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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Airport security staff disciplined for foul-up
         Ottawa working on job grant solution: Kenney
Demand prompts additional flu vaccine orders
         Money coming for Pickton victims: lawyer
Report calls for electric-run LNG plants
         Sears Canada cuts more than 1,600 positions
Two Ontario byelections to be held Feb. 13
         Viral napkin note proof of parents' love: son
Nadon legal battle hinges on history, grammar
         Ottawa trying to spur lumber exports to India

Canada's border agency runs informant program
         Toronto archbishop among new cardinal advisers
Costly delays on military truck purchase
         Snitch line for tax cheats open: Findlay
More students encouraged to choose Canada
         Alberta legislature to resume on March 3
Ordinary Quebecers speak out on charter
         Google displayed illegal ads: privacy commish
Desjardins to acquire State Farm Canada
         U.S. woman's body wrongly cremated in Canada?

Senators press to end border traffic jams
         Simmons auctions truck for Saskatchewan kids
Keystone 'decision time' is upon Obama: Baird
         West blown away by wind's intensity
Costly delays on military truck purchase
         Premier not intervening in UNB strike
Two Ontario byelections to be held Feb. 13
         Wind blows shipping container into harbour
Ottawa working on job grant solution: Kenney
         Feds to turn over residential school records

Wynne defends decision to not meet with Ford
         Atlantic apprentice programs to be harmonized
Top court wrestles with its own membership
         Nova Scotia emission rules could fall short
Canadian killed fighting in Syria: reports
         Pipeline critics blast unwieldy sign-up rules
Kitimat to hold April plebiscite on pipeline
         No 'plan B' for Keystone XL, TransCanada CEO says
Ottawa trying to spur lumber exports to India
         Neil Young oilsands comments insensitive: premier


Supreme Court reserves judgment on Marc Nadon's eligibility

Judicial leniency over sentencing rules to go to court
         Supreme Court hearing on Marc Nadon: 6 questions
Provinces to discuss Jason Kenney's revised Canada Job Grant plan
         Minimum wage in Canada: One woman's story

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If Every Norwegian's a Millionaire, Why's Alberta in Hock?
        Norway cut a proper deal with oil corporations. Canadians got screwed.
How We Lost the Second World War
        On Europe's 'Savage Continent,' Putin's persecutions are just one sign lessons weren't learned.
VIDEO: 82 Discarded Xmas Trees
         Cancelled BC Ferries route actually a money-maker: tourism industry
Neil Young lashes out against oilsands

Delay in reporting man found with pipe bomb at airport 'unacceptable': Raitt 18 3
         Google's targeted ads violate Canada's privacy law: watchdog 16
Whitby man missing for hours the day before he disappeared: police 3
         Toronto cardinal among those named to reform troubled Vatican Bank
Marc Nadon and a constitutional battle: What's up at the Supreme Court today 16 2
         Rocker Neil Young's oilsands comments missing the facts: Saskatchewan premier 26

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
3 days remain in Tar Sands Reporting Project Kickstarter. We need your help to meet $10,000 challenge.
        500 people = $5,000 (and we're almost there). 1,000 people = $10,000. We need your help right now.
Harper government pressed to investigate Strahl scandal
        Formal complaints demand an investigation into Strahl's dual role as spy watchdog and Enbridge lobbyist.
Kitimat settles on date and one long-winded question for Enbridge Northern Gateway plebiscite
        Some councillors opposed the question, saying it was too confusing and long.
Unemployed BC apprentices' Catch-22
        The BC Jobs Plan is supposed to deliver jobs. But even with the right qualifications, some BC workers are discovering it's not that easy.
A fiscally responsible carbon budget
        Something we should be thinking about for a Fiscally Responsible 2014 is our Carbon Budget.

Open letter: union needs to back climate change protesters, not persecute them
        Vancouver Ecosocialist Group has issued an open letter to the International Longshore Warehouse Union, criticizing it for offering a reward for information about a group of protesters who came to...
Media is another form of money in politics. How do we control this kind of spending?
        Let's say that we could wave a magic wand and get rid of all private spending on elections and campaign activity tomorrow. And then, the day after tomorrow, stymied conservative billionaires and...
Fracking battle to burn hot as UK goes "all out for shale"
        Industry and government ready joint counter-attack against anti-fracking campaigners and local communities opposed to drilling.
Radioactive fish at 124 times 'safe' levels caught near Fukushima
        Government research group unearths stunning radioactivity in black sea bream.
Antarctic glacier's 'irreversible' melting threatens 'considerable increase' to sea level rise
        New study on Pine Island Glacier shows 'striking vision of the near future,' says co-author.


Ontario's simmering political debate over animal welfare
The resurrection of Tom Flanagan
Much at stake as Supreme Court studies Marc Nadon appointment
Kathleen Wynne accused of trying to buy byelection in Niagara


Foreign Affairs website at odds with PM's comments in support of Israel, group says
         Citizenship fraud crackdown stymied by tie-ups in Federal Court
Conservative party launches website to promote Stephen Harper's first official Middle East trip
         Gut superbug C. difficile threat to children, not just adults, Canadian pediatricians warned
Right-wing think-tank report suggests 'living wages' do little to help the poorest
         Ancient fossil shows evolution of fins to feet on Ellesmere Island
Inquest into police shootings missing the main problem
         National lab to study H5N1 virus isolated from fatal case

Harper to become first Canadian leader to address Israeli parliament
         Minister blasts Edmonton airport security over man found with explosives
Wicked winds: gusts roaring across West snap power lines, topple semis
         Stalling on military trucks costly, feds warned; Opposition calls it 'pathetic'
Ottawa will turn over police records to residential school survivors
         Pipeline opponent says new federal review rules restrict public participation
In bitter cold, Canadian icewine makers produce prize-winning liquid gold
         Childless couples experience happier marriages, study finds

Canada's finance minister says Dec job losses show recovery still frail
         Canada loses 45,900 jobs in December in surprise setback
Two of five train cars derailed in N. Brunswick are older models: CNR
         Thousands of railcars need updating after crude crashes: Greenbriar CEO
PM says confident Keystone XL pipeline will be approved
         Canada could have larger-than-expected surplus, says finance minister
Canada economy grows more than expected, boosting recovery hopes

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Supreme Court justices express skepticism about Harper's latest appointment
         Canadian pork industry trying to forestall deadly virus
Secular charter? Just say 'no,' English Canada
         Canada-South Korea free trade pact moving closer
Ottawa offers provinces a break on Canada Job Grant contributions
         Ethics questions raised as senator missed deadline to disclose ad firms' contracts
Can justices find a reason to reject Marc Nadon?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
WATCH: Mercer Rips Tories For Canada Post Service Cuts

         Harper Set To Make History In Israel
The Last Leader Of A United Tory Party?

         Robocalls Immunity Deal Struck
Harper Set To Make History In Israel
         First Pot, Now Prostitution

6 Key Questions

         Constitutional BATTLE

Oilsands Emissions To EXPLODE By 2030

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Canada set to introduce balanced budget law
         Canada junior finance minister says manufacturers glad C$ has fallen
Canadian dollar in 2014: Bracing for the new normal
         About 30 per cent of retired Canadians returned to work to pay bills:  …
Top 3 factors that will drive stocks in 2014
         5 things not to buy at drugstores (including drugs)
Canada's border agency enlisting informants, prompts internal review 13 minutes ago
         Robocalls immunity deal struck with ex-Tory worker Andrew Prescott 2 hours 21 minutes ago
Google ads not following Canadian law: privacy commissioner 24 minutes ago
         Missing Ontario teacher may have 'walked away,' but police continue search 2 hours 22 minutes ago

Kenney accepts provinces can't match Canada Job Grant, seeks solution
         Premier Marois, Wynne's approval ratings drop ahead of potential 2014 provincial elections 1 hour 52 minutes ago

Ontario byelections another test for PC leader Tim Hudak
         Do workers have the right to a living wage?
New report highlights Stephen Harper's changing tune on ad spending
         Selling Alberta's Tar Sands Gets Ever Tougher
Oil-free-living delusions a slippery slope, Mr. Young
         Report shows easy way to cut emissions, but will Alberta listen?
Toews enlisted to lobby NDP
         Provinces should handle refugee health care

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Stephen Harper's deceased father a key influence in PM's support for Israel
         Government departments, agencies turning to paid Tweets to raise profile
Close lobbying loophole, investigate Toews, say opposition MPs
         Liberal nomination guidelines belie Trudeau promises of open process
Paul Calandra and the tale of the naked senator
         Former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews lobbying Manitoba government
Tory MP raising money to fight bulb ban her party enacted
         Del Mastro lawyer denies Elections Canada allegations of illegal donations

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Corporate Deregulation To Blame for Toxic Spill in West Virginia
         Al Qaeda and the Saudi Agenda - Toby Jones on Reality Asserts Itself (1/2)
75 Economists Including 7 Nobel Laureates Endorse Senate Bill to Raise Minimum Wage
         Erin Brockovich: After Chemical Spill, West Virginians Organizing \"Stronger Than I\'ve Ever Seen\"
West Virginia Water Crisis: Behind Chemical Spill, Gaping Holes in State and Federal Regulation
         How Much Would You Pay To Kill A Lion?
Obama\'s Controversial Death Squad Tactics In Afghanistan

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Reddit, Mozilla, rights groups to protest surveillance for Aaron Swartz Source
        Wildfire kills one, razes dozens of homes in Australia Source
Nick Griffin of BNP holds joint press conference with Golden Dawn Source
         Radioactive Fish 124 times over safe limit caught off Fukushima Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Brasscheck TV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Is Monsanto invulnerable?
Some might think that.
But 5 million small farmers in Brazil have a different opinion. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Federal Court Sides With Telecom, Deals Blow to Open Internet
Public Pushes Back Against Congress, AIPAC 'War Path'
How Toxic Are Your Personal Care Products? California Wants You to Know
Obama's Main Idea for NSA Reform: 'No More Edward Snowdens'
Rising Seas, Sinking Coasts Spell Doom for Eastern US

$10.10: The Low-End of Minimum Wage Hopes Gets DC Push
Silence of the Labs: Canada's War on Science
AIPAC Still Trying to Torpedo Iran Nuke Deal
Craig Aaron: Net Neutrality Is Dead­Here's How to Get It Back
Stephen Kinzer: Invading Iraq Was Dumb Enough. Now Congress Wants to Derail the Iran Deal

Phyllis Bennis: Sharon Is Dead, But Sharonism Lives On
Robert Jensen: The Ideology Problem: A Failed Technocratic Dream for Journalism
Dean Baker: When Is the NYT Going to Start Putting Budget Numbers in Context?
Environmental Groups: Californians Submit 100,000 Public Comments Opposing Gov. Brown's Dangerous Fracking Regulations
NARAL Pro-Choice America: New Report Details State-by-State Status of Women's Reproductive Rights in the U.S., Highlights Winning Agenda for 2014

Common Cause: FCC Must Act to Preserve Open Internet

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Renforcer l'indépendance du Fonds de la FTQ Plus
         Charte: un internaute suggère de régler le débat avec un AK-47Plus
Affaire Nadon: la Cour suprême entend les arguments Plus
         Fusillade au Nouveau-Mexique: le tireur avait 12 ansPlus
Dany Villanueva recevra sa sentence en marsPlus
         Montréal: des fraudeurs de parcomètres visésPlus
Brad Wall, le premier ministre le plus populaire Plus
         Toronto: un froid entre Ford et WynnePlus
Immigration: 450 000 étudiants étrangers d'ici 2022 Plus
         Plus de sécurité pour les chauffeurs de taxiPlus

Un jeune djihadiste canadien tué en SyriePlus
         Un père fracture quatre côtes à son bébé de 26 joursPlus
Nouveau pont Champlain: début des travaux à l'été 2015Plus
         Accident mortel à Saint-Barnabé-SudPlus
Charbonneau: Gionet connaissait son passé criminelPlus
         Pas de tchador pour les enseignantes, tranche le PLQPlus
États-Unis: l'avortement en Cour suprêmePlus
         Incendie à Blainville: un homme périt dans le brasierPlus
Charte: un enjeu électoral, prévient DrainvillePlus
         Un homme heurté par un minibus à BouchervillePlus

Postes Canada: des facteurs démissionnentPlus
         Les forces mexicaines face aux milices et aux narcosPlus
Inspections d'urgence sur les infrastructures du QuébecPlus
         Jean Lavallée est attendu demain à la Commission Charbonneau Plus
Il poignarde sa femme lors d'un mariagePlus
         Intercepté à 180 km/h avec sa blondePlus


Sears Canada cuts more than 1,600 jobs, partly through outsourcing
IBM will become the third-party vendor for customer services, with its English-language phone
operations being handled out of the Philippines and French calls going to an office in Europe,

I wonder, how many of these went overseas?
Canada loses 45,900 jobs in December in surprise setback

From: "Rory J. Koopmans" <>
Subject: Don't Have A Cow Man-Bartholomew J. Simpson

Rory J. Koopmans
To: Hon. Alison M. Redford, QC, MLA
       Premier of Alberta,
       Progressive Conservative, Calgary-Elbow
       New Delhi, India
Dear Alison:
      You & your trade delegation deserve immense congratulations for the signings of your agreements and letters of intent. But, you as a lawyer should know better than to serve t-bone steak & prime rib beef cuts at your dinners with Indian officials where cattle are worshipped as gods & most of the population doesn't eat them. This was a serious diplomatic faux pas on your part!

From: Larry Kazdan
To: "ProvLetters (VAN_Exchange)" <>
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Anti-pipeline arguments not based in reality

Anti-pipeline arguments not based in reality

Building a pipeline provides temporary employment, but if the proposed $6.5 billion budgeted for Enbridge were invested in public transit, building retrofits, and renewable energy, between 3 to 34 times more jobs would be generated.
Also, additional super-tankers traveling up the inlet into Kitimat will have a negative impact on commercial fishing and eco-tourism.  Should there be a spill, thousands of jobs along the entire coast would be in jeopardy.
There is an alternative to exporting raw bitumen, an alternative that comes with fewer environmental risks, fewer carbon emissions, and more long-term work for residents of B.C.  
The Economic Costs and Benefits of the Proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline

From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: not to worry--our government will protect us???
Michael Major: When will we allow women to arm themselves for self-defence?
Subject: Court Backs Internet Censorship: Open The Internet Now!

Coming to Canada next???
Wall Street Journal: Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC's Net Neutrality Rules
TechCrunch: Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down FCC's Open Internet Order

Subject: FW: StopTheMeter 2.0?


Canada's Big Telecom giants plan to block your access to independent, affordable, high-speed Internet services so they can raise prices on you and your family.1 Key decision makers at the CRTC are reviewing this issue right now and they need to hear from you before it's too late.

Take action!
Rebecca, you joined 512,556 Canadians in the largest online campaign in Canadian history. Together we stopped Big Telecom's plan to impose a pay meter on all Internet users.
Now they're coming back at us -- We need you to speak up again right now.
Your team has become aware of a plan by Canada's Big Telecom giants to block your access to independent, affordable, high-speed Internet services so they can raise prices on you and your family.
Comments we've reviewed from a telecom lobbyist make it clear that they want these powers.1 We can't stand for it.

Key decision makers at the CRTC are considering whether or not Big Telecom should be able to price-gouge at will and they need to hear from you.2 We have put together an easy-to-use tool to amplify your voice - please use it now.
Big Telecom price-gouging is a dead weight on our economy and they're holding our country back.
We're already falling behind our global counterparts and this scheme is going to make it worse.
If we don't speak up now, these telecom giants will ramp up price-gouging, and lock us out of affordable, world-class, Internet services.

We are standing at a fork in the road: will we take the path toward a brighter digital future, or will we get trapped by Big Telecom's Internet blockade? It's time to tell the CRTC to put Canadians first.
This is a defining moment – Big Telecom is trying to kill independent affordable choice. Let's take this chance to throw open the gates and finally bring Canada's digital economy into the 21st century.
Time and time again, we have seen our community stand together and demand decision-makers take notice. Together, we have made huge gains toward securing open and affordable Internet in Canada, and we're not about to go back.
Now we need to tell the CRTC to put Canadians first and finally ditch the Big Telecom deadweight that's holding our country back. Please take a moment to let the CRTC know that the interests of everyday Canadians deserve to be put first.
For an affordable Internet and a connected Canada,
Josh, David, Steve, and Jason, on behalf of your team.
P.S. Canadians don't deserve to have our whole economy held back by a handful of greedy conglomerates. It's time to stand together and let the CRTC know where we stand.
[1] At the 2013 Canadian ISP summit one of Bell's lobbyists explained their desire to have the power to block more affordable, independent Internet providers from providing high-speed fibre Internet services to Canadians. Source: YouTube (28 mins in). *This is consistent with Bell's vocal attempt to block independent access to previous upgrades of Internet services. We can stop them again.
[2] The CRTC's 2013-551 public review of "wholesale" Internet services and pricing. Source: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.