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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

CBCRritish Columbia »Calgary Edmonton »Saskatchewan» Manitoba» Thunder Bay» Sudbury » Windsor » Kitchener-Waterloo Hamilton Toronto »Ottawa Montreal »New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia »Newfoundland & Labrador

North CTV Atlantic  CTV Montreal  CTV Ottawa  CTV Toronto  CTV Northern Ontario  CTV Kitchener CTV Winnipeg  CTV Regina
CTVSaskatoon  CTV Calgary  CTV Edmonton  CTV British Columbia

Newfoundlanders urged to conserve power
         Fed surplus in 2015 could be bigger; Flaherty
Canadians tested as cold snap grips country
         Body of Canadian sailor to return home
Plane from Toronto slides off JFK runway
         Man in hospital after Toronto stabbing
B.C.-Alberta report looks at oil-by-rail
         Staff deliberated unsterilized forceps issue
First Nation probed over loans, advances
         London, Ont., teens struck by snowplow: cops

ER death inquest to focus on hospital wait times
         Saskatoon woman charged in boy's death
Woman arrested in fatal Hamilton stabbing
         More boreal forest protected in 2013: scientist

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Alberta makes top 10 in U.K. list of 2014 travel spots 7 hours ago
         More boreal forest protected in 2013 but challenges remain: scientist 19 hours ago
Should cyclists be forced to pay an annual registration fee? 20 hours ago
         How to cure blindness, concussions and baldness 7 hours ago
World juniors 2014: Russia wins 2-1 over Canada for bronze 13 hours ago
         Manitoba First Nation probed over advances to band council, staff 10 hours ago
Whitehorse mother reunited with children after six years 14 hours ago

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Quick, Monte, cue the friggin' Mariachi band !
Gee, it seems like just 20 months ago when Arthur Porter (currently residing in a Panama penal colony) was replaced by Chuck Strahl, who promised he "won't lobby" governments. However, Chuck's 'system of "double make-sure" to protect himself and the public from conflicts of interest and questions around ethics' may be suspect at this point. His affably facial-haired son Mark is, by pure coincidence, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, which one would logically assume considers the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline a primary dossier, given the substantial impact it will have on both northern and, yes, aboriginal affairs. But, why digress into spitballs of triviality & inconsequence. Still, it remains unclear if the two discussed Northern Gateway issues over a plate of festive Christmas turkey with all the trimmings. Unconfirmed reports suggest the Strahls do not deep-fry their fowl, instead preferring to roast the beast in a convection oven, possibly heated with Enbridge-sourced natural gas. In totally unrelated news, Chuck's former federal Chief of Staff Laurie Throness was recently elected Liberal MLA to the party currently governing BC. By divine providence, Throness is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Corrections, and is a member of the Cabinet Committee on Secure Tomorrow, and the Legislative Review Committee. Biblically speaking, this story is developing ..

While Chuck is knee-deep in lobbying ..



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The axeman cometh for DFO and Coast Guard?
         Canada looks to weapons sales to developing countries to maintain domestic arms industry
Cash-starved parties are dumbing down our politics
         Montreal politicians get $5M in 'transition' payments: QMI investigation

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Fighting Escalates In Iraq As Civilians Suffer From Worst Violence Since 2008
         Zapatista's Warning Over NAFTA Rings True 2 Decades Later
         Zapatistas correctly predicted that neoliberal economic policies like NAFTA would exacerbate poverty and undermine democracy
Bacon: NAFTA Hurt Workers on Both Sides of the Border
On the 20th anniversary of NAFTA, immigration and labor activist David Bacon says that the trade agreement created Mexican
billionaires, kept Mexican workers' wages flat, destroyed US jobs - and revealed the need for worker solidarity across borders
         Terms and Conditions - Selling Your Private Information
Mark Ruffalo and Scott Smith Discuss Real Cause of Oil Train Derailments
         A Future Memorial for NAFTA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Saudi-US Ties 'Critical To Cement Political Transitions In Mideast'
         Georgia PM Denies Plan To Reshuffle Cabinet
Pope Francis To Visit Holy Land In May
         Kerry Says Iran Could Play Role On Sidelines Of Syria Conference
Pope Francis Announces First Trip To Holy Land
         Apple Reportedly Acquires One-Man Start-Up SnappyLabs
After Panama, Paraguay Withdraws Recognition Of Self-Proclaimed Sahrawi Republic – OpEd
         Empowering Youth: Road To Reconciliation In Sri Lanka – OpEd
Beholding 2014: Shaping Hopes For The Future – OpEd

         Croatia And Serbia At Impasse On Minority Rights

US-India Strategic Partnership: Diplomatic Standoff Strains Ties –...
         Social Media Policies Slowly Catching Up
Thai Couple Accused Of Torturing Young Karen Girl Skip Bail

         Indo-Americans Object To Derogatory Remarks In Jason Bateman Movie
Confiscation Of Bahasa Bibles: The 10 Point Solution And Faith – OpEd
         Malaysia: Confiscation Of Bibles Reopens Polemic On Christian Use Of 'Allah'
Record Cold Expected To Grip Much Of US
         US Navy Sailors Sue Fukushima Owner TEPCO Over Radiation Exposure During Aid Operation
Media Ignores Fact Frozen Ship Was On 'Global Warming' Mission
         Suu Kyi Suggests It's Unfair To Force Her Sons To Be Myanmar Citizens

Thousands Of African Migrants March In Israel Demanding Rights
         Israel: HRW Says No Evidence That Boy Killed By Soldiers Posed Any Threat
ICTs Operating In A Changing Environment – Interview
         Important Mutation Discovered In Dairy Cattle
Greece Assumes European Union Presidency
         Putin Lifts Blanket Ban On Protests At Sochi Olympics
Putin Watches Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
         Thoughts On Jeton Kelmendi's Poetry – Review
A Novel Look At How Stories May Change The Brain
         Severe Mental Illness Tied To Higher Rates Of Substance Use

Most Clinical Studies On Vitamins Flawed By Poor Methodology

         North Korea: Beginning Of The End? – Analysis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Syria's Hospitals targeted by NATO-backed Armed Groups
Volgograd and the Conquest of Eurasia: Has the House of Saud seen its Stalingrad?
Inconsistencies and Unanswered Questions: The Risks of Trusting the Snowden Story
Politicized Nobel Prize. Rewarding Those Who Best Contribute to War, Chaos and Crimes against Humanity

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Pluie verglaçante: déjà une dizaine de sorties de routePlus
         Les ingénieurs veulent regagner la confiance du publicPlus
Accident mortel à Saint-Paulin: une femme blesséePlus
         Chine: 14 morts dans un mouvement de foulePlus
Des températures glaciales frigorifient les États-UnisPlus
         Incendie: un bâtiment endommagé sur la rue UniversityPlus
Un avion d'affaires s'écrase au ColoradoPlus
         Pluie, neige et verglas prévus sur le QuébecPlus
Arabie: un corps déchiqueté tombe du ciel à JeddahPlus
         Morts suspectes à Lévis: les victimes identifiéesPlus

Enjeux 2014: la FTQ compte s'attaquer à HarperPlus
         L'Iran prêt à aider l'Irak à combattre Al-QaïdaPlus
Un avion sort de piste: l'aéroport JFK fermé 2 heuresPlus
         Un homme est retrouvé sans vie à MontréalPlus
3 blessés graves dans un atterrissage d'urgencePlus
         Incendie: une trentaine de religieuses évacuéesPlus
Incendie dans une résidence de PrévostPlus
         Élections au Bangladesh: flambée de violencePlus
Une femme accusée du meurtre d'un enfant de 5 ansPlus
         Légaliser le pot: le Canada devrait observer les É.-U.


"Subject: Harper Government's view of its achievements."
sent to you New Year's Day also was sent to National Media
following's an analysis of the meaning of wording sent to me,


Hi Joe!
This is how PB translates the government's gerunds in your message. Enjoy! Happy New Year, Christa

- continuing - same as last year
- concluding, signing, or bringing into force - three separate opportunities of announcing something without actually accomplishing anything
- making progress - not actually making any progress
- launching - announcing the start of
- reforming - fixing up the mess we made in the first place
- making significant investments - including a sum of money in next year's budget
- announcing - announcing
- introducing - announcing
- supporting - announcing again
- transforming - destroying
- renewing - same as last year
- re-introducing - introducing once again
- adopting - a fourth opportunity to announce something
- lowering - continuing, but a bit less
- ceasing - stopping altogether
- investing - see 'making significant investments'
- finalizing - see 'concluding', etc.
- committing - announcing, without saying when or how
- passing - see 'adopting'
- taking decisive action - announcing
- providing - see 'investing'
- establishing - announcing
- making significant contributions - see 'investing', but knowing that the amount is not enough
- following - announcing, but after everybody else has
- initiating - announcing
- consulting - announcing meetings
- releasing an action plan - announcing, but louder
- announcing an intent to introduce - announcing a future announcement
- holding consultations - see ' consulting'
- working with - announcing that someone else will do something (but the government will take the credit)
- defending, committing to supporting,  by addressing, providing, by requiring, taking steps - announcing, but with television advertising
- ensuring - announcing, but without television advertising
- advancing - announcing again
- promoting - see 'supporting'
- delivering results . . . by adopting - see 'adopting'
- bringing into force - see re-announcing
- filing a submission - announcing, but in writing to someone else (see 'working with')
- strengthening - see 'supporting'
- keeping Prime Minister Harper's 2007 commitment - see 're-announcing', but much later
- signing a new agreement - see 're-announcing'; and
- unveiling - announcing something everybody thought was dead.
- Special note: 'creating partnerships to prevent homelessness among veterans' is a special gender-neutral program to marry them off to rich widows


Begin forwarded message:

From: Joe Hueglin < >
Subject: Harper Government's view of its achievements.
Date: 2 January, 2014 7:01:11 PM GMT+10:00
To: National Media < >

That which came to me is passed on unaltered in substance but more easily readable.

No comment has been made.

Some will viewed what follows as truth incarnate, others as exaggerated magnification of reality.

To all it provides the mental image, the "Mirror, mirror on the wall . . ." view of those writing it.

Enjoy 2014!

Joe Huegllin


From the Prime Minister's Web Site ( )

Government's 2013 Achievements
December 31, 2013 Ottawa, Ontario
Over the past year, the Government of Canada has delivered on its commitments to:

Create Jobs and Opportunities for Canadians by:
Promote Canadian values by:

Support and Protect Canadian Families by:

Put Canada first by: