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Harper should "get out of the way" on efforts to reform pensions: Wynne
         Video shows gunmen in deadly Afghan hotel attack
Harper should "get out of the way" on efforts to reform pensions: Wynne
         New Democrat MLA passes on leadership race
Marois expresses concern about possible voter fraud involving English-speakers
         MPs promoting passenger rail in Maritimes
Politicians weigh in on whether sexism was part of Premier Redford's downfall
         Higher youth turnout could change tone, content and outcome of political debate
Politicians weigh in on whether sexism was part of Premier Redford's downfall
         Wynne to fire up delegates at convention

Harper in Kyiv as first G7 leader to stand beside new regime in Ukraine
         PQ tries to change the focus on election issues

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clean-tech 'Bulls' Battle Climate 'Bears': A Walrus Talk Preview
         Green businesses are cashing in, but can they reverse our warming crisis?
Ciao, Little Italy!
         Can a hard-core Italian from Toronto find his people in Vancouver?
Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents'
         CBC doc on how poverty affects young brains may turn you into an early education evangelist, too.
Truckers to province: 'We will not be swayed'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Stephen Harper pledges continued support for Ukraine 9 hours ago
         Maritime medical marijuana users greet court decision 7 hours ago
Cities are now battlefields, but does tighter security make sense? 15 hours ago
         NDP politicians taking train ride to promote passenger rail in Maritimes 4 hours ago
Sleight-of-hand jewelry thefts continue, Vancouver police warn 5 hours ago
         Co-op breads recalled due to possible listeria contamination 8 hours ago
McMaster whiz kid, 15, reflects on first-year experience 7 hours ago
         UFOs sighted in southern Alberta, claims family 22 hours ago
Protesters rally against Ontario's cuts to social assistance
         Referendum questions hound Quebec premier
Protest against secular charter

Was sexism a factor in the downfall of Alberta Premier Alison Redford?
         Someone has a permanent pothole solution? Make that man Mayor of Canada
Toronto puppy stolen at gunpoint the focus of police and public attention
         Calgary Public Library steps up to help new Canadians
Price tag for Quebec sovereignty too high: Liberal leader Couillard
         Impaired driving checkpoints set up across province
Immigrants hit citizenship roadblocks with language forms
         Solar power proven reliable in North: Yukon report

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

         Saskatchewan band becomes first of First Nations to take full control of natural resource royalties
EU sidelines climate in bid to cut reliance on Russian gas imports

         Bungled Nadon appointment bad news for the Harper government ­ and the PQ
The Harper government deserves the Supreme Court's rebuke
         Pena sends Mexico's diplomatic reply
Making Canada matter in the world
         By spurning Marc Nadon, the Supreme Court is also rejecting the executive's fundamental role in governance
Meet Joe Oliver, frontman for a file run by the PMO

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Malaysia Airlines "Suspicious Cargo" Destroyed In Massive New Mexico Explosion Source
[] []          Russia's Federation Council approves Crimea reunion Source
Russia to ease visa regime for foreigners
         Ukraine, EU sign 'political provisions' of association deal
Putin signs Crimea reunification documents
         Russia imposes counter sanctions on US
Snowden might reveal US war plans to China, Russia
         New York Trains To Install Audio, Video Surveillance Recorders
Snowden might reveal US war plans to China, Russia
         US blacklists 20 Russian officials and businessmen, threatens to sanction economy

Fast-food 'wage theft' protests staged across US
         Spanish anti-austerity protesters, police clash
Crimea's referendum corrected Soviet-era mistake – Gorbachev

         US fears Russian forces near Ukraine border

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ria Novosti<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

SCE Agrees on Ukraine Observer Mission
         EU Adds 12 Russian, Crimean Officials To Sanctions List
EU Adds $1.4Bln to Ukrainian Aid After Political Deal Signed
         72 Crimean Military Units Request Joining Russia

Visa, MasterCard Freeze Cards at Sanctioned Russian Banks [] 6
         Medvedev Warns Ukraine of Possible State Collapse [] 2
[] Senior UN Official Meets With Crimea Leaders [] 1

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Can Washington Overthrow Three Governments at the Same Time?

Putin's Triumph
China, Crimea and Pashtunistan By Pepe Escobar
Former U.S. Ambassador: Behind Crimea Crisis, Russia Responding to Years of "Hostile" U.S. Policy
         Video and Transcript
U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia Into Submission

Petrodollar Alert: Putin Prepares To Announce "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China
Western International Diplomacy as a Dead Baby Joke
'US Thinks it's Superior, Rules Only Apply to Inferior Nations' - ex Australian PM Video
The Crisis That Israel Manufactured
The Truth About Venezuela: A Revolt of the Well-off, Not a 'Terror Campaign'

Treating People Like Garbage
Cops or Soldiers? America's Police Have Become Too Militarised Video
Housing: One Chart Says it All
"Paid-what-you're-worth" Is a Dangerous Myth. 
Israel Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid, Says UN Rapporteur:

Palestinians threaten to seek statehood at UN if prisoner release canceled:
US: Disappointed by lack of an apology from Israeli Defense Minister :,7340,L-4501830,00.html
US puzzled by Iran's mock-up of an aircraft :
U.S. Watchdog: Afghanistan on the Brink of Blacklisting:
US Proposal to Donate MRAPs to Pakistan Exposes Kabul Rift:

US Boycotts Pakistan's Push For Greater Transparency On Drone Strikes:
President Putin mocks US sanctions, vows not to retaliate:
Russia sanctions would be 'catastrophe' for many firms:
European Union signs landmark political deal with Ukraine:
Russia's Medvedev says Ukraine owes Russia $16 billion: agencies:

Fitch cuts Russia outlook to negative from stable:
Human Rights Org Condemns Alleged Attack on TV Chief in Ukraine:
New Ukraine province in play as ethnic Russians push new secession referendum:
Here's The List Of Americans Who Just Got Sanctioned By Russia:
Putin's quiet Latin America play:

Maduro Accuses US Of Meddling In Venezuela Riots:
Mexico's Oil Belongs to Its Citizens, Not the Global 1%:
Uruguay agrees to U.S. request to take some Guantanamo inmates:
The British home secretary warns Yahoo that its move to Dublin is a security worry:
British Move Toward Censoring "Unsavory" Internet Speech:

US judge slams surveillance requests as "repugnant to the Fourth Amendment":
Fortune 100 Companies Have Received a Whopping $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently:
Iraq veteran gets $4.5 million settlement for police injuries during Occupy Oakland protest:
Enough! Say Students Tasered in School:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOX NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Aga Khan, spiritual leader to Muslims, divorces German princess after years in court
         Stolen F-35 secrets now showing up in China's stealth fighter
America, get ready for 'A2 milk'
         Russia repeats warning that it could intervene in Ukraine to defend 'compatriots'
Could Russia invade other post-Soviet states?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         We will hold joint military exercises with Britain and US, says Ukraine
19 Mar 2014 Ukraine's new [unelected neo-Nazi] government said on Wednesday night that it would be conducting military exercises with Britain and the United States, in a move intended to warn Russia against further seizures of Ukrainian territory. Kiev said the maneouvres would be conducted under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, a document signed by Britain, American and Russia to guarantee Ukraine's territorial integrity after it gave up its share of Soviet nuclear bombs. However, a Downing Street source said Britain had not "committed" itself yet to the exercises and declined to elaborate on whether they would involve sending British forces to the Black Sea region.
         US blacklists 20 Russian officials and businessmen, threatens to sanction economy 20 Mar 2014 US President Barack Obama has announced a new executive order imposing further sanctions on top Russian officials and businessmen. The order also allows for measures against Russian energy, mining, defense, and engineering sectors. The new list of sanctioned officials includes 20 names, according to the list published by the US Department of Treasury. The new penalties mark the second round of economic sanctions the US has levied on Russia this week.
         Taliban suicide attack on Afghan police station kills 11 20 Mar 2014 Taliban fighters killed at least 11 people and wounded 22 in a suicide bomb attack and gunbattle at a police station in Afghanistan's eastern Jalalabad city early on Thursday morning, according to police and health officials. The assault began with two explosions just before dawn targeting the police station and a nearby square, close to compounds used by international organizations including the United Nations. The initial attack was carried out by two suicide bombers, one of them driving a three-wheeler vehicle.
         Four gunmen attack luxury hotel in Kabul 20 Mar 2014 Four unidentified gunmen have attacked a luxury hotel near the presidential palace in the Afghan capital. On Thursday, gunfire broke out inside the Serena Hotel's restaurant in Kabul. Security forces moved in later and shot dead all the assailants. "The four young attackers entered the hotel at about 6 p.m. pretending to be guests and started to attack at 9 p.m.," Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said. According to the spokesman, three people were also injured in the attack.
         Israel budgets $3 billion for strike on Iran - report 19 Mar 2014 Israel's 2014 military budget includes at least 10 billion shekels devoted to preparations for war with Iran, Haaretz newspaper reports. Top Jerusalem officials recently said that Israel may strike Tehran's nuclear sites even without US help...The parliamentarians said they questioned the decision to maintain funding in view of Tehran's softening relations with the West, only to be told by army commanders that Israel's political leaders ordered them to continue, regardless.
         Barack Obama on Russia and Crimea: 'Nations simply do not redraw borders.' Posted by Lori Price, 20 Mar 2014 (Image)

Not really news, but: CIA reportedly employed several operatives, warlords and militant leaders deeply involved in Afghan opium trade --Reports say US-led NATO forces are taxing the production of opium in the regions under their control. 20 Mar 2014 A senior western audit officer has raised fresh concerns that US funds meant to help pay Afghan police salaries may instead be going to "ghost workers". "I am writing to express my concern that the US may be unwittingly helping to pay the salaries of non-existent members of the Afghan National Police," John Sopko, the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction wrote in recent letter to top US-led NATO generals... Afghan officials accuse the US of channeling funds to the Taliban militant group. Afghan lawmakers say American helicopters have recently delivered several shipments of small arms and heavy weapons to the militants in southern provinces. Senior officials in Kabul have also demanded an explanation from Washington over its aid to the Taliban...In addition to that, the Afghan counter-narcotics officials say foreign troops are also earning money from drug production in Afghanistan. [Darn those pesky deficits that the Teabags/DemocRATs whine about 24/7! And yet: There seems to be a bottomless pit of US tax dollars available to protect the CIA's heroin trade, arm the Taliban, fund the fascist coup in the Ukraine, pay for Israel's Iron Dome, and provide even more tax breaks and bl*w jobs for Exxon Mobil.]

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

Lac-Mégantic: des citoyens mécontents de la mairessePlus
         CAQ: trois des candidats sont déclarés inéligiblesPlus
Collision avec une déneigeuse: une femme décèdePlus
         Bromont: un homme meurt à la suite d'une bagarrePlus
Élections: Pauline Marois n'ira pas dans toutes les régionsPlus
         Les économistes ne savent pas créer d'emplois, selon PKPPlus
Deux faux collecteurs de dons arrêtésPlus
         Crimée: les bases ukrainiennes aux mains des Russes Plus
Fin de la visite de Stephen Harper en UkrainePlus
         Le PQ associe les libéraux à la corruptionPlus

Lévis: carambolage sur l'autoroute 20Plus
         Marois demande des explications au DGEPlus
Deux femmes happées sur l'autoroute 20Plus
         Neige à Montréal: le printemps tarde à venirPlus
Langue et identité : Legault passe à l'attaquePlus
         Couillard veut un ministre dédié à la forêtPlus
Couillard: un Québec indépendant pourrait survivre Plus
         Drummondville: plantation de cannabis découvertePlus
Algérie: manifestation pour un «changement de régime»Plus
         Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil: une sortie de route fait un mortPlus

Au moins 35 morts dans un carambolage au PakistanPlus
         Vol MH370: «espoir croissant» de retrouver l'avion Plus
Pauline Marois attaque Québec solidairePlus
         CAQ: le message passe «difficilement»Plus
C.-B.: sursis pour la marijuana thérapeutiquePlus
         Les Russes sont la cible de nouvelles sanctionsPlus


The Government of Canada's response to the situation in Ukraine

Medvedev Warns Ukraine of Possible State Collapse

. . . two antipathetical views of Ukraine.

Human Rights Org Condemns Alleged Attack on TV Chief in Ukraine

. . . which view would this occurrence support?

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re:
Constitutional lawyer wonders why he had to clean up Harper's 'subversive mess',  Bruce Cheadle,  03/21/2014

In the matter of an appointment to the Supreme Court, lawyer Rocco Galati has won his case against a subversive federal government that refuses to respect the Constitution. Galati is also prosecuting the Bank of Canada on the grounds it has abdicated its statutory and constitutional duties by refusing to make interest free loans to the Provinces and to municipalities to fund infrastructure and other social needs.  Provinces and cities therefore have no alternative but to pay market interest to private financial institutions who in turn borrow at low interest from the Bank of Canada.  The Bank of Canada chooses to support the profitability of banks ahead of the public welfare. Let us hope this judicial matter ends with a blow to defenders of the status quo and a victory for the little people.
Report of an Appeal of an August 2013 Interim Order
in the Lawsuit Respecting the Bank of Canada
that the defendants'(officials) are wittingly and/or unwittingly, in varying degrees, knowledge, and intent, engaged in a conspiracy, along with the Bank for International Settlements, the Financial Stability Board, and International Monetary Fund to render impotent the Bank of Canada Act, as well as Canadian sovereignty over financial, monetary, and socio-economic policy, and in fact by pass the sovereign rule of Canada, through its Parliament, by means of banking and financial systems…causing injury to Canadians.…
Modern Monetary Theory in Canada - website
To: Joyce Murray <>,
Subject: Infrastructure & Job Guarantee
Re:   MP Joyce Murray slams Harper government over infrastructure budget (Video)

Congratulations on your recent statement criticizing the Conservatives for shortchanging infrastructure spending.  
In addition to infrastructure, I hope you will also investigate the proposal for a Job Guarantee scheme whereby the federal government (through funding local community and non-profit groups) would hire "off the bottom" and ensure that anyone able and willing to work would have the opportunity to do so.  Google "The Job Guarantee: A Government Plan for Full Employment" for more details.
Such an initiative would be a most powerful way to reduce poverty and individual distress.  As a bonus, the jobs created in areas such as child care, seniors' services, arts, education and conservation, would by design be environmentally-sensitive.
Warmest regards,
Spending money, Larry , is heretical - the 2015 Budget must be balanced!
From: Robert Ede
Subject: super clean windshield ---0000 steel wool?

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: A veteran's story and the despicable reactions of our government

Canada, I Fought For You and You Let Me Down

Joe--Harper gives billions away to other countries and this Veteran is left to suffer.  How can any government behave in this fashion and still sleep at night?  They perform on Remembrance Day to fool Canadians into believing that they care about our Veterans.  This is just unbelievable that any human being could treat a man like this and still expect Canadians to vote for them.