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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Rocky start for overhaul of Elections Canada
         White House: don't ask for Keystone timeline
Dreamliner lands at Vancouver airport
         Police negotiating with suspect in Cornwall
Canada watching new flu, feels risk still low
         G20 rioter sentenced to 7 months in jail
Judge orders Lev Tahor kids be returned to Quebec
         Urban delegates debate train safety
Commons to vote on vets office closures
         Job Grant counter-offer coming Tuesday

Ottawa to keep closer tabs on rail companies
         Baird condemns barbaric Ukraine kidnapping
Foster dad cleared in baby's death
         Fishermen get Muskrat Falls compensation
Boy, 10, died of physical abuse:Crown
         IMF projects slight growth for Canada in 2014
NDP wants to cap ATM fees at 50 cents
         Today on the Hill: MPs to debate Opposition proposal to cap ATM fees at 50 cents per transaction
Chretien's first cabinet meeting in 1993 trims ministers' office spending
         Wiarton Willie says six more weeks of winter

Feds put cage around government tweets
         Envoy says Canada, Mexico relationship 'stagnant' as Harper visit looms
NDP steps up battle against ATM fees
         Law that strips expats of vote up for debate
Bell small business customer information breached in hacking attack
         Poll: Third of Canadians say PM's trip to Israel a success; most have no opinion
Romanow disagrees with NDP, says 50-plus-one not sufficient to break up country
         Wiarton Willie says six more weeks of winter
GE helps settle dust on Suncor oilsands roads

Prime minister's adviser defends metadata collection by spy agency

CSS and CSEC spy chiefs to face public grilling today
         Western Union agents accused of helping scammers
Cities urge Ottawa to reveal new infrastructure fund details
         Former Dragon W. Brett Wilson cancels Sochi trip over 'credible threats'
CSEC Wi-Fi snooping experiment prompts calls for review

         Steroid use 6 times higher among gay and bisexual teen boys
The case against home ownership: Alison Smith read 961 commentsaudio
         Government tweets sanitized through 12-step protocol
Covering the Olympics offers key lessons: Peter Mansbridge
         Girl, 7, challenges Lego to let girls 'go on adventures'
Conrad Black: I renounced Order of Canada last year read 191comments

Ottawa to buy land in Detroit for new cross-border bridge, consul says
         Julian Fantino insults veterans so he blames union:
Income splitting a tax gift for the affluent
         Trudeau dismisses worries he's lost party organizers with release of senators from Liberal caucus

Satellite data sound alarm on safety of bitumen extraction
         Looming reports, lawsuit could delay Keystone XL to 2015 ­ or longer
Maher: Neil Young is telling us something we need to hear
         Federal government's proposed branding strategy for Canada still a work in progress
B.C. train derailment throws coal dust into river system
         Mercury levels rising in expanse around Alberta oilsands

Many heart attack survivors failing to make adequate lifestyle changes, report says
         Conservatives to table bill that will reorganize Elections Canada
Canada's booming video-game industry facing labour crunch

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Advocate quits Conservative party as veterans groups prepare to step up pressure
         Trudeau's Senate gamble could pay off
Conviction review process 'failing miserably,' David Milgaard says
         Ottawa-area NDP caucus decries 'crisis' in public service
Veterans' support units plagued by understaffing, despite promises


Satellite data sound alarm on safety of bitumen extraction
         Conservatives to table bill that will reorganize Elections Canada
About that Senate gambit: What if Harper had done it?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Elections Canada Contradicts Poilievre
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Grain backlog prompts Ottawa to keep closer tabs on rail companies: Ritz
         Why we should listen to Elizabeth May

Honours do not make a man, any more than the withdrawal of honours unmakes one
         IMF: Canada can be flexible on 2015 deficit
Less PR, more practical answers
         Trudeau move only harms progressives
Trudeau plays Senate ace for short-term gain
         Three Paths to a Non-Partisan Senate
Harper needs to ditch Fantino, get veterans back onside
         Liberals need to come out swinging

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Finance is Super Rational about Profits, Irrational about Global Economy - Flassbeck (2/3)
         80,000 South African Platinum Miners Strike For A Living Wage
State Cuts to Public Funding of Higher Education Responsible For Increases In Tuition Costs
         Why the EU Sent Troops to Central African Republic
Ratner: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Facilitating Israeli War Crimes
         Krugman is Wrong About the Market and Hot Money
Will Mexico's Successful Anti-Cartel Militias' Seek Systemic Change?
         Maryland Joins Continent-Wide Protests Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Unjust Trade
Britain Battered by Floods
         The Big Game Commercial The NFL Would Never Air

Debate: Is Ukraine\'s Opposition a Democratic Movement or a Force of Right-Wing Extremism

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
15 February "Catastrophe" Warned Will Shake Entire World Source
        UK nuclear workers told to stay home as radioactivity rises Source
NFL fans know everything about football, nothing about US constitution Source
        Australia confirms turning immigrant boats back Source
Canada's electronic spy agency is following you Source
        Greek Minister Of Public Order attends Jewish community ceremony Source
Refugees are 'unarmed invaders' sent by the Turks – Greek MP Source
        China, Russia challenging US military power: Hagel Source
Ukraine police show incredible restraint, US officers would respond with deadly force Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I Am Steve Marsh: Global organic protection campaign faces trial
         Vote to End U.S. Sovereignty Way Too Close For Comfort
Rising Food Allergies Triggered by GMO Ingredients In 80% of Groceries?
         You Can Buy A House For One Dollar Or Less In
Economically Depressed Cities All Over America
         Monsanto's Roundup: new deadly scam exposed
Soviet psychiatric drug for dissidents given to US patients
         Exposed: Google's "Smart Home" Surveillance Plans
Twelve and Counting: Vermont Legislation Takes on NSA Spying
         The New Social Class Structure Of The United States

Selling the public on teratogenic wars: 'deceptions 2' a lesson in war propaganda
         Bands Invoice US Gov't for Using Their Music to Torture Guantanamo Detainees
California Halts Tap Water Delivery as Drought Bites
         Sweet Potato Science Doesn't Fudge the Chemical Facts

Three Imminent Victories for Humanity
         NFL Stars, Coaches, Cheerleaders –
Troops in Afghanistan "protect our freedom" and should be "worshipped"

         CFR (Council on Fake Realities) Vaccine-Created Outbreaks? MAP
Selling the public on teratogenic wars: 'deceptions 2' a lesson in war propaganda
         Master of the Universe - Trailer
Colorado Lawmakers Reject Voluntary GMO Labeling
         US military, Lockheed deem driverless convoy test a success
Obamacare Will Regulate Restaurant Menus?
         Asteroid Menace Right On Time

Thailand: Vote Thaksin or Die
         $956B Farm Bill is "impossibly complex and unreadable" says ag economist
Ukraine opposition lobbies West for help
         Raw Milk on the Rise -- No Illness Seen
Massachusetts licenses its first medical marijuana dispensaries
         Drought-hit California unable to supply state water
U.S. to launch clemency effort for low-level drug offenders
         CA Cracking Down On Teaching Coding Without A License
Obama Claims Executive Power to Usurp Bill of Rights,but Not to Change DEA Regs on Marijuana
         "We have this smoking gun": Monsanto is killing the monarch butterflies

Real Disposable Income Plummets Most In 40 Years
         Murder at the FDA
Rising Food Allergies Triggered by GMO Ingredients In 80% of Groceries?
         Bankrupt - How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit
Newscasters Agree: Don't Worry, Be Happy Edition
         I Am Steve Marsh: Global organic protection campaign faces trial
The Military Industrial Sports Complex
         Why Raw Milk Should Be Legal

Nature's Flu Shot
         12 Lessons About Eating We Can Learn From The French
Thailand: New York Times Defends Terrorist Regime & Sham Elections

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Europe 1914: Lessons for China and Japan in 2014
         Beyond Economic Integration: European Lessons for Asia Pacific?
Seeing China In A Different Light
         Australia and China's New Goddess in White
The Upside of Down: Why the Rise of the Rest is Good for the West
         Mr. Obama, Stop the Privatization of U.S. Intelligence!
High Time to Act Against Information Catastrophe: Time to Strengthen Cyber Security

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Rharouity: il s'agissait d'un hijab, confirme le SPVMPlus
         Secte Lev Tahor: des enfants seront placés à MontréalPlus
Sainte-Croix: une des victimes condamnée pour attouchements sexuelsPlus
         Le patron de BIXI limogéPlus
Une Ivoirienne fête ses 100 ans... à vingt années prèsPlus
         L'opposition compare Marois à Maurice DuplessisPlus
Fonds FTQ: Legault veut la tête d'Yvon BolducPlus
         Bébé battu: un père fait appel de sa peine de prisonPlus
Des frais aux guichets à 50 cents, réclame le NPDPlus
         Raymond Ellis: les deux derniers accusés coupablesPlus

L'Isle-Verte: quatre personnes manquent toujours à l'appelPlus
         La police abat un homme armé d'un marteau à MontréalPlus
Incendie dans un immeuble à RosemontPlus
         Prise d'otages dans une école de Moscou: deux mortsPlus
La fortune de Nelson Mandela évaluée à 4,1 M$Plus
         Sainte-Croix et Saint-Isidore: un père commet l'irréparablePlus
Évacuations autour du principal volcan d'ÉquateurPlus
         Trois morts suspectes à Sainte-Croix et Saint-IsidorePlus
Syrie: des barils d'explosifs largués font 121 mortsPlus
         Hommage à la mère de famille morte au métro FabrePlus

Un gyrophare vert pour les pompiers volontaires?Plus
         Poignardé au métro Lionel-GroulxPlus
Accident d'hélicoptère à Saint-Rémi: un blessé gravePlus
         Femen: des petites culottes sur l'archevêque de Madrid Plus
L'ex-maire de Montréal-Nord Yves Ryan n'est plusPlus
         Aucun signe de vie d'Arianne Thibeault depuis vendrediPlus
Un homme agressé à l'arme blanche perd la viePlus
         Le pape François rend hommage aux femmesPlus
Paris: des milliers de manifestants contre le mariage gaiPlus
         Les conditions routières devraient s'améliorerPlus


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tomorrow for certain and the next
day depends upon the weather

From: "S Booiman" <sumi701@shaw.ca>
To: "Harper Stephen   Calgary  Southwest" <harper.s@parl.gc.ca>
Subject: The best JOKE

The 6 o'clock news shows how immature Ottawa really is
The Navy ship in the Halifax harbour will  help other ships on fire
                          during business hours only.
surprised they did not do that for the veterans also. You never know.
our democratically elected support that.

From: Rene Moreau <rene.a.moreau@gmail.com>

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
Subject: Re: Big News: Ending partisanship and patronage in the Senate
To: Justin Trudeau <info@email.liberal.ca>

To Justin;

From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

The corporate world's 'god' is MONEY. Therefore regulation  functions  are an enemy in the pursuit of maximized profits.
The Senate, being a chamber of sober second thought, is seen as a regulator! Hence, the push to kill the senate by such as Brad Wall, premier of Saskatchewan or the attorney general of Manitoba, or those who would do the bidding of the corporate world.
   The corporations have no citizenship, so cannot be charged with treason, have the rights and privileges of humans but not the responsibilities of humans. Neither do they have democracy in their job description.
   Read 'When corporations Rule the World', by David Korten.

   Expect some heavy resistance from the corporate communications side. Perhaps even the NDP.

If Every Norwegian's a Millionaire, Why's Alberta in Hock?

Norway cut a proper deal with oil corporations. Canadians got screwed.
By Mitchell Anderson, Yesterday, TheTyee.ca
Share article via email  Turning the Kroner: Not only did oil make Norwegians wealthy, it paid for a first-class social safety net Canadians lack.


Secrets to Norway's Petro-Wealth: Lessons for Canada?

Alberta's Strange Sinking Sensation

Why can't Canada's wealthiest province break even? Blame the paradox of plenty.

Peter Lougheed's Radical Legacy

His supposed ardent admirers ignore his true gift to Canada: six principles for developing resources.
Read more: Energy, Politics,

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: committed governments?

Joe--I just watched a bit of QP--can't take much of it at one time--and was interested in the MPs that stand to say their government is committed!!  The only true words spoken--they should all be committed to the nearest mental hospital available until they can prove that they again can see reality for what it is
Subject: But Iggy hadn't lived here for 30 years and he became leader of Liberal Party???
Canadians divided on expats' right to vote: survey
Subject: Liberal/Tory/same old story
Veterans being treated poorly
Subject: countries that use DU should be charged with murder
New study finds that depleted uranium particles are long-lived in environment
Subject: Senate

Joe--most will think me an idiot but I do believe the Senate should be abolished.  What is democratic about a group of appointed trough slurpers making the final decision on anything??  Our country has long ago erased democracy from our government but the Senate makes it even worse if that is possible.  Appointed Senators obey the one that appointed them so therefore they are useless.  Oh, we are told that they represent the area they are from but they are not chosen by the people of the area. 
I know even our elected politicians do not ask what the taxpayer wants but the Senate  has no responsibility to anyone other than the one that appointed them.
The sooner they are gone the better.  Relying on the Privy Council to make decisions on this is just passing the buck(no pun intended) and will accomplish nothing other than more of the same.

Subject: GMO salmon
From: us@sumofus.org
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 18:01:53 +0000

Environment Canada just allowed the production of GMO salmon eggs,
and Health Canada is the last barrier preventing mutant fish from landing on our dinner plates.
Tell Health Canada to reject FrankenSalmon that Canadian consumers don't want and that could harm our wild fish stock.
Sign the Petition

There is one last step before Canada becomes a live laboratory for the first GMO animal grown for human consumption.
Environment Canada let AquaBounty clear a crucial hurdle when it allowed the American company to produce genetically-modified salmon eggs on a commercial scale. Now, there is only one step left before mutant fish hits our dinner plates -- approval from Health Canada to allow GMO salmon for Canadian consumption.
You can bet that AquaBounty will now use all its resources to push for the sale of an organism that US agencies have refused to approve for Americans to consume for the last 18 years. If Health Canada approves GMO salmon, a new breed of farmed fish will soon be at your local grocer or seafood restaurant without you even recognizing it. Let's tell Health Canada to reject mutant fish for human consumption in our country. 
Tell Health Canada to listen to what Canadians have been saying for years: we don't want GMO fish in our stores and restaurants.
Mutant fish is a danger to our fish stock. Decades of commercial fish farming have shown that no matter how salmon is raised, they will escape. And when the GMO salmon gets out in the wild, it will have considerable risks to our native fish population as well as our coastal economies. Health Canada needs to reject GMO salmon now, to ensure these GMO salmon don't imperil our wild fish stock.
Once these GMO fish are in our grocery stores, consumers won't be able to avoid the genetically modified organism -- because corporations have fought tooth and nail against GMO labelling rules, pouring millions of dollars in lobbying in recent years. This is why we need to fight to stop GMO salmon from hitting stores in the first place.
There's still so much we don't know about GMO salmon. Community concern means that the American government has rejected mutant fish for the last 18 years. Canadians should not be the world's guinea pigs for the first GMO animal grown for human consumption.
Environment Canada's approval process of AquaBounty's commercial production of salmon eggs was done without consultation. Let's send a message to Health Canada so it can hear Canadians opposition to being the world's first guinea pigs for mutant fish.
Health Canada: do not approve the sale of mutant fish that could harm Canadian wild fish stock.
Thanks for all that you do,
Angus and the rest of us.
More Information:

Genetically Engineered Salmon. Ocean Conservancy.
Genetically modified salmon eggs approved commercially . CBC, November 25th, 2013.
From: "John Feldsted"
Subject: New Tory bill in wake of robocalls scandal

New Tory bill promises to 'make it easier to vote and harder to break the law' in wake of robocalls scandal
Stephen Maher
National Post
Postmedia News

February 2, 2014

The Conservative government will introduce changes to the Elections Act this week that caucus members expect to restructure the office in charge of investigating violations.

Pierre Poilievre, the minister of state for democratic reform, said in an interview with CBC radio broadcast Saturday that there will be a technical briefing this week for journalists to explain the new bill.

"It's the Fair Elections Act," Poilievre said. "And that's why we're having a technical briefing."

Conservative sources expect the bill to reorganize of the branch of Elections Canada that investigates and prosecutes electoral crimes.

Poilievre did not respond to requests for more information on the weekend, but he sent several tweets about the bill.

"We will make it easier to vote and harder to break the law," said one.

Another tweet promised that the government will "close loopholes to big money, and give law enforcement sharper teeth, a longer reach and a freer hand."

The bill would remove the Commissioner of Canada Elections, where the investigators work, from Elections Canada and set it up as separate office, sources say.

The Conservatives promised the bill during the height of the "robocalls" affair in March 2012, voting unanimously for an NDP motion that called for the government to bring in a new bill ­ within six months ­ to give more power to Elections Canada to prevent and prosecute election crimes.

The six-month deadline slipped by quietly, but in April 2013, Tim Uppal, then the minister of state for democratic reform, had a bill ready to table. Officials had even scheduled  a technical briefing, but when Uppal presented the bill to the Conservative caucus at a closed-door meeting, MPs raised objections to the proposed changes and the bill was shelved.

John Enright, a spokesman for Elections Canada, said Sunday that Poilievre has moved to set up a meeting with Marc Mayrand, chief electoral officer.

"The minister has invited the chief electoral officer to contact his officials for a briefing and we are in the midst of making the arrangements," Enright said in an email. "The CEO has not been consulted on the bill."

The relationship between Elections Canada and the Conservative government have long been difficult. Mayrand has repeatedly complained that the agency needs expanded powers to deal with electoral violations, such as fraudulent telephone calls, and never misses an opportunity to point out that the government has failed to consult with him on its new bill.

Under the Elections Act as it now constituted, Mayrand appoints the Commissioner of Canada Elections, the official in charge of investigating and prosecuting Elections Act violations.  Any reorganization that would give the government more control over the enforcement branch may raise objections from opposition MPs.

The governing Tories have frequently clashed with Elections Canada, beginning with the "in and out investigation" into illegal election financing. The Conservatives, after objecting to the investigation, pleaded guilty in 2012 to exceeding election limits in the 2006 election.

The party is involved in a number of other Elections Canada investigations:

– Conservative party worker Michael Sona's trial begins in Guelph, Ont., on June 2. Sona is facing charges in connection with a 2011 election day robocall that sent hundreds of opposition supporters to the wrong polling station. He maintains his innocence and says he is being used as a fall guy by the party.

– MP Dean Del Mastro's trial begins in Peterborough, Ont., June 23. Del Mastro is charged with campaign finance violations stemming from the 2008 campaign. Del Mastro, who was the prime minister's parliamentary secretary defending the party against robocall allegations, left the caucus after he was charged.

– The agency is continuing an investigation into fraudulent and deceptive calls reported in ridings across Canada during the last election.

Mayrand has called on the government to enhance his investigators' powers, giving them the power to compel testimony from reluctant witnesses, for example.