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Key report on rivals to F-35 completed
         Top court advice on Senate next week
Appeals court upholds landmark Metis ruling
         Key report on F-35 rivals now complete; cabinet to decide on open competition
Top court to give long-awaited advice on Senate reform, abolition next week


Canada's criticism of Russia 'makes no difference'
         Earth-sized planet found in star's habitable zone
Thousands more public-sector jobs than planned to be cut, watchdog says
         Canada to send 6 CF-18s for NATO operation in Eastern Europe
New Democrats pitch plan to make government info available by default
         McDonald's foreign workers call it 'slavery'
Low interest rates come with high cost for savers, retirees
         4 icebound sealers safe after airlift off Fogo Island
9 things to know about voting under the new elections act

Young dads may also suffer from baby blues, study suggests
         New anti-viral drug may help prevent measles outbreaks, researchers say
Are there discrepancies in the CRA's Heartbleed timeline?
         More Canadians leaving their jobs after just 2 years: Workopolis poll
Maple Leaf shutters wiener facility, shifts production within Hamilton
         Young dads may also suffer from baby blues, study suggests
Researchers say brain is at its best at age 24
         Bad news for bearded men: We may have reached 'peak beard'


This week in health: Mandatory vaccines, brutal allergies and more Health takes a look at a few stories you may have missed this week.
Know the Night: Author Maria Mutch explores the mysteries of autism
         Ebola virus in Guinea is a new strain: report
Study sees drop in rates of major diabetes complications
         Canada's chicken farmers ban injections that trigger superbugs
Brain changes in casual marijuana users may foreshadow later trouble
         Out-of-pocket health costs rising

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Couillard vows Quebec will strengthen ties to Canada
         Canadians facing near-record gasoline prices
F-35 remains top military replacement option
         Quebec sovereignty is not dead
Czar Vladimir is changing the rules of the game
         Harper's foreign actions need to match his words
Liberals still facing grassroots grumbling over Toronto nominations
         Former Harper cabinet minister considers bid for Alberta PC leadership
The Fair Elections Act is ever so telling


NDP quietly working behind the scenes for spring election
         Adam Vaughan shakes up Trinity-Spadina, seeking seat for Liberals:
RCMP decision on Mike Duffy charges expected within weeks

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Computer in provincial office on Elgin Street might have been targeted in document-wiping spree, investigator testifies
         Federal government could cut nearly 9,000 more public service jobs
Ottawa public servant's smart bet pays off on Jeopardy!
         Flaherty's call to public service meets with a shrug

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
For-Profit Clinic Lawsuit May Transform Health Care
'Hard to overstate' impact of Brian Day's extra-billing challenge, doctors say.
Record Store Day Dials Up the Crazy
Here are some of the local gems among the wax dross.
Ready or Not? More Mill Closures Coming to BC
'Government knew we were within the window of mill closures': former MLA.
Toronto Star to pay new digital journalists less than print writers
Advocates say promises broken in Vancouver affordable housing redevelopment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ruling from Supreme Court on Senate reform (or abolishment) coming next week 18 hours ago
         Future of the CBC: It's time to pull the plug on taxpayer-funded broadcasters 18 hours ago
Parts of Eastern Canada cope as water levels rise, flooding homes and roads Thu, 17 Apr, 2014
         Halifax high school student the latest teen to face child-porn charges for sexting 15 hours ago
Death of Manitoba girl mauled by dogs raises questions about strays in North 13 hours ago
         Hundreds jeer New Brunswick politicians over abortion regulations 15 hours ago
Six CF-18s headed to Europe to bolster NATO forces response to Ukraine 16 hours ago
         Duffy's fate should be decided in the coming weeks 20 hours ago
Fired flight instructor Mitchell Casado's fashion faux pas doesn't make Canada's hall of shame 21 hours ago
         Animal rights groups heading to court over Ontario's spring bear hunt pilot 16 hours ago

RCMP announce charges against Dutch man in Amanda Todd case
         The values and vulnerabilities of Canada's temporary foreign workers program
Duffy's fate should be decided in the coming weeks
         B.C. teachers' strike action issued for Wednesday
Knife murder weapon of choice, Edmonton homicide study shows
         EMS salutes Toronto's 'heroes'
Share a juicer, your dog or a room in your home? How the sharing economy took off
         Drug abusers to have court monitored treatment program

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Byliners & Co ..
: More opportunities for vets & armed forces
Coyne : Wright/Duffy affair won't go away
Duhaime : Ndp wades into Quebec politics
Harris : Does RCMP work for us, or the PMO ?
Hebert : Criminal Code sole boundary for politicians
Stubborn negatives undermine Tory majority hopes
Grassroots rumblings for Libs in Toronto
RCMP decision on Mike Duffy charges imminent
Peladeau attaque fort
Phantom riding in Quebec raked in $700,000
the real mc-coy ..
Whither Jim Prentice in Alberta ?
Metis, non-status Indians await court rights ruling

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Baird's visit to Egypt Sends wrong Message 
Click here / Cliquez ici
         ˜Most of major attacks on democracy in C-23 left untouched by Senators" in committee report, say NDP, Libs

Tories mull rule that would block Anders from seeking new riding
         Ethics commissioner cites Jason Kenney for failing to report stock transactions
Stubborn negatives undermine Tories' shot at another majority
         Peladeau and the PQ ­ bravely marching backwards
Quebec sovereignty is not dead
         The Israel trap

Wynne's libel claims filled with political and legal risks, experts say
         Couillard vows Quebec will strengthen ties to Canada
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Uruguay Not a 'Pirate'
         Afghanistan Turns a Political Corner
Ending Modern Slavery Starts in the Boardroom
         OP-ED: Beyond the Street Protests: Youth, Women and Democracy in Latin America
Q&A: Agriculture Needs a 'New Revolution'
         Russian Law Corners Drug Users
Uzbekistan's Dying Aral Sea Resurrected as Tourist Attraction

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
NASA discovers Earth-like planet in Habitable Zone Source
         Malaysia sets international expert panel to probe plane's mystery Source
Meet Google's Ara futuristic modular Android smartphone Source
         Russian Communist Party urges Putin to boycott US goods Source
Troops sent to east Ukraine withdraw, others defect and join Russians Source
         Australians dislike diversity and are likely to segregate – study Source
Riots break out in Tel Aviv between Israelis and Sudanese Source
         Italy's debt rises at 2.1 trillion euros Source
Ferry sinks near South Korea, 300 missing Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
African Currency Unit: An Urgent Question In Midst Of Capitalist Crisis – OpEd
         Hiroshima Meet Falls Short Of Outlawing Nukes – Analysis
Hagel Discusses Issues With UAE Crown Prince
         Nepal: Reject Draft Truth And Reconciliation Bill, Says HRW
An Iranian View To European Parliament's Recent Resolution On Iran – OpEd
         Journalists In Thai Navy Defamation Case 'Disappointed' In Reuters' Response – OpEd
Christianity In Troubled Times – OpEd
         Evacuations Ordered As Peru Volcano Spews Ash 4 Km High
Transdniestria Asks Russia To Initiate Independence Recognition Procedure

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Consortium News<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Some of our special stories from March focused on the crisis in Ukraine,
U.S. hypocrisy over international law, and what the neocons hope to accomplish from more regime change.
" Ukraine: One Regime Change to Many" by Ray McGovern, March 1, 2014
         " What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis" by Robert Parry, March 2, 2014
" America's Staggering Hypocrisy" by Robert Parry, March 4, 2014
         " Putin or Kerry: Who's Delusional" by Robert Parry, March 5, 2014
" The 'We-Hate-Putin' Group Think" by Robert Parry, March 7, 2014
         " Crimea's Case for Leaving Ukraine" by Robert Parry, March 9, 2014
" The Flaw in 'Cornering' Russia" by Melvin A. Goodman, March 10, 2014
         " The West's War on Democracy" by Annie Machon, March 11, 2014
" How Reagan Enforced US Hypocrisy" by Robert Parry, March 11, 2014
         " How Looking Forward Tripped Up Obama" by Robert Parry, March 12, 2014

" Neocons Have Weathered the Storm" by Robert Parry, March 14, 2014
         " Can Obama Speak Strongly for Peace?" by Robert Parry, March 15, 2014
" Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch" by JP Sottile, March 16, 2014
         " Mainstream US Media Is Lost in Ukraine" by Robert Parry, March 16, 2014
" Letting Egypt Abuse Code Pink Leader" by Lawrence Davidson, March 17, 2014
         " Europe's Not-So-Shiny Recovery" by Andres Cala, March 17, 2014
" Neocons' Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit" by Robert Parry, March 19, 2014
         " WPost's Anti-Putin 'Group Think'" by Robert Parry, March 20, 2014
" Robert Strauss's Watergate Secret" by Robert Parry, March 20, 2014
         " Crimea and Punishment" by Lorraine Barlett, March 21, 2014

" Obama Ensnared in Bush's Abuses" by Coleen Rowley, March 24, 2014
         " Why Europe Shies from Ukraine Showdown" by Andres Cala, March 26, 2014
" GOP Looks to Take the Senate" by Beverly Bandler, March 26, 2014
         " The Danger of False Narrative" by Robert Parry, March 27, 2014
2" Finding a Way to Execute" by Richard L. Fricker, March 28, 2014
         " Ukraine's Inconvenient Neo-Nazis" by Robert Parry, March 30, 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Washington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Diplomats reach deal on defusing Ukraine crisis
         Obama: Russia doesn't want 'any kind of military confrontation with us'
New procedure clones stem cells from adults
         Diplomats reach deal on defusing Ukraine crisis

Open source seeds: An agro-giant alternative
The Open Source Seed Initiative wants to free the seed

Rob Ford donne le coup d'envoi à sa campagnePlus
         Inondations: les riverains peuvent souffler un peuPlus
Corée: les parents des disparus en colèrePlus
         Une avalanche fait douze morts sur l'EverestPlus
Un suspect arrêté en lien avec la mort d'Amanda ToddPlus
         Traces de pétrole sur la Chaudière: «rien à craindre»Plus
Un homme atteint par balle à Montréal-NordPlus
         Un voyant accusé de sorcellerie à QuébecPlus
Urine dans un réservoir: millions de litres d'eau jetésPlus
         Portugal: un chirurgien décède au bloc opératoire, victime d'un infarctusPlus

Saint-Félicien: couple retrouvé mort dans leur résidencePlus
         Député sous enquête: Couillard n'y croit pas Plus
Des pratiques douteuses mais acceptéesPlus
         Payé pour amener une voiturette de golf en FloridePlus
Accord à Genève pour une désescalade en UkrainePlus
         Le MTQ n'aurait rien fait contre le cartel de l'éclairagePlus
Naufrage d'un traversier: la Corée en état de chocPlus
         Crise en Ukraine: envoi de six CF-18 canadiensPlus
Autoportraits jugés déplacés Plus
         UPAC: révélations tardives, selon le PQPlus

Quatre ans et demi de prison pour Francis DésiletsPlus
         Cocaïne: le «Hugh Hefner québécois» coupablePlus
Hôtel Le Concorde: des investisseurs se retirentPlus
         Marc Bibeau aurait amassé 428 150 $ pour le PLQ Plus
Mascouche : Christian Blanchet arrêtéPlus
         Inondations au Québec: le niveau des rivières baissePlus
Menace d'un recours à la force en UkrainePlus
         Vol MH370: première mission complète du robot sous-marin


There will be no Digest over this weekend - unless something breaks.

There may be someone interested in the developments in Eastern Europe here's ways of doing it


Canada sending six warplanes to Poland is no doubt
fostering this direction agreed upon by those at the meeting:

The Geneva meeting on the situation in Ukraine agreed on initial concrete steps to de- escalate tensions and restore security for all citizens.

All sides must refrain from any violence, intimidation or provocative actions."

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Citizen scientists prepare to test West Coast for Fukushima radiation (with video)

Are our Pacific fish safe to eat....especially tuna which swims far out into the Pacific ?  
Is it safe to go swimming  in the ocean ?   What happens if someone gets a radioactive atom in their eye while swimming or a child swallows some of this water ?
How many months/years before cancer shows up ? 

We are entitled to HONEST information regarding the radiation in our waters.

It is appalling that ordinary Canadians are now testing the waters and the shoreline for radiation because we can't count on our Government.....or our Opposition Leaders.   We especially are unable to trust Stephen Harper in this matter.  

April 14/14 article from Vancouver Sun.
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Turn That Frown Upside Down

Turn That Frown Upside Down
An antidote to the American Meltdown debt hysteria

Larry Kazdan, Councillor
World Federalist Movement-Canada
Vancouver, B.C.

From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: German troops should be deployed over Ukraine

The Editor
The Ottawa Citizen

German troops should be deployed over Ukraine

Re: "Canada, NATO allies to consider military deployment over Ukraine" by Lee Berthaume (April 15).

It may be recalled that when on 1941, Germany invaded Ukraine with Field Marshall Von Leeb, commading a million-strong  Army Group North, Field Marshall Von Bock, commanding another million-strong Army Group Centre and Field Marshall Von Runstdt, commanding another million-strong Army Group South, the country was overrun within three weeks and the defeat of the Soviet Union seemed inevitable. Although German troops were ultimately defeated at Stalingrad when they overstretched their military venture, their lightening initial victory showed Russia's vulnerability in Ukraine where Russians are not trusted.

Today, by annexing Crimea, Russia might have alienated Ukraine which is likely to move closer to the European Union. If Germany re-asserts its military clout, Russia might have a second thought before moving deeper into Ukraine. Although today, Germany is a peace-loving nation, but its military potential remains intact. Deployment of some mechanized German divisions may bring  Putin to his senses. Germany is also Russia's second largest trading partner after China and Russia cannot afford to enter into a new conflict with Germany.


From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Apr 17, 2014:   VERY exciting times. Look what's happening!

Look what's happening!  

The link is to a short list of remarkable news stories to illustrate:

It's like spring has arrived; there is new life shooting up everywhere around us!

The first one is:
Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and 'Natural' Food Fight

(I am using one link to send you to several links.  With one link, not so many emails are returned as "undeliverable".) 


From: Rene Moreau <>
Subject: Be aware of
the whole gamut of military tactics to gain control:
         - 5th column, or infiltration
         - Divide and conquer
         - SEP or someone else's problem
         - muddy- water, throw in garbage info, and stir so the common man don't understand the issue
         - corporate will offer you a communications department to filter your incoming and outgoing info, so that the damned seniors
           cannot warn your people about new tactics and developments and examples. (business schools teach communications control as an            important subject  to cement control. e.g. Sudatenland, 1984, Iceland, CBC, CPPIB.
         - destruction of trust
         - the name game, as when the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was copied for the right wing by; Canadian
           Centre for Policy Ingenuity, a while back or Abitibi teamed up with Bowater of Texas to work both sides of NAFTA,
           profitably. (etc., etc.)

Have your people read war tactics, the corporate world does.
Those who would have peace should prepare for war.
Read  'When Corporations Rule the World', by David Korten, the 1996 edition, not the 2002.
  Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: FW: This is the real issue -- do you agree?

Joe--I am not a member of any political party but abhor what the Harperites are doing to our 'democracy'

Subject: This is the real issue -- do you agree?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 07:40:38 -0400

With all the talk about the Conservatives' so-called "Fair Elections Act," my mind keeps coming back to what Elizabeth May has said right from the start:

"The crisis in Canadian democracy is not that Canadians are voting more than once, it is that they are voting less than once."

Yes ... in spades!

Newmarket, Ontario
– The Honourable Sinclair M. Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party, said today, "It is the view of the Progressive Canadian Party that Bill C-23, entitled the Fair Elections Act by the Harper government, will betray basic principles of democracy in Canada even if substantially amended.  Bill C-23 will deny the right to vote to large numbers of Canadians and as such must be challenged in the courts as unconstitutional."

Further, Bill C-23 undermines the role of Elections Canada as guardian of the integrity of the electoral system and would deny the responsibility of Elections Canada to promote democratic participation by Canadians.

"For these reasons and in ways indicated by scholars of Canadian constitutional law and political science published in the national media, Progressive Canadians believe the Fair Elections Act must be rejected as  unfair, undemocratic, and deserving of constitutional challenge even in light of amendments which are being recommended by members of the House of Commons and in Senate committee.  Bill C-23, the Fair Elections Act, is deeply flawed in fundamental ways and for its apparent intent."

Mr. Stevens continued, "The Elections Act ranks in importance with the Constitution, which cannot be altered by the Government-of-the-Day at its sole discretion."

"It is the intention of the Progressive Canadian Party to begin a constitutional challenge of Bill C-23, the Fair Elections Act, in federal court and in the Supreme Court of Canada should the act become law."

Bill C-23 was the creation of the Harper Government without consultation with Elections Canada officials, other political parties or Canadian citizens through public hearings. These facts were given further significance when it was learned that the author of a study cited by the Minister of Democratic Reform as supporting the Bill stated that in his view the government should either substantially amend or withdraw the act.

It is the position of the Progressive Canadian Party that whatever is passed into law the "Fair Elections Act" will be the work of the Government of Canada in inception and in passage alone and, in present or amended form, would undermine democracy in Canada.  As such it is unacceptable and must be challenged in the Courts.









Government of Canada's response to the situation in Ukraine

The Government of Canada is taking important steps to support Ukraine and to impose sanctions against those responsible for the ongoing crisis.

January 26, 2014

Andrew Bennett, Canada's Ambassador for Religious Freedom, led a successful visit to Ukraine, during which he expressed Canada's ongoing concern about violations of basic freedoms and reinforced Canada's commitment to the Ukrainian people.

February 14, 2014

John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced funding to provide supplies, equipment and medical care for Ukrainian activists through a contribution to the International Renaissance Foundation, a Ukrainian non-governmental organization.

February 28, 2014

Minister Baird led a successful mission to Ukraine, where he and the Canadian delegation of parliamentarians and representatives of the Ukrainian-Canadian community met with key members of the new government.

March 1, 2014

In response to the very serious developments in Ukraine, Prime Minister Stephen Harper convened a meeting of Cabinet Ministers, preceded by a bilateral phone call with President Obama. In a statement, the Prime Minister announced:
  • Canada suspended its engagement in preparation for the G-8 Summit, currently planned for Sochi, and that the Canadian Ambassador in Russia is being recalled for consultations;
  • Canada's support for the immediate deployment of international monitors from the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe to Ukraine; and,
  • Canada's engagement in discussions aimed at developing a financial aid package for Ukraine.

March 2, 2014

Canada and other G-7 leaders issued a joint statement condemning the Russian Federation's clear violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. In addition, they announced that they will "suspend our participation in activities associated with the preparation of the scheduled G-8 Summit in Sochi in June, until the environment comes back to where the G-8 is able to have a meaningful discussion."

March 3, 2014

Prime Minister Harper issued a statement once again calling on President Putin to immediately withdraw his military from Crimea, adding that the situation in Ukraine remains extremely serious for global peace and security. He added that he has cancelled government representation at the Paralympic Games and instructed officials to review all planned bilateral interaction with Russia.

Prime Minister Harper spoke with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine, about developments in Crimea and other regions in the south and east of Ukraine. Prime Minister Harper condemned in the strongest terms President Putin's military intervention in Ukraine.

March 4, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced that, effective immediately, all planned bilateral activities between the Canadian Armed Forces and the military of the Russian Federation are suspended. This includes exercises, such as NORAD's Exercise Vigilant Eagle, and scheduled meetings.

March 5, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced that, at the request of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Canada will freeze the assets of members of the Yanukovych regime. As a result, 18 people, including members of the former Yanukovych regime, members of their families, and their close associates, were listed in regulations under the Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act.

Canada also suspended its participation in the Canada-Russia Intergovernmental Economic Commission.

Prime Minister Harper announced that at Ukraine's request, Canada, along with a number of other member countries of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, will participate in a military observer mission that will report on military activities in Ukraine. Canada contributed two military observers.

March 6, 2014

Prime Minister Harper issued a statement saying that Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an act of aggression, a clear violation of Ukraine's sovereignty, and of international law. He further added that Canada will not recognize a referendum held in a region currently under illegal military occupation.

March 12, 2014

G-7 leaders issued a statement calling on the Russian Federation to cease all efforts to change the status of Crimea contrary to Ukrainian law and in violation of international law. They called on the Russian Federation to immediately halt actions supporting a referendum on the territory of Crimea regarding its status, in direct violation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

March 13, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced more than $220 million in support to help Ukraine stabilize its economy and promote economic and social development. The support will be provided in the form of a loan or loan guarantee, conditional on a broader package that includes International Monetary Fund (IMF) support for Ukraine. $20 million of this commitment will assist the IMF in delivering technical assistance to help Ukraine manage its economic transition and financial sector reforms.

March 16, 2014

Prime Minister Harper issued a statement on the results of the Crimean "referendum", reiterating that this "referendum" is illegitimate, has no legal effect, and that Canada does not recognize its outcome.

March 17, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced further economic sanctions under the Special Economic Measures Act and additional travel bans against Ukrainian and Russian officials.

The Prime Minister also met with Vadym Prystaiko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, to discuss the ongoing situation.

March 18, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced economic sanctions and travel bans against an additional 17 Ukrainian and Russian officials responsible for undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and for facilitating Russian military action against Ukraine.

March 21, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced economic sanctions against 14 additional Russian officials and one financial institution, Bank Rossiya. Travel bans were also imposed on these 14 individuals. 

March 22, 2014

Prime Minister Harper concluded a visit to Ukraine where he met with Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He also announced Canada's contribution of $775,000 to a political and security monitoring mission to Ukraine, led by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

March 24, 2014 

Prime Minister Harper, meeting with other G-7 leaders in The Hague, issued the Hague Declaration.  In the Declaration, the leaders announced that they will not attend a planned G-8 Summit in Sochi but will instead convene as a G-7, without Russia, in Brussels in June 2014. They also reaffirmed their "support for Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence" while condemning "Russia's illegal attempt to annex Crimea." 

March 27, 2014

Canada co-sponsored a resolution on Ukraine at the UN General Assembly.  The resolution supported by 100 member-States, with only 11 voting against reaffirmed Ukraine's sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, and underscored the invalidity of the referendum in Crimea.

April 12, 2014

Minister Baird announced that Canada is imposing sanctions on two additional individuals and on a Crimean oil and gas company, Chornomornaftogaz.

April 17, 2014

Prime Minister Harper announced that Canada is offering the following capabilities to enhance the readiness of NATO allies: six Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 fighter aircrafts and up to 20 staff officers to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe to assist NATO planning efforts.