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Critics cry foul over bloated budget bill
         Report says thumbs-down to F-35-type projects
Suspended senators to lose pension benefit
         Tory MP Eve Adams accused of misusing taxpayer funds in nomination race
McGuinty: I didn't know about deleted emails
         Disgraced senators won't earn pensionable service under suspension
Think-tank report says thumbs-down to F-35
         Today on the Hill: feds to unveil legislation to implement the February budget
Referendum again prominent in Quebec debate
         Mudslinging continues on Quebec election trail

Moore rejects help for firms with Russia ties
         NDP MP slammed after 9/11 conspiracy theorist's event appears on website
Canada could supply Europe with gas ­ one day
         Putin sees role as rival, not partner: Harper
MP Rob Anders says 'temporary Tories' hijacking nomination battle
         Conservative party scolds MP Anders for 'misleading' nomination calls
Veterans say there's a huge gap between Tory rhetoric and reality
         Cited, never consulted by Poilievre on election law overhaul, expert says

Quebec leaders get ready for second debate
         Harper meets with Merkel; Ukraine crisis to be key item on their agenda
Today on the Hill: To intervene in the Quebec election campaign, or not
         Tories vent over perceived nomination meddling by top party operative
Heyman sworn in as U.S. ambassador to Canada
         Better warnings needed at train crossings: report
Looking at poverty among disabled vets
         Man convicted in RCMP shootings gets some freedom
Russian rhetoric 'dangerous': Polish diplomat
         Canada wins ruling on softwood lumber charges

Taseko files second appeal of mine decision
         Publicly funded web series ends season
War of 1812 comes up during KXL debate
         Putin stuck in Cold War mindset: Harper
Guelph, Ont., cops went against YCJA: report
         Tory MP Fletcher plans right-to-die bill
Liberals defend $81M Pan Am security contract
         War of 1812 makes it into the Keystone pipeline debate at U.S. Congress
Fisheries ministers discuss lobster levy
         Today on the Hill: Experts talk mental health, protecting aboriginal women
Harper arrives in Germany for Merkel meeting, discussions with business leaders


BlackBerry loses $423 million in last quarter
         South Portland moves to block Alberta bitumen from reaching its port
At Issue panel: The controversy over Canada's election reform bill
         Quebec election debate: Couillard falls short when tested by rivals
Ex-Finnish TV host Markus Vuorinen accused of preying on Canadian women
         Infrastructure plan much ado about too little, cities say
Amend election reform bill or kill it, Harry Neufeld says
         Elections expert Harry Neufeld defends 'vouching' at polling stations
New gas plant allegations involve Dalton McGuinty aide
         5 things to watch for in the Quebec election leaders' debate

PSAC launches legal challenge of budget bill's anti-strike provisons
         Rick Mercer inks deal to return to CBC for 3 more seasons
Justin Trudeau defends disqualifying Trinity-Spadina hopeful
         MPs drop bid to impose lifetime gag orders on Hill staff
Public sector, feds reach deal on health benefits for retirees
         Quebec election campaign veering from one shrill attack to another
HMCS Protecteur crew fought engine fire for 11 hours
         Cost of Marc Nadon appointment process? $250K
Privacy rules not followed on lost student loan data, report finds


Student attacked after threats over feminist activities on Ontario campus
         Skinniness no survival advantage, study finds: Underweight at highest risk of early death
Botox may beat back depression by paralyzing 'frown muscles' between the brows, study finds
         Mulcair forced before Commons committee to defend 'satellite' offices
Union takes federal government to court over who has right to strike
         Coyne: Tax apologists hard-pressed to claim we're under-taxed
Den Tandt: Canada's stand on Ukraine is a principled one
         Stephen Harper eyes energy deal with Europe

Wynne distances herself from predecessor in wake of new gas plants allegations
         McGuinty maintains innocence, says he didn't know about deleted gas plant emails
Marois promising to introduce beefed-up French Language Charter
         Man tells murder trial he saw ex-girlfriend attacked through webcam
Some quotes from Thursday's televised debate in Quebec
         Married people less likely to have heart problems: study
Botox may beat back depression by paralyzing 'frown muscles'
         Quiz: Do you know these trans-fat facts?
Smartphone app helps recovering alcoholics stay sober
         US autism estimate increases to 1 in 68 children
People of African or Hispanic descent face greater skin cancer risk
         Children learn history of residential schools at truth and reconciliation event

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Pay raises delayed for senators' political staffers
         Wynne's delicate task: Cleaning up a mess without adding to it
Public-service retirees unhappy with agreement over health benefits
         Uranium stockpile quietly exported back to U.S., Canada reveals

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
BC Loosens Restrictions on Swaths of Protected Farmland
         Gov't to allow 'flexibility' on how 90 per cent of Agricultural Land Reserve is used.
With Disability Clawbacks, 'It's Panic All the Time'
         Rachel Goodine is only one single mom hurt by how BC handles social assistance and child support.
Ukraine Crisis Highlights Ugly Global Energy Truths
         Enslaved by debt, it represents the worst of corrosive oil and gas politics.
Trappers Warn of Inhumane BC Wolf Killing Plans
         Association worried about policy that would allow trapping of mothers with pups, docs show
Lunk-Headed Teenage Fury at Its Finest
         Vintage Henry Rollins surfaces on unhinged demo.
Enbridge Scales Up Campaign to Sway Kitimat Voters
         With far less resources, residents launch counterattack ahead of Gateway plebiscite.
Vancouver port returning to full operation thanks to agreement with truckers

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Preston Manning gives Enbridge advice on 'winning' a big oil campaign
         Northern Gateway VP Janet Holder: "I'm not running for election".
Natural Resources Minister dodges questions on personal assets in energy sector
         If the Natural Resources Minister has large investments in the energy sector, he stands to gain personally from political policies, an NDP critic says.
BP spill at tar sands refinery has 'crapped up' Lake Michigan
         Company with tarnished past doubling tar sands processing near major water source.
'Fair' Elections Act could disenfranchise half a million voters, says elections expert
         The author of the Elections Canada report being used to back the Conservatives' 'Fair' Elections Act says the government's new bill could disenfranchise half a million
Harper wants to make it harder for you to vote in 2015
Is the Fair Elections Act a misnomer?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Couillard's skeletons, Quebec identity the hot button issues at final leaders' debate 14 hours ago
         Travel expenses: Are politicians only sorry when they're caught? 20 hours ago
Ontario cracks down on unpaid internships at prominent Canadian magazines 16 hours ago
         BMO's mortgage rate cut won't have big impact on housing market 57 minutes ago
Inuit take on Ellen's Oscar selfie after money goes to anti-sealing group 20 hours ago
         Newfoundland and Labrador sprinkles new cash in $538 million-deficit budget 20 hours ago
Enbridge's 40% gas hike approved by regulator 7 hours ago
         Alberta K-12 students to be taught painful legacy of Indian residential schools 11 hours ago

When should books like 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' be banned?
         Ontario cracks down on unpaid internships at prominent Canadian magazines
Ontario MPPs set to get pay increase after opposition blocks salary freeze
         Vancouver Aquarium golden frogs get busy in race against extinction
Province, casinos hope to cash in over longer hours
         Pauline Marois blames Liberals for decline of French
Nova Scotia government announces $4 million for tidal energy projects
         Student loan interest eliminated for eligible Nova Scotians
Aboriginal homelessness an 'epidemic', York researcher says
         Inuit carvings head to Venice Biennale in Architecture

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservative Party of Canada fires Butts as regional director

         Government preparing to fund service dogs for veterans with PTSD
Don Martin's Last Word: Is there some 'conscious uncoupling' going on with election laws?
         Harper's history key to a Conservative future
At Issue panel: The controversy over Canada's election reform bill
         Harper's 2015 wedge issue: bashing Big Labour
The young may live for today, but they vote for tomorrow
         Echoes of Watergate gap in McGuinty's Final Days
Wynne government trapped like rats in cage
         Kathleen Wynne may have a scandal she can't outrun
A better way to tackle homelessness

With PQ confidence evaporated, Marois reduced to slinging mud at Couillard
         L'affaire Flanagan, revisited
Assisted suicide bills driven by MP's 'sense of self-determination
         Ottawa posts $2.2-billion surplus in January
Think-tank report says thumbs-down to F-35
         U.S.-Canada Bridge Funding at Risk
Hudak's allegations 'irresponsible' and 'disgraceful', Wynne says
         Ending vouching, voter ID cards could disenfranchise 520,000 in next election, says elections expert Neufeld
Harper Government Under Fire Over $482 Million In Outside Legal Fees
         Stephen Harper eyes energy deal with Europe
Jason Kenney's contradictory Twitter tirade over Kijiji jobs data | Press Progress
         Oilsands jobs being taken by temp foreign workers, union says
Fair Elections Act protested
         Harry Neufeld vs. Pierre Poilievre on the Fair Elections Act
Stop the Unfair Elections Act
         The first budget bill of 2014
Tory Budget Bill Chock Full Of Unrelated Measures: Critics
         Thousands of Veterans to receive voluntary one-time payment (by admin on Mar 28, 2014)
New Building Canada Fund Open for Business (by admin on Mar 28, 2014)
         Department of Finance reports a $2.2-billion surplus in January (by admin on Mar 28, 2014)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Côte d'Ivoire's Middle Class - Growing or Disappearing?
A Call for Universal Access to Safe, Legal Abortion
Non-Nuclear Ukraine Haunts Security Summit in The Hague
Ethiopia's Textile Manufacturers Benefit from Global Interest
A Honduran Paradise that Doesn't Want to Anger the Sea Again
Pacific Islands At Sea Over Land Rights
Fighting a 'Losing' War With the Taliban
Increased Instability Predicted for Egypt
ExxonMobil to Disclose Carbon Emissions Risk

Column: From the ashes of a movement in Ukraine
I will stand up to No. 1 enemy Putin, says Ukraine's 'Iron Lady'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ukraine's IMF Deal Means Greece-Like Depression
Ukrainian Lessons The world was treated to the strange spectacle of Israel's greatest lackey, the United States, supporting Neo-Nazi thugs.
Why Did Israel Fail to Back US-supported UN Resolution on Crimea?
Ukraine: Right Sector pickets parliament, demands Avakov's resignation:
Ukraine May Ban Radical Group after Parliament Siege:

Putin orders Ukrainian weapons returned from Crimea:
Russia's Putin calls Obama to discuss U.S. proposal on Ukraine: White House:
Presstitute Alert: (Anonymous) U.S. intel sources: Russian invasion of Ukraine increasingly likely:
Manufacturing Consent For NATO Intervention U.S. Official: Putin Could Invade Ukraine 'At a Moment's Notice':
Ukraine given €19bn in loans:

Russia allocates first funds for Crimea's budget:,0,3373354.story
93 countries did not vote for the resolution: Assembly declares Crimea referendum invalid:
Putin Dismisses UN Crimea Vote as 68 Nations Waver:
Hungary opposed to economic sanctions against Russia: PM: -
Russia says Swiss steps 'counterproductive':

Britain seeks to make up lost ground with US over Ukraine:
Obama Whitewashes World War I: Op-Ed :
Middle East: Russian Roulette or Conflict Resolution?
US Takes a Break From Condemning Tyranny to Celebrate Obama's Visit to Saudi Arabia
The Regime Changers From Libya to Ukraine

Media Neglect Turkish False Flag Attack Leak And Its Implications
Call Them What They AreCapitalism's Intellectual Prostitutes
Labour Party Is Part Of The Problem, Not The Solution
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Ukrainian Crisis: A Question of the World's Future
         Two Shepherds, Two Cultural Revolutions?
The New Theology of (Global) Hope
         Venezuela Today Vs. the Polish Liberation Episode
United States: Not Exceptional, But One Nation Among Many
         What Europe Can (and Must) Do to Stabilize Ukraine
Putin's Russia Reset
         Why Crimea Is Not the Product of U.S. Weakness

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cato Institute <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gatestone Institute<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Israel Hayom<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Washington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

Un homme chute des gradins au Stade olympiquePlus
         Grande-Bretagne: légalisation du mariage homosexuelPlus
Pérou: un bébé vit avec huit aiguilles dans le corpsPlus
         Immigration: payer pour la réunification des familles?Plus
Marois veut des anglophones bilinguesPlus
         Péage sur le pont Champlain: Ottawa confirmePlus
Ukraine: Poutine souhaite une sortie de crisePlus
         Electrolux fermera ses portes le 18 juillet prochainPlus
Agression filmée: les deux jeunes filles accusées?Plus
         PLQ: les policières pourront porter le hijabPlus

Fusillade au palais de justice de Brampton en OntarioPlus
         Modification de la zone de recherche du vol MH370Plus
Lise Thibault: la requête en détails est rejetéePlus
         PKP s'intéresse d'abord à la souveraineté économiquePlus
Paradis fiscal: Couillard «content de l'avoir fait»Plus
         L'Isle-Verte: test du polygraphe pour le gardien de nuit?Plus
Proposition des libéraux: après le RAP, le REPPlus
         Legault veut voir les actifs de l'entreprise PorterPlus
PKP: un homme et son péchéPlus
         Préparation d'un référendum: le DGE rectifie le tirPlus

Référendum: Marois précise sa penséePlus
         John Baird condamne les tirs de missiles nord-coréensPlus