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New smartphone app tracks your vaccinations
         Riding exec condemns Trudeau candidate veto
NDP, government squabble over health funding
         Harper embarks on historic Ukraine visit
Former B.C. auditor general sues province
         A look at the fates of the last 5 Alberta premiers
Legislation threat fails to stop port strike
         Meteorites may have fallen in Ontario
New Brunswick plane announcement next week
         Alberta receives first flood cash from Ottawa

Alberta PC caucus picks deputy premier for top job
         Some Ottawa players not co-operating: police
Speaker won't run in New Brunswick election
         Liberals start training for next campaign
Federal Tories in the mix for Redford successor
         Man found guilty in case of pet dog's shooting
Hannon woman charged in fatal collision
         Federal Tories approached over Alberta PC leadership
Federal agency's closing worries Nova Scotia
         First Nation takes control of resource money

Canadian taxman doesn't forget ex-pats easily
         Former junior fire warden Alberta's next premier
Liberals accuse PC Vic Fedeli of contempt
         Loosen cabinet's grip on job fund: report
Mandela was Redford's start and undoing
         Number of EI recipients down in January
Leaders jockey for votes in election debate


Julian Fantino says there is a social contract with veterans
         Repeal of early parole violates rights, Supreme Court rules
New finance minister gets some wise economic guidance
         Canadian Forces dentists' productivity questioned
The Quebec election wildcard that is the Liberal's Philippe Couillard
         Alison Redford's replacement will have to heal party divisions

It's Quebec or Harper as Supreme Court decides Judge Marc Nadon's fate read 603comments
         Veterans affairs minister says government has obligation to veterans read257comments
Ottawa Hospital moving to discharge healthy moms after 24 hours video
         Ottawa homebuilders worried about stricter infill rules
It's the first day of spring, for better or worse
         Bad GPS directions land woman in RCMP custody
Feral pigs: B.C. allows hunting 'anywhere and at any time' video
         Rookie Liberal leader could face his first real test in tonight's leaders' debate
Quebec provincial leaders' debate
         Quebec election debate: Leaders square offvideo

Poster vandals get creative in Quebec election campaign
         Alison Redford's replacement will have to heal party divisions
It's Quebec or Harper as Supreme Court decides Judge Marc Nadon's fate
         Quebec election debate: Leaders square off
NDP MPs swap critic roles in wake of Flaherty, Chow departures
         Earl Jones, Quebec Ponzi-scheme fraudster, gets out of prison
New finance minister gets some wise economic guidance: Don Pittis
         Canadian dollar tests new lows below 89 cents US
Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
         Air Canada passenger sues after seat-bumping dispute

Labour in tub OK but childbirth in water unproven
         Antipsychotic drug ruling overturned
Ontario health system discriminates against seniors: report
         Feds spend $1M to fly Inuit children south for dental surgery
Alzheimer's disease burden weighs heavily on women
         Astronomers seek public's help in Ontario meteorite search
Google email encryption will hinder NSA spying
         Why internet upload speeds in Canada are 'frustratingly slow'
Ex-Microsoft employee charged with trade secrets theft
         Income inequality and the 1% with Amanda Lang

Video captures boy's shock over news he'll be a big brother
         CBC readers on Canada's slow internet
Crimean prosecutor's viral video inspires anime fan art


Busted brackets shouldn't ruin your March Madness
         Back to Afghanistan: Canadian troops heading to Kabul In April
'Trust gap' a growing problem for public servants and politicians, think-tank warns
         Alberta Tories begin picking up pieces after resignation of Premier Alison Redford
Pride of place: Where you meet your mate matters
         NDP to launch outpost in Saskatchewan, with taxpayers funding the staff
Applying early parole rules retroactively violates offenders' rights, top court rules
         Supreme Court set to rule on Marc Nadon's appointment to top bench
Five items for Raptors to focus on down stretch
         New twist in Twitter harassment case

Eating with your eyes: Study links pretty plating to improved taste
         As an industry builds up around it, questions remain about gluten-free diets
Prince George's "Spanish supernanny" revealed
         Finance Minister Joe Oliver's dilemma: How to spend the coming surplus

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Can Big Data 'Solve' Climate Change?
         And if so, are the trade-offs worth it? A renowned futurist weighs in. Next in the 'Are We Screwed?' series.
Meet the Lawyer Aiming to Fight BC's Evangelical Law School
         Angela Chaisson says she plans to sue the province for approving 'discriminatory' program.
Say Yes to Perfect Pussy
         Got your attention? Now listen to this fantastic new band.
VIDEO: Watch This Scientist Discover His Life's Work Was Not in Vain
         Recycling regs could force a beer price hike

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Three York University employees charges in $1.6 million fraud scheme 2 hours 48 minutes ago
         McGill uproar reflects growing oversensitivity on university campuses 5 hours ago
Former candidate Sarah Thomson vows to 'keep it real' in second Toronto mayoral run 8 hours ago
         Why internet upload speed in Canada lags world average 9 hours ago
Giant Mine bomber Roger Warren seeks day parole 6 hours ago
         Cat strangler Steven Seidel of Kamloops could face jail time 6 hours ago
Liberal riding exec condemns Trudeau move to block candidate, seeks review 2 hours 3 minutes ago
         Pot-smoking Mountie accuses RCMP of pressuring PTSD sufferers to quit 9 hours ago
Quebec political leaders begin televised debate with opening statements 12 minutes ago
         NDP MLA admits she and family took trips cited in scathing government audits 17 minutes ago
Canadians living outside country may be surprised to learn they owe Ottawa taxes 6 hours ago
         First day of spring: Debunking myths about the vernal equinox 7 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Vancouver Observer goes to North America's "Greenest City" to see how it handles garbage: VIDEO
"Over 90 per cent of what's being discarded can be recycled or composted," City of San Francisco zero waste coordinator Jack Macy
Iraq war resister in DTES pays heavy price for government mistakes
Why are former soldiers like Rodney Watson Jr. paying the price for George W. Bush's grave mistakes?
Government takes on union-busting moves to end port strike at Port Metro Vancouver
The BC government has announced back to work legislation for the 400 Unifor truck driving members on strike at the Port of Vancouver since March 10
Peter Ladner on Metro Vancouver's garbage conundrum
With Metro Vancouver forging ahead with its plan to invest half a billion dollars in a new incinerator project to deal with the region's non-recycled waste, tension has been slowly rising Federal government says it has no 'social contract' to care for military veterans
CBC is reporting the federal government's official response to a lawsuit by Canadian veterans
Alberta Premier Alison Redford announces resignation
Alberta Premier Alison Redford is resigning, as of Sunday,  "Too much time has been spent over the last few weeks on questions of loyalty,...
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty resigns
In a sudden move this afternoon, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced his resignation -- this comes only a matter of weeks after delivering the 2014 federal budget...
Spotlighting Canadian Talent through International Relationships: Successful Collaboration at VIDF
Emboldened by the integrated support of GMDC dancers, the classically trained Goh Ballet students held their own in Liu Qi's much anticipated Mustard Seed.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Conservatives painting Government of Canada website blue, organizing by themes not departments, NDP says new look obscuring sensitive facts

         Wildrose leader focuses attack on PC party as it seeks new leader
Conservatives risk implementing some budget cuts too quickly: report
         Redford an example of how to do everything wrong in Alberta politics
The other story of Harper's cabinet shuffle: Twitter
         The robocalls cloud still hangs over Joe Oliver's riding
Flaherty's mixed record reflects Tories' wandering ways
         The finance minister's secret? Know your place
Harper will speak for Canada
         Oliver will run the victory lap

Democracy in Alberta: Perks, fairy tales and entitlements
         Redford's Red Wedding
Alison Redford's resignation as premier had to happen this way

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
OP-ED: Protect Elephants and Gorillas to Sustain Our Forests
         Trade - Growth Recovering but Restrictions on the Rise
Russians Stand Strong Against Sanctions
         West Africa's Refugee and Security Crisis
Amidst the Guns, Free Choice for Crimeans
         Behind Bars for Being Young, Poor and Wearing a Hat
U.S. Scientists Launch Wake-Up Campaign on Climate Change
         Pepsi Pledge Signals Momentum on Land Rights
  Georgia Opts for Gold Mining at Protected Historical Site

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Residents Still Not Drinking Tap Water Two Months After West Virginia Spill (1/2)
         Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans, Hoping They 'Self-Deport' (2/2)
BP Gets Green Light to Drill in Gulf, But Has Safety Improved?
         Libya's Descent Into Turmoil Three Years After NATO Intervention
From Pipelines to Peladeauo - Canadian Report

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Israel airstrike on Golan Heights leaves 1 dead, 7 wounded – Syrian army Source
         Fast-food 'wage theft' protests staged across US Source
Things we dare not tell our children Source
         Kerry warns of world war over Crimea Source
America, minus the mask: The dream is over

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Unknown Snipers Once Again Stir Up Violence ... This Time In Crimea
What Did We Get for Our $5 Billion? Ukraine: Follow the Money
Violent Video: Ukraine TV Boss Beaten Up, Forced to Resign
Today Every Free Person in the World Has Won!
The Cruise Missile Liberals

Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?: Video -
US Mainstream Media Journalists With "Blood on Their Hands"
What Is Really Going On In Venezuela Video
Netanyahu Orders IDF to Prepare for Possible Strike on Iran During 2014
Feds Confirm Bush-era e-mail Surveillance

Edward Snowden: Here's How we Take Back the Internet Video
What Do Children Need?
 Syria warns Israel more air strikes could destabilise Middle East: Israeli occupation forces kill 15 year old Palestinian, south of Hebron:
Israel approves 184 new (illegal) settlement homes:

Ex-Israeli Air Security Chief Yeffet: Iran May Be Behind Jet Mystery:
Iran's Zarif 'sees signs of comprehensive nuclear deal':
U.S. funds meant to help Afghan police salaries may instead be going to "ghost workers":
Egypt: 6 killed in deadly shootout:
Teenager killed as Egypt marks anniversary:

Libya asks U.N., world for help after wave of bombings, violence:-
UN sanctions against Libyan oil exports:
Pro-Russian forces take over Ukrainian naval base in Crimea:
Ukrainian servicemen leave Navy base in Sevastopol as Crimea protesters storm HQ:
Ukraine Plans to Withdraw Troops From Russia-Occupied Crimea:

Russia to Build Bridge to Crimea:
Constitutional Court Approves Russia-Crimea Treaty:
President Obama: No U.S. Military Action in Ukraine:
US destroyer en route to Black Sea for 'routine' drills:
Ukraine crisis gives NATO alliance new purpose:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Iran and the Rule of Law
         Ten Facts: Iran and the Internet
Shortsighted Russia, Patient China
         U.S. Energy Exports and U.S. Foreign Policy
U.S. Fracking and the Russian Bear
         Ukraine: Why Letting Go Is So Hard For Russia
What America Can Learn From Europe About Income Inequality
         Advantage China: Putin's Dangerous Crimea Precedent
Russia and China: Who's the Boss in the Relationship Now?
         Crimea: What Could Have Been

Facts: How Putin Lets Russia Down
         From the Paradise of Dissent to the Paradise of Diversity
Global Economics between Jerusalem and Athens
         What Misfiring America Can Learn From Europe
A Judicial Coup in Thailand?
         Facts: Russia's Grip on Ukraine's Energy Supply
Women's Rights Are Human Rights
         10 Facts for International Women's Day

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

Le Québec nuit au Canada, selon Amir KhadirPlus
         Libération conditionnelle: la Cour suprême tranchePlus
Cabinet fantôme: Mulcair apporte des changementsPlus
         Procès Turcotte: une décision saluée Plus
Végétalisme: à demi-nues pour la causePlus
         Crimée: les Occidentaux durcissent les sanctionsPlus
Blanchiment d'argent: deux Canadiens arrêtés Plus
         Meurtre de Joleil Campeau: Éric Daudelin témoignePlus
Sarkozy rejette en bloc toutes les accusations de corruption Plus
         Virus électoral: Ces excès émotionnels à éviterPlus

Earl Jones a été libéré de prisonPlus
         Vol MH370: deux objets éventuellement liés aperçusPlus
Réseau frauduleux: 23 individus arrêtés à MontréalPlus
         Couillard prêt à contrer la stratégie de MaroisPlus
Procès Turcotte: le «non sens» corrigéPlus
         Deltell chez les libéraux: «Over my dead body»Plus
Erreur judiciaire: Hinse ira devant la Cour suprêmePlus
         Un crocodile meurt en plein accouplementPlus
Nouveau procès pour Guy TurcottePlus
         Il vole un chien à la pointe d'une armePlus


Which of the two reduces spending
The talk:

Julian Fantino says there is a social contract with veterans 

The walk:
Veterans don't have social contract, Ottawa says in lawsuit response

Which of the two would serve the more constructive purpose for Ukrainians.
Suggested action:
"A Time for Communication to Ukrainians of Canada's Success as a Nation"
Newmarket, Ontario - "Ukrainians are divided by language, custom and history as are Canadians" Mr. Stevens, Leader of the P.C. Party stated. "In Canada conflicts for the most part have been minimized. Matters that serve all have been placed in the hands of a central, a nation wide government, matters that divide into those of provincial governments – but with there being the ability to move from one to the other and maintain language."

"Let the message from Canada, from Canadians delivered to Ukrainians be this: Follow our example establish a Federal system of governance – those matters serving all in the hands of a government elected countrywide, divisive matters in regional governments with provision for minorities to maintain their languages."

"The Prime Minister has the opportunity of providing focus on this path to the future for Ukrainians. A positive path enabling all to work together rather than seeking to have one or another group dominate."

Action anticipated :

The brief trip to Ukraine ­ comes a few days before the prime minister is expected to make the case for a tough, united G7 front against the Russians.
Harper can also point to Canadian energy exports as an alternative to Russia's old and gas

Subject: Re: Daily Digest March 16, 2014
From: Rene Moreau <>

To Paul-André
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
   re; Joe Oliver
   For some time now, some have wondered  why Joe Oliver was given the port-folio of Natural Resources for the whole of Canada, including nuclear and the Energy Policy of Canada. Now, we know.
   If he is to be the Finance Minister for Canada the corporate world will have cemented their hold on regulatory capture like they did when Joe Oliver and friends were able to give self-regulation to entities that never, ever, should be un-regulated since their  reason for being,  is money. Neither do they DO democracy, it is not in their job description.
   They also have no citizenship, so cannot be charged with treason, have the rights and privileges of humans, but not the
responsibilities of humans, unless mandated by government, which isn't happenin eh?
   Remember the 18th of March, 2014. It could matter.
                                               Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 12:45 PM, Rene Moreau < > wrote:
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
This is from the Hartman Group. Apparently, they do P. R.  for Monsanto, among others.
This might also be called Aggressive Attitude Adjustment of 'customers', right?
Would not defense mechanisms be wise, food-wise and seed-wise?
Corporations do not eat, and, not being citizens, cannot be charged with treason if they wreck the world food supply, in
name of profits.

GMO confusion and how food companies can help


Tractor in a field
Although voters in California and Washington state have rejected ballot measures to label genetically engineered foods, in some ways the topic is just heating up. Labeling supporters say their ultimate aim is nationwide disclosure, and the subject is more on people's minds because of media coverage and advertising surrounding both measures, plus Whole Foods' well-publicized decision to label genetically engineered products in its stores by 2018.
The vast majority of consumers still do not know what genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are, which gives food companies, including retailers, an opportunity to be proactive in providing information and helping shape consumers' opinions, according to research compiled by Hartman Worldview. The Whole Foods example is a start, as is an online forum launched this summer by Monsanto, DuPont and other genetically modified seed sellers, to answer questions about biotechnology in food and agriculture. "Dialogue is good," the president of DuPont's agricultural unit told Reuters. "Over time I think we'll come to a common understanding."
Commitment to transparency is increasingly important for companies to be considered among the "good guys," Hartman Worldview has found. Consumers are concerned about maintaining a right to know how their food is grown and handled, echoing a continuing trend toward fresh, real and less processed food. The information consumers do have about GMOs has led them to worry about biodiversity and possible adverse health effects, because they perceive genetically engineered foods as somehow unnatural. More fundamentally, they do not understand what genetically engineered foods are or how their technology differs from crop hybridization.

As the GMO debate grows louder, some have begun to demand that companies take a stand, according to Hartman Worldview research. For example, they ask why companies that are vocally anti-GMO don't publicly boycott the products. They also want to know why some companies oppose labeling and wonder if that means they have something to hide.
These are all areas where retailers and other food companies can step in and help consumers make better informed decisions. It does not necessarily mean taking a stand on labeling or pesticides or any other aspect of the debate­but simply meeting customers where they are and using information to allay their confusion and maintain their trust.
Organic and Natural report cover  
The Hartman Group's Organic and Natural report includes a deep dive into consumers' attitudes towards GMOs.
To learn how your organization can benefit from a Hartman Worldview Partner Advantage program, contact Shelley Balanko, SVP, Business Development at: 425.452.0818, ext. 103, or
Subject: 370 jet and the Skipper too!
From: Robert Ede
From: Anthony Silvestro
Subject:  Re - Quebec election....the truth for a change.

Letter - Re – Quebec election…the truth for a change…

Well enough is enough folks. Time for someone to speak for the rest of the country, so allow me to do what the politicians in Ottawa will not do, again! The pathetic thing is they ( Quebec – the French) have run and destroyed our real and proud English speaking history for over 5 decades now, and no one officially has come out and said so. The federal government has been silent for far to long…Quebec has been robbing Canada blind for decades now. Ever since Trudeau and his gang of anti – English language, anti – BNA "French - metis" bigots from Quebec arrived in Ottawa in the 1960's, they have been funnelling billions upon billions in grants, subsidies, equalization payments… into Quebec every year = more and more debt…an absolute disgrace. And how do they say thanks in french? Well try decades of anti-English language laws like bills 22, 178, 101…nice eh?

Go learn our proud, real BNA and UEL history. These were the builders of our country since 1763. Not this phony, revisionist lie, this bilingual, multicultural, 2 founding nations, linguistic duality lie, propaganda, spin that we've been living with since Trudeau, and Kebec forced this upon the nation. We've been part of the British Empire since 1763 and officially an English speaking country for over 200 years…just a fact. Our flags for over 200 years were the Union jack and Red ensign until a bunch of liberal parasites mostly from Kebec got rid of it…this has to be taught…this is our real history…

It's not just going on in Kebec. Its happening all over the country where they revise, falsify, change the names of towns, streets, ridings, buildings, bodies of water…renaming historical English, Scottish and Irish names with French ones…go check….

From the confiscation of farm land in the 1940"s (read The tragedy of Quebec) to the removal of the Red Ensign in Quebec City in 1950, to the removal of the Red Ensign in Ottawa in 1965 to the enforcement of bilingualism (french) in Ottawa in the late 60's, 70's…to the nightmare that Canada is now living with (the charter and everything connected to it) its all going as planned folks. Lies, deceit, spin…decades of it. People really have no idea what this man Trudeau and his cronies form Kebec did to Canada . Go read a few a few books to prove my my point, His pride our fall, Conspiracy of two, Bilingual Today, French tomorrow, The monstrous trick, Enough… just to name a few…

I will now say what many, many of us are thinking. Quebec you are about 23% of the population of Canada so 23% of the debt is yours, like it or not. Since you have spent the last 5 decades forcing the french language all over the country while banning ours in Quebec, a la bills 22, 178, 101… English becomes the only official language of Canada again. No more phony bilingual (code for french) bs only outside Quebec… Borders will be drawn up, you will leave with about a 3rd of the province, like it or not, that's right back o the 1763 borders…a corridor to the east will be drawn up, like it or not. You will not be allowed to use our money, make up your own. You will need a passport to enter Canada. The charter will repealed, back to our BNA act, our flag from 1965 will go back up as well…All 'french' parasites now working in the federal government, the police force, fire, health care, at the city of Ottawa, construction jobs in Ottawa, Ont…working all these jobs in Ottawa while living in Kebec…you will be fired and replaced by English speaking residents of Canada right away, that's right get lost..

If you think for one minute that you will leave with what you want, you are dreaming, you are full of it, it will NOT happen…we will organize and speak for ourselves as long as you frenchman run our governments in Ottawa. You will not be negotiating with yourselves, with the 'french' in Ottawa. You will be dealing with English speaking Canadians, not from Quebec, people like me!!!

Time for dose of realty Quebec, now go ahead vote in the PQ, have your referendum, leave please…but we will be ready bigots. We have had enough of your BS!!!

Anthony Silvestro,

From: Marjaleena Repo <>
To: Joe Hueglin <>
Subject: My piece, "Harper government's Fair Elections Act: bad news for voters," on Toronto Star site

Hi Joe,

If you haven't included this yet, please do:

I wrote it from a longer brief I sent to the committee which is supposed to be dealing with this despicable ACT whose name is the first Big Lie in it.

This is a bill that we need to kill!


From: "Stephanie McDowall"
Subject: Vladimir Putin: As Crimea as Kosovo, West Re-writing its Own Rule Book + Transcript | Dandelion Salad

Vladimir Putin's speech re above.  He addresses the U.S. and Germany.

From: Larry Kazdan

Subject: Letter to Editor
Re:  Oliver to take over Finance portfolio from Flaherty, BILL CURRY AND SHAWN McCARTHY AND STEVEN CHASE, Mar. 18 2014

As Jim Flaherty exits the Finance portfolio, he leaves 1.3 million Canadians unemployed, income inequality growing, and an economy that is stagnant. Because of cuts to inspections and regulatory budgets, public safety has been threatened. Vital science has been terminated and vital statistics no longer collected.  Veterans feel abandoned.

But not all have suffered. Big oil companies, big banks and big corporations have been beneficiaries of government largesse through either corporate tax cuts or direct bailouts.  What are the prospects for fiscal policies that actually serve the majority of Canadians and not just the elites?  Since newly-designated Finance Minister Joe Oliver was formerly chief executive of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, a lobby group and self-regulating body for the securities industry, Canadians can unfortunately expect business as usual.
Subject: Letter to Editor re: History will judge Flaherty kindly, William Watson, March 19, 2014

Re:  History will judge Flaherty kindly, William Watson, March 19, 2014

History may look less kindly on Jim Flaherty's legacy than William Watson supposes. Flaherty's fixation with balancing the budget has kept 1.3 million Canadians involuntarily unemployed, costs our economy billions in lost production, and causes untold personal suffering to individuals and their families.  Any sovereign government which has a floating, non-convertible currency has the power to put people to work, despite the ravings of deficit hysterics.  As proof, note that the federal government employed one of every three adult males in military service during WWII, yet the economy rebounded from the Great Depression and was sufficiently productive to help win the war. Pro-growth policies, not austerity, will rescue the middle class, an understanding that eluded former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
What is Modern Monetary Theory, or "MMT"? 
The essential insight of Modern Monetary Theory (or "MMT") is that sovereign, currency-issuing countries are only constrained by real limits. They are not constrained, and cannot be constrained, by purely financial limits because, as issuers of their respective fiat-currencies, they can never "run out of money." This doesn't mean that governments can spend without limit, or overspend without causing inflation, or that government should spend any sum unwisely. What it emphatically does mean is that no such sovereign government can be forced to tolerate mass unemployment because of the state of its finances – no matter what that state happens to be. 
Virtually all economic commentary and punditry today, whether in America, Europe or most other places, is based on ideas about the monetary system which are not merely confused – they are starkly and comprehensively counter-factual.

Modern Monetary Theory in Canada - website

From: Art Williams
Subject: Is Ukraine Crisis A Bankster Psy-Op?

If you are asked to send your kids over to fight in a phony war created  by globalists and international bankers - answer "YOURS FIRST".  The globalists and banksters have been fomenting crisis in Ukraine for  years, and they played both sides against the middle in other major  conflicts. Proof can be found in the result of the orchest...   
From: John Duddy.
To:, joe hueglin <>
Subject: Read President Reagan's top economist.

Dear Prime Minister, you need to consult Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about your foreign policy.


John Duddy.

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Quebec
Begin forwarded message:

From: redneckrayzer
Date: March 17, 2014 5:09:06 PM EDT (CA)
Subject: FW: Quebec

If Quebec should decide to hold a referendum and the Quebecois vote for leaving Canada, the fun starts.
  1. Aboriginals will refuse to give up their traditional territory.
  2. The St. Lawrence Seaway is jointly owned by Canada and the United States; Quebec has no claim to the lands set aside for the Seaway.
  3. Montreal is an island in the St. Lawrence and may not be part of a new Quebec.
  4. All federal facilities (and English speaking employees) in Quebec would have to relocate.
  5. Air Canada could not continue maintenance operations in a foreign nation.
  6. The Port of Montreal would wither as Canadian companies would have to find a Canadian location for imports and exports.
  7. Airlines would cease landing in Quebec until they could negotiate landing rights with the new nation.
  8. The Canada Space Agency could move from Saint-Hubert to Calgary.
  9. Federally licensed financial institutions (all banks, for example) could no longer operate in Quebec.
  10. Bilingual courts and a bilingual federal civil service would be history.
  11.  The Official Languages Act would be history.
  12. Thousands of translators we pay for would out of work.
  13. We would have 78 fewer Members of Parliament to pay for.
  14. We would have 24 fewer Senators to pay for.
  15. The NDP would lose 57 seats including Mulcair's;
  16. The Liberal would lose 8 seats including Trudeau's.
  17. The Conservative party's majority would increase from 52% to 67%.
  18. We would save about $20 billion annually in federal transfer payments - which could be used to pay down the federal debt.
  19. We could save another $543 million in funds currently earmarked for bridges over the St. Lawrence and in and out of Montreal.
  20. We would no longer support Bombardier.
  21. All military aircraft work contracted by Canada would have to leave Quebec.
  22. Goodbye to the CBC French language networks.

I can't think of any good reasons not to cheer them on.
Go Pauline Marois, go take Quebec out of confederation - and soon!

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Ottawa has no special obligation to soldiers  DD

Joe--is there anything more despicable than a government who goes to war, without asking the people of the country if they agree, and then denying that those they sent to that 'war' deserve compensation for the job they did for the government at the demand of the government??  Remember the great to do made when dead soldiers returned home in a coffin??  That was nothing but self promotion of the government. 

Sir Robert Borden was a great man who intended to support the troops.  Today Harper and his government play with words and believe that Borden was really talking about politicians??  Obviously they are the only ones, in their minds, worthy of being looked after for the rest of their lives? 

Harper throws money at israel and Ukraine and on and on but there is no money for Canadians that the government used as cannon fodder??  When will Canadians wake up and say enough?? 

The politicians give themselves the best of everything while those that do the work are tossed aside like garbage. 

They defraud the Veterans of their pensions and healthcare and they are doing the same to us.  We should all join with the Veterans and fight back for our own well being also.