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Income splitting exposes rift in Tory caucus, triggers questions about Flaherty
         Time to look past Obama, Prentice says
DND requested budget time-out: Harper
         Wynne says feds shortchanged Ontario
Flaherty's doubts about income-splitting opens rift in Conservative caucus
         Nova Scotia economy needs urgent fix: report
Time has come to look past Obama to reboot Canada-U.S. trade: Prentice
         Top reason for divorce? Money, says BMO poll
Canada's Morrison wins silver in men's 1,000
         On the Hill: All budget, all the time

Today on the Hill: Jim Flaherty promotes his budget, the opposition sneers
         Ontario byelections set tone for expected spring vote
Conservatives forging ahead on job grant
         Saskatchewan says federal budget lacking

Jason Kenney: Canada Job Grant will lead to guaranteed jobs
         Building Canada Fund $14B details to be announced Thursday
Canadian hockey women rally to beat U.S.
         Conservative budget a political road map to next election

Quebec premier expresses outrage at budget, calls Ottawa a 'real predator' 36
         The cost of falling in love? A cool $45,000, study finds 1 1
Canada's largest bakery business sold to Mexican company in $1.83B deal 29
         Budget 2014: What are consumers getting out of the budget?
9th Canadian soldier dies of apparent suicide
         One man arrested in connection to murder of Canadian couple in Mexico
Two teens charged with 1st-degree murder in Trois-Rivieres triple homicide
         Canada's largest bakery business sold to Mexican company in $1.83B deal
Ottawa will let market decide how many wireless players will be in each region

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Armed Forces hardware budget sees funds punted to the future
         Chrysler eyes $700-million in aid from Canadian governments
Provinces fear a federal budget bait-and-switch on job


Flaherty's discontent signals trouble for Stephen Harper
         In defence of Ottawa's citizenship shift
Flaherty budget a masterpiece of hype
         Conservative strategists eye early nominations for incumbent MPs

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mayrand denounces electoral reform bill in meeting with Elections Canada staff

Infrastructure and resources key to huge opportunity for Canada
Conservatives Stack The Deck For The 2015 Federal Election
Justin Trudeau might soon miss his partisan Senate caucus
At Issue: Budget 2014
Focus on deficit reduction comes at tremendous cost
Forget principles, for the Conservatives it's all politics, all the time
Harper and the New Corporatism

Little-known federal monitoring centre tracked bee protest Free
Bee Die In one of five protests the government monitored in 2013: docs.
Mexican envoy eager to get rid of "the little v"

Duffy, Wallin no longer on speaking circuit
Let sleeping voters lie

Canada businesses beginning to spend again, Flaherty says

Nova Scotia doomed to decline unless population, economic trends reverse: report
Opposition parties, provinces and think-tanks respond to the federal budget

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Iran Ready for Decisive War With US, Israel: Commander
Russia Says Syria Aid Resolution Creates 'Grounds For Future Military Action'
Exclusive: Syrian Opposition Presents Plan For Post-war Syria
Ariel Sharon: Another War Crime Surfaces
Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine:

Caught Red Handed US-backed Plot to Topple Ukraine's Democratically-Elected President
War Criminal Tells War Criminal U.S. Doesn't Have 'No-spy Agreement' With Foreign Countries
Amazon Partners With CIA In Assassination Of U.S. Citizen
Clapper Reads From the Bush/Cheney/Nixon Playbook to Fear-Monger Over Transparency
The Wolf of Sesame Street Secret Corruption Inside PBS's News Division

United States Plummets in Global Press Freedom Rankings
The Mobsters of Wall Street
Britain's 100 Years of Non-stop War
2 NATO troops, 2 Afghan soldiers killed in dispute-turned-gunfight:
Libya claims to foil military coup:

Ex-soldier convicted in Iraqi death granted parole: -
Obama says Russia to blame for Syrians' suffering:
US tendentiously distorts Russia's position on Syria - Moscow:
The destruction of the idols: Syria's patrimony at risk from extremists :
Aussie TV dares to show the real Israeli occupation:

Internet governance too US-centric, says European commission:
Belgium set to pioneer age restrictions lift on euthanasia:
Bing censoring Chinese language search results for users in the US:
Rand Paul Sues the NSA in the Most Elaborate Email Collection Scheme in History:
One Person Missing After Fracking Gas Well Explodes in Pennsylvania:

New Yorkers condemn food stamp cuts:
 This is America? TSA agents 'humiliate cancer victim wearing adult diaper' at security checkpoint:
 Outrageous! Amid freezing temps, Florida town's 'camping' law bars homeless from using blankets:

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Denis Gallant nommé inspecteur général de MontréalPlus
         Jean Charest est amer de la mise au rancart du Plan NordPlus
Cocaïne: enquête publique contre un jugePlus
         États-Unis: la pire tempête de l'hiver en vue?Plus
Algérie: la boîte noire retrouvée en «bon état»Plus
         1,2 million $ en pots-de-vin dans les poches de Gérard CyrPlus
Procès en novembre pour l'accusé des attentats de Boston Plus
         Philippe Couillard contraint d'appuyer Houda-PepinPlus
Une victime de meurtre convoquée en courPlus
         Relations sexuelles avec des patientes : un médecin radiéPlus

Trois-Rivières: deux ados accusés de meurtres préméditésPlus
         Burkini: Une position «pleine de bon sens»Plus
Budget fédéral: «Je suis outrée» - Pauline MaroisPlus
         À 10 ans, il balade sa soeur de 18 mois en voiture Plus
Accident mortel à Saint-BrunoPlus
         Le naufragé du Pacifique retrouve sa famille Plus
Un piéton mortellement happé à MontréalPlus
         Thaïlande: les élections ne seront pas invalidées


Two interesting takes on the budget

Harper Enters 2015 Vote With C$45 Billion Canada Surplus

Harper and the New Corporatism

Invited to a square with my youngest granddaughter, there will be no Digest tomorrow
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Cracks show in Conservative cabinet after Flaherty dissents on income-splitting, Maria Babbage, February 12, 2014 

Re:  Cracks show in Conservative cabinet after Flaherty dissents on income-splitting, Maria Babbage, February 12, 2014

Jim Flaherty assumes that federal debt will harm future generations because it will have to be repaid. Yet he has shown under his watch that a Conservative government can always reduce taxes if it so chooses, even when spending billions of dollars on bailing out big corporations and big financial institutions. Unlike a household, the federal government owns its own bank - the Bank of Canada - which will never, ever bounce a federal government cheque.
The real economic damage comes from Flaherty's policies today which tolerate the long-term joblessness of 1.3 million Canadians. As a consequence, our production level is much lower than it should be, workers lose their skills, suffer social problems and abandon the job market in despair, and a generation of young people will grow up without income nor job experience. Canada does not have a problem of government finance; we have a problem of mass unemployment - an understanding which completely eludes our Minister of Finance with his pretense of fiscal prudence.
The challenge facing the US is not financial. It is to ensure productivity grows fast enough to meet the challenge of the rising dependency ratio and the political demands required to divert real resources from one generation to another. But the political challenge is no different to diverting current resources between competing groups.
2. Current Governor of the U.S. Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, speech in 2002  – Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here.
The Governor said:

But the U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.


"[A] government cannot become insolvent with respect to obligations in its own currency. A fiat money system, like the ones we have today, can produce such claims without limit," said former U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Alan Greenspan in 1997.

 (Note: Canada and U.S both have fiat currencies.)
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Flaherty budget a masterpiece of hype: Walkom

Flaherty budget a masterpiece of hype: Walkom

As Thomas Walkom notes, the key defect in Jim Flaherty's budget is its failure to deal with an official jobless rate that remains stuck at roughly 7 per cent. While the government celebrates its goal of an upcoming budget surplus, it seems little concerned with the hardship faced by millions of Canadians who are unemployed, underemployed or who have completely abandoned the labour force in despair. Little thought is given to the long-term economic damage when a large segment of the workforce loses its skills, motivation and job-readiness.

Flaherty's policies are exactly the opposite of John Maynard Keynes' recommendations during a time of high joblessness. In 1933 the British economist stated, "It is the burden of unemployment and the decline in the national income which are upsetting the Budget. Look after the unemployment, and the Budget will look after itself."
Keynes quote:
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Conservatives serve up a 'comfort-food' budget; dessert to come later, Michael Den Tandt,  February 11, 2014

Re:  Conservatives serve up a 'comfort-food' budget; dessert to come later, Michael Den Tandt, February 11, 2014

This budget will not comfort those veterans whose support offices have recently been closed; it will not comfort students who continue to incur high levels of debt, nor will it comfort the 1.3 million unemployed Canadians whose job prospects remain bleak.
Federal government investments are largely focused on supporting offshore oil and gas development, subsidies to business for training and employment, a $500 million Automobile Innovation Fund, and funding for bridges such as the Champlain (which is to proceed as a public-private partnership).
This budget will bring comfort mainly to those currently not uncomfortable.  For the rest of us, it's thin gruel.
Missing In Action: Federal Budget 2014

it's a budget that glosses over the problems facing Canadian workers and continues to kill jobs and stifle economic growth. 'Missing in Action' are significant positive measures needed to improve

To: " ...snip...>
Subject: With Harper facing a formidable adversary -- himself, critics need not worry about voter suppression

The Editor
The Ottawa Citizen

Copy to: Prof. William Watson, Department of Economics, McGill University.

With Harper facing a formidable adversary -- himself, critics need not worry about voter suppression

Re "It really is best to let sleeping voters lie," by William Watson (Feb. 12).

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper sticks around to lead the Conservatives into the next election, he will face a formidable adversary who would be hard to beat: former Opposition Leader Stephen Harper. As the Leader of the Opposition, Stephen Harper railed against then Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin as incompetent for not knowing, as the nation's finance minister, that former Prime Minister Jean Chretien was spending millions of dollars in the name of national unity. Most voters agreed with Mr. Harper, as a result, Mr. Martin, once hailed as the architect of budget surpluses and fiscal prudence, went down in defeat.

Today, Mr. Harper is claiming that he didn't know that his own chief of staff, Nigel Wright, wrote a personal cheque of $90,000 to repay the alleged overspending by former Conservative Senator Mike Duffy. As such, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will face the same accusation of incompetence that he raised against Mr. Martin.

By refusing to accept any accountability for the misuse of power by his top aide, Mr. Harper is likely to face the fate of Mr. Martin. And former Leader of the Opposition Stephen Harper will be leading the charge. If Harper's critics are worried about suppression of marginal voters, they need not worry. Former Opposition Leader Stephen Harper will bring him down in the next election.


Subject: Executive Dissertations:The Three Rivers Running Red With Blood
From: Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., #6, 14504-108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1G8

February XIIth, MMXIV

Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

So two XVII (17) year old punks committed a triple homicide just for fun in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Three innocent lives snuffed out & the II teens have obviously zero remorse. I say try them as adults, & put them in jail & throw away the key. They don't deserve II have an education, they earned their's already as losers.



From: Ray Strachan  <>
Subject: Holy Moly


With all the advances made in medical science I strongly believe that The Gene Pool has been tweeked a bit.

I just made a quick assessment and under todays time frame I strongly believe that you will be able to retire, yes retire at 99.5 from the Digest job.

Then I would advise you to dig out your golf clubs and fishin' equipment. My method beyond 100 is not that precise but it looks to me that you probably have many good years of retirement.

As for myself, have  had an omen about a year ago that suggested to me , Canada may start  gassing some of its own people within the not too distant future.  I havent  seen the List but have the nagging feeling that I could be on it account of being too yappy.

Being "too yappy" is sometimes an advantage, y'know. Leads to being left alone 'cause THEY have concern who all listens to you.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: and no one is held accountable
The 14,000 Oil Spills Nobody is Talking About | Brainwash Update
Subject: Road to black cuts through public service  DD
Joe--interesting that there are no cuts to the spending/pensions/salaries of MPs and Senators??  I guess some are more equal??
Subject: who is the best rip-off government?
Charles Sousa bemoans federal budget that 'ripped off' Ontario

Joe--maybe if the Ontario Liberals hadn't ripped us off for $1.1B dollars to close the gas plants to win an election this idiot wouldn't be crying for more money from the Canadian taxpayer?  One thief whining about another thief is just ludicrous. 
Watch this one where they disagree again
Subject: Feds going ahead with Windsor bridge  DD

Joe--we have to pay for this bridge to make it easier for the auto industry to send products across the border.  Why is the auto industry not investing in this and our tax dollars going towards improving healthcare?  Why are we always held accountable for industry but no one is accountable to us??
then we read this--
Chrysler has been in talks with the federal and provincial governments about an incentive package that would help offset what it says are higher costs in Canada.
We are responsible for everything we do but we are supposed to make it cheaper for a car company to get prices lowered for them?  Will these lower prices be passed on to us??  Keep dreaming!
Our life is a charade.  With the increase in the price of everything we are going down the toilet but our government is pumping our money into corporations.  Nothing changes.

Subject: Burial fund for Veterans  DD

On Tuesday, Moore was happy that the families of the roughly 500 veterans who die each year in poverty will not be ignored.
"I am very pleased that the issue of a dignified funeral for the most vulnerable, low-income veterans has finally been resolved," Moore said.

Joe--these Veterans will be buried well but their life will be hell??  What an insane government.