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Opposing views on a most important subject :

Bill C-23 |

Why you should care about the Fair Elections Act | Watch News Videos

In the face of mounting criticism Minister of State for Democratic Reform
Pierre Poilievre defends the government's Fair Elections Act.

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: It's the interns who lose in crackdown on unpaid internships, Andrew Coyne, April 2, 2014

Re:  It's the interns who lose in crackdown on unpaid internships, Andrew Coyne, April 2, 2014

In the 1970s, the Local Initiatives Program created jobs and community benefits which were funded by the federal government and delivered through local non-profit organizations and citizen groups. Projects covered such areas as arts and culture, recreation, tourism, research and the environment.  If reintroduced today, internships could be part of this initiative.
Society benefits because young people need work experience while those who have lost jobs must find new ones before skills are lost. Long-term unemployment can also lead to pathologies such as sickness, substance abuse, and mental health issues.
In addition, a job guarantee program (JG) with a minimum livable wage would provide the economy with counter-cyclical stability. When times are bad, JG hiring would pick up.  But when times improve, the private sector would bid employees out of the program.
British economist John Maynard Keynes maintained that no law of nature requires us to keep large swaths of our workforce unemployed and that those who believe otherwise have minds "fuddled with nonsense"

1. The Job Guarantee: A Government Plan for Full Employment

The benefits of full employment include production of goods, services and income; on-the-job training and skill development; poverty alleviation; community building and social networking; social, political and economic stability; and social multipliers (positive feedbacks and reinforcing dynamics that create a virtuous cycle of socioeconomic benefits). An "employer of last resort" program would restore the government's lost commitment to full employment in recognition of the fact that the total impact would exceed the sum of the benefits.
2. Keynes quote:
From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: Macleans was wrong to predict a PQ victory

The Editor
Maclean's Magazine

Maclean's was wrong to predict a PQ victory

Re "The PQ's Stunning Coup," by Martin Patriquin (March 24).

Martin Patriquin did not realize how wrong his prognosis would be when he wrote: "Over the latter half of her 18 months in power, Premier Marois has done near-impossible: squelched infighting and silenced dissent within PQ's ranks, pivoted away from her own party's social democratic underpinnings and pushed forward with a contentious campaign on Quebec's identity that nonetheless put her party within reach of a majority government for the first time in more than a decade."

By going down in a crushing defeat, Ms Marois proved herself and Mr. Patriquin wrong. They failed to realize that most  Quebecers have become aversed to separation. They have come to realize that separating from Canada would create more problems than it would resolve. To understand why the francophones are no longer interested in separation, a look at history may be in order.

It may be recalled that when Conderation was being mooted in 1860s, Quebec nationalists, known as les Rouges, argued that  if you are really serious about splitting from Upper Canada to form a province for French Lowe Canada, if you really want to obtain autonomy for Lower Canada, then why not go the whole way? Why not break up the old union altogether, instead of joining this confederation? The Confederationists answered this, not by saying that Quebec's independence was an undesirable goal, but by claiming that complete independence was not simply practicable. "We would be on our own  and our obvious weakness would put us at the mercy of a stronger neighbour," wrote Le Courrier de St-Hyacinthe on 25 Nov. 1854 (quoted by A.I. Silver, professor of history at the University of Toronto in his book The French Canadian Idea of Confederation).

Quebec's economic weakness could be seen in the flood of emigration directed toward the United States. Clearly, Quebec, with a small population of less than a million didn't have the market to develop its economic potential. As French Canadians went to seek manufacturing jobs in New England, Quebec papers were appealing to speed up the Confederation to provide market and capital for development to keep its people at home. As La Revue Canadienne wrote in 1865: "The British North American provinces had been endowed with great resources. If they work together, they could enjoy abundance and material progress. ... But if they remained separate and isolated, then their economy would be weak, and inevitably they would become dependent on the United States, the powerful neighbour to the south." (Ibid). This still remains germane and this is why Quebec is unlikly to secede from Canada any time soon. 
2240 Iris Street, Ottawa.

From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Re: Quebecers made the right decision

Kim good message, nothing changed and the voter across the Nation has never been included,
the decisions come from Ottawa, where they created (guided by Chretien and Trudeau Sr) power
supported, as quoted, by the courts.

This week in the local paper was another  "we want" story a mother demanded that her child should
be accepted by an immersion "Kindergarten" (German word) , but there are only 14 seats.  They never
come with a cheque in the hand, say for $ 2.000 to, to pay for the advantage as they see it. That is in BC.
It never ends and don't expect the CP to do any different, as we have been shown in the last 8 years.
Can you image what the trillion of dollars could have dome for the Canadian debt.

From: Kim
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 8:24 PM
Subject: Quebecers made the right decision

April 10, 2014
This article in the National Post: , written before the Quebec election on April 7th foretold the result i.e. that the provincial Liberal Party would win the election big time.  The win was applauded across the country by the mainstream media as a very good thing.  Some of our readers beg to disagree – both letters by Sharon MacLise (Alberta) & Anthony Silvestro (Ontario) were printed on the same day (April 9th) and both expressed the opinion of many Canadians who are NOT impressed by Quebec's decision.  Not because it is not a good decision but because it brings us back to square one – Quebec will NOT quit its persistent whining and insistence that it be treated like a “distinct societyâ€, entitled to all the special treatment that it thinks it deserves!!!  In Chretien's famous quote, "they are entitled to their entitlement"!!! 

From: Rene Moreau <>

To Joe, at Daily Digest
April 11, 2014
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; Baloney Meter and this new (elections) bill
   No mention of  the dangers there-in is mentioned in the article.
   The use of the term, CEO, in this case, Chief Electoral Officer, at one time, would have been of no concern. However, at this time in history, as we watch  corporations and their organizers try to gain control of the planet, (claiming they are 'more efficient!) as in David Korten's book, what better way to get people to 'accept' corporate terminology in government terms
than to mess around with titles?
   There are ways to avoid, or defend ourselves from these ploys. One is to consider changing the title to something like
Chief Electoral Director.
   Many will say that this is an issue of no importance. Until one day we wake up and find ourselves governed by
Big Brother Incorporated, whose reason for being is money, with no human values, like integrity, democracy, empathy or caring.
   Think of the potential, eh?

                                                        Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject:  The World at the Crossroads of the Most Serious Crisis

A nausiating article from the point of view of how corrupt & indifferent to life the U.S. and her allies were and still are.   It is distressing to me to contemplate how cooperative Canada has been over the years regarding U.S./British behaviour.   It is infuriating to see how populations, including our own, are manipulated and how little we actually matter to those in control.    The whole system is one big farse that we are rarely aware of.  Heartbreaking !  S. 

The History of War Crimes

The notion of mass casualty producing events prevails to this date in US military strategies. Invariably, as in the case of Syria, the civilian casualties of war committed by the aggressor are blamed on the victims

"The avowed objective of these military interventions has been to effect 'regime change'. The cloaks of "human rights" and of "democracy were invariably evoked to justify what were unilateral and illegal acts." (Eric Waddell, 2003)
The September 11, 2001 attacks have played a crucial role in the formulation of US military doctrine, namely in sustaining the legend that Al Qaeda is an enemy of the Western world when in fact it is a construct of US intelligence, which is used not only as pretext to wage war on humanitarian grounds but also as an instrument of non-conventional warfare.

Subject: Is the Quebec separatist issue now over with the Liberal majority?
From: Robert G. Gauthier,

Mr. Joe Hueglin,
The Daily Digest from St. John's to Victoria.

Hello, Joe,

Is the Quebec separatist issue now over with the Liberal majority?
We must not underestimate the desire for many Quebeckers to continue their quest for an independent country.
Thought these comments may be of interest.

Happy Easter,
Robert Sheehan-Gauthier, Ottawa

The Editor,
The Ottawa Sun,

April 10, 2014,

Re: Sun editorial: "Separatist cause is toast," Ottawa Sun, April 9, 2014.

  In your dreams! When Ontario Premier James Whitney enacted Regulation 17 in 1912 that banned French in Ontario, he inflicted our 100-year language torment on all Canadians - of every ethnic origin, including First Nations. It doesn't help that ill-informed media continue to fuel the endless barrage of insults, primarily in the Rest of Canada, on innocent "Quebeckers," who had nothing to do with Whitney's bigotry and were not even born at that time.
 Such non-stop acrimonious linguistic sentiments once instilled are not easily dispelled, so if The Ottawa Sun thinks the separatist cause is toast, be prepared for this year's June 24th La Saint-Jean celebrations.
   It was believed at the time that the use of French in Ontario schools threatened the province's integrity as an anglophone and Protestant enclave.

Robert G. Sheehan-Gauthier,

From: Jduddy
Subject: Interesting view of Canada's good neighbour.

Dear Prime Minister and friends in the House of Commons.

Time to check Canada's foreign policy.

John Duddy.

From: "S Booiman"
To: "Stephen Harper" <>
Subject: imports

Was it a surprise to learn yesterday that the B.C.Government is
reaching out to Ireland to invite trade workers to come to our
province ? Mot really, Western European workers where brought
up with the habit to be productive from which OUR “we want†society
can learn a lot, including Ottawa. Today  we are facing a labour
shortage because as Asian imports have not shown the same attitude,
that crowned with the “we want†idea that an university alphabet behind
your name is the – misleading – assurance, many are considered over
qualified. Not to forget that the left Leaning  -socialistic -  unions are
not an encouragement either. On the end of the line, it is the consumer,
paying the tax bills, that pays the price. Rather than expecting the
elementary school to provide trade facilities, it would be more appealing
when students are offered a special “trade schools†that provide certification.
Suggest to use the money y we spend on the  French language to pay for it.
My view.

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: A  PUZZLE

Here's a good one for the weekend. Thanks, Ray. this morning, I tried the multiple choice test (successfully) to renew my driver's license. After April 21/14, drivers 80 plus years old will, instead of this test, be given a pair of psychological puzzles specifically designed to reveal alzheimer's onset. We were told that these puzzles are fool proof. Their moving away from knowledge testing completely. Something to look forward to.

Begin forwarded message:

Whew!! ...goodbye Alzheimer's
If you can put this puzzle together. Say goodbye to Alzheimer's!

This is really clever and a bit challenging. As we older people are concerned with Alzheimer's disease, this puzzle may help dispel some fear. It's easy to put together if you are not affected by Alzheimer's disease, but impossible to do for someone with the disease. Give it a try. If this puzzle is particularly difficult for you, then your physician can offer you additional testing to check you for Alzheimer's.

Just remember, if you can put this puzzle together, you do not have to fear Alzheimer's!
A really neat puzzle!!

Click on the parts and move them to the proper place. FUN!
(Remember to send it on, before you forget)

From: Rebecca Gingrich <>
Subject: Canadian election democracy brought to Afghanistan???
Subject: The noose is tightening
Everything you need to know about the Fair Elections Act
Subject: People are waking up--but who do we vote for(that is if we are allowed to vote in our democracy)???
What Pierre Poilievre didn't say
Subject: this is also in Canada

The Global Recording Initiative: Yes, Your Grocery Store is Forcing You Into Agenda 21
By Gretchen Olson (Bio and Archives)  Saturday, April 5, 2014
Agenda 21, the United Nation's open plan for global sustainability, is widely understood to be voluntary. Critics of the scheme, however, insist the UN is engaging in double-speak, and that this so-called "volunteer" status is actually creating a world government through the interlinking of UN bureaucracies and international corporations.

Agenda 21 For Dummies
Subject: again Russia does the right thing--they definitely need to be attacked
Russia will not import GMO products - PM Medvedev
Subject: cattle die after drinking water from well in fracking area that leaked chemicals
Oklahoma Breaking Records For Earthquake Activity - Fracking?
Subject: Mourning the demise of federal-provincial cooperation in health care  DD

Joe--the Health Council was totally correct--health care in Canada has failed to help Canadians.  In fact it has been detrimental to Canadians.  Most people believe we have 'the best health care system in the world'--that is until they need it and then it is too late to fight.  We are all like that poor man who sat in the ER for 34 hours before anyone noticed he was dead. 

Oh yes--the money was spent but there was no improvement.  Is this not typical for every level of government? 
The Federal government needs the money to buy their way onto the world stage and the provincial governments need it to line their own pockets so we pay with our life?  This is why the government had to get rid of the Health Council--the truth dare not be spoken.

" Sooner or later, if governments are serious about delivering quality, accessible care"--the governments are not serious about delivering health care--they are serious about maintaining their power and wealth--and we are not helpful in that.  They will promise us healthcare while removing it even more.  We are nothing but a boil on their butts--and we have to be lanced.
Subject: Russia accused of what the USI has been doing for decades
Ukraine clears occupied building as Kerry warns Russians sent to foment 'chaos'
Subject: Canadians: No appetite for the jobs that temporary foreign workers fill?  DD

Joe--it sounds as if these businesses want slave labour, not staff??  The young Canadians wouldn't earn enough money at these jobs to pay back their student loans.