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The failure to transform public health care spending is a missed opportunity
         Where will health leadership come from now?
Putin's Invasion Plan for Ukraine
         Military Procurement: Why is it so hard to buy jet fighters or trucks?
Stephen Harper digs grave for Canada's Health Accord
         Stephen Harper blows up Democracy with 'dynamite' Fair Elections Act
Ford brothers are fans of Dimitri Soudas and Eve Adams
         An Open Letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne
The Constitutional Dangers in the Senate Reform and Nadon Debacles
         Stephen Harper promotes Keystone pipeline while denouncing Vladimir Putin

Canadians need to know more about the drugs we are taking
         Why our health system works for Canada
Manitoba Hydro and the Perils of Power
         Wynne says she had to threaten Hudak with lawsuit
Leaks sparked spy safety concerns: memos
         McDonald's could face charges: Kenney
Ken Hughes quits Alberta cabinet post
         Wrongfully convicted man testifies about case
Ken Hughes running to be Alberta PC leader
         Finance Minister Oliver pledges tax relief for families once budget balanced

Canadian marks 100 days in Cairo prison
         Quebecers vote for new government
Alberta Mounties posted to child abuse centres
         Canadian firms becoming more positive: BoC
Change debate on MD-assisted death: doctors
         Ottawa announces military projects in Halifax
Toronto Pan Am games looking for volunteers
         New poll suggests troubles for Manitoba NDP
Bank of Canada business survey finds more optimism for hiring, spending
         Wynne won't release libel notice to Hudak

Refusing to testify against a spouse prevents courts from seeking truth; MacKay
         Today on the Hill: Back to the future
Quebecers turn out to vote after nasty provincial election campaign
         Today on the Hill: Businesses, banks, gaze into Canada's economic future
Trudeau doesn't get middle class: Mulcair
         Hudak won't back down despite libel notice
Mulcair says he's only federal leader eligible to vote in Quebec election
         HMCS Athabaskan left with six punctures after tugboat crash, navy report says

Peter MacKay promises new prostitution bill before summer
         Tom Mulcair engages Justin Trudeau in battle for the middle class
Canadian working for UN killed by Somalia gunmen
         Investigate Fair Elections Act, says P.E.I. MLA
Temporary Foreign Worker program sanctions target 3 employers
         Rail safety: TSB discovers companies not reporting all derailments
Quebec election 2014: Ridings to watch on election night
         McDonald's accused of favouring foreign workers
5 things to watch on 2014 Quebec election night
         All Fuddle-Duddled Up Over Profanity


Right-to-die debate becoming increasingly irrelevant, experts argue
         NDP to be told to stop paying 'satellite' office staff with tax dollars
Quebec voters get their say today after ugly campaign
         Same airport, same day: second shipment of medical pot products seized
Justin Trudeau lacks understanding of middle class, says Tom Mulcair
         Five lessons from the Quebec election campaign
Sordid Soudas saga raises familiar questions about Harper's judgment
         Quebecers turn out to vote after nasty provincial election campaign

Man found guilty of murder in York University student's death
         Tory MP tweaks bill that would hand more power to Parliament, grassroots

Canadian eavesdropping agency fretted about staff safety following U.S. leaks
         Students, seniors latest groups to weigh in on elections reform as time runs out
Commanding officer of Alberta military base pleads not guilty to sex assault
         More work needed to achieve gender equality: Supreme Court chief justice
Hollywood movies coming to isolated First Nations reserves
         Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris says Donald Rumseld proved foggiest subject to date
Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney dies at age 93
         Recipes for paska, hot cross buns and Italian Easter bread
Homemade loaves of fragrant Easter bread central part of religious celebration
         Gallery: Easter breads around the world
Maple syrup a Canadian kitchen staple

New website aims to help seniors recognize, combat and conquer depression
         Experimental drug shows promising results against breast cancer
Can genome sequencing be used outsmart foodborne diseases?
         Adults vaccinated against measles decades ago aren't all immune, experts say
This week in health: Foods to eat when you're sick, donut-eating rats, and more
         Medical groups produce list of overused tests in 'Choosing Wisely' campaign

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Gov't Loans Saddling 'Most at Risk' Refugees with Debt
Canadians 'should be ashamed' of charging government-assisted refugees for resettlement: Surrey councillor.
Harper's (Un)Fair Elections Act Could Spark Voter Surge
Backlash swamped US Republicans who played similar game. By Murray Dobbin
Shortsighted Bill 24: Don't Cut Ag Land, Help Farmers
Most of our best food growing lands lie within zone to be less protected.
Who Gets in on NEB Pipeline Hearing? It's 'Kafkaesque' Says Planner
Now, experts wanting to weigh in must prove they'll be 'directly affected.'
VIDEO: Poilievre Calls Controversial Elections Act 'Terrific'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Over 100 scientists and economists call for rejection of Keystone XL pipeline
         Premier's ex-husband says Clark had insignificant ties to lobbying firm
Nanaimo city officials take a beating over Metro Van's Duke Point incinerator plan
         Game of Thrones S04E01 recap and review: Season 4 premiere spoiler alert
What to do when the IPCC gets you down
         Twenty one ways America would destroy a safe climate -- and one way they won't: US govt. report
Time for Clark to prove she calls the shots, not Enbridge
         Photos from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
J Fresh new wave of composers and performers lights up stages across Vancouver
         Verses Festival just one of many local events celebrating National Poetry Month
"Out of Sight" to be kept in mind: exhibition of New Acquisitions at the VAG
         Captain America Takes on Robert Redford; Donald Rumsfeld doesn't give an inch and Jason Priestley makes a movie

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Bill C-23 Puts Plan To Encourage Youth Voting In Jeopardy
         MacKay Defends Plan To Ditch 'Spousal Immunity'
Wynne Won't Release Libel Notice Sent To Hudak
         Manitoba New Democrats Struggling: Poll
Metis National Council Audit Raises 'Serious Issues'
         We're Cutting Your Taxes Whether You Like It Or Not
Brazeau Headed To The Wrestling Ring

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Adults formerly vaccinated against measles getting sick, suggesting immunity may wear off
         Most Canadians don't know Vimy Ridge was a WWI battle, new poll shows
Quebec votes: A Liberal minority government could have a short shelf life
         Five missteps of Pauline Marois during the Quebec election campaign
Foreign worker program rules too lax: B.C. Federation of Labour
         Consulted Calgarians OK with tax hike if services maintained
Secret Tory trust fund should be closed down, Hancock says
         Toronto reveals list of major 2014 road projects
Victoria McDonald's blacklisted amid foreign workers controversy
         Fredericton wood processor supplies guitar giants

Man wrongfully convicted of statutory rape says he never gave statement to RCMP
         Yukon hunter Heinz Naef sells world-record moose antlers
Inuit land claims group organizing giant sealfie to protest Ellen's Oscar selfie

         Canadians attacked in Barbados
How foreign workers program works

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Peter MacKay promises new prostitution bill before summer
         The failure to transform public health care spending is a missed opportunity
Quebec election a chance for province to finally break its separatist paradigm
         Harper's (Un)Fair Elections Act Could Spark Voter Surge
Quebec To Rebut Marois Style Hate Politics In Election Today
         Alberta's economy to surpass Quebec
Ryerson course in activism named after Jack Layton

         Let's not follow Harper's tough talk on Crimea crisis
Quebec election 2014: Ridings to watch on election night
         Elections bill 'exacerbates' lack of privacy, political parties micro-target voters more
NDP's new national director promises open nominations
         Tom Mulcair votes Liberal in Quebec election
Investigate Fair Elections Act, says P.E.I. MLA
         Flawed tests play down crude oil's explosiveness
Riding's Conservative rivals spar over Adams controversy
         Soudas' exit won't affect Conservative Party election readiness, Tory MPs say
Partisan poll supervisors could lead to intimidation on election day, say critics

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO
It is only a matter of time before it is universally recognized that the US is a failed state.

Ukraine officer killed by Russian soldier in Crimea:
A Russian soldier has shot dead a Ukrainian naval officer in eastern Crimea, Ukraine's defence ministry has claimed, in one of the few fatalities reported since Russia took control of the Black Sea peninsula.

Donetsk activists proclaim region's independence from Ukraine:
In the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, a group of activists have declared their region independent from Kiev. This comes after protesters stormed a local government building last night.

Ukraine: pro-Russia activists proclaim independent republic in Donetsk:
Protesters occupying government building in eastern city vow to follow Crimea in holding referendum on joining Russia

Pro-Russian activists in Kharkov awaiting reinforcements from Donetsk, Lugansk:
Activists established their own checkpoint at the entrance to the local administration building and check the documents of those who intend to enter the building. The activists also insist that police officers leave the building.

Turchynov cancels visit to Lithuania over Donetsk, Lugansk unrest:
"Turchynov has urgently convened a meeting of the law enforcement ministries and services' officials and will personally control the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in connection with the separatists' actions," the press serviced said.

Russia cannot afford 'collapsing state' in its backyard:
Russia needs to understand it is not in its interest "to have a collapsing state in its neighbourhood", German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said at the close of two-day talks with his 27 European Union counterparts.

Nato chief tells allies: spend more on defence to deter Russia:
Britain and its Nato allies must respond to Russia's "illegal aggression" against Ukraine by spending more on defence, the alliance's secretary general has said.

NATO says will limit access of Russian diplomats to alliance headquarters:
NATO said on Monday it would limit Russian diplomats' access to alliance headquarters in Brussels following its decision to suspend cooperation with Moscow because of Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea region.

Putin's Invasion Plan for Ukraine
         Let's not follow Harper's tough talk on Crimea crisis
Pro-Russian activists declare Ukrainian region of Donetsk independent, call for referendum
         Editorial: A turning point in Afghanistan
Op-Ed: Politics trumps geography in Ukraine
         Click Here To See Globalization and Technocracy

Europe's insouciance in the bear's shadow

         West and Russia play dangerous game in Ukraine

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Israel's Extremist Liberman Next Prime Minister?
         Immigrant Advocates and Families Tell President Obama 'Not One More'
Why do the Saudis Want the US to Attack Iran? (4/5)
         Elections, Pipelines, and Protests - The Canada Panel
Chris Hedges on "Israel's War on American Universities"
Yellen Talks the Talk But Will She Walk the Walk?
         Chris Hedges on "Israel's War on American Universities" Full Event
U.N. Climate Panel Issues Dire Warning of Threat to Global Food Supply, Calls For Action (2/2)
         RACHEL MADDOW: Nuclear Base Scandals Raise Concerns Of \'Rot\'
The Translator - An Iraqi Who Survived the War Tells His Story (animated film)
         Russell Brand ~ Worldwide #WaveOfAction
Occupy2.0?: Anonymous\' and others launch \" Worldwide

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
8 killed in local election clashes as Turkey splits over rival parties So urce
         Thousands hold anti-austerity demonstration in Athens Source
Will Russia protect its culture from Western culture? Source
         France ruling party suffers losses in elections Source
4.8 earthquake rocks US Yellowstone National Park Source
         DARPA project seeks hive mind for drones Source
Turkey launches espionage probe after new online leaks Source
         Idaho Family Terrorized by Midnight Paramilitary Raid Source
Anti-government protests continue in Venezuela Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

MH370 'may have flown around Indonesia to avoid detection
         Missing Plane: MH370 Team Detects Two Signals
Missing Plane: HMS Echo Joins Black Box Hunt
         Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: More ships rush to probe signals after another heard

Flight 370 flew north of Indonesia and around its airspace in journey to Indian Ocean - report -
         Obama Puts CIA in Charge of Deciding Which Parts of CIA Torture Report Will Stay Secret
Merkel ally says U.S. assurances on NSA spying 'insufficient' -
         Edward Snowden May Be Questioned in Germany
Ukraine nationalists attempt storm on Kiev Supreme Court
         Protesters raise Russian flag over eastern Ukrainian city
Pro-Russia protesters storm regional govt building in east Ukraine
         US to send more missile capable warships to Japan

Japan orders military to strike any new North Korea missile launches
         Cuba slams United States 'subversive plans'
Recent Measles Outbreak: Vaccines and the Vaccinated Found to Be Guilty

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Sergei Lavrov: 'It Is Not Russia Destabilizing Ukraine'
Rejecting Tar Sands Key Step in 'Decarbonizing' World's Energy Economy
Ukraine Boils as Eastern Cities Rise Up Against Kiev Authority
Rebecca Solnit: Call Climate Change What It Is: Violence
Paul Buchheit: Eight Headlines the Mainstream Media Doesn't Have the Courage to Print

Alec Luhn: Will the IMF Bailout Turn Ukraine Into Another Greece?
Harvey Wasserman: Solartopia! Winning the Green Energy Revolution
Center for Biological Diversity: House Republicans Hold Anti-Endangered Species Hearing on Bills to Weaken Endangered Species Act
NRDC Report: Potentially Unsafe Chemicals in Food Threaten Public Health

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Defining the Real Terrorism
         Lawmakers Are Calling on the EPA To Investigate Water Contamination From Fracking, and More
The Climate Change Wars Have Already Begun

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Washington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Kiev says Russia provoking trouble in eastern Ukraine
Monkey Cage: The less Americans know about Ukraine's location, the more they want intervene

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Economic History: Warfare and the Invention of GDP
After Crimea: What Next, in Five Steps
Yanukovich's Amazing Chutzpah
Donetsk: Better to Join the UK than Russia
"GDP: A Brief, but Affectionate History"
Russia: Pushing Back at the United States
Obama's Whitewashed History
Responsible Art: Anatol Zukerman on the United States
Ukrainian Crisis Key to World's Future

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

Québec Solidaire: Amir Khadir réélu dans MercierPlus
         La CAQ chauffe le PQ dans LanaudièrePlus
Les régions du Québec illustrent l'écrasante victoire libéralePlus
         Quelques gains pour la CAQ en MontérégiePlus
Élections: manifestation à MontréalPlus
         Victoire du PLQ: Justin Trudeau se réjouitPlus
La région de Québec redevient libéralePlus
         Le PLQ vainqueur à Montréal et à LavalPlus
Les libéraux font des gains au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-JeanPlus
         PKP élu et la CAQ consolide dans les LaurentidesPlus

Le PLQ élu, Marois défaite dans son comtéPlus
         Notre dossier Élections provinciales 2014Plus
Virus électoral: Un beigne contre un votePlus
         Les défis économiques du prochain gouvernementPlus
Virus électoral: Le jeu 2048 s'inspire de la campagnePlus
         Elle démembre son compagnon et le fait mijoter à la marmitePlus
Ukraine: proclamation de souveraineté dans l'EstPlus
         Il tente d'échapper à la police et s'inflige de graves blessuresPlus
Pierre Karl Péladeau a voté dans Saint-JérômePlus
         Élections: taux de participation de 52,81% à 17h30Plus

Un jeune conducteur meurt dans une collision frontalePlus
         Un entraîneur coupable d'agressions sexuelles contre onze garçons Plus
Prostitution: Ottawa présentera bientôt sa réforme Plus
         Deux employés de l'ONU tués en SomaliePlus
Le Rwanda commémore le génocidePlus
         MH370: de nouveaux signaux détectésPlus
Ukraine: des pro-russes passent à l'offensive dans l'estPlus



Leading & Elected Summary

  • LIB: 70
  • PQ: 30
  • CAQ: 22
  • QS: 3
  • OTH: 0
Elected & Leading results last published: Apr. 8, 2014, 12:05 AM EDT125 Seats Total

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UPDATED Quebec Liberals win majority government

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