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Omar Khadr in Saskatchewan prison hospital after surgery on damaged shoulder
         Pauline Marois on why Brad Wall is 'sneaky'
Liberals, NDP eye Alberta ridings for 2015
         Opposition parties see more possibilities in Alberta ridings for 2015
No Arctic shipping hub any time soon: Raitt
         Oliver equivocal on income splitting
Kingsley re-evaluates Elections Act overhaul
         PM slams Russia for its travel ban
Quebec's Pauline Marois explains why Saskatchewan's Brad Wall is 'sneaky'
         Tory senator mulling Alberta leadership run

Government respects Nadon decision, but still reviewing it, Harper says
         Kingsley qualifies initial positive assessment of elections law overhaul
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to publish 'candid' memoir in English and French
         Meech headaches serve as current-day warning
Today on the Hill: getting the next vote out
         Today on the Hill: former budget officer, opposition leaders push youth vote
Harper meets with fellow leaders at nuclear summit in The Netherlands
         Alberta Tories set dates to pick leader
Meech Lake constitutional headaches serve as current-day warning for leaders
         Alberta Tories set dates to pick leader


Privacy rules not followed on lost student loan data, report finds
         Stephen Harper hints at China trip this year
Human traffickers going unpunished in Canada, experts say

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Justice Marc Nadon speaks 'At least this has certainly ended the uncertainty'
         Jean-Pierre Kingsley: Bill C-23, Fair Elections Act, Shouldn't Pass Commons As Is

The sketch: How inspiring has the Fair Elections Act been so far?
         Tory MP Hawn recalls voter card shenanigans in 2006, but Elections Canada says cards not used in 2006 election
A defining Supreme Court decision
         Resistance to the PMO is on the rise
Supreme Court ruling on Judge Marc Nadon exposes flaws in system
         Stephen Harper's painful lesson in empathy
Quebec's fear-mongering PQ bears little resemblance to the party of René Lévesque
         G8 move to exclude Russia 'no great tragedy' in Putin's eyes
Gender bias and old boys did in Redford
         The 'assassination' of Alison Redford
Alberta according to the Globe

Ontario's cameo appearance in Quebec's election campaign
         Voter suppression, pure and simple
The PCs, the government and Redford have all made mistakes, but did they learn their lesson?
         Here in B.C., we're richer than we think ­ on paper
Privacy rules not followed on lost student loan data, report finds
         Calgary MP Rob Anders' team made fake calls, rival alleges
Conservatives defend Justice Marc Nadon, slam Supreme Court ruling
         First Air captain ignored co-pilot's warnings before Nunavut crash
Commons spending panel refers NDP mailing costs to Elections Canada
         Today on the Hill: former budget officer, opposition leaders push youth vote
Feds retreat from claims 2011 election report found widespread voter fraud
         Harper meets with fellow leaders at nuclear summit in The Netherlands
Uranium stockpile quietly exported back to U.S., Canada reveals
         Conservative Party has saved thousands of dollars by using government jets
What Canadians Think about Elections and the Fair Elections Act
         Kingsley qualifies initial positive assessment of elections law overhaul
Government respects Nadon decision, but still reviewing it, Harper says
No national labour shortage as Conservatives claim, budget watchdog says
         Koch Brothers Are Largest Lease Holders in Alberta Tar Sands
Stephen Harper - Classless - He's in way over his head (Justin Trudeau attack ad backfires)
         Exposure of Harper government spying should frighten "scandal-plagued" Tory pols: Leadnow
Grain companies profiting from marketing chaos | CWBA Facts
         The Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society
Five things to know about Fair Elections Act

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Obama In Shock After US Oil Giant Sides With Putin; Declares "No Ukraine War" Source
         Argentineans slam US meddling in Venezuela Source
Egypt court sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death Source
         Missing jet crashed in Indian Ocean, all onboard dead: Malaysian PM Source
I'll raise the whole world to reduce Russia to ashes – Tymoshenko leak Source
         Kosovo vs Crimea – 'Good Independence' vs 'Bad Referendum' Source
Chileans demand constitution reform Source
         Rand Paul "concerned about who is truly in charge of our government" Source
Russian officials inspect US nuclear arsenal amid crisis Source
         'StratoBus' drone-satellite hybrid to provide new level of surveillance Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Leaked Phone Call Time To Grab Guns And Kill Damn Russians: Former Ukrainian PM Video
Why The EU Won't Annex Ukraine By Pepe Escobar
Three Who Made A War
American intervention has never benefited any peoples except those allied with Washington and American corporations.
The War Party At Work In Syria Another Nation Destroyed, More Blood On America's Hands
Media 'Staged' Syria Chemical Attack Video
         http ://
When the "Peace" Process Grinds to a Halt, What Then?
Abbas, Promises Kept, Promises Broken
An Israeli Takeover of the Palestine Authority...?
Al Jazeera Once Again Removes Article on Palestine
More Guardian 'Brainwashing' on Putin
Dark Questions About a Deadly FBI Interrogation in Orlando
Economic Suicide
Recalled to Life
The Crisis of Civilization : Full MovieThe Doctrine Of Unlimited Growth
Ukrainian far-right activist shot dead by police:
Nationalists threaten Ukrainian top cop with 'revenge' over far-right leader murder:
Ukrainian nationalist group Right Sector has announced it holds the acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov accountable for the death of notorious radical militant Aleksandr Muzychko and will avenge it, Ukrainian media reports.
NATO says Russia has big force at Ukraine's border, worries over Transdniestria:
NATO's top military commander said on Sunday that Russia had built up a large force on Ukraine's eastern border and he was worried Moscow may be eyeing Moldova's mainly Russian-speaking separatist Transdniestria region after annexing Crimea.
U.S. exporters feel chill in Russia orders:
Some U.S. exporters say they're already feeling the effects of the nation's confrontation with Russia as product orders from that country are suspended, pared back or halted.
Russian tourist spending in UK sees sharp fall in February:
UK hotels and shops saw income from Russians fall 17% in February compared with a year ago as visitor numbers fell back amid political unrest in Ukraine.
Britons rate Russia more positively than EU, poll shows:
Only Saudi Arabia, Iran and North Korea ranked below the European parliament when those polled were asked how positive or negative they felt towards them. Israel was fifth from bottom and Russia was seventh from bottom.;_ylt=AwrTWfx3PS5TkwEAwQHQtDMD
Ukraine in talks with IMF for $15-20B loan package:
Ukraine, its economy seriously weakened by months of political turmoil and mismanagement, is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund for a loan package of $15-20 billion, its finance minister said on Tuesday.
US Prepares To Provide A Billion To Ukraine As Detroit Plans Mass Water Shutoffs Over $260 Million:
In order to enforce the fading Pax Americana in the Ukraine, and to keep the funding to the otherwise insolvent Ukraine flowing, which as everyone knows will be first and foremost used to pay Russia's Gazprom, the US is about to send lots of money abroad. As in, not in the US.
What's the Difference Between Force Feeding and Waterboarding?:
The Department of Defense this month publicly released its newest rationalization for the abusive force-feeding program at Guantánamo Bay.
Americans More Likely To Be Killed By Police Than By Terrorists :
 Video report:
Family surprised to learn it was Toronto cops who broke into house, removed computers:
"They took every computer, laptop, tablet, everything," said Alikhani's husband, Ramin Rownaghi. His sons' video game console, the Internet router, medications and credit cards were also missing.
As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?:
The Justice Department's inspector general says despite playing a central role in the nation's financial crisis, mortgage fraud was deemed either a low priority or not a priority at all. This comes as a recently revealed internal Wells Fargo document appears to guide lawyers step-by-step on how to fabricate missing documents to foreclose on homeowners

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

L'UPAC a rencontré des dirigeants du PQPlus
         Vol MH370: reprise des recherches dans l'océan IndienPlus
Glissement de terrain aux États-Unis: le bilan s'alourditPlus
         La prison pour avoir filmé sous les jupes dans le métroPlus
Marois accuse Couillard de manipuler les QuébécoisPlus
         Couillard veut privilégier la «compétence» avant toutPlus
Égypte: le sort de 700 pro-Morsi fixé le 28 avrilPlus
         Marois promet un chantier sur la conciliation travail-famillePlus
Financement du Parti libéral: le PQ dépose une plaintePlus
         Affaire Daudelin: la mère de Joleil lit une lettre aux médiasPlus

Agressions sexuelles: semi-liberté pour Raymond-Marie LavoiePlus
         Combattre le «terrorisme nucléaire»Plus
Virus électoral: Brassard parodie la pub de la CAQPlus
         Jugement Nadon: Harper respectera la décision Plus
Faubourg Contrecoeur: la date de procès se fait attendrePlus
         Campagne de 1994 et 2014: un copier-coller selon le PLQPlus
Gérard Deltell espère renverser la vapeur à QuébecPlus
         Échangeur Turcot: Montréal pointe le MTQ du doigtPlus
Divulgation de sa fortune: Marois dit non à CouillardPlus
         Un homme retrouvé mort dans un abribus à MontréalPlus

L'équipe libérale: «usée et corrompue», dit LegaultPlus
         Sondage: le virage libéral se poursuitPlus


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