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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Parliament returns to Senate scandal, budget
         Town gathers to mourn seniors killed in fire
Thousands wait another day for natural gas after pipeline blast in Manitoba
         Byelections set for Tuesday in Manitoba
Turf war impedes hiring of CF psychiatrists
         Tories tying up loose ends and doing damage control from last year's budget
Doctor shuts clinic over pay in Nova Scotia
         Cash offers skyrocket as much as 700 per cent for landowners resisting Keystone
Senate scandal, budget to dominate winter sitting of Parliament
         Want your kids to eat? Try a pretty package

Coworking – home office away from home
         Two tragedies: different but yet the same
Coroner's inquest resumes in fatal RCMP shooting of former soldier
         U.S. study warns of risks and unknowns in shipment of Alberta oilsands products

Hundreds rally against proposed Canada Post changes in Ottawa
         Peter MacKay faces balancing act with justice agenda, court rulings
Two arrested after 'sexual act' on Air Canada flight

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
In Bangkok's Streets, It's Occupy Flipped
        For largely upper class Thai protesters, democracy hasn't worked of late. A dispatch. By Steve Burgess
As Temp Workers Flow from Jamaica, Scammers Swoop
        Illegal fees, empty promises. Caribbean victims speak as Tyee reader-funded series continues. By Jeremy J. Nuttall
What Went Wrong in Afghanistan
        Reporter Graeme Smith shows us why Canada has much to be embarrassed about. By Crawford Kilian
  Canadian Regulators Probe Google's Ad Model
        The king of search goes under the legal microscope. By Michael Geist
Toast Is the New Cupcake
        Glutenous villain no more, the lowly slab gets a makeover. By Shannon Rupp
That Oilsands-Inspired Creation that Looms in Washington
         Winnipegger Mia Feuer's art reflects the 'sculptural' transformation of Alberta's landscape. By Andrew Nikiforuk
VIDEO: Skiing in Detroit's Abandoned Buildings


How a sliding loonie may lead to higher prices
         Should alcohol have cigarette-like warning labels?
U.S. study warns of shipping Alberta oilsands products
         Little Miss and Mr. Manners: Etiquette school for the kids

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
20 Things To Know About Chinese New Year
         WATCH: Everything Wrong With Air Canada Customer Service
Ready For The Super Bowl, Canada?
         Who Will Be The Next Supreme? Here Are The Odds
Government Free To Lie In Ads: Council
         Canada's Marmite Ban Is Making Britain CRAZY
13 Things We All Hate About Canadian Health Care

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
More Cdn businesses accepting Bitcoin digital currency, despite reservations 16 hours ago
         There is an iPod tax after all 4 hours ago
A friendship with few benefits 4 hours ago
         Quebec premier vows 'never again' at site of senior residence fire 3 hours

Canada makes Keystone XL ad blitz in metro stations near White House

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Libs gain at expense of Conservatives, but Mulcair favoured as leader who would make best Prime Minister: Forum Research poll
Justice Minister MacKay leads among federal Conservative Party votes, says new poll

The mystery diplomat at the heart of Mac Harb's case
Down in the polls, Stephen Harper finds public affection abroad
Comparing U.S., Canadian health care systems
Interim Senate audit on travel, housing expenses may come this week
PS unions sign pledge to oppose government sick leave changes
Don't count the Tories out
Anti-Semite is a 'terrible word'
Canada Takes its Place at the Table
It's okay not to be okay

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Great Obama Firewall Descends Upon America Source
         UKIP leader calls for UK gun laws to be relaxed Source
Potential Carcinogen Found in Certain Soft Drinks Continue
        15 die in rival rallies in several Egyptian cities Source
Free, hi-tech HIV vaccine coming soon Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
"Our Food Is Dishonestly Priced": Michael Pollan on the Food Movement's Next Goal of Justice for Food Workers
         Truthout Interviews Eleanor Bader on the Keystone Pipeline Extension and Misplaced Government Priorities
They're Fast-Tracking the Future, TPP Style, but We Can Stop Them
         Sixteen Reasons Matt Yglesias Is Wrong About the Job Guarantee vs. Basic Income
Scientists Speak Out Against Canada's "War on Science"
         Will the GOP Get Away With Its Economic Sabotage?
Portland's Food Truck Heaven: How a New Kind of Fast Food Brings Jobs, Flavor and Walkability

         This week in Speakout:
Khmer-American activist Kat Eng documents her eight hour performance art piece about the brutal military crackdown of striking Cambodian garment workers; Cynthia Franklin argues that "balanced" reporting in the media on the Boycott and Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel is essentially biased; David Swanson sheds a light on the willful ignorance of our society in the face of shocking truths; the National Woman's Law Center reports on how union membership among women reduces the wage gap; and more.
         Costas Lapavitsas Discusses the Financialization of Capitalism The neoliberal capture of the state has laid the ground for the financialization of capitalism, a stage of capitalism that cannot be reversed without developing new methods of public provision in housing, education, health, pensions and the other sources financialization has used to create profit.
         Putting Peace in Double Jeopardy negotiations with Iran are at a critical stage, as are the US-brokered peace talks with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
Yet both peace efforts are jeopardized by AIPAC-inspired senators or by Israel itself

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Information Clearing House<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
        "You Think the U.S. Is Any More Democratic Than Syria?" Video

President Assad's media advisor appeared on CNN and asked where John Kerry gets the right to tell the Syrian people who can and cannot be their leader.
        US-NATO War Crimes Against Libya
Those whom the Western powers and their fawning media wish to destroy must first be demonised. This was exactly what happened to Libya's leader Muammar al Gaddafi.
        Don't Let Kiev Become Another Sarajevo
As Ukraine boils, the US has been turning up the heat on Russia and leader Putin, who is being vilified and attacked by the tame western media.
        The Empire Feeds Off Of The Republic - Dr. Michael Parenti
What the military industrial complex in the US learned from Yugoslavia was that they could fight an entire war and not lose a single soldier.
        Nuclear Attack on Japan was Opposed by American Military Leadership - Gar Alperovitz
President Truman used the A-bomb to make a "diplomatic" point to the Soviet Union, not out of military necessity.

        HSBC Bank on Verge of Collapse: Second Major Banking Crash Imminent
Concerns about an imminent bank crash were further fuelled today at news that HSBC are restricting the amount of cash that customers can withdraw from their own bank accounts.
        Davos Billionaires: Oblivious to the Coming Revolution
A powerful virus is spreading, rising from the grass roots of billions in the repressed poor and the middle class, forcing moral leaders to step forward and openly challenge the destructive forces of capitalism.
        Syrian peace talks: government and rebels finally meet:
The first direct negotiations between the Syrian government and rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad started and ended after barely half and hour at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.
        Hillary Clinton's Responsibility for Libya's Misery:
Libya is a mess, we are told, worse than when Gaddafi was around. Who was instrumental in attacking Libya in an outright aggression? Hillary Clinton. One headline at the time read "Clinton credited with key role in success of NATO airstrikes, Libyan rebels".
        Afghan president says U.S. should start talks with Taliban or leave:
President Hamid Karzai appeared to stiffen his resolve on Saturday not to sign a security pact with Washington, saying the United States should leave Afghanistan unless it could restart peace talks with the Taliban.

         Congress cuts U.S. military and development aid for Afghanistan:
With no perceptible opposition from the Obama administration, Congress has quietly downscaled Washington's ambitions for the final year of the Afghan war, substantially curtailing development aid and military assistance plans ahead of the U.S. troop pullout.
         Russian-Chinese Naval Training Exercise Begins in Mediterranean:
The exercise, which began with a gathering of the ships and accompanying speedboats, is being performed to reinforce co-maneuvering, air defense collaboration as well as naval helicopter landings on the different countries' ships, the ministry's press service said.
         Ukraine's president offers opposition leaders top govt posts:
The Saturday meeting between Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich and the opposition yielded unexpected results. Top government posts were offered to protest leaders and a review of the constitution was promised, in order to give parliament more power.
        Violent video: Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building :
Protesters have stormed local administrative buildings in Vinnitsa, central Ukraine.
         Ukraine's Fascist Neo-Nazi Color Revolution Backed by U.S.:
(The guy seen with John McCain is a pure bred Operation Gladio supporter. Thailand, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt... it's Gladio B and this guy is a perfect example of the kinds of democracies our country backs across the world. )

         Russia's Duma calls on West to not interfere in Ukraine's internal affairs:
With an overwhelming majority vote of 388 out of 450, the Russian State Duma passed a resolution slamming foreign politicians and forces interfering in what is now an escalating political crisis in Ukraine between protestors and law enforcement.
        Man shot in the back of the head by FBI during 8-hour interrogation:
He was ultimately shot 6 times in the chest and once in the back of the head, which his father describes as an "execution" performed to "silence" his son. Months later, the Feds still have not offered any cogent explanations of the the incident or why their agents altered their story multiple times.
        UK: Peers call for proper scrutiny of American military bases in UK used for drone strikes and mass spying:
Scrutiny of American military bases in Britain could be increased dramatically for the first time in more than 60 years under cross-party proposals provoked by evidence that the installations are being used for drone strikes and mass spying activities.
        HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals:
HSBC customers requiring large cash withdrawals may be asked what they want the money for: "When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us the money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for what the money was for. They wanted a letter from the person involved."
         Contagion Spreads in Emerging Markets as Crises Grow:
The worst selloff in emerging-market currencies in five years is beginning to reveal the extent of the fallout from the Federal Reserve's tapering of monetary stimulus, compounded by political and financial instability.

        Banks are out to steal your money:
With the average household carrying $15,000 of debt on their credit cards and plunging retail store traffic (see below) it is becoming clear there is no economic recovery and whatever remains is being generated by expanded credit.
         Compound found in marijuana shown to 'turn off' cancer: -
Researchers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found that a marijuana compound known as cannabidiol can stop metastasis in many types of aggressive cancers.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

As Goes Best Buy, So Goes U.S.?
         The Limits of China's Globalization Strategy
The U.S. Households Left Behind
         I Have a Dream: The Forgotten Half
U.S.-Iran: Two Countries in the Iron Grip of Conservatives
         The Republican War on the Poor, Continued
Repeating Collective Failure, Long After the Great War
         Nigeria: Lights, Camera, Action!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Media With Conscience<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

E-radicalization and Islamophobia
         Andrew Sullivan Rips AIPAC To Shreds
Egypt diplomats leave Libya after abductions
         Libya's south scarred by tribal battles
Islamist ministers quit Libyan government
         Libya declares state of alert
Libya's deputy industry minister shot dead
         Libya tells oil tankers to avoid seized ports
Streaming Hulu in the Womb
         War on Libya

Majoritarian democracy vs republican democracy
         Netanyahu and Rohani in Davos
Nothing New Under the Sun
         The Rule of Law versus the NSA
Obama Nominates War Criminal
         Here Comes The Push Back -The Quenelle
The Surveillance State Lives
         America in Denial


" Iran Breakthrough a Triumph For Pragmatists and a Defeat For the Warmongers" --
As with all good diplomacy, the Iran accord Monday is a win-win for Iran
and the United Nations Security Council's permanent members.

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Toronto: un homme a voulu faire exploser une bombePlus
         Accident mortel de motoneige dans les LaurentidesPlus
Incendie dans un bar de CharlemagnePlus
         Commission Charbonneau: Michel Arsenault à la barre Plus
La rentrée parlementaire aura lieu lundi à OttawaPlus
         La police confirme l'arrestation du maire de L'AssomptionPlus
Perquisition chez le boxeur Jean PascalPlus
         Sur la patinoire contre les changements climatiquesPlus
Charte: des militants craignent un recul de la souverainetéPlus
         Plusieurs morts et des milliers d'accidents en OntarioPlus

Violence dans le village gai: Québec Solidaire s'inquiétePlus
         Ottawa: les employés de Postes Canada manifestentPlus
Saint-Constant: mort suspecte d'une jeune femmePlus
         Tunisie: nouveau gouvernement et nouvelle constitutionPlus
Ukraine: la situation s'envenime dans les régionsPlus
         Manif contre Hollande: au moins 250 interpellationsPlus
L'Isle-Verte demande une aide d'urgencePlus
         Accident sur l'autoroute: un blessé gravePlus
3e anniversaire de la révolte égyptienne: 49 mortsPlus
        Celle qu'il aime en épouse un autre, il tue 9 personnes


"The speech was extraordinary because Harper, a Gentile, literally took it upon himself to redefine anti-Semitism.

We can speculate as to why he did so. Harper was hoping to curry favour with his Likud Party host, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Or, he was seeking to broaden the political support he enjoys in the Jewish community back home. Or, he honestly believes that any criticism of Israel at all ­ any ­ is anti-Semitic. Is it? "

Which why fits your opinion?
. . . Or do you see a fourth possibility?

From: Larry Kazdan
To: .
Subject: Letter to Editor re:  Public Pension Liabilities Exceed $300 Billion » The  Epoch Times GWYN MORGAN

Re:   Public Pension Liabilities Exceed $300 Billion » The Epoch Times

According to former Encana CEO Gwyn Morgan, an increasing number of Canadians support reining in extravagant civil service pension plans by all available means, including back-to-work legislation, imposing contracts on unions, and contracting out government services.

Morgan fails to ask whether Canadians would prefer to retain a well-paid public service if government revenues were increased by greater corporate resource royalties, by fully taxing corporate stock options, and by restoring corporate income tax rates.

EnCana's 2007 Annual Information Circular indicates that Morgan retired in 2006 with a defined benefit pension of $1,770,829 per year, even while Encana's regular employees were forced to assume all the risks of defined contribution schemes.
Mr. Morgan seems happy with a two-tier pension system - gargantuan guaranteed payouts for corporate executives and unpredictable paltry payments for the masses.
Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.
The relentlessly hypocritical Gwyn Morgan
Yet, this is the same Gwyn Morgan who retired as an executive of Encana Corp in 2006 with a defined benefit pension worth $26.5 million then, paying out $1.77 million a year (see page 23 of EnCana's 2007 Annual Information Circular).   EnCana can somehow continue to afford to pay defined benefit pensions for its executives while requiring its workers to assume all the risk with defined contribution schemes.
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Conservatives slashing jobs and spending in bid to balance budget,   Jason Fekete,  January 24, 2014

Re:  Conservatives slashing jobs and spending in bid to balance budget,   Jason Fekete,  January 24, 2014
When a nation runs a trade deficit, say 3% of GDP, and achieves a government surplus of 3%, then the private sector must then compensate by decreasing its savings by 6% of GDP. That kind of result is bad enough for the private sector when it is flush with cash, but when households have depleted their savings, consumption can be maintained only by increasing debt levels which are unsustainable in the long run.
Canada currently has a trade deficit, household debt is now at an all-time high, and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is intent on taking even more money out of the economy by slashing jobs and spending. The Conservative government may talk about encouraging jobs and growth, but when it fires workers, closes libraries and stints on services to seniors and veterans, the result will be hardship to many individuals, a weakening of the private sector, and economic stagnation or even collapse.
Larry Kazdan,
Vancouver, B.C.
1. The New Populism Needs to Get This Straight
if a nation wants to run a trade deficit, and also wants to have private sector savings, then having a government surplus is not good news for people. It is bad news for them, because it means that the private sector as a whole, and disproportionately households, are losing net financial assets over the period in which the surplus is run.
2. Household debt in Canada hits all-time high
Dec 13, 2013 ... Household debt in Canada hit a new all-time high in the just completed third quarter....

From: "John Feldsted" <>
To: "John Feldsted" <>
Subject: To protect privacy, take it personally

To protect privacy, take it personally

By: Diana Moes Vandehoef

Winnipeg Free Press


The United Nations has adopted a resolution naming online privacy a universal human right. In a text called Right to Privacy in the Digital Age, the UN General Assembly affirmed for the first time ever in late 2013 that all the privacy rights people have offline should also be protected online.

How nice of the UN to declare online privacy a fundamental right each of us is entitled to simply because we're human. It's too bad this doesn't mean a whole lot.

The resolution, like most UN resolutions and findings, has no teeth. It's non-binding which means any nation can choose whether or not it abides with the resolution.

From: Ray Strachan <>
Subject: American athletes at Sochi

Apparently the United States have told their athletes going to the  olympics "dont wear your team colors, red white and blue are to easy to pick out "

So  who do these terrorists over there  really hate?         Seems to me The Americans are making a statement about their lack of being liked.   I would  guess tha Harper has us in the same boat by now.

Ray Strachan

To: " ..
Subject: Quebec's separation

The Editor
The Ottawa Citizen

Quebec's separation will inescapably propel Canada (and Quebec) towards union with the United States

Re "PQ comeback spells opportunity for Trudeau Liberals," by Michael Den Tandt (Jan. 24).

If PQ leader Pauline Marois wins a majority government and a referendum for Quebec's separation becomes a reality again, both francophones and anglophones should realize that Quebec's separation will inescapably propel Canada (and Quebec) towards union with the United States.

Quebec's separation, beside splintering Canada, isolating the Maritime provinces from the central and prairie provinces, will bring into focus the great similarities that exist between Canada and the United States -- the English language they share in common, their common British colonial roots and their close economic relations.

After Quebec's separation, English-speaking parts of North America would like an organic whole and before long a union between them would seem like a tempting possibility. As a result, we might see the emergence of an English-speaking North American federation, encompassing Quebec from all sides. This might happen almost spontaneously, without making massive payments by the United States, as proposed by Diane Francis, an editor at Financial Post, in her recent book Merger of the Century. Diane Francis thinks such a union will bring about a much more prosperous country. Quebec's separation will make this an inevitable reality.

With so many commonalities between them, a union between a splintered Canada and the United States will not be a bad thing. But it would be the end of a dream of generations of Canadians who built a highly successful country. It will make a mockery of an otherwise successful Canadian history. As for Quebec, as a small independent country of seven million people, its economic dependence on the giant English-speaking federation of 350 million people would be so great that it might be obliged to seek some sort of integration with the North American federation. Surely, Quebec is not leaving Canada only to seek re-admission to much larger country where its voice would be further muted.

Both francophones and anglophones must realize that neither of them might survive as independent entities in the event of the breakup of Canada.


From: "S Booiman"
Subject: reformloss

With Chuck Strahl another Reformer gone

Subject: Re: Daily Digest January 25, 2014
From: Rene Moreau <>

To Joe;
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re;  Bill c-18 and the problems there-in.
   There's not a lot of farmers out there, right?
   A lot of eaters of food, right?
   Let the corporate farms control the food supply,
after all they don't need to eat so they can be more
objective and since they don't DO democracy, they
can be more efficient in their decisions, right?
   After all, their god is MONEY.

   You might find this of interest, if you need food to live.
                             Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)

 Here are 2 links;

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: The prime minister said the Conservative  government is concerned by the "growing  political conflict and violence" in Ukraine.  DD

Joe--sadly the controllers never change their game plan and yet we keep falling for their lies.  This is nothing more than Libya and Syria redux.  Harper has no business intervening but NATO wants to so Harper will wag his tail and maybe again lead the bombing??  Ukraine is a country and none of our business.  I wonder if Harper got his marching orders while in israel??
I have no doubt that we are funding the 'protestors'--mainly to force Russia to change it's stance on Iran.  How convenient that this is happening before the Olympics.  This action is mainly against Russia but we will never be told that.  WWIII almost here?
Subject: 2012: What's the 'real' truth?
Edgar Cayce – 'Russia – The Hope Of The World' – by Jeff Rense, 7-14-08
Subject: Another way our controllers are reducing the population??
Monsanto's Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells
It's called reproductive toxicology, and just like their suicide seeds, these Bt toxins are starting to kill our own unborn children.
This is no exaggeration. Hopefully reading further will compel you to take action. It is time to put Monsanto to rest, bankrupt them,
and let the world know their 'secrets' near and far....
Subject: Free Speech in Canada???
[Court "Order" Shuts Down Free Dominion Website]
Subject: but Harper gives hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to israel etc??
Conservatives slashing jobs and spending in bid to balance budget

Joe--Who is Harper creating jobs for??  Not Canadians.  He prefers to throw them out of work so he can buy his way onto the world stage.  They play, we pay