellite data on missing plane
Impasse clouds decision on how to rescue Nigeria's abducted schoolgirls
         Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family for marrying man she loved

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A return to common sense in the UK
         Ukrainian election marks end of one struggle, new phase of another
Ukraine's 'chocolate king,' new president Petro Poroshenko hopes to sweet-talk Russia
         Ukraine unrest: Clash at Donetsk airport 'kills dozens'
EU election: France's Hollande calls for reform of 'remote' EU Previous
         Syria UN chemical weapons inspectors 'attacked'
Flight MH370: Malaysia releases raw satellite data
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Burundi Headed for Election Turmoil as Ruling Party Allegedly Arms Youth Wing
         Wary of Climate Change, Indonesia Looks to Lawmakers for Solutions
Protests Threaten to Paralyse Brazil Ahead of World Cup
         Divided Opinions on Feasibility of Kenya's Option B+ Roll Out
To Grow Or Not To Grow GMO Crops
         Is Ankara Getting Deeper Into The Iraqi Quicksand?
African Union Takes Stock of 51 Years as Terrorism Spreads Across Continent
         EU Elections Overheat The Burning Catalonian Debate
U.S. Pledges to Reduce Child Stunting by Two Million Globally
         Peaceful Transitions From The Nuclear To The Solar Age
Hemp Defies Hurdles to Make a Comeback in Spain

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Netanyahu's "Jewish State" Law Stirs Debate in Israel
Israeli academic Oren Yiftachel talks about ethnocracy, a term he coined that describes the sort of regime Israel practices
         Is Financialization Necessary for a Modern Economy? - Costas Lapavitsas on Reality Asserts Itself (5/8)
#YesAllWomen: Rebecca Solnit on the Santa Barbara Massacre & Viral Response to Misogynist Violence
         The Rise of the Euroskeptic Right-wing in Europe
Invisible killer threatens millions of migrating birds
         United States of Secrets: Featuring Glenn Greenwald & Thomas Drake

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Moscow Astounded As Top Mob Boss Becomes Ukraine Leader Source
         EU DINOsaurs duck first meteorite Source
Rise of UKIP spells defeat for Tories and Labour Source
         Solar Roadways can show Signs, Generate Electricity, Melt Snow and more Source
Australian airlines expose passengers to carcinogenic toxic fumes Source
         Pope Francis arrives in West Bank amid Israeli protests Source
USDA announces 3.5% higher food prices in coming months Source
         UKIP ranks more than 30% in Britain – New Poll Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Flight MH370: mystery cargo continues to raise questions
         Malaysia releases satellite data on missing jet

Missing plane: Scientists question methods and politics of the MH370 search
         Karzai refused to meet Obama at Bagram Air Base, says US official
Independent Scotland Could Offer Edward Snowden Political Asylum
         Russia Will Not Give Up Fighters for Human Rights - Putin on Snowden

Guantanamo Force-Feeding of Inmate to Resume
         Far-Right National Front 'Win' in France

Ukrainian army shells Slavyansk residential area, 2 civilians killed
         The business behind Ukraine's new billionaire president

Tepco resumes testing of ALPS water cleaning system in Fukushima

         Glitch-prone ALPS water treatment equipment shut down at Fukushima plant
Japan court rejects startup of 2 nuclear reactors
         Officials Cast Wide Net in Monitoring Occupy Protests
Global anti-GMO action: People unite against Monsanto dominance

         Anti-GMO activists will rally against Monsanto in SW Portland

Lise Thibault: le témoignage de la comptable continuePlus
         L'ex-président nigérian Obasanjo tente une médiation Plus
Il faut revoir la formation des médecins, dit Gaétan BarrettePlus
         Enlèvement de la petite Victoria: l'oncle ne se doutait de rienPlus
Trois-Rivières: quatre jeunes ont aiguillé les policiersPlus
         La CAQ s'attaque à l'éolien et aux minicentralesPlus
Discussion sur l'amendement de la constitutionPlus
         Barrette en conflit d'intérêts estime la CAQPlus
La présumée kidnappeuse du bébé n'a pas comparuPlus
         Sécurité des bébés: Québec ordonne des vérifications Plus

Jason Thériault renonce à son enquête préliminairePlus
         Pierre Karl Péladeau «ferait sûrement un très bon chef»Plus
Afghanistan: retrait des forces américaines d'ici fin 2016Plus
         Ukraine: combats sur le «front de l'Est»Plus
Les assistés sociaux se disent ignorés par le gouvernement Plus
         Trois-Rivières: le père raconte une soirée d'horreurPlus
«Nous avons vécu le pire moment de notre vie»Plus
         Démission de Copé sur fond de scandale financierPlus
La Malaisie publie les données satellitaires du MH370Plus
         La grotte où serait né Jésus endommagée par le feuPlus


Tax cuts since 2005 net Canadians $30B: PBO

                           EndofFiscalYearNet Debt$Billions [2](Adjusted for inflation, 2013 [3])as % ofGDPGDP$Billions [4]
                                    2008             457.6                          (493.3)                                  31.4%   1,453.6
                                    2012              583.6                          (588.8)                                 38.3%   1,521.3
                                    2013               602.4

The National Debt has increased during the time period.
$30 billion because of lowered taxes.
Can someone please estimate how much addition debt due to interest costs?
Until now...and projected until paid down in the future.

Moscow Astounded As Top Mob Boss Becomes Ukraine Leader Source

From: "NFU Office" <>
To: "NFU Office" <>
Subject:  Media Release - Corporate Control of Agriculture is focus of Bill C-18, says NFU
For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                         May 27, 2014

Corporate Control of Agriculture is focus of Bill C-18, says NFU
Second reading of Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act, resumed yesterday in the House of Commons. "While Conservative MPs speaking in favour of the Bill claim it is about modernization and making the legislative environment more nimble, its effect is to empower corporations at the expense of all Canadians, especially farmers," said Terry Boehm, Chair of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Seed and Trade Committee.

Bill C-18 changes nine agricultural Acts. It adds measures to permit "Incorporation by Reference" of third-party documents in seven Acts, allows government to use foreign studies when making regulatory decisions under those Acts, reduces the Canadian ownership requirements for eligible corporations under the Advance Payment Program legislation, and amends the Plant Breeders' Rights (PBR) Act to comply with UPOV '91.

"Yes, Bill C-18 makes our agricultural legislation more "nimble" - by making it easier for government regulators to fulfill the requests of private interest without letting the public know what is going on and preventing public debate from dragging out efforts to make regulatory changes," said Ann Slater, NFU Vice President, Policy. "Bill C-18's Incorporation by Reference measures would shift decision-making about the safety and quality of our food, feed, fertilizers and seed into corporate back rooms instead of through a publicly accountable process where it can be discussed openly by Canadians."

"The changes to the PBR Act would give plant breeders almost total control over seeds at the expense of farmers' incomes and autonomy," said Boehm. "Farmers would get a privilege to save and reuse seeds but could not stock them without permission from the PBR holder," he continued. "This privilege is difficult to exercise if you cannot stock seeds. Moreover, unlike a right, the privilege can be changed at any time through regulation to exclude certain crops or classes of farmers."

"For thousands of years farmers saved, used, reused, exchanged and sold seeds, as well as bred and developed new varieties. Farmers, breeders, and governments can innovate by working together to preserve biodiversity and create the new varieties of crops we will need for the future. Contrary to what the global seed industry and their Conservative government supporters maintain, we can do this without giving corporations total power over seeds," said Boehm. "The NFU has a vision for public interest control of seeds that works for people rather than corporations. The principles of that vision are outlined in our document, The Fundamental Principles of a Farmers Seed Act."

"The National Farmers Union is committed to creating a food system that puts people in control, not corporations," added Slater. "Because Bill C-18 is not consistent with our over-arching commitment to food sovereignty, we are calling for its defeat."
- 30 -
 For more information:
Terry Boehm, Chair, NFU Seed and Trade Committee: (306) 255-2880; (306) 255-7638
Ann Slater, NFU Vice-President, Policy: (519) 349-2448
Attached and linked: Fundamental Principles of a Farmers Seed Act

 Fundamental Principles of a Farmers Seed Act.pdf