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Ontario finance minister calls on Ottawa to put transfer-funding help in budget
         Momentum slows for Canada in Sochi
Population drop forecast for Newfoundland
         Mba governing NDP wraps up convention
Budget will be first test of Liberals: Tories
         Mba slams feds for cutting native police
Reynolds helps Canada clinch silver medal in team figure skating
         Infrastructure money in budget: Flaherty
Harper marks Chinese New Year and vows to boost trade with Asian powerhouse
Customer complaints against airlines soar
         Clement proposes changes to sick leave

Canada kicks off Sochi Games with 3 medals
         Canada's Olympians watch their gear closely after tampering incident

Kevin Reynolds secures silver for Canada in figure skating team event
         Federal budget to boost rural high-speed internet access
Federal NDP leader rallies beleaguered party faithful

Dufour-Lapointe sisters dish about 'tiger' spirit, future fashion aspirations 15 1
         Trudeau's attempt at Senate reform popular, but fails to boost votes: poll 28 2
End to 'vouching' would impact 100,000 voters: Elections Canada chief 41 1


Message to the oilpatch: beware Neil Young
         How to read Ottawa's latest immigration changes
Tim Hudak's Tory labour agenda won't be hidden

Coyne: Fair Elections Act takes aim at Elections Canada
         Air Canada gets the most formal complaints of any airline in Canada
Federal budget will map Tory plan to hold the middle class

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

         Spiritual Leader To Address Parliament
Tory Bill Will Hurt Young Voters: NDP
         Turns Out There Are Hundreds Of Free Lunches
Feds Cutting Billions From Rail Safety, Environmental Science: Union
         Ethics Report Called 'Complete Farce'
Mulcair Likes This Pipeline, Despite Critical Report
         Ontario Liberal Losses Loom: Poll
Watchdog Bites Back
         Clement's A Winner

Canada Revenue May Shut Down Up To 7 Climate Charities
         Feds Messing With Scientists' Jobs, New Study Suggests
Feds Not Impressed With Provinces Tossing Prostitution Charges
         It's About To Become Tougher To Become Canadian
Another Star Liberal Candidate?
         Public Servants Take Fewer Sick Days Than Tony Said
Marois Revives Referendum Talk
         Tories Criticize Defence Industry, Then Run Away
Tories Labelled 'Serial Cheaters'
         Veterans Made Victims Of 'Unfair' Benefits Process, Ombudsman Warns

Tory MP Settles Dispute That Threatened Right To Vote In House
         Did Somebody Say.. Election?
Tim's All In
         Mercer Slams Conservatives For 'War' On Veterans
Province Faces Demographic Dilemma
         Governing Manitoba New Democrats wrap up convention amid faltering support

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Liberal convention lookahead: Will Trudeau offer up some meaty policy talk?
         Sick leave policy for public servants outdated: Treasury Board President
Dufour-Lapointe sisters support each other
         Cuba frees jailed Canadian businessman after serving 2 1/2 years of 9-year sentence
Canadian kids can navigate a tablet before they can tie their laces: report
         How health wait times fell off the Harper government's radar
How Ottawa's 'Wanted' list jeopardized deportation hopes
         Mom detained in Cuba made it home for 3-year-old's funeral
Activists scale Quebec's Mount Kaaïkop to raise funds for environmental defence
         Weird Science Weekly: Airport security may someday involve the 'sniff test'

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

         Aquino's China Hitler Jibe An Error Of Judgement – OpEd
US Discredits Iran's Claims Of Sending Ships Near US Coast
         Snowden Used Common Web Crawler Tool To Collect NSA Files
US Continues To Plan For Post-2014 Afghan Mission, Hagel Says
         Torture Began At Guantánamo With Bush's Presidential Memo 12 Years Ago – OpEd
Saudi Arabia: Retweeters Of Offensive Tweets Face Same Punishment
         Twitter Account Lets Translate Olympics Tweets In 75 Languages
US Selling Coal Mining Rights At Undervalued Prices
         Top US Homeland Security Priorities For Congress In 2014 – Analysis

PREVIOUS POSTChina Energy Profile: Rapidly Increasing Energy Demand – Analysis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Brasscheck TV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Here's six minutes that will change your mind about the story -
if you still think the Boston false flag really happened the way
it was reported. Video:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Questions for Statists
         Economic Elite Announce Plan to Replace Human Labor with Machines
We can still save the Internet – if we're willing to fight for it
         PNAC Redux: "Extraordinary Crisis" Needed to Preserve "New World Order"
US vows to defend Japan against China
         Fukushima radiation levels underestimated by five times - TEPCO
China cancels U.S. corn purchases as GMO dispute drags on
         Got Revealing Records? Blow 'em Up!
9/11 official scenario: what about the pools of melted metal?
         America's Descent Into Feudalism In 10 Easy Steps

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Washington Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The rapidly disappearing personal computer
The market is discouraging enough for computing giants such as Sony to leave the PC business altogether.
Poll of Catholics worldwide shows sharp divisions

Most disagree with church teachings on divorce, abortion, contraception, with stark geographic differences.
How this poll was conducted

This global poll of Catholics was conducted by Bendixen & Amandi International for Univision. Find more details here.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Media With Conscience<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Eat Fresh Plastic
Another Pipe Dream
         OMAR: Uncovering Occupied Palestine
Nice Job, Conservatives!
         Declaring victory wherever we can'
Forging a Socialist-Islamist Alliance
         The un-controlled Opposition
Beyond Orwell's Worst Nightmare
         Sony to axe 5,000 jobs and sell Vaio unit

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Journée nationale contre la fourrurePlus
         Centrafrique: un parlementaire assassiné à Bangui Plus
Élections: la CAQ mise sur l'appui de la classe moyennePlus
         Une organisation juive boycotte un programme HolocaustePlus
Vote en Suisse: «oui» à la limitation de l'immigrationPlus
         Nucléaire: nouvelle avancée entre l'Iran et l'AIEAPlus
Incendie d'une usine en Inde: propriétaires incarcérésPlus
         Homme poignardé à MontréalPlus
Deuxième incendie dans l'entreprise liée à Philippe Paul Plus
         Le pro-nucléaire Masuzoe devient gouverneur de TokyoPlus

Tempête de neige au Japon: 11 morts et 1250 blessésPlus
         Controverse autour de machines distributrices de pipes à crack Plus
Un comité s'inquiète des «odieuses lois russes»Plus
         Japon: 5 morts et 600 blessés dans une tempête de neigePlus
Un girafon promis à l'euthanasie au zoo de CopenhaguePlus
         Davantage de droits pour les couples gays aux États-UnisPlus
GB: pas de poursuite pour trois agents arrêtés pour échange d'images pornoPlus
         Derniers adieux à Yves RyanPlus
La solution à un casse-tête médical grâce à la série Dr HousePlus

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Leave it to parties to mobilize voters, John Robson, February 07, 2014 

Re: Leave it to parties to mobilize voters, John Robson, February 07, 2014

John Robson has a problem with the Chief Electoral Officer using government money to mobilize the poorer demographic constituencies that tend not to vote Conservative.  But Robson indicates he's okay with richer contributors getting tax credits for Conservative donations that are used to mobilize Conservative voters. The system where the rich have the power is called plutocracy, and apparently that's what Robson is happy to perpetuate.  
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Jim Flaherty to deliver 'thin' budget Tuesday, David Akin, Feb 8, 2014

Re:  Jim Flaherty to deliver 'thin' budget Tuesday, David Akin, Feb 8, 2014

David Akin asks us to consider what Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has done "to encourage economic growth, jobs and prosperity."  Flaherty's policies have delivered a fragile economy, growing inequality, and 1.4 million unemployed.  As countries in the European Union have demonstrated over the last seven years, when  governments practice austerity, a downward spiral is the usual result. Don't expect Canadians to fatten on thin gruel.
The Troika and the New York Times Bury the Issues
The IMF periodically publishes studies showing the strong effectiveness of fiscal stimulus and warning about inadequate demand.  What we are seeing from the troika is the triumph of ideology and German politics over economics and the resultant devastation of much of Europe's periphery.

Subject: Re: Daily Digest February 7-8, 2014
From: Rene Moreau <>

To Joe
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347

   When one considers that the original fire-arms registry for the whole of Canada was done by Electronic Data Systems , EDS of Texas, now called Enterprise Services , Hewlett-Packard, 
one should not be surprised if the data-base is not actually destroyed, right?  Add to this that the information is in foreign, corporate hands, that cannot be charged with treason, and can sell it to the highest bidder
   Our  corporate-owned media know this, but are not allowed, apparently, to blab or bring up the subject.
   This is a problem, right?

                                        Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: no wonder cancer is on the increase
Canada Newspapers Catch On: Gov't "profoundly negligent" for not testing — Fukushima ocean plume detected at coast June 2013 — "My good feelings vanished… more I thought… less convinced I became" — Officials must be more forthcoming — "So-called 'safe levels'… not safe"
Subject: they never change their game plan
US regime-change operation in Ukraine exposed in leaked diplomatic phone call

The discussion, posted anonymously on YouTube, underscores the thoroughly cynical character of Washington's public diplomacy. The Obama administration's rhetoric about "democracy" and the Ukrainian people's right to determine their own future is a charade, concocted for public consumption. Behind the scenes, government officials speak frankly with one another about the real agenda—advancing Washington's geo-strategic and economic interests in Eastern Europe by installing pro-US and anti-Russian puppet figures in the Ukrainian capital.
Subject: but no money for  Veterans??
Ottawa spent $69 million on advertising in 2012
Annual advertising report brings five year total to $473.6 million.

Joe--  Liberal MP David McGuinty has also introduced private member's legislation that would create a federal Advertising Commissioner to scrutinize government spending on ads.
Wouldn't it be better to have NO advertising??  Advertising, as it's reason for existing, has been to dupe people into buying crap or believing crap.  Let their actions speak for themselves would be a more logical and money saving way of handling things??

Subject: F Corporatism and Gay Marriage: Natural Bedfellows...In New York,  the push for legal recognition of gay marriage received major financial
 backing from some of the oft-denounced "wolves" of Wall Street--many of them prominent in conservative circles...
Corporatism and Gay Marriage: Natural Bedfellows

Joe--all I can say is Bravo to Rob Ford for his moral stand against marching with the gay pride promoters.  Why is this devious behaviour accepted from one group but if we did the same thing we would be in jail??  We can't even disagree with this abomination or we are against 'freedom'??  And yet we now have proof that this behaviour is spreading deadly disease around the country.
Subject: Our History in Two Minutes   DD

Joe--a very educational and prophetic video.  This young man is awake.
Subject: the USI wants war
"F….Europe!" Such were the words used in Kiev, Ukraine by Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe.
Subject: "Conservatives' elec tion bill is too important to be rammed through without changes"

Joe--I totally agree with the angst over this election Bill.  But let's not forget that all Parties are the same.  We may despise the PC government(and I do) but name one government that hasn't passed Bills for their own benefit.  Sadly the ones at the top are totally in charge and it doesn't matter who is at the top.  We saw many manipulations of elections by the Liberals also.  Governments are only in place to make life easier for themselves.  The citizen is the last on the list.  They make promises and then ignore them or blather on to confuse the issue.  Harper promised to be different but then which Party hasn't?? 
The bigger picture is that we are nothing but serfs to obey and pay while our 'governments' do what they want and that is to govern for corporations, banksters and israel.   There is nothing we can do to change anything under our dictators. We can not hold them accountable for anything.  We do not have a democracy by any stretch of the imagination. 
I remember all the dead people registered to vote.  I remember the time in Edmonton when the Liberals wanted McLelland re-elected many people had the right to vote in different areas because EC gave the voting card to their home address and their business address. 
Until we realize that all governments are criminals(we keep hearing about the Senate--but no one reminds us of adscam etc) and stand up for ourselves nothing will change.  Harper is just another liar in a long list of liars.  We haven't had a good PM since John Diefenbacker

From: Rene Moreau < >
Date: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: This is bad--really bad
To: "" <>

To the Poog, February 8, 2014
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
At a time of 7 billion in population in world population, with some finite resources, and the threat of 'corporate rule' as in David Korten's book, would it
not be a good time to consider socialism as an alternative to the current cancerous aspects of capitalism that are showing now?
   Mind you, it could not be pure socialism, but a mix, as anything can corrupt, eventually.
   We know now that the corporations have no citizenship, so cannot be charged with treason, have the rights and privileges of human beings, but not the responsibilities, unless mandated by government, which is happening less and less, they don't do democracy, since it is not in their job description, and their reason for being is MONEY, with all the dangers there-in, to the human race.
   Enough said?

          Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
p.s.   For examples, please call me at the stated telephone number.

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 9:34 AM, Paul Ferris, <> wrote:

A secret global trade deal being negotiated right now would let corporations sue our governments to overturn any law they say hurts their profits.

It's a corporate lobbyist's wildest dream -- a huge global trade deal that would let corporations like Monsanto sue our governments if they passed laws to protect the environment or keep life-saving medicine affordable.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership has to be stopped.
This month, tens of thousands of American SumOfUs members and friends have called Congress to demand it rejects a bill to give President Obama "fast track" authority to sign the TPP -- and support is starting to fall away. But it's not enough.
In the US, corporate lobbyists are pushing hard for Congress to approve. Elsewhere, governments are facing no scrutiny as they get ready to sign away our democratic rights to make laws that protect the public interest. Unless we do more, we may lose this fight.
That's why our community is stepping up. This week, we're getting ready to launch a major effort to stop the TPP in its tracks -- and with your support, we're not going to stop fighting until we've won.
There's lots wrong with the TPP, but the unaccountable systems it would set up to allow corporations to sue governments are one of the most frightening. If it is signed, future laws designed to protect consumers, our health, and our environment could be overturned in secret courts by corporations that claim the laws harm their profits -- and there is nothing we or our elected governments could do to stop them.
We need to do a lot more to make sure we stop this treaty -- and we need your help to do that.

If you can, please chip in $1 today to take a stand for democracy and against the TPP, and fund the fight to stop this corporate power grab.
Thanks for all you do,
Paul and the team at