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Poilievre accuses election head of power grab
         Former PM Brian Mulroney appeals for fearless leadership on resource agenda
New U.S. envoy to Ottawa arrives after delay
         Health Canada to post online drug safety reviews
'Sneaky' Wall takes a shot at Marois
         Couillard says Quebec shifted on sovereignty
Quebec election map revives border dispute
         Axe 'repugnant' oath to Queen, court urged
Ottawa cop guilty of discreditable conduct
         EDC leads US$775M financing for Vale

On-reserve jail closes due to lack of funding
         Letter seeks probe of Tory links to oil group
Positive relationship with Ottawa should blossom under Quebec Libs, says Trudeau
         Poilievre launches attack on Mayrand
Today on the Hill: health and homes
         Political career a mixed legacy for Marois
Business community welcomes Liberal win
         Federal leaders cheer Couillard, Liberal win
Couillard's Liberals win majority government, ending referendum talk for now
         PQ suffers resounding defeat in Quebec vote

Liberals surge to majority win in Quebec election
         Coalition's Legault sticking around as leader

Russian diplomat's expulsion was retaliation by Canada
         Canucks fire general manager Mike Gillis
Philippe Couillard pledges transparency, integrity
         Sheila Fraser: changes would 'infringe' on Elections Canada
Election bill to get early verdict from Senate committee
         Stephen Woodworth to seek House consent for vote on new 'human being' motion
Greenpeace calls for Elections Canada probe of Ethical Oil
         Parti Québécois leadership candidates emerge to replace Marois
Temporary foreign workers have better work ethic, some employers believe
         Quebec election: Pauline Marois loses electoral Hail Mary

Quebec election: Philippe Couillard's mandate ­ to be anything but the PQ
         Preston Manning, Sheila Fraser to testify on elections bill
At Issue: Quebec Election Results
         Clayton Kennedy, former Attawapiskat co-manager, charged with fraud
Quebec election a boon for Harper, better for his opponents

Public service unions launch web campaign against government 'myths' on sick leave
         Budget cuts hinder CBC's minority-language services, Senate report says
Harper government accuses elections chief of making power grab
         Americans were 'appalled' by Quebec's proposed charter of values
Canadian University Press down to a single staffer as restructuring continues
         Ontario government under fire for its part in Caledonia native occupation
Quebec voters figure Canada's not so bad after all: Coyne
         For the first time since 1976, our Canada includes Quebec
West and Russia play dangerous game in Ukraine
         Damn the torpedoes, it's full speed ahead for Conservative party on its revised elections act

Pierre Karl Peladeau wins his riding of Saint-Jerome
         Francoise David of Quebec solidaire retains Montreal riding of Gouin
Coalition Leader Francois Legault wins his riding of L'Assomption
         Poilievre accuses elections watchdog of wanting more power, bigger budget
Former PM Brian Mulroney appeals for fearless leadership on resource agenda
         'They saw our faces, we had no choice': gang leader recalls aftermath of murders
Why success in the U.S. doesn't always translate for stores that expand into Canada

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  BC Libs Protect Farmland? Horse Manure!
         You can bet the farm they'll sell out the Agricultural Land Reserve... again.
Young 'Messengers' of Hope in the City
         Indigenous urban teens defeat isolation and despair by learning to mentor others.
Canada's Digital Strategy Lacks Actual Strategy
         While there's plenty to brag about, the newly minted Digital Canada 150 report misses the big picture. By Michael Geist

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Health Canada's safety 'report' on acne drug Diane-35 says benefit outweighs blood-clot ri …
         CBC management set to announce big cuts, curtailing of sports programming
What's next for Pierre Karl Peladeau?
         Does Monday's election result mean the sovereignty movement is dead in Quebec?
Nothing found after search resumes for missing scientist
         Hash oil extraction a danger to neighbourhoods, police warn
Be prepared for bad allergy season, experts say
         Poilievre accuses elections watchdog of wanting more power, bigger budget
Measles case in Toronto prompts renewed calls for immunization
         Patient drug history to be scrutinized before narcotics prescriptions
Humane Society International says it doesn't oppose Inuit subsistence sealing

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Poilievre's attack on chief electoral officer 'vicious,' 'totally inappropriate'
         Sheila Fraser: changes would 'infringe' on Elections Canada

Stephen Woodworth to seek House consent for vote on new 'human being' motion
         Canada Revenue Agency has fired staff for privacy violations, committee hears
Conservative MP claims Elections Canada 'leaks' reason behind feds moving elections commissioner to Director of Public Prosecutions Office
         Federal leaders, parties dodged a bullet in Quebec election
A Quebec gift for a PM in need of help
         PQ could be party of a single generation
This is a spectacular failure for Pauline Marois

Voters got it right by dumping Marois' dismal and divisive PQ
         Mulcair happiest of all leaders at Couillard victory
Good riddance to Marois-ism
         Should The Destruction Of Marois Mean It's Time For The PQ To Drop Separation And Turn Conservative?
In Quebec, the scars of Election 2014 will linger
         Will the Tories finally manage to oust Rob Anders?
Alberta Tories set to close books on little-known trust fund
         'Bar Rescue' Lawsuit ­ Doctor Pays Dearly for Vagina Jab R
Right up the end, Mickey Rooney was unstoppable, still taking film roles and hanging out with his gal pal Margaret O'Brien
         Eve Adams could learn political fate this week

Parti Québécois leadership candidates emerge to replace Marois
         Greenpeace calls for Elections Canada probe of Ethical Oil
Quebec election: Philippe Couillard's mandate ­ to be anything but the PQ
         CBC expected to make deep cuts Thursday in wake of losing Hockey Night in Canada
NDP to be told to stop paying 'satellite' office staff with tax dollars
         Bon voyage: Members of Parliament took more than 100 sponsored trips in 2013
Ex-Harper adviser Bruce Carson publishing 'behind-the-scenes' political book after criminal trial ends
         Today on the Hill: health care and homelessness
Feds' elections overhaul bill to end Elections Canada's 'campaign compliance strategy'
         Convicted criminals to contribute to cost of victims' rights bill

Canada Post mum on details about weeks of missing deliveries
         Federal leaders cheer Couillard, Liberal win
Gesture designed to seal PQ victory derailed the campaign
         Ukraine crisis: Ukraine in bid to retake buildings
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When Is a Putsch a Putsch?

Read more http://consortiumnews.com/
Secretary of State John Kerry accuses Russia of a "contrived crisis" in Ukraine as the U.S.-backed coup regime in Kiev sends troops to crush resistance in the ethnic-Russian east. But the most "contrived" element of this crisis may be the false U.S. narrative 

         Ukrainian police remove pro-Russian forces in Kharkiv
Five things to know about today's XP deadline
         Call rises in Europe to frack, baby, frack
Uptick in eastern Ukraine tension prompts worries about Russia's next move

U.S. Defense Policy in the Wake of the Ukrainian Affair

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
US has reportedly started supplying Syrian rebels with anti-tank weapons Source
         Brazilian army cleans slum in Rio for FIFA & Olympics Source
Sweden Immigration Critics Get Home Visits From Thought Police Source
         Kharkiv protesters declare independence from Kiev Source
Russian Yo-Mobile hybrid car project sold to government for 1 Euro Source
         US blasts Europe's plan for anti-snooping network as 'unfair advantage' Source
Polls open for Hungary's parliamentary elections Source
         Leftist Mafia Attacks Free Speech, Takes Out Mozilla CEO Source
US facing financial doomsday over Russia sanctions Source
         NATO marks 65 year anniversary Source

Furious Putin Orders "Project Double Eagle" To Destroy US, EU Economies Source
         Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk rallies in favor of independence referendum Source
Army Admits Fort Hood Shooter Was on Psychiatric Drugs Source
         China ship detects pulse signal as MH370 mystery deepens Source
Russia regrets NASA halting cooperation, experts warn of impact on ISS work Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         It's Not Russia That Is Destabilising Ukraine
The west has been needlessly whipping up tension - if we don't co-operate soon, chaos may take hold.
         Russia Announces Decoupling Trade From Dollar
Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners - no longer in dollars.
         A Century of Deceit: World Wars and Zionist Militarism
Israeli militarists, masquerading as American thinkers, left behind a paper trail that unveiled their true objectives.
         Israel's Intentions Become Clearer
"Israel hasn't changed. It is the same colonial entity pursuing the same ethnic cleansing policies it did for decades."
         Chris Hedges on "Israel's War on American Universities"
Chris Hedges talk at Northeastern University in support of its now banned Students for Justice in Palestine chapter.
         "Eating the Children of the Poor and the Patriotic"
Deep down we know why some men kill after they return home from war. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38155.htm
         Gimme Shelter
"The Wall Street rental scheme, the mass purchase of 200,000 single family homes by hedge funds and private equity firms to convert to rental properties, has run into trouble" http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38167.htm
         How Have These Corporations Colonised Our Public Life?
Our politicians have delegated power to global giants engineering a world of conformity and consumerism.
         Time to Wake Up: The Climate Denial Beast Video
'A deliberate, complex scheme of lies and propaganda" http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article37637.htm
         Russia and Iran said to be in talks for major oil deal:
An agreement to export oil to Russia would mean billions for Tehran, and likely trigger US sanctions against Moscow
         Ukraine raids pro-Russian separatists:
Ukraine has launched an "anti-terrorist" operation in the southeastern city of Kharkiv and has arrested about 70 "separatists" for seizing the regional administration building, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has said.
         Ukraine Protesters Request Russian 'Peacekeepers':
Anti-government protesters in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Monday announced a referendum on joining Russia set for May 11 and called on Russian "peacekeepers" to intervene in the country, triggering fears of a "Crimean scenario" for Ukraine's eastern regions.
         Donetsk protesters claim independence from Ukraine and ask Russia for military help - video
         Protesters in east Ukraine deny having explosives, holding hostages:
Protesters occupying the state security building in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, on Tuesday denied a charge that they had wired the building with explosives and were holding people against their will. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/08/us-ukraine-crisis-hostages-idUSBREA371GJ20140408
        Kyiv Blames Moscow For Unrest In Eastern Cities:
Ukrainian officials have suggested the latest pro-Russian unrest in the eastern part of the country is part of a "plan" by Moscow to destabilize its neighbor, prompting curt warnings from Russia, while U.S. officials have also questioned the "spontaneous" nature of the protests and are reportedly pressing for four-way talks on the crisis. http://www.rferl.org/content/yatsenyuk-says-moscow-behind-seizures-in-eastern-ukraine/25323861.html
         Kiev cracks down on eastern Ukraine cities after 2 proclaim independence: RT Reports:
 On Monday police clashed with anti-coup protesters in an effort to push the activists back from the city administration building. Kharkov demonstrators in the second-largest Ukrainian city took control of the building earlier in the day, after proclaiming independence of the region from Kiev. http://rt.com/news/kharkov-clashes-ukraine-independence-993/
         Ukrainian MPs brawl as nationalists are accused of playing into Russia's hands:
Communist leader pulled from rostrum as Kiev sends forces to eastern cities to oust protesters occupying government buildings.
         How Does The NPR Distinguish "Protesters" From "Mobs"?:
The U.S. National Public Radio on Ukraine: http://www.moonofalabama.org/2014/04/how-does-the-npr-distinguish-protesters-from-mobs-.html
         Nato warns Russia against further intervention:
Nato has warned Russia that further intervention in Ukraine would be a "historic mistake" with grave consequences.
         Moscow warns Kiev against using military, mercenaries in southeastern Ukraine:
The Russian Foreign Ministry has voiced concerns over the buildup of Ukrainian forces and US mercenaries in the southeastern part of the country, calling on Kiev to immediately cease military preparations which could lead to a civil war. http://rt.com/news/ukraine-military-mercenaries-buildup-013/
        'Blackwater' footage: Who are the mercenaries in Ukraine?:
Videos have sprung on YouTube alleging that the US private security service formerly known as Blackwater is operating in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Western press is hitting back, accusing Russia of fabricating reports to justify "aggression."
         NATO-No significant change in Russian troop positions near Ukraine:
NATO does not see significant changes in the positioning of Russian troops close to Ukraine's eastern border, a NATO military official said on Monday, after pro-Russian protesters seized public buildings in three cities in eastern Ukraine.
         Russian FM calls on Kiev, Washington not to ignore interests of all Ukraine regions:
Russia is ready for negotiations with the US, EU and Ukraine, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He added that the talks may start in 10 days. http://rt.com/news/russia-eu-us-ukraine-113/
         Ukraine turmoil LIVE UPDATES:
 Several dozens activists have broken into the prosecutor's office in Lvov, Western Ukraine, Itar-Tass news agency reports. They were trying to meet with prosecutor Vladimir Gural, recently appointed by the coup-imposed government in Kiev. Gural was out of his office.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ukraine Parliament Members Brawl as 'Civil War' Threatens
Criminal Court a US/Israeli "Red Line" for Palestinians
'Victory for Defenders of Privacy': Top EU Court Smacks Down Surveillance Law
Do the Afghan Presidential Elections Signify Progress?
Reprieve: Medical Report Reveals Full Extent of Guantanamo Brit's Illness; Motion Filed for His Urgent Release
Earthjustice: Victory for Wild Bison in Montana

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Media With Conscience<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Panel votes to declassify CIA torture report
         US Should Butt Out of Venezuela
Report: CIA misled US on torture of prisoners
         Nonviolent Geopolitics
Climate Change Inaction
         Western hypocrisy over Crimea
A Century of Deceit
         The New World Order?
EU leaders pile more pressure on Russia
         Mass strike paralyses Libya's Benghazi

Kiev threatens to sue Moscow over gas price
         Understanding Marx
Nonviolent Geopolitics
         The Monster on the Hill
Duplicitous Mideast Peace Talks
         The Roots of Iran's Nuclear Secrecy
WHO: Ebola outbreak among 'most challenging'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Release of Methane Is Causing Global Warming To Accelerate, Read the BuzzFlash Commentary
         Climate Change Philosopher a Target of Abusive Hate Campaign Read the Article at DeSmogBlog
Greed Is Good: A 300-Year History of a Dangerous Idea Read the Article at The Atlantic

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
U.S. accuses Russian agents of stirring eastern Ukraine unrest 9:23pm EDT

Troubled Mideast peace effort compounds U.S. policy woes in region
Kerry suggests Israeli housing announcement triggered impasse
U.S. warns on Iran 'breakout' capability as nuclear talks start
Venezuela government and foes talk; Vatican may mediate
As Japan weighs energy options, costs mount for idled reactors
Britain tightens rules to deter welfare-seeking foreign migrants

NATO to triple Baltic air patrol from next month3:59pm EDT
Japan, United States face off in crucial trade negotiations10:35pm EDT
>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

Vol MH370: l'épave découverte d'ici quelques jours?Plus
         Référendum en Catalogne: Madrid dit nonPlus
Lise Thibault: le juge entendra la requêtePlus
         Souveraineté: «Plus le droit à l'erreur», dit Bernard LandryPlus
Un centre islamique vandalisé à la hache à MontréalPlus
         Chambre des communes: le NPD sous enquêtePlus
Philippe Couillard: «Pas de compromis» sur l'intégritéPlus
         Virus électoral: Patrice Lemieux «félicite» MaroisPlus
Saint-Clet et Carignan partiellement inondéesPlus
         Massage érotique: 6 mois de prison pour leurrePlus
Ukraine: la crise s'intensifiePlus
         Saint-Alexis : une violente collision frontale fait un mortPlus

Frappe antidrogue en Montérégie: 13 arrestationsPlus
         55 vaches tuées par la foudrePlus
Nid-de-poule géant à Trois-RivièresPlus
         «Dur comme une autre défaite référendaire», dit LiséePlus
Élections: la stabilité plutôt que l'identité, selon TrudeauPlus
         Les libéraux, «un concentré de crosseurs» Plus
Souveraineté: Legault invite les péquistes à la «réflexion»Plus
         La commission examine les contrats du MTQPlus
Incendie à Magog: un corps retrouvé dans les décombresPlus
         Un piéton happé au centre-ville de MontréalPlus

Vol MH370: capter de nouveaux signauxPlus
         Couillard majoritaire, Marois démissionnePlus
Soirée électorale sous haute surveillancePlus

         La Coalition avenir Québec est «là pour rester». François Legault semble avoir réussi son pari: la troisième voie est toujours en vie.00h17