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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Keystone delay disappoints Joe Oliver
         B.C. producer recalls batch of medicinal pot
No state funeral for Herb Gray, says PMO
         PQ looking ahead to 2018 election
Keystone may be stalled, but not the protests
         1 in 3 Canadians suffered some child abuse
Environmentalists decry CNRL regulator OK
         Lawyer asks court to shut odorous oilsands plant
Bernanke says US economy on path to recovery
         Scrap foreign workers program, say critics

Canadian sailor dies in Tanzanian hospital
         Alberta's Hancock to meet with PM Harper next week to discuss Keystone pipeline
Ukraine said on 'brink' of civil war
         PMO says it's helping Gray family, but won't say if state funeral in cards
Harbour cleanup plan will take time: premier
         Manitoba bill proposes ban on some pesticides
Tit-for-tat: Russia expels Canadian diplomat
         Alberta organ, tissue donation goes online
Canada backs NATO's eastern members: Baird
         Ottawa must keep cap on 'reckless' spending over next year: finance minister

B.C. car dealers may be violating drivers' privacy, claims whistleblower
         Support pours in for Weyburn, Sask., waitresses who lost jobs
CFB Esquimalt sailor found dead in Tanzanian hotel
         Skilled immigrants to be offered 'express entry' to Canada in 2015
Alcohol blamed for thousands of new cancer cases annually in Ontario
         Calgary woman gets letter with 6-cent stamp 45 years late audio
Netflix fee hikes coming for new Canadian subscribers

Skilled immigrants to be offered 'express entry' to Canada in 2015
         No state funeral for 'great Canadian' Herb Gray
Sewage sludge on farm fields: how researchers are trying to make sure it's safe
         Housing market 'extremely discouraging' for first-time buyers
Electric cars at a 'tipping point'

B.C. humpbacks lose 'threatened' status, opening door for Northern Gateway 62 4
         Dr. Marla Shapiro: Options when it comes to weight-loss surgery
Earth Day: Next generation of conservationists take a stand
         E-cigarettes in regulatory grey zone: Are they banned or aren't they?
Union warns of reduced meat inspections
         Canada's middle class now richest in the world: report
Replace temporary foreign workers program with training, immigration: critics
         Make climate change matter, or else, author argues
Powdered alcohol for U.S. market hits label snag
         Preparation can help to quell motion sickness, say experts

Highlighting alcohol-cancer link, group advises limiting intake
         Make climate change matter, or else, author argues
Dr. Marla Shapiro: Options when it comes to weight-loss surgery

Evidence in Toronto streetcar shooting will shock public, constable's lawyer says
         Montreal advances to 2nd round with sweep over Tampa Bay
Documents detail federal push to get war crimes website online
         Fisheries Minister says Morrissey 'brainwashed' about seal hunt
Democracy group wants to lay private charges against Wright

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Vaughan could be next MP of Toronto's Trinity-Spadina: poll
         Why the next election could be fought on trade
Lack of funds keeps Statscan study from public
         Wynne can't have it both ways with McGuinty's record
On Trudeau anniversary, Tories feeling the heat

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
National Gallery's Marc Mayer curbs travel and hospitality spending
         Union taking fight over essential workers to court
Ottawa public servant's Jeopardy! run comes to an end
         Where hockey and politics meet

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Are Climate Claims for Burning Renewable Trees a Smokescreen?
The answer surprised us too. First in a series.
Beauty, Love... and Politics: Ian Reid, 1955-2014
Deep principle, clear-eyed realism were at the heart of NDP strategist's approach to life.
Feds Massively Changing Trademark Law with No Debate
Overhaul buried in budget implementation bill. Unconstitutional? By Michael Geist
Vancouver Is Right to End Chainsaw Massacres
Cutting down healthy trees for selfish reasons just isn't neighbourly.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ottawa reduces threat level for humpback whales off B.C. coast 3 hours ago
MPs debate Ottawa's decision to remove the North Pacific humpback whale from the 'threatened' species list
         Federal Conservatives vault to the top in new opinion poll 6 hours ago
Canada's middle class surpasses that in the U.S., says New York Times report 1 hour 49 minutes ago
         Stalling Keystone will hurt U.S. energy security, Canadian economy: Oliver 2 hours 49 minutes ago
NFB's 'Circa 1948' project show Vancouver through app and installation1 hour 41 minutes ago
         B.C. car dealers may be violating drivers' privacy, claims whistleblower 1 hour 9 minutes ago
Gardens pedophile Gordon Stuckless pleads guilty to 100 more counts 7 hours ago
         Alberta hopes to ram world record with humongous horns from bighorn sheep 3 hours ago
Parti Quebecois says it will digest election defeat and be ready for 2018 3 hours ago
         Alcohol blamed for thousands of new cancer cases annually in Ontario 3 hours ago

Calgary stabbings prompt 1,000 students to request exam deferrals 6 hours ago
         Replace temporary foreign workers program with immigration, incentives: critics 4 hours ago
Russia's Putin wants beefed-up presence in Arctic 8 hours ago
         Proposed bylaw would effectively ban public smoking in Victoria, B.C. 7 hours ago

Should Herb Gray be given a state funeral?
         Vancouver clinic changes may leave patients without doctors, says report
Alberta child advocate's role to grow in new child intervention rules
         Massive Alberta bighorn may be biggest ever
Ombudsman blasts TCH boss Gene Jones on hiring practices
         B.C. latest province to fund special breast cancer treatment test
Liberal victory in Quebec could spell a Tory victory in Ontario: Hudak
         Temporary foreign workers fill gaps, say N.B. businesses

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Canadian soldiers headed to Kabul told not to expect danger pay

         Some emails in Duffy spending affair reportedly deleted despite orders to retain them
ime Minister's Office tweets still blurring party lines

Kenney slams millionaire anti-pipeline advocate
         Rail safety on track: New measures will improve preparedness and response
On Trudeau anniversary, Tories feeling the heat
         The Gray Fog rolls out
The grandfather clock that kept the Liberals ticking
         Reform fades into history
Free speech founders without judgment, tolerance
         Obama gives Canada cold shoulder

Liberals cling to bad public policies
         PM's security squad racked up more than $23 million in cost overruns
The Keystone Pipeline Sideshow
         Union taking fight over essential workers to court
TransCanada hurt by Keystone delay, but producers exploring alternatives
         Opposition parties 'hypocritical' for decrying elimination of vouching: Minister
Wynne TV ads fan speculation of May election
         Conservatives lead Liberals, NDP among both eligible and likely voters in April
ifteen MP Retirements and Their Impact in 2015
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Daily Star, Beirut - Lebanon<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Biden visits Ukraine as Russia, U.S. exchange blame
         Attacks kill four Yemeni officers in two days
Seabed hunt for Malaysia jet stretches beyond week
         Iraq-Turkey pipeline 'unusable' due to attacks
U.S. justices to review Jerusalem birthplace law

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Imprisoning Themselves to Stay Safe
         Obama Seeks to Reassure Anxious Asians on "Rebalance"
Azerbaijan Backing Turkey's Crackdown on Gülen Movement India's Women Lose the Election
         Poland Uses Ukraine to Push Coal
When Not To Go To School
         U.S. Foreign Aid Approach Is Outdated, Experts Say
Ostracised and Isolated: Muslim Prisoners in the U.S.
         South Sudan Dictates Media Coverage of Conflict
Civil Society Wants More Influence in New Development Agenda

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Chinese Citizens Beat Government Bureaucrats During Mass Riot Source
         Protesters violently clash with police in Venezuela Source
Hillary Clinton running for 2016 president – her biographer Source
         DARPA producing sea-floor drone pods Source
NASA's latest robotic space explorer crashes into Moon Source
         E-cigarettes dangerous, at least 50 complaints in US alone Source
Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave Source
         Study: US no longer a democracy Source
Boston police evacuate marathon finish line, detonate device Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

NASA Expert Warns of Rogue Geoengineers and Chemtrail Consequences
         The Risks Are Massive: "Will Likely Lead to Famine and Civil Unrest"
Gov't Study Concludes Ethanol NOT Better for the Environment than Gasoline

         Lawmakers Want to Mandate Epidemics!
What is Patriotism?
         Here Come The Boots On The Ground: US Troops Heading To Eastern Europe
American Middle Class Is No Longer the World's Richest
         Reid: 'Something Will Happen' To Stop Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy
Russia postpones planting of GMOs by 3 years
         Scientists 'edit' DNA to correct adult genes and cure diseases
Gardasil and Vitamin Deficiency?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kiev Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Russia Displays a New Military Prowess in Ukraine's East
         Under Russia, Life in Crimea Grows Chaotic

Under Russia, Life in Crimea Grows ChaoticAPRIL 21, 2014
         Russia Accuses Kiev of Flouting Ukraine AccordAPRIL 21, 2014
The Lede: American Reporter Held by Ukraine SeparatistsAPRIL 22, 2014
         Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to RussiaAPRIL 20, 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kiev Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
21:22• Putin orders to cancel air travel VAT to Crimea, build crossing via Kerch Strait in 2018
21:14•    OSCE mission calling Donetsk officials, separatists to dialogue, de-escalation
20:57• Ukrainian Air Force plane comes under fire over Sloviansk, no one hurt
19:57•    Turchynov orders restart of anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine
19:46• Dead body resembling kidnapped deputy of Horlivka council found in Sloviansk
19:32•    Medvedev: Russia's post-Soviet aid for Ukraine totals $250 billion
19:28• Donetsk People's Republic activists pledge to vacate part of administration building
19:21•    Finance Ministry says state debt set to reach 52.7 percent of GDP this year
19:17• Prosecutor: Bullets from Right Sector Muzychko's body, and wounded policeman fired from same gun
18:38•    Yatsenyuk: Ukraine urges Russia not to 'behave like gangsters' in international politics

18:36• Interior Ministry: Kyivmiskbud officials embezzle property worth over Hr 1 billion
17:38•    Biden: US to support civil society in Ukraine
17:33• Court arrests Berkut commander suspected of mass killings on Kyiv Maidan
17:12•    Biden: US providing technical assistance to Ukraine worth $20 million
Police: Body of Pro-Ukrainian Horlivka City Councilman found dead in river
         OSCE calls for release of American Ostrovsky, other journalists in eastern Ukraine
Authorities: Russia behind Easter weekend attacks and building seizures in eastern regions (VIDEO)
         Activists negotiating for release of journalist taken captive by pro-Russian militants in Slovyansk
US official: People in Ukraine's east enthusiastic about presidential election

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Voice of Russia<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ukraine destined to cooperate with Russia, Belarus - Lukashenko
         US aims to prevent Ukraine from becoming Russia-EU bridge - Germans write to Putin
US frigate to enter Black Sea April 23 - source
         Web activists thank Russia for global peace effort
People in the eastern Ukraine do not feel their interests are represented in Kiev - political analyst
         Russia expels senior Canadian diplomat in tit-for-tat - Russian Foreign Ministry
Geneva deal on Ukraine unlikely to be implemented soon - Russian envoy to UN
         Russia should reinforce guarding of Arctic boundaries - Putin
Putin requires safeguarding each parcel of Arctic shelf
         Arctic is in focus of Russia's special interests - Putin

Russia should join OSCE mission in eastern Ukraine - Biden
         Washington will never recognize Crimea part of Russia - Biden
Russian Defense Ministry says US-Czech open skies mission denial lawful
         Over 1,000 Russian citizens denied entry into Ukraine since April 17 - Ukraine border service
Biden threats Russia with more sanctions and 'isolation' if Moscow fails to defuse Ukraine crisis
         Russia and World: the deal-making
Sanctions: double-edged business sword
         Fracking controversy

Who shut the West's eyes on Ukraine's far right?
         Ukraine tries to downplay report of law enforcers siding with people 3:45
US to deploy 600 Paratroopers to Poland, Baltics ahead of war games 2:28
         Acting president Turchinov asks to resume special operation in Eastern Ukraine 0:23
US frigate to enter Black Sea April 23 - source23:31

Brésil: emeutes violentes à CopacabanaPlus
         Ukraine: Biden menace Moscou d'«isolement»Plus
Couillard distribue ses limousines mercrediPlus
         Une lettre arrive 45 ans plus tard à la nouvelle adressePlus
Gatineau: l'ex-conjoint de la victime accuséPlus
         La Russie expulse une diplomate canadiennePlus
Affaire Cinar: la sélection du jury débute 17 ans aprèsPlus
         Un homme fera amputer le pénis de sa tortuePlus
Une nouvelle vie «commence» pour PKPPlus
         États-Unis: la Cour suprême porte un coup à la discrimination positivePlus

Recours collectif: les sinistrés de la Richelieu devant le jugePlus
         Tuerie à Calgary: évaluation psychiatrique de 30 jours pour le suspect Plus
Lobbyisme illégal: jugement reporté pour le Dr BarrettePlus
         L'essence bientôt à 1,60 $ le litrePlus
Assermentations à QuébecPlus
         Produits chimiques: navire échoué dans le fleuvePlus
Affaire DSK: Anne Sinclair parle pour la première foisPlus
         Naufrage en Corée: plus de 120 mortsPlus
Évacuation à Sainte-Sophie: pas de retour avant un moisPlus
         Une femme retrouvée ensanglantée dans un boiséPlus


Feds Massively Changing Trademark Law with No Debate
Overhaul buried in budget implementation bill. Unconstitutional? By Michael Geist

Called an "Omnibus Bill".  Yet another U.S. import.