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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Feds broke Species at Risk law, court rules
         Judge grants injunction against Alberta labour law
White House to PM: Don't expect KXL answers
         White House to PM: You can try asking about KXL, don't expect much of an answer
Jason Kenney 'good friends' with Jim Flaherty
         Chronology of Jeffrey Baldwin starvation case
Quebec budget to be tabled on Feb. 20
         Tories noncommittal on four budget promises
Flaherty noncommittal on income splitting, says it must wait until surplus
         Government poll suggests Cdns believe Senate-expense scandal tip of iceberg

Wynne, Horwath in no rush for spring election
         Saskatchewan dips into rainy day fund
CPPIB surpasses $200 billion net assets
         Feds broke Species at Risk law, court rules
Jason Kenney says there's no rift in Tory caucus, laughs off leadership talk
         Key recommendations in Baldwin inquest
Newfoundland Tory leadership rules announced
         Vets' medical records to be held by private U.S. firm: NDP
Tips for parents on cyberbullying
         Featured family watches Tory promise closely

Hudak says unions cost PC's Niagara Falls
         Quebec to explore Anticosti Island oil reserves
Parliament Hill preview: Patrick Brazeau's lawyers due in court
         Gaming money for First Nation group nixed
Conservatives, NDP split Ontario byelections
         Safe-injection site applies for exemption
Swiss accounts grow after bridge contract: report
         Fantino invited to meeting in Cape Breton
Lac-Megantic suit targets Ottawa for disaster
         Premier says teacher documents out of context

Wrong breast cancer tests in Newfoundland
         Harper outlines stable infrastructure funds
Spy agency's airport data experiment cleared
         Retailers smoking mad over tobacco taxes
Changes to temporary foreign workers program
         Ontario wants to deny new licences for Cash Store
New rules coming for foreign worker program
         Harper seeks compromise on campaign promise
Hospital did nothing wrong in doorstep deaths
         Cleaners against changes to vets' service

B.C. law school stokes debate in Nova Scotia
         Doctors' waiting rooms can spread colds, flu
Tory accuses Mayrand of political activism
         Study says welfare rates have fallen in Canada
Harper gets cold feet, looks for compromise on campaign tax promise
         Chrysler continues talks for expansion deal
Infrastructure cash to flow to both big cities and small communities: Harper
         Tories accuse elections watchdog of political activism against reform bill
Group calls for inquiry into missing women

General Dynamics Canada wins $10B deal with Saudi Arabia
         Jim Flaherty explains tax break for search and rescue volunteers
Chris Alexander says Canada's doors open to rich Chinese
         Canadian chocolate companies pressed to ethically source cocoa
Fair Elections Act could deny vote to thousands: council
         Family that posed as campaign backdrop watching closely on Tory promise
CSEC exoneration a 'mockery of public accountability'
         Has Flaherty got Harper's back, or stabbing him in it?
Why the U.S. is going to pot, and other liberal adventures
         SNC-Lavalin bridge contract linked to $1.5M in suspected kickbacks

Retired soldiers, Mounties hit by Conservative budget changes


Cities say they weren't consulted on new federal infrastructure funding rules
         Internal documents show Veterans Affairs staff concerned about office closures
Stephen Harper's new 24 Seven video series losing about half its audience every week
         Clement in a hurry to stop the pension clock for suspended senators
Shawn Atleo urges Harper government to release residential school records

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Tories risk voters' wrath with arrogance on electoral reform
         Former Supreme Court judge's support buoys PQ's charter argument
Tories face a backbench backlash as they rethink income splitting
         Tories set to unveil infrastructure fund as cities seek clarity on funding
Tories don't have a mole in their midst, party assures MPs
         Clark facing crisis after NDP revelations about talks with teachers


What Ontario byelections mean for Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau
         Liberal convention: A snap-happy camera war looms
Conservatives downplay spending loophole in proposed Elections Act
         Stephen Harper grapples with a changed neighbourhood
Harper finally gets it right on aboriginal education
         Byelection battlegrounds set the stage for the final act
Soaring CEO pay and fear rock health-care sector
         Jim Flaherty shortchanges his home province

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Top Pundit And Pollster Slams Government's Orwellian 'Assault On Reason'

[]   NDP grounds Commons committees over lack of hearings on Fair Elections Act

[]   A new front in the procedural wars over the Fair Elections Act

[]   Is the Fair Elections Act unconstitutional? The answer may be in the numbers

[]   Fair Elections Act's change to 'vouching' for voters without ID could be ...

[]   Mayrand denounces electoral reform bill in meeting with Elections Canada staff

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mulroney and Charest don't want Senate abolished because of expenses scandal
         Alberta pharmacist accused of stealing, diluting 14,000 prescription pills
Big-city mayors vie for their chunk of $14-billion infrastructure fund

         Coroner's jury says child protection is entire community's responsibility 49 minutes ago
Lucky loonie found in Sochi 8 hours ago
         #Canadaproblems: How should the Harper government spend $3 billion?5 hours ago
Should Canadian expats be allowed to vote in federal elections? 2 hours 53 minutes ago
         Quebec government announces plan to explore Anticosti Island oil reserves 8 hours ago
Jason Kenney says there's no rift in Tory caucus, laughs off leadership talk 1 hour 31 minutes ago
         After months of cold, Great Lakes become nearly covered with ice for the first time since 1994 2 hours 32 minutes ago

NDP, Tories earn split in Ontario provincial byelections 21 hours ago
         Canada's Gagnon opts to compete in super-G despite dislocated shoulder 5 hours ago
Court finds 'enormous systemic problem' in enforcement of Species at Risk Act 51 minutes ago


Harper just gave Quebec separatists a weapon
         Jim Flaherty just cued his own exit
Harper's holy selfies
         Harper and the New Corporatism

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Handful of MPs fail to come to the (financial) aid of their party
         Mayrand denounces electoral reform bill in meeting with Elections Canada staff
Marc Mayrand goes from referee to convict after Tory Electoral reform
         Stephen Harper owns the podium for 'Freestyle Political Control'

Tories approved $600,000 in Commons committee trips before rejecting cross-country hearings on election overhaul bill

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Walking wounded

Why China and Japan are unable to move on from WW2

Syrians hold pro-government demos
         UN humanitarian chief hails Homs effort
Israel announces construction plans 1,400 new settlements in the occupied West Bank
         Norwegian charged with terror offenses
Envoy to meet Syria sides Friday: UN
         Takfiris strangulate Syrian girl in public

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

CLG surpasses 6,000 'likes' on Facebook By Lori Price, 12 Feb 2014 CLG News got an early Valentines Day gift on Wednesday when the Citizens for Legitimate Government page on Facebook surpassed 6,000 'likes.' CLG very much appreciates the 'love' shown by readers on Facebook! Now, for those of you on Facebook who haven't clicked 'like' on our page, please join us. :)
  OMG. US to pump $300mn into Afghanistan to end 'war economy' - report
         GCHQ 'using online viruses and honey traps to discredit targets' - Edward Snowden revelations -

US senator files class-action suit on NSA
         Lights Out for NSA? Maryland Lawmakers Push to Cut Water, Electricity to Spy Agency Headquarters -
Online, live protests target NSA surveillance
         Homeland Security to Purchase 141,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo
Israeli arms seized from al-Qaeda-linked militants: Iraqi Cmdr
         Blast hits US-led military convey in Afghan capital, Kabul
Pakistani anti-drone activist abducted in Rawalpindi
         Two NATO contractors killed in attack in eastern Afghanistan

Judge sets 'trial' date for marathon bombing --Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges over April 15 bombings
         Homeland Security Chair: 'High Degree of Probability' for Explosion During Olympics
US media, politicians mobilize against Sochi Olympics

         Corpora-terrorists strike again: Explosion at NH Ball Bearings Plant Injures 15
North Carolina hospital to 18 patients: You may have been exposed to incurable disease  --Instruments used in surgery didn't get approved sterilizationraffic fiasco.
         Senate clears debt limit measure for Obama
House approves 'clean' debt limit after Republicans drop demands
         Justice Department Sued Over $13 Billion JPMorgan Pact

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>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Rassemblement contre la violence dans le quartier gaiPlus
         Rien pour justifier une charte, selon CharestPlus
Allégations à son sujet: Claude Blanchet s'expliquePlus
         Anticosti: Couillard et Legault appuient avec «quelques réserves» Plus
Lev Tahor: la SQ avisée dès 2012Plus
         Grutiers payés à ne rien faire: Hamad se défendPlus
Les banques américaines feront dans le cannabisPlus
         49,2 millions $ pour l'Institut de cardiologie de MontréalPlus
Un million en impôts, un million de votesPlus
         Homicide involontaire: Myrko Kvist écope de 10 ansPlus

Marceau déposera son budget jeudi prochainPlus
         Le Royaume-Uni frappé par une nouvelle tempêtePlus
Ligne jaune du métro: 10 M$ de travaux majeursPlus
         Hommage à Roxanne Boisvert: l'UQTR unie dans le deuilPlus
À quand les Olympiques de la culture? Plus
         Carambolage sur l'A-25 à Saint-Roch-de-l'AchiganPlus
Terrebonne: Guillaume Gélinas arrêtéPlus
         Conditions routières difficiles au QuébecPlus
L'est des États-Unis paralysé par la neige, 16 à 18 mortsPlus
         Indonésie: l'éruption d'un volcan fait 200 000 évacués Plus

Bolivie: la dépénalisation de l'avortement rejetéePlus
         Méfaits islamophobes à SherbrookePlus
Fonds Chantiers Canada: Ottawa en dévoile les détailsPlus
         Québec dit oui au pétrole d'AnticostiPlus
La Belgique légalise l'euthanasie pour les mineursPlus
         Quatre anciens hauts gradés de la SQ comparaissentPlus
Artéfact volé au MBAM retrouvé en AlbertaPlus
         Une tempête s'amène vers le QuébecPlus


Valentine's Day Origin's_Day

Reckon this is a good day for nothin' but positives.

Act on Ray's suggestion if you are able - nmakes sense

The chocolates in the box gifted me were good!

Three of the nine hearts in it I shared.

From: Ray Strachan
Subject: Today watched an item from Olympics


Today there was an ex Olympian interviewing a young lady speedskater.    The young lady had "comeout" before going to Sochi and was depressed because she felt unworthy and contemplated not going even tho she had qualified. Then her event was coming up and she wanted to back out of skating at all. 

You have probably heard of the lady that was interviewing her,   she  won in  both the summer  and winter Olympics.   She had written a book on her terrible depression during the years that  she  was  winning ..

Anyway she got through to the young, gay speedskater. She skated today, Wednesday and with a smile on her face all the way.

You know I suddenly realized that I had never heard anyone ever speak on gayness and use the Gene theory.    People would say,  as I had ,that they didnt' believe that ayone  chose to be gay (period)

I sure can't say  why it occured  to me,  but it does make sense and provides a reason. I wanted to send the idea  to those two people today,  but I don't know how. Am illiterate .

I can`t use Facebook, or Twitter or any other of the systems of direct communication.    I would appreciate it very much Joe  if you would spread the idea on Facebook or whatever else you use to communicate.

The DD is the only vent that I  have.   Just present it as your own idea.   I am not even sure that it hasn`t been used before but I can honestly say that I have never ever heard  the word "Genes"
used in that particular situation.      Please let me know  what you think.  Will be happy if you can get it on the front burner.   I would guess that lots of people would easily grasp the concept.For me it came out of the blue. 5 minutes before I sent this email to DD


The rewards of Square Dancing together - something to long remember.


Share a special moment with your Valentine today.