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Alberta Premier Alison Redford resigns amid caucus turmoil
         Alberta Premier Alison Redford is resigning
B.C. to legislate end to port-trucker dispute
         ACOA taking over Cape Breton Enterprise Corp.
B.C. appoints Canada's first seniors advocate
         Redford a no-show in question period
Rickford could signal new tone on energy file
         Ottawa hasn't delivered wireless results yet
Oliver has right stuff for finance: analysts
         Manitoba auditor slams NDP for air ambulance deal

A tale of two winters has no spring ending
         Inmates crammed into prisons: auditor
A quick sketch of the new resources minister
         New Brunswick to release timber contracts
Oliver with Harper on income-splitting
         Nova Scotia-Maine ferry asks for launch delay
New Brunswick government plane update coming
         Nova Scotia pie maker gets money to expand
Newfoundland budget set for March 27
         PM tabs Oliver for Finance, promotes Rickford

Escaped emu ruffles feathers in Nanaimo
         PM names Joe Oliver as finance minister, Rickford moves to natural resources
Clinton says Canada has key role to play as NATO braces for more tests by Putin


Joe Oliver 'an embarrassment' as finance minister, Tom Mulcair says
         Joe Oliver, MPs arrive at Rideau Hall for cabinet swearing-in
Blockade stops Via Rail trains on Montreal-Toronto line
         F-35 s French rival pitches 'Canadianized' fighter jet
Jim Flaherty's 20 years in politics
         Joe Oliver's replacement of Jim Flaherty reassures Bay Street
Joe Oliver to replace Jim Flaherty as finance minister
         Veterans don't have social contract, Ottawa says in lawsuit response
Canada Post postal worker fired after mail goes missing
         Military action might be needed against Russia, MP Rob Anders says
RCMP officers injured on the job to double by 2027, report says

Ottawa priest sentenced to one year in jail for theft, fraud
         Board of Vancouver's safe injection site resigns over spending concerns
Quebec Liberals hold five-point lead over PQ: poll
         Joe Oliver takes over federal finance portfolio
Cosmic coincidence? 2nd fireball shoots over Maritimes in 24 hours
         IBM's Watson computing system to help sequence tumour DNA for treatment of brain cancer
Scotiabank lowering closed mortgage rates; offers new 4-year special rate
         Children's preferences for sweet and salty tastes linked: study
Soldiers being cured of PTSD with new virtual reality treatment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Red Road Project: Trading Substances for Substance
         One youth-led initiative in Nova Scotia is getting Mikmak youth off drugs and booze, through culture.
Under Harper, Parliamentary Press Still Waves the White Flag
         The last time PM held a press conference worthy of the name was December 2012.
Seven Steps Back for Canada's Natural Defence
         Filling in redacted parts of internal federal emails reveals which enviro threats diplomats won't 'engage' on.
Pity the City, Forced to Do More with Less
         Saddled with more responsibility, local governments have been shortchanged billions.
From Lawless Cyberspace to an Internet 'Magna Carta'
         The web we want is in reach, but only if we govern it right. By Michael Geist

Vancouver Port's Truckers Dispute: The Basics
         A guide to help you understand the key players, and factors, in a complex quandary.
All Sides in Trucker Dispute Want More Investigations of Companies
         Trucking firms' payment violation records, obtained by Tyee, throw light on tensions.
Korea Free Trade Agreement: What's in It for Canada?
         Deal offers a ready market for our low-value fossil fuel exports, but not much else.
How 'One-Stop' Care Lifts New Moms from Addiction
         Shown to work for women in BC's inner cities, could it expand? Part of a reader-funded series.
Province steps up to fund refugee mental health services
         Finance Minister Jim Flaherty quits cabinet

VIDEO: Canadian Doctor Rationally Defends Single-Payer Health Care to U.S. Senators

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
A waste-to-energy spin doctor's playbook
         It's every waste-to-energy company's dream: independent policymakers defending an incinerator with the same passion as Harper when he goes to bat for the tar sands.
Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion application incomplete and unfit for hearings: Burnaby mayor
         The City of Burnaby made a formal request to the National Energy Board to reject oil giant Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project application
Stuck on climate broil: ratio of fossil fuels to renewables unchanged in twenty five years. Now what?
         Climate battle being lost as renewable energy fails to dent fossil fuel dominance.
BC Enbridge oil spill risk frighteningly high, engineering group claims
         A new campaign by professional engineers warns about the potential risks of a large oil spill.
Learning the language of climate solutions
         If someone had told me how hard learning another language was I wouldn't have tried.

Alison Redford would not be expected to be a 'nice lady' if gender roles were reversed
         If Alison Redford were Al Redford, would people have the same expectations of her behaviour?
Truckers strike keeps Canada's largest container port in Vancouver shut down
         Container traffic in and out of the port of Vancouver BC has been shut down for more than two weeks by a truckers strike.
Dolphins swimming in Vancouver's English Bay: video
         Video captured of dolphin pod swimming across English Bay on Sunday.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Google's Challenge To Cable TV Comes To Canada
         McDonald's Restaurants To Pay Back Stolen Wages
The New Finance Minister
         Sluggish Economy Is New Normal, Bank Of Canada Says
Saks and Dollarama: Canada's Unequal Future
         Outrageous House Price Growth
Ontario's Job Market Squeezing Out The Middle: Report
         The Best Jobs For Grads, Students
Putin: I Have No Intention Of Invading Other Regions Of Ukraine
         Never To Be Found?

Snowden: Most Important Reporting 'Yet To Come'
         Canada's Most Famous Person Is..
Fireball Seen Over East Coast
         Pictograph Epically Spoofs Quebec's Charter Of Values
Mercer Mocks Our 'Warm Weather' Excitement
         Pictograph Epically Spoofs Quebec's Charter Of Values
Please Stop Fetishizing Lupita Nyong'o
         A $13 Billion Reason to Support the South Korean Free Trade Agreement

The Best Way to Survive a Divorce
         My Dad Didn't Talk About the War, So Here's How I Learned His Story
Smart Philanthropy: Big Hearts Should Have Big Impact

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Social workers warned Lev Tahor families not to leave Canada: transcripts 4 hours ago
         Wi-Fi piggybackers rack up $800 on senior's Rogers bill 12 hours ago
Loonie drops below 88 cents, U.S. Fed seeks to clarify when it might hike rates 5 hours ago
         Quebec Mohawks say if Quebec separates, they'll separate from Quebec5 hours ago
Online predator's conviction for role in suicide of Canadian teen overturned 5 hours ago
         Popular Ottawa priest who stole $130K sentenced to a year in jail 9 hours ago
B.C. government will bring in back-to-work legislation in port-truckers dispute 3 minutes 35 seconds ago
         Accused in cabin sex assault case said he thought alleged teen victim was adult 2 hours 43 minutes ago
Via Rail blockade by First Nations that halted Montreal-Toronto trains ends 4 hours ago
         Bright star Regulus gets eclipsed by asteroid Erigone tonight 5 hours ago
Second fireball in two days blazes across the Atlantic Canada sky 10 hours ago
         Cat shot 16 times with BB gun in 'heartbreaking' cruelty case 14 hours ago

Canadian pilot's theory for Malaysia jet mystery goes viral, then debunked
         Three years after damning report, Nunavut still failing its children: watchdog
Values charter, Peladeau and controversial candidates hurt the PQ in opinion poll
         TVO host Steve Paikin called sexist over blog post bemoaning lack of female guests
A look at recent troubles that prompted Alberta Premier Alison Redford to resign
         Alberta Premier Alison Redford resigns amid caucus turmoil
B.C. government will bring in back-to-work legislation in port-truckers dispute
         Paralympic athletes left out of medal bonuses
Ice coverage, snow pack means spring ending not in sight for tale of two winters
         Quebec political leaders ready to square off in first televised debate
'Innovation sandboxes' unveiled to foster business ideas
         New program will help pay for Labrador medical flights
J.D. Irving scientific adviser blindsided by new forest policy

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Flaherty talked about stepping down months ago, wife says
         Joe Oliver 'an embarrassment' as finance minister, Tom Mulcair says
Conservatives painting Govt website blue, organizing by themes not departments, NDP says new look obscuring sensitive facts

Joe Oliver's replacement of Jim Flaherty reassures Bay Street
         Jim Flaherty's departure had been signalled for months
History will judge Flaherty kindly
         Jim Flaherty leaves his successor a budget that's the envy of the G7
Flaherty re-invented himself in Ottawa
         Little flash, but Flaherty seldom fumbled
Trudeau needs to replace coaches and raise his game
         Brian Mulroney on free trade, Ukraine and the Quebec-Canada question
Why we can't just 'let Quebec go' Who's spewing vitriol now?
         Alison Redford's approval rating plunges to 18 per cent: poll
New Poll: Opinion Soft and Split on Income Splitting

Secret cabinet swearings-in: a 'cult' or 'no big deal'?
         Would-be Liberal candidate takes shot at party rules in fundraising plea
Oliver with Harper on income-splitting
         Oliver Says Important for Canada to Balance Its Budget
New Finance Minister Joe Oliver enters with a whisper
         Flaherty's decision to leave was made months before, sources say
Flaherty's departure spells political uncertainty for Stephen Harper
         Flaherty's Time as Finance Minister Expires Amid Clashes
Joe Oliver: 'Smart as hell'
         Jim Flaherty's 20 years in politics

Jim Flaherty's exit sets cabinet shuffle in motion
         Blockade stops Via Rail trains on Montreal-Toronto line
Trudeau says still committed to open nominations, despite blocking candidate
         Middle schooler grills Harper
Liberal Index Score Highest, Tories Second, NDP Score Slides
         Neufeld says more than 100,000 to be disenfranchised under feds' election bill, will testify at House Affairs Committee next week
Minister mum on probe into allegation Mossad assassin got new Canadian identity, passport
         Mac Harb fraud case to rely on 'crucial' reports about fuzzy Senate rules
Statistics Canada contradicts Conservative claims on unfilled jobs
         Harper to rally G7 allies on condemning Russia's Ukrainian adventure

NDP keeping a taxpayer-funded office in Quebec City
         Mulcair's NDP may support trade deal with South Korea
Clinton says Canada has key role to play as NATO braces for more tests by Putin
         Canadian delegation spent $410K to attend pope's inaugural mass
Baird's office requested gun lobby meeting before arms treaty talks
         After South Korea, trade eyes turn to Japan
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Cameroon 'Safe Haven' Town Strains Under CAR Refugee Influx
         Rapping to Uganda's News Beat
Renewing Electricity Across Borders
         Crimea Vote Splits Families
Canadian Govt Targets Environment NGOs
         Divisions Over Drugs Rise
Monk Sparks Row Between Spain and China
         Religion and Conservation Do Mix
Ukraine Gropes for Unity

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Israel "Making Lives Miserable" for Africans Hoping they 'Self-Deport' (1/2)
         Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget Strikes Back Against Austerity
Libya Three Years Later - Chaos and Partition
         Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?
Should Ukraine and West Accept De Facto Crimea Joining Russia? (2/2)
         Tony Benn Saw Socialism as the Culmination of Democratization
Why Didn't Bush/Cheney Attack Iran and Can Obama Make and Sell a Deal? - Gareth Porter on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
         Breaking: Fast Food Workers Stage Nationwide Protest Against Wage Theft
Crimea Referendum: Self Determination or Big Power Manipulation? (1/2)
         Sen. Graham: President Must Side with Openness About CIA and 9/11
Manufacturing a Narrative for War - Gareth Porter on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
         Protesters Hit the Streets of Brooklyn to Demand $15 Minimum Wage

Snowden Docs Expose How the NSA \"Infects\" Millions of Computers, Impersonates Facebook Server
         Extreme Weather Makes Climate Change a Top Priority
George Galloway on How Tony Benn Was Cheated Out of Labor Leadership & How Different U.K. History Would Be
         How The U.S. Almost Killed The Internet And Why It Still Could
Homage to Tony Benn, devoted British Socialist (1925-2014) Speech at Occupy London
         Energy company caught pumping from toxic pond
Where To Live If You Want A Longer Life
         Endless War? As Syria Conflict Enters 4th Year, Deadly Stalemate Favors Assad Regime

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Malaysian plane's communication system 'was disabled before it disappeared' Source
         Britain to lose nukes in case of Scottish Yes vote Source
EU aid destroyed Portugal Source
         Protesters clash with police in Venezuelan capital Source
Crimea similar to Kosovo, West is rewriting its own rule book – Putin Source
         Moscow magistrate convicts Russian nationalist, denies basic rights Source
Kuwait pushing for entry in EU borderless Schengen Agreement Source
         Crimea declares independence from Ukraine Source
Aussie state gives police power to disperse protests pre-emptively Source
         Malaysia Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean Source

US preparing penalties against Russia Source 
         'Pirated' Boeing 777 may return to skies as stealth nuclear weapon Source
Ukraine likely to sign EU deal next week Source
         95.7% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
" Welcome to Satan's Ball" --
         " Distracted Driving: Technology Isn't the Problem"
" How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed Liz Wahl's Resignation" --
         " NASA-Funded Study Sounds Alarm for Civilization" --
" 'I Got Into Sex Work to Afford to Be a Writer'" --
         " 'A Country That Can't Tell Its Terrorists From Its Journalists'"
" Do We Need to Westernize Suffering in Order to Care?" --
         " Israel's War on American Universities" --

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<

Lev Tahor: les leaders contrôlaient l'éducation des enfantsPlus
         «Une tentative d'intimidation», déplore Agnès MaltaisPlus
Alberta: démission de la première ministre RedfordPlus
         Vol MH370: le FBI analyse le simulateur de vol du pilotePlus
Sondage: les libéraux confortent leur avancePlus
         Kiev instaure les visas pour les RussesPlus
Joe Oliver nommé ministre fédéral des FinancesPlus
         Daudelin: un témoin de la Couronne réentenduPlus
Legault veut fusionner les deux rapports d'impôtPlus
         Virus électoral: Quand Legault fait taire son épousePlus

Charte: «On n'a pas a être gêné»Plus
         Affaire Rob Ford: le détail de la vidéo révéléPlus
L'ex-maire Duplessis se trouve du boulotPlus
         Vol MH370: pourquoi aucun appel téléphonique?Plus
Couillard a des munitions sur le «deal» de BlanchetPlus
         Sarkozy: le scandale prend de l'ampleur Plus
Idylle avec PKP : Mélanie Joly dément les rumeursPlus
         VIA: le service interrompu par une manif autochtonePlus
Liens avec Arthur Porter: Philippe Couillard irritéPlus
         Cadre financier libéral: 5 milliards $ «inventés» selon le PQPlus
Greenpeace: des militants sur la croix du mont RoyalPlus
         QS divise le vote souverainiste, selon le PQPlus

Un autre militaire du Royal 22e Régiment se suicidePlus
         Élections sur le web: la fin du «salissage» réclaméePlus
Poutine a signé un accord sur l'annexion de la CriméePlus
         Pauline Marois s'inquiète d'une victoire libéralePlus
Couillard veut dégraisser l'État de 1,3 milliard $Plus
         Legault concentre ses attaques sur CouillardPlus
Afghanistan: Harper accueille les derniers soldats de retourPlus
         Des traductions boiteuses sur le site d'AdidasPlus
Élections: un sondage place les libéraux en avancePlus


A pension or a lump sum payment?

"No man, whether he goes back or whether he remains in Flanders, will have just cause to reproach the government for having broken faith with the men who won and the men who died."

Until the present government which holds they are not bound Sir Robert Borden's words have been honoured as a "social contract"

Were you sitting in judgement would you support or deny the Government's position?

Ottawa has no special obligation to soldiers, federal lawyers say in court filing

The Canadian Press  By Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press | The Canadian Press – Tue, 18 Mar, 2014

OTTAWA - Federal lawyers say Ottawa has no special obligation to those who've fought wars on behalf of Canada and that it's unfair to bind the Harper government to promises made nearly a century ago by another prime minister.

The assertion is spelled out in black and white in a statement of defence filed by the Justice Department in a class-action lawsuit by Afghan veterans who claim a 2006 overhaul of benefits is discriminatory under the charter of rights.

The court papers, filed in January, were made public Tuesday, the same day Prime Minister Stephen Harper greeted the last wave of soldiers returning from the now-concluded mission in Afghanistan.

The Conservatives, who've built political capital on supporting the troops, are planning a day of commemoration for the mission, which lasted a dozen years, on May 9.

At the same time, federal lawyers argue that the lawsuit, if successful, would put disabled veterans ahead of all other Canadians in terms of their compensation and treatment by the federal government.

The B.C. court filing, obtained by The Canadian Press, also states that there is "social contract" between the nation and its soldiers whom are called upon to lay down their lives without question.

At issue is a 1917 pledge made by Sir Robert Borden, the country's prime minister during the First World War on the eve of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which said:

"You can go into this action feeling assured of this, and as the head of the government I give you this assurance: That you need not fear that the government and the country will fail to show just appreciation of your service to the country and Empire in what you are about to do and what you have already done.

"The government and the country will consider it their first duty to see that a proper appreciation of your effort and of your courage is brought to the notice of people at home that no man, whether he goes back or whether he remains in Flanders, will have just cause to reproach the government for having broken faith with the men who won and the men who died."

The statement was nothing more than a speech by a politician; it cannot be considered applicable today, and was never legislated, federal lawyers stated.

"The defendant pleads that the statements made by Sir Robert Borden and the coalition government in 1917 were political speeches that reflected the policy positions of the government at the time and were never intended to create a contract or covenant," said the 37-page court filing.

"It is further pleaded that at no time were these statements intended to bind future governments and, in any event, the principle of parliamentary sovereignty would have prevented such a result had it been intended."

The defence goes on to say Borden's statement was simply a policy position and Parliament, within the limits of the constitution, "has the unfettered discretion to change or reverse any policy set by a previous government."

The position taken by federal lawyers is bound to further sour already bitter relations with the veterans community, which is still smarting from the closure of eight regional veterans affairs offices in January.

The lawsuit was originally filed in B.C. Supreme Court in October 2012 and involves six veterans of the Afghan war.

The soldiers are suing over the new veterans charter, which provides workers-compensation-style lump sum payments to wounded vets for non-economic losses, such as losing limbs, as opposed to the pension-for-life settlements provided after previous wars.

The allegations in the lawsuit have not been proven in court.

The notion that Ottawa has no special obligation to its soldiers first appeared last summer in court papers when federal lawyers tried to get the class-action dismissed.

Last fall, a Federal Court judge shot down the attempt to halt the case ­ something the Harper government is now appealing.

The Royal Canadian Legion described the government's position as "reprehensible" last October.