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Prentice kicks off PC leadership campaign
         Paper airplanes for Charles and Camilla
Prince plays waiter to polar bear in Winnipeg
         Hudak can't attend northern debate: party
Hudak defends companies that take grants
         Reaction split to prince's Putin, Hitler view
Hudak touts jobs plan at plastics plant
         Prince Charles likens Putin to Hitler: report
Canada to spend $36M to help improve health of African women and children
         Pet detective says dog walker made up story about stolen dogs that were dead

New Liberal Premier Philippe Couillard to lay out agenda with inaugural address
         Prentice to kick off PC leadership run
Ontario TV, radio and print election ads begin today
         Grandson sharpens world view: Prince Charles
Ottawa demands NAFTA body drop oilsands probe

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CBC<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Number of murdered, missing aboriginal women surprises top Mountie
Aboriginal leaders to press Prince Charles on treaty issues
         EBay 'cyberattack' prompts password change warning
Potential medical pot fraud raised fears at Health Canada
         Royal visit 2014: How Camilla found her niche
Vote Compass users show little support for more immigration in Ontario
         Justin Trudeau's abortion stance leaves Liberal ranks in confusion
Justin Trudeau's abortion policy will 'definitely' hurt Liberals, former MP says
         Wab Kinew eyes run for Assembly of First Nations chief
6 lost pets died in back of Langley dog walker's truck
         How Air Canada's Dreamliner could change Canadian air travel

Travelling officials easy prey for foreign hackers: federal records
         YouTube, social media demand new election rules, Ontario's ballot boss says
Toronto judge dismisses 'poop and scoop' case between feuding neighbours
         High flight: How Harper, cabinet use the Challenger jet
Reevely: Tractor safety blitz and messing with MacLeod ­ it's silly season
         Blatchford: Caledonia land dispute still too hot to touch
Coyne: Why isn't voting like paying taxes? It should be mandatory
         Maher: Government making it easier to spy on Canadians without warrants or oversight

Environmentalists say national conservation deal not working in Alberta
         University of Saskatchewan students call for president to resign or be fired

Dad in-training: In pursuit of the 'perfect' nursery
         Gates throws down gauntlet ahead of maternal health summit

The health benefits of standing up to bullies
         Device fitted under the skin could end misery of chronic snoring

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
University of Saskatchewan dealing with damaged reputation 1 hour 53 minutes ago
         Baby moose rescued in northern Ontario, taken to Tim Hortons 5 hours ago
Target interim CEO says Canadian web store won't launch this year 37 minutes ago
         2 men face charges in separate human-trafficking, sex trade cases 2 hours 12 minutes ago
Mothers defend decisions to give over care of autistic kids 9 hours ago

         There are clear parallels in Canada with growing U.S. Veterans Affairs crisis
Jim Prentice seeks to change public sentiment towards Alberta's Progressive Conservatives
         Chinese cyber espionage allegedly a problem in Canada too
Hospital wait times may have cost 44,273 women their lives over 16-year period: Fraser Ins …
         Gas Plus cleanup takeover from province too slow, says former neighbour
Civil liberties group seeks to have parts of online surveillance law struck down
         John Tory turns focus to Gardiner, Lakeshore
Pierre Karl Peladeau will need wheelchair for a few months after cycling mishap
         J.D. Irving forestry deal needs public input, group says
Northern labour union questions TFW program in Nunavut

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
So What Do You Think, Is My Generation Screwed?
         Three reasons why we millennials may not be. What's your view?
'I Was a PR Campaign': Oil Cleanup Worker
         As Cold Lake disaster oozes into year two, wildlife rehabber remembers 'insane' media day. By Sarah Berman
BC's Teachers Begin Strikes Monday
         Escalation to rotating pickets rebuffs province's 'not fair' offer.
Is 'The Right to Be Forgotten' Ruling a Good Thing?
         As people flock to remove Google search content, remember the downsides. By Michael Geist
Who Killed the Romantic Comedy?
         I have a theory. And a list of great ones to watch as solace.
Horgan, Don't Touch that Hard Hat!
         Your NDP must offer a chewy clean energy future, not more petro pablum.
Stephen Harper's 'Strategic' Path to Ruin
         From Enbridge to the Supreme Court, the PM's reckless side prevails. By Murray Dobbin
Dark Days for Our Universities
         Dr. Buckingham's censure only confirms the long, tragic decline of Canadian academic culture.
Let's Talk Dirty about Water
         Time to spout some Canadian sacrilege: H20 is a commodity -- and markets will help save it.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Robocalls
Without license: many B.C. First Nations still oppose LNG
Premier Christy Clark is hosting an LNG summit in Vancouver this week, but many B.C. First Nations have no intention of signing on to her plans.
Kinder Morgan's historic oil spills are double the Kalamazoo disaster: NDP MP
Kinder Morgan VP calls MP Kennedy Stewart's oil spill analysis of its Trans Mountain pipeline "stupid", "ludicrous" and "astounding." What do you think?
Harper announces $252 million "National Conservation Plan"
Two years after the controversial omnibus bills, the Conservative government seems to be devoting more funds to environmental conservation. But is it enough?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<
The Gargoyle: Retired Grit MP ready to 'speak my mind'<<<<<<<<<
         Wynne ahead as "Best Premier" but Horwath has least negative impressions
Cyberbullying bill surveillance powers alarm Ontario privacy watchdog
         Advance polls distort final outcome of elections
The prime minister and the professor
         Harper hit for history rewrite
Six questions on murdered and missing aboriginal women that must be answered
         Toronto the good time – who knew?
Ontario election campaign prepares for nasty phase
         A weird and wacky election
Anti-pipeline groups want to slay golden goose
         'Globalized' real estate market driving Vancouver prices

Both sides of city's climate change debate unwavering in their views, and militant in their opinions
         Telus abandons Mobilicity takeover bid after Ottawa's warning
Federal privacy law faces constitutional challenge
         'Rely on your instincts,' Margaret Thatcher told new PM Joe Clark
Names of contenders surface in Assembly of First Nations vote
         Wynne celebrates birthday on the campaign
Spy program suspended for being too aggressive
         Plenty of political drama on road to the ballot box
Ontario Liberals and PCs tied at 33%
         Federal government spends millions of dollars flying PM, GG and ministers on VIP Challenger jets
Harper government selling off parliamentary silver
         Trudeau's abortion policy lays groundwork for 2015 election
B.C. court overturns acquittals for former Tory MP's campaign official
         Canada Said to Take Steps to Boost Aboriginal Pipeline Support
Lobbyist watchdog to revise conduct code this summer
         Stephen Harper wanted Flaherty out of Finance in 2007: new book
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
TRNN Debate: Could President Obama Be Doing More to Fight Climate Change?
         How Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Became Propaganda for Imperial Policy
Danny Glover: What Side is The Media On? (1/5)
         Justice Requires a End to Israeli Jewish Supremacy Over Palestinians
Offers To Buy Foreign Corporation In Order To Avoid Paying More Taxes
         Boko Haram Kidnappings An Excuse For The U.S. To Further Entrench Itself In Africa
David Suzuki Discusses the War on Climate Scientists with Bill Moyers
         The Dark Side Of Rio\'s World Cup
Refugees- Trapped between imprisonment in Israel and death in Sudan

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
US sends another warship to Black Sea to counter Russia Source
         Largest ever dinosaur found in Argentina Source
Thailand army declares Martial Law Source
         Gender Change Drugs 'to be offered to 9-year-olds' in the UK Source
Former Malaysian PM says CIA is behind the MH370 mystery Source
         UK's richest own one third of country's wealth Source
Russia finishes drills near Ukrainian border, withdraws troops Source
         Urban pollution 2.5 times higher, health risks Source
44 die in Balkans historic flooding Source
         Russia signs huge gas deal with China Source
Russians raise funds for anti-GMO research Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
10 Ways to Survive Skyrocketing Food Prices
         Wireless Microchip Implant Set For Human Trials
Genetic Engineers Agree: GMOs Neither Safe Nor Necessary
         France Is the Second Country to Declare Scientific War on HPV Vaccines
The Era Of Chimeras: Scientists Fearlessly Create Bizarre Human/Animal Hybrids
         Fed Court Rules That Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns WithoutWarrant or Charges

Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D., Report Finds
         Halliburton may pay $500 million to keep Cheney out of prison
Invasive airport body scanners have found a new home at US prisons
         Violation of f*cking free speech? Michigan city cops ticket people for swearing

What Drives The West's Self-Destructive Belligerence?
         Vaccine Mandates Are Just Corporate Statutes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
 " We're All Cheneyites Now" by Todd E. Pierce, April 1, 2014
         " Ukrainians Get IMF's Bitter Medicine" by Robert Parry, April 2, 2014
" Misguided Honor for Condi Rice" by Coleen Rowley and Todd E. Pierce, April 3, 2014
         " What Kind of One-State Solution" by Lawrence Davidson, April 3, 2014
" The Perception Management Priority" by JP Sottile, April 4, 2014
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         " Was Turkey Behind Syria-Sarin Attack" by Robert Parry, April 6, 2014
" The Collapsing Syria-Sarin Case" by Robert Parry, April 7, 2014
         " When Is a Putsch a Putsch" by Robert Parry, April 8, 2014

" Reagan-Bush Ties to Iran Hostage Crisis" by Robert Parry, April 9, 2014
         " 'War Wise' Skepticism Prevailed on Syria" by Nat Parry, April 11, 2014
" A Blind Eye to LBJ's X-File" by Robert Parry, April 11, 2014
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         " Telling the Truth about Easter" by Rev. Howard Bess, April 19, 2014

" Marijuana as a Wedge Issue" by Richard L. Fricker, April 19, 2014
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" Why Neocons Seek to Destabilize Russia" by Robert Parry, April 27, 2014
         " Obama Urged to Show Restraint on Ukraine" by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, April 28, 2014
" Killing the Putin-Obama 'Trust'" by Ray McGovern, April 28, 2014
         " Kerry Grovels over Israeli 'Apartheid'" by Robert Parry, April 29, 2014
" Kerry's Propaganda War on Russia's RT" by Ray McGovern, April 30, 2104
         " Behind Oklahoma's Ghoulish Execution" by Richard L. Fricker, April 30, 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tar Sands Blockaders Shut Down Enbridge Work Site
Global Warming is Melting and Burning the Planet
Calls for Justice After Video Reveals IDF Shooting of Innocent Palestinian Teens
The New Feminist Road Map
Factory Farms Are Bad for Your Health

Oxfam International: Big Ten Food Companies Emitting as Much as the 'World's 25th Most Polluting Country'
Cries of 'Injustice' as Occupy Wall Street Organizer Sentenced to Prison
Report: Leaked Trade Doc Portends US/EU Fracking Bonanza
A Challenge to Occupation? Pope Francis to Visit Palestinian Refugees in West Bank
The War on Climate Scientists

Pepe Escobar: The Birth of a Eurasian Century: Russia and China Do Pipelineistan
Organic Consumers Association: Global GMO Free Coalition Brings Together
4.5 Million People to Fight Biotech Industry Propaganda

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cato Institute <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
After Almost 13 Years, It's Time to End Congress' Blanket Authorization of Force

         Deux autres écoles juives illégales à Boisbriand?Plus
Séquestrée et violée pendant 10 ans, elle est retrouvéePlus
         Philippe Couillard annonce la rigueur budgétairePlus
Charbonneau: «Il m'a rappelé d'où venait ma paie»Plus
         Thaïlande: début de dialogue entre les rivaux politiquesPlus
Un homme meurt écrasé par son tracteur en BeaucePlus
         SLR sur le pont Champlain: rencontre décisive vendrediPlus
Trois mois sans marcher pour Pierre Karl PéladeauPlus
         Homme au sabre: accusations d'incitation à la hainePlus

Hausse salariale des médecins: Québec devra être «réaliste»Plus
         Rapport Ménard: Lise Thériault reste de glacePlus
Un crocodile blessé grièvement par une comptablePlus
         Régimes de retraite: les syndiqués de l'État manifestentPlus
Lise Thibault: le témoignage de Labrecque se poursuitPlus
         Cimenterie en Gaspésie: Trop risqué pour l'ÉtatPlus
Lac-Mégantic: peu d'espoir pour la voie de contournementPlus
         «L'extraordinaire» Dr PorterPlus
60 jours de prison pour une gifle mortelle à son enfantPlus
         Le prince Charles compare Poutine à HitlerPlus

Trois ans de prison pour l'ex-président Moubarak Plus
         Une écolière chinoise battue à mort pour avoir copiéPlus
États-Unis: une nouvelle exécution suspenduePlus
         McDonald's lance une mascotte «terrifiante»Plus