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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

CBCRritish Columbia »Calgary Edmonton »Saskatchewan» Manitoba» Thunder Bay» Sudbury » Windsor » Kitchener-Waterloo Hamilton Toronto »Ottawa Montreal »New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia »Newfoundland & Labrador

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Fire burns on a day after train derailment
         RCMP say they've fixed PM security 'mistake'
MP trying to embarrass us: Sri Lanka
         Latest rail-oil fire fans safety concerns
Long list of B.C. wrongs to Asians revealed
         Cheap travel may be a casualty of weak loonie
Court clout sought over environmental laws
         Authorities ID Canadians arrested in Mexico
McMaster lab cracks code of 1800s cholera
         Mobilicity wants ruling on spectrum licences

Baird names new ambassador to Israel
         University degree not a must for Quebec nurses
Former cop led cocaine smuggling ring:U.S.
         Niagara cop gets 4 years for helping bikers
Slow takeoff for web gambling in Manitoba
         $4 million to upgrade teachers' math skills
Harper defends government's rail safety record amid latest burning derailment
         Truckin' to Tuk: Harper celebrates road
Russian rules threaten Canadian adoptions
         Fatal case of H5N1 bird flu reported in Alberta, first North American case

3 shot in Richmond Hill were targeted: police
         New Democrat MP trying to embarrass us: Sri Lanka high commission
Insurance likely to rise amid severe weather
         Former Montreal cop waives right to bail _ for now
Public sector unions challenge labour laws
         Mobilicity wants wireless spectrum included in sale
Pearson flights frozen as big chill continues
         Police believe two women involved in killing of two Canadians in Florida
Polar bear cub takes first wobbly steps
         CN to do aerial surveillance of derailment to determine source of fire

Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits Inuvik to make announcement

Toronto's Pearson airport warns of more weather-related delays
         Pesticide residue found on nearly half of organic produce
Diversity at risk in challenge over Supreme Court's Marc Nadon
         U.S. polar vortex sets record low temps, kills 21
Fire burns at CN derailment of crude, propane in Plaster Rock

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Scientists Say DFO's Library Closure Defence Doesn't Add Up
        Minister Shea fails to convince researchers trove of information is preserved
How Much Is a Truly 'Fair Share' of Northern Gateway Benefits for BC?
        It's substantial. But will Clark have the courage to demand it from industry?
Henry Ford's Argument with Stephen Harper
        In 1914 the industrialist saw what our PM still doesn't: weak demand kills an economy.
Duncan Campbell Scott: The Poet Who Oversaw Residential Schools
        Biographer Mark Abley seeks answers from a contradictory man.
Kamloops weekly increases publishing frequency after competitor shuts down
         Jan 22 event explores how climate change is reshaping the future

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It's too late for Harper to change course
         Purge of Canada's fisheries libraries a 'historic' loss, scientists say
Northern Gateway not a sure thing, Harper says
         Audit takes Transport Canada to task on wasteful spending, contracts


Canada's 150th birthday: Prize money offered for best logo
         Tories accuse Kathleen Wynne of ignoring Rob Ford during ice storm
Stephen Harper and the Conservatives abandon job-creation for politics
         2014 promises tough tests for Harper's oilsands policies
Justin Trudeau has a lot riding on Colorado pot experiment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Gail Shea Denies Books Burned As Fisheries Libraries Consolidated
         Conservative MP Patrick Brown won't bill taxpayers for New York City Marathon trip
Cold-weather wimpiness spreading like an arctic chill
         Ontario New Democrats may not do Mulcair any favours
Stephen Harper protests Barack Obama's indecisiveness with Keystone pipeline
         Book burning 21st Century Style
Canada fares better than the US on value for healthcare dollars – but lags behind other developed nations
         Secrecy cloaks patents on inventions hidden far from public eye by Industry Canada
The burden of power

         Polar vortex moving on, but deep freeze persists across much of Canada8 hours ago

Vivian Bercovici appointed new ambassador to Israel, but not without controversy 4 hours ago
         CN train derailment in New Brunswick renews pipeline debate 6 hours ago
X-class solar flare launches massive amount of solar matter towards Earth5 hours ago
         New Democrats laud Tory MP for 'finally' recognizing the impact of climate change 8 hours ago
Loonie tumbles more than a cent, greenback strengthens on strong U.S. trade data
         Baird defends appointment of new Israeli ambassador ahead of Harper trip 13 3

Health Canada urges doctors to inoculate patients against H1N1 flu virus
         Airports at odds with official languages commissioner over passenger rights
Canada's new envoy to Israel a strong critic of Palestinian leaders
         Government not striking right balance between environment and economy, survey suggests

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Russia again blocks U.N. Security Council from condemning Syria attacks47 minutes ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada's Top Spy Watchdog Lobbied For Pipeline Construction
         Hopkins Trained Doctor Fights Hopkins Expansion Plans in Baltimore - Marisela Gomez on RAI (1/4)
JP Morgan Will Not Be Criminally Prosecuted for Its Role in Madoff's Ponzi Scheme
         African Refugees in Israel On Historic Strike
Why Eritrean Asylum Seekers Come to Israel
         EXCLUSIVE: Family of Unarmed Man Killed in Baltimore Police Custody Speaks Out
Frigid 'Polar Vortex' Puts Homeless in Extreme Danger
         Spate of Deadly Car Bombings Rock Lebanon
By Pushing the TPP, Obama is Repeating the Mistakes of NAFTA
         Canada's Lubicon Lake Nation Continue Anti-fracking

Glenn Greenwald vs Ruth Marcus: "Ruth Marcus Argument Exemplifies Everything Horrible About DC Media"

         Is the the era of pot prohibition is coming to an end?
Terms and Conditions - Selling Your Private Information
         The Shocking Footage from Fallujah's Warzone
From Funding Climate Deniers to Shadowy Groups, Koch Brothers Network Spent $400 Million in 2012

[]          Weather Whiplash: As Polar Vortex Brings Deep Freeze, Is Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change?
[] Ask an Expert How to Avoid Exploitative Clothing Companies
         The Polar Vortex, Jet Stream, and Climate Change

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
UAE finds US spy tech in French satellite Source
Anti-immigrant sentiments rise in UK Source
Cancer Immunotherapy: Science's breakthrough of the year Source
Princess Cristina of Spain charged with tax fraud Source
Canada now hit by frost quakes as temperatures plunge Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t hdig<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
" Exposing Public Wickedness Is More American Than Apple Pie"
         " Dominican Republic Makes Racism the Law"
" The One Movie From 2013 You Have to See" --
         " John Pilger: 'We Have Been Misled'"
" Toyota Is Going to Sell a Hydrogen Car Globally in 2015"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Activist Post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

New Must-See Videos
Why Is Radioactive Snow Falling In Missouri?
         TSA Confiscated 20 Percent More Guns: The Grope Report
Max Keiser: Economics of Human Extinction
         Driverless Cars Are Already Merging Onto Freeways
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1
         Detroit Police Chief: "Good Americans with Concealed Pistols TranslatesInto Crime Reduction"
Syrian Infighting May Be Pretext for Expanded Intervention
         Michigan Deli Owner Shows How Easy It is To Accept Bitcoin
Rand Paul Exposes the Crony Federal Reserve on the Senate Floor

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
9/11: Does the Truth Have a Chance?
Bombings, Invasion, Misery: Fallujah, Symbol of Iraq's Unending Tragedy
The Case of the Missing Economic Recovery
The Killing of Journalists in Iraq
Politicized Nobel Prize. Rewarding Those Who Best Contribute to War, Chaos and Crimes against Humanity

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Un député conservateur renonce à son allocation de dépensesPlus
         Des personnalités signent un manifeste pour le pétrolePlus
Gatineau: Il s'agit d'un double meurtrePlus
         Début du chantier de la route la plus au nord d'AmériquePlus
Il meurt asphyxié par son propre sous-vêtementPlus
         New York, 21e État américain à autoriser la marijuanaPlus
Attentat à Mexico: l'identité des Canadiennes révéléePlus
         Obama invite Merkel à Washington après le scandale des écoutesPlus
Nouvelle-Zélande: complètement saoul à 9 ansPlus
         La police recherche d'autres victimes de ces bourreauxPlus

Roberge renonce à son enquête sur remise en liberté Plus
         Après la vague de froid, le redoux s'annonce sur l'Amérique du NordPlus
11 septembre: 80 policiers et pompiers accusés de fraudePlus
         Menaces contre un itinérant: il redevient simple agentPlus
Le trafic aérien toujours perturbé par le froidPlus
         Le procès du président destitué Morsi ajourné Plus
Policiers: le PLQ ouvert à baliser leur code vestimentairePlus


Sound familiar?

World War II left the US economy the only undamaged industrial and manufacturing center. Prosperity ensued. But by the 1970s the Keynesian demand management economic policy had produced stagflation. Reagan's supply-side policy was able to give the US economy another 20 years. But the collapse of the Soviet Union brought an era of jobs offshoring to large Asian economies that formerly were closed to Western capital. Once corporate executives realized that they could earn multi-million dollar performance bonuses by moving US jobs abroad and once they were threatened by Wall Street and shareholder advocates with takeovers if they did not, American capitalism began giving the US economy to other countries, mainly located in Asia. As high productivity manufacturing and professional service jobs (such as software engineering) moved offshore, US incomes stagnated and fell.

As real income growth stagnated, wives entered the work force to compensate. Children were educated by refinancing the home mortgage and using the equity in the family home or with student loans that they do not earn enough to repay. Since the December 2007 downturn, Americans have used up their coping mechanisms. Homes have been refinanced. IRAs raided. Savings drawn down. Grown children, now adults, are back home with parents. The falling labor force participation rate signals that the economy can no longer provide jobs for the workforce. In such a situation, economic recovery is impossible.

Ideas anyone?

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: B.C.-Alberta report looks at oil-by-rail   DD

Joe--interesting that we have been assured for decades that shipping oil by rail is perfectly safe.  Now that pipelines are the choice we have these convenient rail disasters??  Anyone that can think knows that shipping this dangerous product is deadly for us and the environment.  The fact that not of the companies that have these disasters are held accountable is the real concern.  We and the environment are held accountable no matter what happens.  We know there is no way that anything will be cleaned up totally(look at the BP disaster in the Gulf) but we are supposed to believe that one method of shipping is safer???  We are never told the truth of these accidents--blame is passed around while the destruction continues.  Neither way of transporting this destructive product is safe but it just depends on which way the corporations can make the most money. 
Subject: Manitoba reserve being probed over loans, advances   DD

Joe--again our tax dollars are going to make the rich richer while the Native people and us suffer. 

The auditors were asked to take a closer look at loans and advances paid to 13 people who were "certain senior administrators, or were members of the council," the documents show.
The firm was also asked to look into payments made for the construction of off-reserve housing, as well as social-assistance payments to people who worked for the First Nation or were members of its band council.

What is taking so long??  Follow the money.  It will lead to the top just as it does in our governments.
I have told the story before of the shooting of that Native woman and her son on the Siksika Reserve outside of Calgary.  The woman and her children were living in a condemned house with no heat, water or electricity.  At the same time the Chief, Roy Whitney, had a $90,000. window installed in his office.   The Native people live under the same thieves that we do, only it is more obvious in a smaller area. 

Why are they building off reserve housing while there is no housing on the Reserve??  Those at the top prosper while the people they are supposed to govern for suffer.  Nothing ever changes and no one will ever change it.  The rich get richer while we pay and people suffer.
Subject: RE: the military/industrial complex trumps logic and peace???

Joe--and it should be added to this discussion that while the government is keeping the military/industrial complex happy they ignore the men and women who were and are used by the same government/corporations to fight 'wars'.

Canada planning to sell guns and military equipment to developing countries to maintain domestic arms industry

From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Finance Minister Flaherty's Budget Surplus

Re: Finance Minister Flaherty's Budget Surplus

When consumers cannot spend because they are too heavily indebted, when a trade deficit draws money out of our economy, and when cash-flush corporations will not invest here because of lack of demand, there is only one source left to kick-start the economy: bigger federal government budget deficits.
Some commentators and politicians assume we need nasty reforms and belt-tightening, but this solution will only push the economy into a downward spiral and yield the same results as when applied overseas in Greece.  With every ratcheting up of government austerity, expect higher unemployment, increased suicides, deeper political divisions, and ultimately rioting in the streets.
1. Why we should re-elect Stephen Harper: Gwyn, Jan. 7

Who better to carry out the nasty reforms and belt-tightening Canada now needs than someone everyone loves to hate?
2. Flaherty's new goal: Not merely balanced budget, but useful surplus for 2015
Still, the Harper government is committed to a stance of frugality. Last month's throne speech was almost fire-breathing about the need to contain spending, announcing yet another round of restraint by way of an internal spending freeze, other targeted reductions, a balanced budget bill, and continued war on the public service in terms of going after sick-day benefits and pay levels. There was also renewed talk of selling assets.
3. Australian economist Bill Mitchell explains:

At last count there were two broad macroeconomic sectors – the government and the non-government. The non-government sector can be decomposed into the private domestic sector and the external sector. The private domestic sector can be further decomposed into households who consume and firms who invest (in productive capital).
Macroeconomics is easy – thats it! 2 broad spending sectors and then some more detail.
What do we know about these sectors in the US?
1. Households are not spending enough on consumption – and why should they given they have to reduce their unsustainable debt levels and are saving to generate buffers just in case they are next to join the unemployment queue.
2. Business firms are not spending enough on investment – and why should they given they have to reduce their unsustainable debt levels and that household spending is not pushing production levels beyond existing capacity (by a long margin).
3. The external sector is deteriorating – that is, spending is contracting because the Europeans and the Brits are killing growth in their economies.
How many more spending sectors are left in the US?
The most basic macroeconomic rule – spending equals income. When someone spends another gains income. When a sector increases spending, other sectors enjoy the rise in income.
So if all these non-government sector spenders are being cautious and the private domestic sector is attempting to save overall – and – the world economy is not going to drive US exports very hard – where is the deficit spending going to come from to drive growth?
There is only one source – government budget deficits.

More  of A veritable pot pourri of lies, deception and self-serving bluster at

To: " ...snip...>
Subject: For Change and renewal, we should Trudeau the Younger

The Editor
The Toronto Star

For change and renewal, we should elect Trudeau the Younger

Re "Why we should re-elect Harper," by Richard Gwyn (Jan. 7).

Aristotle once remarked that all forms of government -- democracy, oligarchy, monarchy, tyranny -- are inherently unstable; that all political regimes are inherently transitional; that the stability of all regimes is corrupted by the corrosive power of time. To prolong the viability of the democratic system of government, his advice had been constant turnover of leadership to new the political process.

After eight years of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government, the time for change and renewal has arrived in Canada. The public yearning for change is palpable. So, we should listen to the great political thinker of the antiquity and elect a young and dynamic leader. Trudeau the Younger is such a leader. In fact, both Trudeau the Elder and Trudeau the Younger resemble Britain's famous father and son Prime Ministers -- William Pitt the Elder and William Pitt the Younger. Together they laid the foundation of the British Empire.

William Pitt the Elder successfully carried out the Seven Years War against France, driving the French from India and Canada and laid the foundation of the British Empire where the sun never set. William Pitt the Younger, following in the footsteps of his father, became the Prime Minister of Britain at the tender age of 24. He reformed the Indian and the Canadian administrations, abolished the slavery and signed a reciprocal trade treaty with France. In short, he consolidated the British Empire founded by his father.

Like Pitt the Younger, Trudeau the Younger is the son of one of Canada's famous prime ministers. He is also charismatic and fluently bilingual like his father. Although not as young as Pitt the Younger, he is young enough to satisfy the public's yearning for a fresh face. He has the potential to become Canada's Pitt the Younger. To renew the political process, we should elect Trudeau the Younger as our next Prime Minister.


From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Re: 14 in 2014 for a fair, democratic Canada

|The road to renewal is long and hard, worked for 10 years on REFORM and did get sold out to the
Left leaning Progressive, Manning left.Today we lack the leadership, Harper is all about Foreign
Affairs. Just look at the Canada 150 announcement, the first quote is Cartier. Followed by the
support for multiculturalism. Anyways like the advice very much, stay away..

From: "Ray Strachan " <>
Subject: Canadas new Ambassador to Israel

This afteroon  John Baird announced Canada`s new ambassador to Israel.    Lawyer Vivian Bercovici..
Said to be very anti Hamas   and loves Netanyahu.   Just another Canadian with no heart, Feelings or Intelligence.   Educated fool comes to mind again.
Makes me so proud of my now, stinking country after 81 years.   Past 10 years pure cold idiocy.  (nothing to do with cold weather, just hearts)
Doesnt it make you just love our Federal Conservaive Government.?  Has made Canada into something of a  rabid dag.

Ray Strachan

From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Begin forwarded message:

January 7, 2014 19:05: New statistics show continued support that more guns lead to less crime.
Brian Lilley interviews John Lott

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Harper to protect the children of the world, except for Palestinian children???
Criminal Unaccountability
Subject: Agenda 21
Very real and very dangerous globalist Agenda 21 plan
Sinister UN Agenda 21 being implemented in Canada
Say Goodbye to Your Car, House and Your Freedom
The Price for Opposing Agenda 21
Subject: Train carrying oil and gas derails in New Brunswick, prompting  evacuations  DD

But we are supposed to believe that pipelines will be safer???
Subject: we must have GW to prove these 'scientists' right???
Plan to avert global warming by cooling planet artificially 'could cause climate chaos'
Subject: killing us for profit
The Incredibly Flat World of Monsanto

You can't have it both ways. You can't accuse those who are against the irresponsible use of a newly emerging technology of being against science, when you yourself ignore the inconvenient scientific facts that show that what you are doing is hazardous. You can't simply pick and choose what you are going to believe because it just happens to be convenient and fill the coffers of your ever-expanding bank account. What you choose to ignore CAN hurt us.