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Former aboriginal police chief fired by Julian Fantino takes case to court
         Smarmy or savvy? Conservative minister Poilievre evokes strong reactions
Tax agency fails to create new strategy for cheats after three-year effort

Women in trades: Veterans say changes needed to boost numbers
         Booming Alberta faces growing rural homeless problem
Advice for politicians caught in the media firestorm

         McDonald's foreign workers call it 'slavery' video
Income tax deadline has passed, but what happens if you didn't file a return? video
         Housing market 'extremely discouraging' for first-time buyers
Low interest rates come with high cost for savers, retirees audio

DND examines reports and costs of improved 24-7 search-and-rescue response 10 hours ago
         Peguis First Nation stays on flood watch as river recedes 9 hours ago
Guerrilla wedding risky, but cost-efficient 9 hours ago
         How Canada's incoherence on climate is killing Keystone 9 hours ago

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New federal law on prostitution coming soon
         The week the Tories took out the trash
A new 'OPP' could be a lifeline for Ontarians
         Premier Kathleen Wynne's budget has to pass a high bar
What if Ford and Wynne win?
         The door to a democratic Senate is still open
Senate reform laudable, but not at Constitution's expense
         Advice for politicians caught in the media firestorm
The Robocall scandal that wasn't

Protests held against Harper government's controversial elections bill
         Montreal pilot project will let some bars stay open all night
3 roadblocks to the robocalls probe ­ and their possible fixes
         RCMP introduce new code of conduct
Longtime Canadian election monitors left out of Ukraine mission
         Unanimous ruling sets out roadmap to constitutional change
Dear CRA: Herewith, my 2013 economic action plan
         Manitoba could lead charge to abolish Senate
Call a referendum and abolish the Senate, Maxime Bernier says
         Pierre Poilievre unveils changes to Fair Elections Act after weeks of damaging criticism

Watt had no role in MP Adams' nomination campaign, casting doubt on rival's cost estimate
         Court sanctions talks on Mobilicity deal
Couillard must make 'difficult' choices to fix Quebec's finances, report says
         CPC MP Greg Kerr won't re-offer in next federal election

'Tragedy in the Commons,' through the eyes of former MPs

Feds not out of options on Senate reform, Senator Segal says
Employers must 'redouble' on efforts to hire Canadians first: Kenney

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TPP Unraveling?
         The Rise of the Far Right as the Euro-Crisis Hits France
The Breakdown of Democracy
         27th Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster: 10 Disturbing Facts About the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History

The Next Potential Financial Crisis - David Dayen Discusses
         The Frightening New Technology Transforming State Surveillance
\"Silenced\" Film Explores the Human Toll of Obama\'s Crackdown on National Security Whistleblowers
         In Landmark Ruling, U.S. Ordered to Release Memo Behind Targeted Killings of U.S. Citizens

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         Pentagon considers assisting Iraqi forces as U.S. sends more intelligence officers
25 Apr 2014 The United States is quietly expanding the number of intelligence officers in Iraq and holding urgent meetings in Washington and Baghdad to find ways to counter growing violence by Islamic militants, U.S. government sources said. A high-level Pentagon team is now in Iraq to assess possible assistance for Iraqi forces in their fight against radical jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a group reconstituted from an earlier incarnation of al Qaeda [al-CIAduh], said two current government officials and one former U.S. official familiar with the matter.
         US, UK-run secret jails found in Afghanistan 26 Apr 2014 An Afghan fact-finding committee says it has uncovered secret jails in southern Afghanistan run by US-led foreign forces. The commission, appointed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai to probe jails run by US and British forces in the country, made the revelation on Saturday. "We have conducted a thorough investigation and search of Kandahar Airfield and Camp Bastion and found several illegal and unlawful detention facilities run and operated by foreign military forces," said Abdul Shakur Dadras, the head of the committee.
         Pro-Russian separatists seize control of TV HQ in east Ukraine city --Crowd of 400 people outside chanted 'Russia!' 27 Apr 2014 Pro-Russian separatists on Sunday seized control of the offices of regional state television in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk and said they would take it off air and broadcast a Kremlin-backed Russian channel instead. A Reuters reporter said four separatists in masks, with truncheons and shields, were standing at the entrance to the building controlling access, while more separatists in camouflage fatigues could be seen inside.
         Russia questions NATO military buildup near border 26 Apr 2014 The deployment of US and NATO aviation, ships and troops raises concerns, Russia's Chief of General Staff told his American counterpart. In a phone conversation the two also spoke of Russian military exercises and "substantial" Ukrainian troop buildup. "Our concern is caused by an increase of US air force and the American military personnel in the Baltic, Poland, and also the Alliance's ships in the Black Sea," the Defense Ministry said in a statement, quoting General Valery Gerasimov. NATO wargames in Eastern Europe are also "not helping" to normalize the situation, Russia's defense minister Sergey Shoigu said earlier.
         Self-defense forces detain OSCE group in eastern Ukraine 25 Apr 2014 Anti-government activists have detained the OSCE observer mission near Slavyansk, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has said. A protest leader in Slavyansk says they detained a vehicle carrying Ukrainian military, foreign citizens and bullet shells. The OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) military mission working in eastern Ukraine has been detained by a group of "terrorists," Kiev authorities said Friday.
         NYT-State Dept 'Russians in Ukraine' image proof collapses 25 Apr 2014 Pictures presented by Washington and Kiev as evidence of Russia's involvement in Ukraine, and published on Monday by the New York Times, were unverified and in fact contradicted the claims they were to support. The US State department acknowledged the error and the New York Times back-tracked on its Monday story, which claimed "photographs and descriptions from eastern Ukraine endorsed by the Obama administration...suggest that many of the green men are indeed Russian military and intelligence forces".
         Ecuador expels US military attaches 25 Apr 2014 Ecuador has ordered all 20 defence department employees in the US embassy's military group to leave the country by the end of the month, Associated Press says. The group was ordered to halt operations in Ecuador in a letter dated 7 April, said embassy spokesman Jeffrey Weinshenker. AP was first alerted to the expulsions by a senior Ecuadorean official who refused to be identified by name due to the information's sensitive nature.

         USociopaths trolling for more wars: Obama reminds North Korea of U.S. 'military might' 26 Apr 2014 President Barack Obama said on Saturday the United States did not use its military might to "impose things" on others, but that it would use that might if necessary to defend South Korea from any attack by the reclusive North. The North warned last month it would not rule out a "new form" of atomic test after the U.N. Security Council condemned Pyongyang's launch of a mid-range ballistic missile into the sea east of the Korean peninsula.
         Phone Company Bid to Keep Data From N.S.A. Is Rejected --Since 2006, a series of judges on the secret surveillance court have repeatedly ordered companies to participate in program  --Identity of co. censored in documents that were made public 26 Apr 2014 A telephone company asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in January to stop requiring it to give records of its cust-mers' calls to the National Security Agency, in light of a ruling by a Federal District Court judge that the N.S.A. program is likely unconstitutional, according to court papers declassified on Friday. But Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, another Federal District Court judge who also sits on the secret surveillance court, rejected the request -- and her colleague's legal analysis -- in a 31-page ruling on March 20, the newly declassified papers show.
         KKK Forms Neighborhood Watch to Complement Police in Pennsylvania Town 22 Apr 2014 After a string of local break ins, a Pennsylvania chapter of one of America's largest hate groups is taking matters into its own hands. On Monday, the Ku Klux Klan established a neighborhood watch to monitor criminal activity in Fairview Township, Pennsylvania. According to the Imperial Wizard, Frank Ancona, the task force was developed to complement existing police efforts -- and people in the town have purportedly called on the KKK to do what local authorities aren't
         Arkansas Voter ID Law Struck Down 24 Apr 2014 An Arkansas law requiring voters to present government-approved forms of ID was struck down by a state circuit court judge today for being unconstitutional. Last April, the Arkansas legislature overrode its own governor's veto to pass the law, which still allowed voters without ID to cast a provisional vote that would only count if they were later able to provide ID to an official or demonstrate that they were too poor to obtain one. No provisions were included in the law to provide transportation for the people who were too poor to afford an ID. While student IDs from out of state schools were not considered acceptable forms of ID, concealed handgun carry licenses were.

         Polar Bears on Thin Ice, Arctic Expedition Finds 22 Apr 2014 An expedition to the islands of Svalbard, Norway, to study how rising temperatures and melting sea ice are affecting polar bears concluded Monday (April 21). Over the 10-day trek, researchers outfitted female bears with satellite tracking collars that will send back data, giving researchers a picture of how shrinking sea ice may be affecting the polar bears' movements and denning patterns.
         Global Warming: NASA On Alert as Giant Antarctica Iceberg Breaks Into Ocean --Iceberg is bigger than Chicago 24 Apr 2014 An iceberg bigger than Chicago is being monitored by Nasa after breaking into the ocean off Antarctica. The sheet, known as B31, is one of the biggest on the planet at 255 square miles (660 sq km). Nasa has been monitoring Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier since a crack was spotted in 2011, amid fears any iceberg could contribute to rising sea levels.

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