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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Explosion and fire rock Manitoba pipeline
         Harper concerned about Ukraine violence
Harper's Middle East visit: A triumph?
         Ontario premier, feds spar over refugee care
First Nation pulls out of oilsands program
         Kwantlen to host Chinese medicine school
AUPE makes concessions in talks: president
         Ad industry self-regulatory group won't name and shame false government campaign
Strahl quits as federal spy watchdog, calls lobbying allegations 'spurious'
         New livestock price insurance program launched

Inflation rises to 1.2 per cent in December
         Ottawa files appeal of WTO ruling on seal ban
Feds to drop GST, HST on hospital parking
         Archbishop found guilty of sexual assault
High court rejects appeal of Tory crime bill
         Pipeliners' fingers crossed for Keystone XL
Backers: Report on rail risks boosts Keystone XL
         Newfoundland gets new premier today
Canada drifting under Harper, says Trudeau
         Energy board's website work slammed by NDP MP

To a family of pipeline workers, Keystone XL presents struggle of the century
         Liberals to introduce transit vote law
Nova Scotia's debt continues to grow: auditor
         Albertans worried about stolen health laptop
Propane suppliers feel heat over shortages
         Agriculture minister hopeful in U.S. trade battle
Talking down the Canadian dollar ignores long-term costs, critics warn
         Board calls for tougher rules for tank cars
Letter writers blast Tories on Palestine
         New program to help greater sage grouse
Expanded DND support line up and running

Sex abuse trial of priest to wrap up in March
         Kenney says Jobs Grant talks 'sensitive'
Transportation Safety Board calls for tougher standards for rail tank cars
         Number of people on EI unchanged in November
Trudeau watching U.S. pot legalization
         Laptop with personal health information stolen
Clark says B.C. budget balanced
         Stolen laptop contains personal information of 620,000 Albertans
Apache Canada pipeline leaks produced water
         Gitga'at challenge Northern Gateway report

No deal with union to thwart inquiry: Marois
         Paul Martin to advise Ontario on pension plan
Central bank keeps eye on inflation
         Green party's deputy leader Carr steps down
Conditional discharge for census resister
         Syrian fight poses terror threat: Canada
Canadians asked to vote on fate of Senate
         Magnotta video interview not for police: judge
25% of Grade 4 kids have their own cell: survey
         Bank of Canada maintains key rate

Syrian fight poses terror threat that could spill over whole region: Baird
         Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador quits

Judges' advice on Marc Nadon Supreme Court appointment cost $11K
         More see Trudeau as excellent prime minister than Harper: poll
Bastion of tolerance, Sweden opens wide for Syria's refugees
         MP Gail Shea feeling EI pressure
Refunds: why retailers are making it harder for you get them
         Stephen Harper survives Mideast minefield, tough talk and all
Canadian citizenship rules face broad reform in 2014
         The political steamroller that is Quebec's charter of values
Not all ethnic media outlets keen to pose with PM
         Organic test results not sent for followup, CFIA admits

Attawapiskat financial statement error slips by Ottawa, band officials
         Sochi Games: Canadian tourists not overly worried about safety
Chris Alexander scolds Ontario over health care to refugees
         Preston Manning: Renovate the Senate or tear it down
Sarah Palin is a fan of Stephen Harper's Israel support
         Preston Manning launches new Senate reform campaign
Eight years in office have honed Stephen Harper's survival skills

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Federal ad spending exceeds projections
         Israel is just a campaign stop for this Prime Minister
Military has failed to meet mental-health staffing promises
         Ontario 'wrong' on refugee health care, Immigration Minister says
Supreme Court hearing Thursday pits Ottawa against judges on sentencing law
         NEB undermining participation in pipeline hearing, MP says
New federal rail-safety proposal to tighten scrutiny of crude shipments
         'Open season on loonie': Welcome to a 90-cent Canadian dollar
Refugee claims hit 'historic low' as Ottawa's policy faces fresh criticism
         French fighter-jet maker pushes Ottawa for decision on fleet

New deal nears on 'polar code' to regulate Arctic shipping


Enbridge ramps up repairs on controversial Line 9 pipeline
         Payroll taxes up despite low-tax claims by Jim Flaherty
Don't bet on reform for Senate, Canada's 'house of taskless thanks'
         The Tory Olympics: It's all about brand association
Assessing party leaders' federalist credentials
         Conservative government hiring consultants to sell sick leave reform
Tory officials alarmed about Doug Ford and the party's labour policy
         Extreme weather response now a vital political skill
Harper's fawning over Israel was unseemly
         Jean Chretien and the paradox of the Liberals

John Tory preparing to enter mayoral race
         Stars aligning for Marois to call snap Quebec election
Ontario pipeline expansion is quietly approved


Moral implications of 'values charter' not limited to Quebec
         Harper gets good news about Israel out to key part of his coalition: evangelicals
Conservatives slashing jobs and spending in bid to balance budget
         Opposition slams Harper for spending reserve money on ad campaign
National registry to track unnatural deaths in Canada urged
         Instahate: Why the internet is not isolated and attacks matter more than ever
Gut bacteria may be key to living longer

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

DND seeks volunteers for mental health 'success story' videos
         Hudak: PCs not backing away from right-to-work
Israel, Harper's principles and his party's politics
         Ontario's temporary refugee health program 'illegal', says legal expert
A missed opportunity in Israel
         Under-rated Mackenzie helped shape the country

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservatives slashing jobs and spending in bid to balance budget
         Moral implications of 'values charter' not limited to Quebec
Trudeau could benefit from PQ comeback
         Federal government's planned move to Internet telephones, mobile devices to save millions
Liberal brand clash looms in key battleground province

         What is the Harper government's legacy after eight years in office?
A fact check on the blowback to Paul Martin's new gig
         Teacher pay should be tied to performance, ability: study
Canada's economy: Dull and plodding, but prudently avoiding America's extremes
         Canada's economy: Time to resurrect the manufacturing sector to spur new growth

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Swiss Spring for Syrian Refugees Passes
         Top Israel Lobby Group Loses Battle on Iran, But War Not Over
Dammed Rivers Create Hardship for Brazil's Native Peoples
         The Missing Faces of Ethiopia's Poor
Drugs Displace Maize on Mexico's Small Farms
         Elites Will 'Consider Inequality'
Syrian Spillover Deepens Lebanese Divide
         Corruption Probes Threaten to Derail Turkish Economy
Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill, Unsigned but Still Effective

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
MSNBC cuts Congresswoman during NSA interview to report on Justin Bieber Source
        Americans want most congressmen out Source
Greek Minister releases over 30 terrorists from prison Source
        Ukrainian protesters seize ministry building in Kiev Source
Snowden to ask Russian police for protection after US threats Source
        Reporter Said Behind Obama Plot To Assassinate Snowden Source
After legalizing marijuana, Uruguay seeks to regulate alcohol and Media in 2014 Source
        More Americans Dissatisfied With Government Than At Any Time Since 9/11 Source
Dwarf planet Ceres vents water vapor Source
        "The internet is a gift from God" – Pope Francis Source

US Army prepares to replace Thousands of Troops with Military Robots Source
        Bolivia unveils plan to start nuclear program Source
Crisis in the Ukraine: USAID Support for Destabilization of Russia Source
        US snow storm cancels 1,600 flights on second day Source
Ukraine opposition vows 'to go on offensive' if demands not met Source
        China's dirty emissions creeping into the US Source
US military on standby for Winter Olympics in Russia Source
        FEMA Accelerates Preparations For Pandemic Source Source

No EU country would tolerate Ukraine protest violence at home Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Davos' Elite Message Deserves 'Fierce Resistance' Not Applause
         First Things First: Why the United States Need a Pro-Democracy Movement
'End It': Govt Oversight Panel Calls NSA Spying Illegal
         Four Years After 'Citizens United,' There Is Real Movement to Remove Big Money From Politics
The Global Elite: Rigging the Rules That Fuel Inequality
         One Planet, One Internet: A Call to the International Community to Fight Against Mass Surveillance
  Your Kindergarten Teacher Was Right: Sharing Is Caring

Visiting Israel's 'Open Prisons' for African Refugees
Message to World Elites: Don't Bet on Coal and Oil Growth
Who Backs the TPP and a 'NAFTA on Steroids'? Nobody Even Slightly Progressive
TV Hires That Keep the Debate Narrow
Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins: Experts Reject Food Industry's Bogus Legal Claims About GMO Labeling

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Importante explosion sur un pipeline au ManitobaPlus
         Sexe dans l'avion: arrestation d'une passagère à HalifaxPlus
Spectaculaire embardée à L'AssomptionPlus
         Tunisie: échec de la formation du gouvernementPlus
Colombie: 1,2 tonne de cocaïne saisie sur un tracteur Plus
         Funérailles de Laura Leblanc : «un symbole d'espérance»Plus
Nouvelles procédures d'urgence pour les résidences pour aînésPlus
         Tripoli: 5 membres de l'ambassade d'Égypte enlevésPlus
L'Isle-Verte: le fils du possible fumeur se confiePlus
         Situation en Ukraine: Harper veut un débat d'urgencePlus

Brésil: la journée de mobilisation anti-Mondial fait un flopPlus
         Hollande et Trierweiler se séparentPlus
Garder son voile ou son emploi?Plus
         États-Unis: trois morts dans une fusillade, dont le tireurPlus
L'Isle-Verte: 22 personnes manquent toujours à l'appelPlus
         Ukraine: l'opposition veut continuer la «lutte»Plus
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Rochelle: un jeune homme perd la viePlus
         Japon: un ouvrier accusé d'avoir empoisonné des surgelésPlus
Facultés affaiblies: le maire de l'Assomption arrêtéPlus
         Égypte: 29 morts pour le 3e anniversaire de la révolutionPlus


Sotchi: Ottawa recommande la plus grande prudencePlus
         Colombie: saisie de quelque 1,5 tonne de cocaïnePlus
Déversement de diesel sur l'autoroute LaurentiennePlus
         Il fait des tonneaux pour finir contre un murPlus
Agressions sur une déficiente intellectuelle: libérés sous conditionsPlus
         Estrie: deux blessés graves dans une collision Plus
Pas de couleurs américaines hors des stades à SotchiPlus
         MMA: les langues se délientPlus
SCRS: Chuck Strahl démissionePlus
         Mort cérébrale: une femme enceinte sera débranchéePlus

Le corps de Tricia Boisvert retrouvé en Outaouais Plus
         L'Isle-Verte: le bilan monte à huit mortsPlus
8 ans de prison pour avoir mis enceinte une préadoPlus
         L'amie du jeune tué à Saint-Adèle raconte sa versionPlus
Harper visite un camp de réfugiés syriens en JordaniePlus
         Un producteur de marijuana contacte le 9-1-1Plus
Pauline Marois devance son retour d'EuropePlus
         Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador: Tom Marshall le 11e premier ministre Plus
Incendie dans une autre résidence pour retraitésPlus
         Ukraine: Ianoukovitch annonce des concessionsPlus

Michel Arsenault témoignera lundiPlus
         Hollande au Vatican: une bombe artisanale explose


It being reasonable to assume the Prime Minister will recall Parliament for the emergency debate he supports,
following are a number of articles which will provide you with views of what is transpiring in Ukraine.

They will collectively provide you with a wider range of cause and effect relationships currently in play.

Were you limited in time or interest, please read this article by Eric Margolis, "Don't Let Kiev Become Another Sarajevo".

Joe Hueglin

Prepared in response to:
The prime minister said the Conservative government is concerned by the "growing political conflict and violence" in Ukraine.

He added , however, that Canada understands why Ukrainians are resorting to violence given the actions of their current government "very much remind them of their anti-democratic and Soviet past."

Harper added the government shares those concerns, and supports an immediate emergency debate in the House of Commons on the Ukrainian situation.

How Ukraine's Opposition Parties Are Failing Euromaidan

Ukraine On The Brink – OpEd

Coup In Western Ukraine: The Arab Spring Unleashed In Europe – Analysis

John McCain Meets Far-right Group at Heart of Ukraine Protests

"Peaceful" Protest In Ukraine? Video US and European, political officials are doing everything possible to exacerbate the conflict in Kiev

Don't Let Kiev Become Another Sarajevo By Eric Margolis

Ukraine opposition leader offered PM post