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Many Canadians power down for Earth Hour
         PQ targeted as integrity takes centre stage
Plea for suicide law could head to top court
         Canadians urged to power down for Earth Hour
Critics cry foul over bloated budget bill
         Report says thumbs-down to F-35-type projects

Union takes federal government to court over who has right to strike
         Federal budget bill targets right to strike, public service union charges
Federal budget tinkers with trademarks to align rules with other countries
         A normal government wouldn't ram through this elections bill
Stephen Harper eyes energy deal with Europe
         Canine guards to growl at grazing gangs of geese, but fur, feathers won't fly
Ancient bones reveal secrets of the Black Death
         Best of food and drink this week
This week in health: A new polio milestone, fad diets, and more

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Parti Quebecois targeted as integrity takes centre stage in election 4 hours ago
         Secret surveillance courts in U.S. and Canada explained 10 hours ago
Reflections on being an honorary witness for the TRC 15 hours ago
         Officer in stable condition after shooting at Brampton, Ont., courthouse 6 hours ago
Peter MacKay wishes Canada's Afghan troops had been better prepared 18 hours ago
         After Facebook callout, autistic B.C. boy gets birthday wish 7 hours ago
Search on for 15-year-old lost in C.B. while snowmobiling 6 hours ago
         Critics cry foul as Conservatives table another bloated budget bill Fri, 28 Mar, 2014
Only in Vancouver? Marijuana oil-infused pizza on the menu 6 hours ago
         Give geoengineering a chance to fix climate change: David Keith 18 hours ago

Credit card fees 'civil conspiracy', class action lawsuit says Fri, 28 Mar, 2014

         Creston, B.C., may finally give in to observing Daylight Saving Time
Typo in B.C. man's birth certificate turns into bureaucratic nightmare
         Human rights case risks exposing secret Tim Hortons recipes, lawyers say
Ontario's sunshine list grows by almost 11 per cent: should we be outraged?
         NDP MP reacts to criticism about 9/11 Truther event listing on her website
Couillard's skeletons, Quebec identity the hot button issues at final leaders' debate
         B.C.'s Earth Hour leaders live on Vancouver Island
Only in Vancouver? Marijuana oil-infused pizza on the menu
         Fancy cats on display in Edmonton competition

Lukaszuk calls for new direction for PC Party
         Greg Rickford meets with Alberta energy stakeholders
Union members protest at Liberal AGM
         Nalcor recruiting Lab West workers for Muskrat Falls
Caribou poo 'important baseline' for DNA research
         Rescuing or stealing? Dog controversy in Arviat grows

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Trolling the web for job data, Conservative-style
         Tory MP Eve Adams accused of misusing taxpayer funds in nomination race
Julia Gillard's advice to Canada: putting a price on carbon is possible
         Patrick Brazeau: It all started with a boxing match

Peter MacKay wishes Canada's Afghan troops had been better prepared
         Do you have the right ID to cast a ballot in a federal election?
A normal government wouldn't ram through this elections bill
         Don Martin's Last Word: Is there some 'conscious uncoupling' going on with election laws?
Ghosts of governments past could be a horror story for Kathleen Wynne
         Kathleen Wynne hit by Ontario version of Harper Senate scandal
The McGuinty dodge
         Scott Stinson: What were McGuinty Liberals thinking with their gas-plant moves? That they could get away with it
A Trudeau autobiography already? In this, age doesn't matter
         Harper's history key to a Conservative future
Bad week for NDP

Fletcher right on assisted suicide
         Trail of evidence in gas plant probe ends before Wynne's government starts
Couillard's lead in polls starting to look fragile
         Police wearing hijabs a hypothetical issue, Couillard says
Canadians urged to power down for Earth Hour
         Peter MacKay Toasted At Taxpayer-Funded Party After Cabinet Shuffle
New Conservative budget bill loaded with unrelated measures, say critics
         Give geoengineering a chance to fix climate change: David Keith
Mark Carney wanted orbiting Chris Hadfield at $5 polymer note unveil
         Federal budget bill targets right to strike, public service union charges
Ambassador Doer's door always open
         Former top Obama adviser Mitch Stewart talks about narrative building, melding cold, hard data, analytics at Broadbent Institute summit

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Iraq War's Real Legacy
         Petitions with 100,000+ Signatures Call for Snowden's Passport to be Reinstated
We Need to Harness People Power - Andy Shallal on Reality Asserts Itself (4/4)
         BC Pipeline Fight and Quebec Elections - The Canada Panel
Jonathan Schell - 1943-2014: Board Member of TRNN on Why We Need The Real News
         Teachers on Strike from the UK to Argentina
Connecticut Poised to Become First State with $10.10 Minimum Wage
         Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife and Local Economy
DC School Test Scores Up, But Poor Black Kids Are Doing Worse - Andy Shallal on RAI (3/4)
         Obama's Proposal To End NSA Bulk Data Collection Won't Protect Privacy

How Google, Apple & The Biggest Tech Companies Colluded to Fix Workers' Wages
         An American Should be One that Questions Their Government - Andy Shallal on RAI (2/4)
What's Driving Putin & Obama's Posturing on Ukraine?
         Hundreds of Students & Faculty Occupy College Campus to Fight Cuts to Public Higher Ed
Due Process 'Impossible' In Harsh Death Sentencing Of Over 500 Muslim Brotherhood Members
         Being the "Other" in America - Andy Shallal on Reality Asserts Itself (1/4)
Has Anglo-American Capitalism Run Out of Steam?
         How Fallujah Became the Iraqi Government's New Battleground
Why I Decided to Blow the Whistle on the NSA
         Netanyahu Attacks Boycott As Campaign Enters New Phase

NASA Climate Predictions Show Serious Threat To Humanity
         Professor Who Teaches Israel-Palestine Conflict Accuses College of Violating His Academic Freedom
The Unknown Known: Errol Morris\' New Doc Tackles Unrepentant Iraq War Architect Donald Rumsfeld 1/2
         The Unknown Known: Errol Morris\' New Doc Tackles Unrepentant Iraq War Architect Donald Rumsfeld 2/2
Papantonio: Sorry! No Rights For You!
         Obama to Visit Saudi Arabia, Key Source of Funding for Growing Jihadi Militarism in Middle East
The IRS got SERVED!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Humans can distinguish 1 trillion smells Source
         Twitter sues Turkey over service ban Source
Egypt police clash with anti-government protesters Source
         Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight search: 122 'potential objects' spotted by satellite Source
Malaysia Flight 370 Pilot Confirmed As CIA "Asset" As Plane Exploded Over Indian Ocean Source
         Vatican Astronomers Ramp Up Their Search For "Brother Extraterrestrial" Source
US Senator Rand Paul takes credit for NSA metadata changes Source
         North Korean men given 72 Hours to get Kim Jong-Un Haircuts or face Execution Source
US set to free convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard Source
         Sharia law to be adopted into UK legal system for first time Source

Brazil to pass anti-spy bill in victory for net neutrality Source
         Ukraine seeks to stage military drills with NATO Source
DoD Military Training to 'Scare People' in Florida Source
         Albuquerque hit by protests after police executes Homeless Man for Camping Source
American astronomer discovers Earth-like Red Dwarf planet Source
         Hunt begins to find black boxes for doomed Flight MH370 Source
Obama's Worried Manhattan Will Get Nuked Source
         Kenyan parliament legalizes polygamy marriage Source
China demands end to US spying activities after new Snowden leak Source
         Russia to change its economic partners after US-EU sanctions Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         War Fever in the Air By Eric Margolis
The barrage of trade sanctions Washington is imposed on Russia is an act of pre-war. We should remember that US sanctions imposed on Japan in 1941 that led Tokyo to attack the Western powers.
         U.S. Sanctions Will Not Hurt Russia : Jim Rogers
I think Mr. Obama is making the fool of himself yet again.
         How Vladimir Putin Became Evil
The US and UK condemn him for Crimea but supported him over the war in Chechnya. Why? Because now he refuses to play ball.
         The Infantile Diplomacy Behind Demonising Russia
Last year, it was the turn of Egypt to discover that when the 'wrong' people are elected, the West will quickly forget about its adherence to the principle of representative democracy.
         Saudi Arabia And Pakistan Are Leading The Talibanization of Syria
The governments in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are controlled by the dumbest, and most short-sighted leaders in the Middle East. Naturally, they won't survive much longer.

         Obama's Iraqi Fairy Tale
Obama should be indicted for gross deception with malice aforethought.
         America's Aggressions Rewarded
"The U.S. faces the constant economic crises brought on by collapsing capitalism and uses its muscle to keep others in line."
         Release Marwan Barghouti. He can be Palestine's Nelson Mandela
Despite nearly 12 years behind bars, Barghouti remains the most popular politician in Palestine, capable, according to recent polls, of beating either President Mahmoud Abbas or his Hamas rival Ismail Haniyeh for the presidency.
         El Libertario Beware Venezuela's False 'Anarchists'
When it comes to the Venezuelan protests of recent weeks and months, misinformation reigns supreme.
         "A Threat to American Democracy,"
The reality is we have more people living in poverty today than at any time in the history of the United States of America. The fact is we have by far the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major industrialized nation on Earth.

         UN adopts Pakistan resolution against drone strikes, discards US objection:
According to sources, the UN called on all states to ensure that the use of armed drones complies with international law, backing a proposal from Pakistan seen as taking aim at the United States.
         Secrets about suspected Israeli theft of U.S. weapons-grade nuclear material declassified - :
On March 18, 2014 ISCAP, the highest declassification authority in the U.S., released 84 pages (PDF) of formerly secret information about investigations into the illegal diversion of weapons-grade nuclear material from a Pennsylvania plant into the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program.
         Russia has no intention to send troops into Ukraine - Lavrov:
Lavrov spoke on the futile western attempts to isolate Russia diplomatically, the growing acceptance of the need for constitutional reform, which Moscow proposes, the prospects of NATO's expansion into Ukraine and the potential for global presence of the Russian Navy.
         Kerry arrives in Paris for talks with Russia on Ukraine:
Halfway home from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Kerry landed in Shannon, Ireland, for a refueling stop, when decided to turn his plane around and headed to Paris. Kerry is to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Sunday evening at the Russian ambassador's residence.
         U.S. to stress support for Central Asia after Crimea:
A State Department official added that would "affirm our support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both countries and for all post-Soviet states."

         Russia says it faces growing threats from US and allies:
Russia is taking "offensive counter-intelligence and intelligence measures" to blunt Western efforts to "weaken Russian influence in a region that is of vital importance", Interfax reported.
         Crimean Tatars' want autonomy after Russia's seizure of peninsula:
The Crimean Tatars' assembly voted on Saturday in favour of seeking "ethnic and territorial autonomy" for the indigenous minority on the Black Sea peninsula annexed from Kiev by Moscow.
         The Jews of Russia and Ukraine at war:
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has pitted Jewish leaders from both countries against each other, touching off a discordant exchange between prominent rabbis on opposite sides of the border.
         Ukraine: Klitschko pulls out of presidential election:
Mr Klitschko's withdrawal means the race is likely to be between Mr Poroshenko and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.
         Bank of England agrees Chinese London currency clearing hub:
The Bank of England has agreed a deal with the People's Bank of China to make London a hub for Chinese currency dealing. The memorandum of understanding, to be signed on Monday, sets out settlement and clearing arrangements for the renminbi, or yuan, in London.

Bundesbank, PBOC Sign Accord to Make Frankfurt Yuan Hub:
Germany's Bundesbank and the People's Bank of China agreed to cooperate in the clearing and settling of payments in renminbi, paving the way for Frankfurt to corner a share of the offshore market.
         Venezuelan court denies appeal to free jailed opposition leader:
The court of appeals issued a statement saying it rejected Lopez defense team's argument that the charges against him were minor and he should therefore be allowed to be freed on bail. It insisted Lopez should remain detained at the military prison of Ramo Verde,
         Defense: FBI wanted marathon suspect as informant:
Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev say the FBI asked his older brother and fellow suspect to be an informant on the Chechen and Muslim community.

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
Glissement de terrain: le nombre de disparus abaisséPlus
         Vote par anticipation dimanche et lundiPlus
Lanaudière: un adolescent sauvagement agresséPlus
         Une heure pour la Terre: on éteint pour la planètePlus
Accident à Lac-Supérieur: une adolescente dans un état critiquePlus
         Embâcles: pas de danger pour l'instantPlus
François Legault: l'homme de 10 millions $Plus
         Pont Champlain: Marois promet de se battrePlus
Un homme gravement brûlé à QuébecPlus
         Mystérieuse saisie de bateaux en MontérégiePlus

Le PQ veut bonifier les lois du travailPlus
         Le PQ et le PLQ «se ressemblent beaucoup», dit LegaultPlus
Chute au Stade olympique: la RIO mène l'enquêtePlus
         Français: Marois mène une charge à l'endroit de CouillardPlus
«La récréation est terminée», dit Philippe CouillardPlus
         Tourisme: la CAQ mise sur le Saint-LaurentPlus
QS soupçonne Québecor d'évasion fiscalePlus
         Ukraine: la Russie laisse entrevoir une sortie de crisePlus
Marathon de Boston: le FBI voulait recruter TamerlanPlus
         Les talibans attaquent la commission électorale à KaboulPlus

La Malaisie promet de poursuivre les recherchesPlus
         Un séisme de magnitude 5,3 secoue Los AngelesPlus


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