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Online petition on Fair Elections Act gets almost 50,000 signatures in 24 hours
         Jason Kenney says Manitoba government should apologize for immigration event
McDonald's pauses its foreign workers program
         Couillard: tough economic decisions loom
Feds vow to phase out old tank cars before US
         Up to 500 Canadians to watch Ukraine election
Canada's oil, gas look good to Europe: envoy
         In Kitimat, no means no to Enbridge, but other options still on the table
Canada's oil, gas catch Europe's eye amid Ukraine troubles: Polish ambassador
         Ottawa phases out unsafe rail tank cars, pulls 5,000 cars immediately: Raitt
B.C. producer recalls batch of medicinal pot

Union to ask for police probe
         RCMP's Italian-made executive plane up for auction online
Tom Mulcair rails against deleted Duffy-Wright emails
         The growing pandemic of political speak
The Koch brothers: Who are they and why do Democrats hate them?
         Shakespeare at 450: How science may have influenced his work
Netflix set to 'grow like crazy' despite price increase

New study picks the best Canadian cities for women
         Weyburn restaurant defends staffing moves and use of foreign temps
Gas price jump 'doesn't make sense' video
         Ron MacLean won't be reprimanded over Quebec refs comment video audio
Elk herd filmed swimming in Canmore's Bow River

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservatives to propose new risk-sharing pension plans
         Service sector sees spike in temporary foreign workers
Ottawa to strengthen rail-safety rules
         Academics call on Tories to drop Fair Elections Act

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Lottery Corp. Pushed Slot Gambling on Five Ferry Routes
         lurry of discussions among gov't, BCLC and BC Ferries revealed via freedom of info request.
No Cross-Exam in Trans Mountain Hearing Hurts NEB Credibility: Economist
         ral process needed for accountability, says Robyn Allan.
Biomass Fuel: Worse for Climate than Coal?
         It depends. Do you mean now, or decades later? Part of a series.
Savouring Sharpernfreude
         sk yourself. Do you really want the besieged and bedraggled S. Harper gone any time too soon?
VIEW: Parents plead against education cuts in open letter to premier
         ewspapers hire ex-Clark aide to oppose her new recycling scheme

VIEW: Trinity Western seeks protection from discrimination in order to promote it
         ureaucrats expected Les contract controversy
VIDEO: The New Corporate Irresponsibility Campaign (WARNING: Language)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ottawa announces rail-safety changes, but critics say measures fall short 3 hours ago
         Canadian middle-class isn't better off despite NY Times report, Liberals retort 6 hours ago
El Nino forecast suggests next winter will be warm 9 hours ago
         Ottawa to propose new pension scheme, but not budging on CPP expansion 2 hours 40 minutes ago
RCMP won't investigate after 'intoxicated' 18-year-old girl reportedly rushed from PM's residence 9 hours ago
         Gas price jump 'doesn't make sense' 7 hours ago
Singer Ginette Reno, the Habs' good luck charm? 8 hours ago
         Which Canadian city is the best to live in if you're a woman? Not Edmonton 10 hours ago

Gun crime has fallen sharply in last few years, new StatsCan figures show
         Chinese-only sign stirs language controversy in Richmond, B.C.
Federal Conservatives vault to the top in new opinion poll
         Teachers' job action starts today at B.C. schools
B.C. family with epileptic child wants law allowing her to use medical marijuana
         B.C. health-care worker fired for not getting flu shot or wearing mask
EPCOR backtracks on massive power bill after meter mix-up
         Builders bring container house concept to Alberta
Executive committee rejects pay hike for Toronto councillors
         Philippe Couillard unveils new Liberal cabinet

Aristospan delays painful for kids with arthritis
         Website puts New Brunswickers' health under the microscope
Igloolik, Nunavut filmmakers turn the lens on suicide

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservatives to propose new risk-sharing pension plans
         Trudeau runs from middle class questions following report

Time to retire claims that Canada's middle class is 'struggling'
         Why being elected doesn't = accountability
Inequality is bad for citizens, nations and the economy
         Trudeau's middle-class mantra needs rethinking
Fair elections are about basic rights
         Dying well: Why we all need to have end of life conversations
Good Friday news reveals bad politics
         Herb Gray's respect for parliament was something the Harper government could learn from

Ambulance called to PM's place for drunk 18-year-old
         EMS called to 24 Sussex on Saturday night, RCMP confirm
Liberals strongest, Grits and NDP have greatest percentage of accessible voters, Harper, Trudeau tight on preferred PM
         The Macleod byelection: A Liberal western populist takes on the 'sure thing'
Michael Ignatieff's uncle spied on suspected Nazis, MI5 files show
         Australia to buy 58 new F-35 fighter jets
F-35 orders strong despite US budget uncertainties: Lockheed
         Public servants warned Jason Kenney of "obvious data gaps" in jobs stats: internal docs
Some emails in Duffy spending affair reportedly deleted despite orders to retain them
         Service sector sees spike in temporary foreign workers

Prime Minister's Office tweets still blurring party lines
         Democracy group wants to lay private charges against Wright
Documents detail federal push to get war crimes website online
         Keystone Allies Say New Delay Aids Push to Bypass Obama
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
How Effective Is Pakistan's Disaster Authority? – Analysis
         Japan Economy Still Feels The Downside Of Fukushima
Libya In Chaos: Between Tribalism And Federalism – Analysis
         Russia, Yemen Seek To Boost Military Cooperation
EULEX Mandate Extended Amid Reports Of Corruption Investigations Into EULEX Judges And Prosecutors – OpEd
         New Electoral System Should Be Designed For Turkish Democracy
EU Climate Chief Urges China To Show Commitment
         Algerians Await Bouteflika Reforms
India: Need For Reforming Poll-Management – Analysis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         Lavrov: If We're Attacked, We'll Certainly Respond
''Russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the Russian Federation,''
         Prepping for a Ukrainian Massacre
Official Washington is readying the American people to view the slaughter of eastern Ukrainians as justified because they are "terrorists" and linked to the hated Russians.
         Putin's Dilemma
The trouble with Washington's Ukraine policy, is that it leaves Putin with few options.
         John Kerry, Clueless Buffoon
In a candid moment, the US Secretary of State reveals the secret of American foreign policy.
         Jihadists Now Control Secretive U.S. Base in Libya:
A key jihadist leader and longtime member of al Qaeda has taken control of a secretive training facility set up by U.S. special operations forces on the Libyan coastline

         Ukraine re-launches crackdown, says it has U.S. backing:
It was unclear what steps, in reality, Kiev could take to restore its authority in the mainly Russian-speaking east, without wrecking an international deal, signed last week in Geneva, designed to defuse the stand-off.,0,5131449.story
         U.S. sending troops to Eastern Europe:
The U.S. is sending about 600 ground troops to Eastern Europe this week to "reassure" allies there as Washington resumes its campaign of pressure on Russia over the Ukraine standoff.
         NATO Minesweepers Set off on Baltic Deployment:
Five NATO mine-hunting ships set off Tuesday on a deployment in the Baltic Sea, part of the alliance's efforts to strengthen its presence in Europe's ex-communist east as members there worry about Russia's intentions in Ukraine.
         Moscow warns Kiev to pull back troops:
Russia insists that Kiev pull back its troops from eastern Ukraine, as it accuses Washington of distorting Geneva pact.
         Russia warns of response if pro-Federalist rebels attacked in Ukraine:
Russia issued a blunt warning Wednesday it would respond if its interests are attacked in Ukraine, as pro-Kremlin rebels in the restive east of the country braced for a new military offensive by Kiev.

         Reports of US-made weapons used by Ukraine have to be investigated, says Lavrov:
Storehouses with ammunition and weapons, produced in the U.S. and found in Ukraine, were shown on television several days ago and Moscow would like this to be investigated, Lavrov said in an interview with the RT TV channel.
         US State Dept publishes 'evidence' of Russian 'involvement' in Ukraine :
Video -
         NYT Retracts Russian-Photo Scoop:
Two days after the New York Times led its editions with a one-sided article about photos supposedly proving that Russian special forces were behind the popular uprisings in eastern Ukraine, the Times published what you might call a modified, limited retraction.
         Dutch scramble jets after Russian bombers approach:
The Dutch ministry identified the planes as two Russian TU-95 Bears, and said it had launched two F-16s from Volkel air force base to intercept them. The Russian jets were escorted by aircraft from the Netherlands, Britain and Denmark until they departed.
         Moscow to meet Ukraine for energy talks as European Union frees gas for Kiev:
 European and Russian officials will meet this week and next for emergency talks to try to prevent Moscow cutting off gas supply to Ukraine, as Europe explores how to pump more gas to the struggling country.

         IMF Agrees $17bn Loan To Ukraine:
International Monetary Fund staff endorsed a $17 billion loan to Ukraine to help the government pay its bills amid a projected economic contraction of 5 percent this year, according to government officials who have seen the recommendations.
         Sickened family awarded $3 million in landmark fracking case:
"The first fracking verdict in U.S. history" holds the industry responsible for health and property damage
         Former Mobil Oil exec urges brakes on gas fracking:
"Making fracking safe is simply not possible, not with the current technology, or with the inadequate regulations being proposed," said Allstadt, retired executive vice president of Mobil.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kiev Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Associated Press: Amid Russia warning, Ukraine is in a security bind
         Reuters: US calls comments by Russia's Lavrov 'ludicrous'
Reuters: Ukraine revolt shows faces, but whose are the brains?
         Daniel J. Graeber: Putin is losing Eastern European energy gamble
New York Times: Shaky start to Ukraine's military push amid frayed Geneva deal
         Boris Danik: Ukraine would be better off without Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts
Damon Golriz: Putin's greatest fear is a Ukrainian success story
         Reuters: Russia says it will respond if Ukraine interests attacked
New York Times: US military exercises to begin in Eastern Europe
         Judy Dempsey: Germany's dangerous blindness over Russia

SBU blames Russian military intelligence officers for killing Horlivka deputy
         Michael O'Hanlon: No drama in Obama's Ukraine policy
New York Times: Russia warns Ukraine of potential military response
         Guardian: US warns Russia over Ukraine as Moscow announces military exercises
Yulia Latynina: Russia's new war technology in Ukraine
         Anders Aslund: Russia is in no economic shape to fight a war
Dmitry Tymchuk's military blog: Rating the extremist threat in Ukraine's oblasts
         Reuters: Ukraine's leaders say have US backing to take on 'aggressors'
Ukraine – by Interfax-Ukraine
2 3 ...68

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Voice of Russia<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Russia assures WTO that US violates rights of Russian citizens
         Russian FM warns Ukraine election will be 'destructive' without southeastern regions' support
Russian FM Lavrov urges US to 'act responsibly' on Ukraine
         Right Sector still active despite Geneva deals - Russian FM
Syria chemical disarmament 'going very well' - Lavrov
         Pentagon opposes sanctions on Russia's arms exporter – newspaper
Russian armed forces to get modernized Pantsir-S air defense system by year-end
         Russia continues supplying its nuclear fuel to Ukrainian NPP - Energoatom
Obama's foreign policy in Ukraine failed: everything he touches falls apart
         US to use situation in Ukraine for destabilizing EU, Russia - geopolitical expert

Russia insists on Ukrainian army pullback from southeastern Ukraine
         Russia surprised by US, Ukraine misinterpreting Geneva agreement - Moscow
Additional sanctions against Russia unlikely to solve Ukrainian crisis - Austria
         Reports on US weapons in Ukraine should be investigated - Lavrov
Russians think their country's isolation is unlikely - poll
         Russia, EU, Ukraine, Slovakia may hold gas talks on Apr 24 - Ukrainian energy minister

Ukrainian extremists move headquarters from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk 1:34
         All news

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