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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Baird says Canada, Russia work well in Arctic despite other differences
         Building Alberta plan draws fire from critics
Planned explosion sparks derailment fireball
         $50-million Lotto Max jackpot goes unclaimed
Mulcair urges Harper to address military suicides amid word of another death
         No charges in B.C. sawmill blast: Crown
Canada finds half-million more flu shots it could buy
         Teen B.C. girl guilty of sexting child porn
Pickton's brother denies knowledge of murders
         Court hears case of kids from Jewish sect

Policeman given award for tribute to homeless man
         Stores lose skirmish over pharmacy rewards
2 patients die on doorsteps: health authority
         Declare Toronto a 'disaster area': city staff
Transgender teacher's complaint to be heard
         Alberta MP Brian Jean resigns Fort McMurray seat
Ottawa tightens diplomat expenses in NYC
         New wireless auction favours smaller players
Liberals drag MacKay into Senate scandal
         Canada lost 45,900 jobs in December

Government's rivals pounce on job numbers
         Prentice: Keystone XL a "distraction"
Feds struggle to meet internal GHG targets
         US, Canadian boaters left in limbo in Mexico
Ontario police identify mystery 911 caller
         Mars One selects 75 Canadians for one-way mission
Chocolates concealed cocaine, police say
         Cause of 2012 plane crash undetermined
Report: Canadian firm loses Obamacare deal
         CN Rail argued against emergency provision after Lac-Megantic: memo

Alberta Mountie run over in shootout stable
         Jobs numbers prove Tory economic policies are failing, opposition says
New wireless auction planned for 2015
         Peter MacKay pressured to enforce parliamentary law in Senate expenses scandal
Net zero Prince George CUPE deal nets praise
         Triple-shooting likely drug related: police
Criminal case against man implicated in sponsorship scandal put off until May
         OPP say grow-op found after Caledon blaze
Statistics Canada says 45,900 jobs lost in December, unemployment rate rises
Unemployment rates in selected Canadian cities
         Canadian unemployment rates for provinces

Facts and figures about employment in Canada
         CN hopes to fight fire after cars removed
Federal departments struggling to meet internal 2020 emissions targets
         Cyclones have already chewed up $1.7 billion
Cracked wheel, broken rail at derailment site
         Canadians feel pinch on RRSPs this year
Cyclones have already chewed up $1.7 billion
         Alberta running out of flu vaccine this week
Museum thieves steal train robber's watch
         Have bug, will travel: Diseases don't stay put

Feds quietly adopt new rail industry rules
         Solar flare to create great northern lights
Federal government quietly adopts new safety rules drafted by rail industry
         Skills shortage making Canadian firms anxious
WHO would like more info on Canadian flu case
         A timeline of Canada's chopper troubles

First Nations treaty talks with Ottawa end in 'failure'
         Senate faces toughest expense probe in its history
10 popular quotes, and who really said them
         Mac Harb, former Liberal senator, target of RCMP fraud probe
York defends allowing student to snub working with women
         Medical marijuana 'completely fine': Peter MacKay
Self-employment, the cash-starved Canadian Dream
         Excessive packaging dangerous, frustrating for consumers: Poll
Pesticide levels on some organic produce indicate use was deliberate
         CN Rail derailment evacuees await word on returning home

Research cutbacks by government alarm scientists
         2015 election campaign already underway
Other spy watchdogs have ties to oil business
         Security gaps found in destruction of top-secret military data
Rail safety needs government enforcement not 'luck,' Mulcair says

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
New Curriculum Erases Enviro Ed, Says Science Teacher
        Lenny Ross fears changes to what BC kids learn will be anything but green.
Health Ministry Contracting-out Probe Leads to Direct Award Contract
        BC paid Deloitte $650K to look into data breaches, no need to compete.
So You Want to Be a Guerilla Photojournalist
        Forget the medium. First, master the art of engagement, says celebrated shooter Donald Weber
BC's Local News Monopolies Grow with Recent Closures
        Glacier's Kamloops paper shut down despite company profit margins above 30 per cent.
VIDEO: How is a journalist like the the honeybee, but not the butterfly?
         First North American H5N1 case passed through YVR: Dr. Perry Kendall

VIEW: Wall Street unwilling to bet on risky northwest coal
         Kamloops weekly increases publishing frequency after competitor shuts down
Jan 22 event explores how climate change is reshaping the future
         Safety alert issued over dangers of fracked oil
Judge again orders Abbotsford homeless camp eviction
         Pressure grows on Canadian retailers to commit to factory safety
Harper government shouldn't pick a fight with unions: Tory senator

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair's next task: Win over the country
         MacKay joins critics of York's religious-accommodation decision
Pressure mounts for rail car rules after N.B. derailment
         CIDA recommends cutting Sudan aid as South spirals into new violence
New Brunswick train derailment fire renews questions of oil-by-rail's dangers
         Emissions will soar after 2020 without oil-sector regulation, federal report says
Tories eye February budget date, looking ahead to 2015 election

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Young, unemployed and losing hope in BC's boom economy
        A rising youth unemployment rate in BC is not what Millennials expected when the BC Jobs Plan was unveiled. The government says good times are around the corner.
Exxon Valdez lawyer recounts ongoing horrors of oil spill
        With Enbridge and oil tankers on all our minds, an attorney from Valdez tells of heartbreak and devastation resulting from one of the world's most notorious oil spills.
Another media platform for the world's rich and powerful?
        As Arianna Huffington teams up with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen in new venture, critics charge, 'The 1% are about to get their own publication'.


Harper hopes for good economic news in pre-budget days
         Get ready for Quebec values charter debate replay
The dark heart of American politics has Frank Luntz worried
         Canadian Left split over Alberta oilsands
Stephen Harper could learn about damage control from Governor Chris Christie
         U.S. data migration to Canada won't solve privacy issues, experts say
What Harper, Ford and McGuinty can learn from Chris Christie
         Dismantling of DFO libraries a blow to democracy
Canada courting U.S. web giants in wake of NSA spy scandal
         What is a sex act? Toronto dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford demands answers from Stephen Harper

Liberals' dilemma: to back Olivia Chow or not
         Bloc Québécois sliding into oblivion
Kathleen Wynne closer to calling byelections in Thornhill and Niagara Falls

Check-in slow at Pearson International Airport because of software glitch
         Stephen Harper offers condolences after death of former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon
Mulcair urges Harper to address military suicides amid word of another death
         Former B.C. Mountie gets 8 years in U.S. prison for drug trafficking
B.C. teenage girl who texted naked pictures found guilty of child pornography
         Rehtaeh's law: What will change about sharing intimate photos
Federal ombudsman says taxpayers being declared dead a 'systemic issue'
         Commemorations of historic military events could put current force at risk, internal documents say
Taxpayers pick up $8,000 tab for former top Mountie's Manhattan rent
         Making new friends can be a waiting game
WHO seeks more info on fatal H5N1 case
         Rates of new lung cancer cases drop, CDC reports
Changes needed to ensure access to full results of medical studies
         McMaster lab cracks genetic code of cholera bacteria behind 1800s outbreak

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Look for Trudeau to get a bump in the polls from his new baby
         Canadian military is raising the rent ­ and hackles
Airline bill of rights advocate urges passengers to stand up for themselves
         Canada's military confirms another suicide amid renewed criticism
Jean Chrétien's survival game
         Paul Calandra court documents point to family dispute over money, assets
Canada ranked high for nuclear stockpile security
         Immigration minister tells Ontario: Pay for refugees' health care yourself
A smaller Senate would be less effective
         Secrecy cloaks patents on inventions hidden far from public eye by Industry Canada
The burden of power

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What Toronto Should Learn From the Ice Storm Crisis
         Canada Should Listen to Australia on Internet Censorship
Chuck Strahl, Stephen Harper and the Oily Politics of Contempt
         Don't Overgeneralize About Global Warming
How to Beat Stephen Harper's Cynical Election Playbook
         Media Bites: The Eternal Harper Retirement Watch
Climate Change Isn't Just Going to Go Away Overnight
         How the Harper Government Committed a Knowledge Massacre
The Deaths That Dare Not Speak Their Name
         "Fair Price" for Canada's Oil Is a Slippery Slope

Canada Abandons a Former Partner
         How Many Trains Must Derail Before We Agree on a Pipeline?
A Financial New Year's Resolution for Ontario
         My 2014 Wishes for Women in Canada

So, About All That Bragging..
         'It's Like They Don't Want To Hear About Science Anymore'
Ottawa Hires Ad Firm For $22 Million Oilsands Campaign
         Industry Dictates New Rail Safety Rules To Ottawa
         WATCH: Harper's New Show Has North Korean Vibes

Environment Canada Libraries Closing
         Why Harper Has No Reason To Quit
UH OH: Security Hole Found In Feds' Secret Military Data Destruction
         Politicians Unhappy With University
'Stop Hating Online'
         Why Harper Protects Anders
Tory Minister Denies Books Burned In Name Of Cost-Cutting
         Memo To Ontario: You've Got This, Right?
Blunt Words For Ontario

WATCH: Protester Heckles 'Lying Scumbag' Harper
         Calls Tory MPs 'Clapping Seals'
Tories Eye February Budget Date
         Hudak's 'Ford Addiction'
Canada's New Ambassador To Israel
         Senator, Ex-Cop: Upper Chamber Ideal For Prostitution Study
Diversity At Risk In Supreme Court Challenge
         Security Breach 'All About Democracy'
Duffy Once Managed 'Canadian Beatles'
         Surveillance Agency Admits It 'Incidentally' Spies On Us Why The Transport Minister Unveiled Our Olympic Hockey Team

Poll Suggests Canadians Prefer Him For Prime Minister
         Harper Offers Condolences After Ariel Sharon's Death
Keeping Their Cool With Russia On Arctic Issues
         PM On Defensive After N.B. Derailment
What Is Your Chinese Zodiac Animal, And What Does It Mean?
         LOOK: Niagara Falls' Timeless Beauty
How Can You Tell If You Have Bird Flu?
         Satisfy Your 'Fifty Shades' Craving With This Video

Get Ready For 'Helix'
         Crab Fishing Like You've Never Seen it
Professor Denies Student Request To Be Separated From Women
         Seriously Bad Job Numbers

Which Law Applies In Wright-Duffy Scandal?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Sir John A. Macdonald Day, eh !
A wee dram to celebrate the man ..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Stephen Harper offers condolences after death of former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon
         Industry minister speaks out against anti-pipeline threats
Rob Anders, the Red Tory revolt and the safest seat in Canada
         Lousy jobs data should make premiers and prime ministers nervous
Canadian Left split over Alberta oilsands
         Some cringe at Anders, but he's a true Conservative
Report finds Canada government has surpassed 'just right' size
         Canada could lead China and Japan to the negotiating table, but Baird has to cool the blood of the Chinese
The callousness of protest on display in Vancouver (with a happy ending)
         Toronto's ice storm ­ A winter parade of incompetence

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
NAFTA Strengthened Canada's Corporate Class
         Canada's Top Spy Watchdog Lobbied For Pipeline Construction
Canada's Lubicon Lake Nation Continue Anti-fracking Campaign, Appeal Court Injunction
         Climate Change Clears The Way For The Extraction of Arctic Resources
Hunger-striking Immigrant Detainees Held in Canada for Years Without Trial
         Snowden Reveals Extent of Canada's Spying on Behalf of NSA
Preliminary Deal Reached for New Major Tar Sands Pipeline in Western Canada
         Canada Stands Firm Against Iran Nuke Deal, Cozies Up to Israel & Saudi Arabia
Ontario Activists Protest Tar Sands Pipeline By Locking Themselves to Machinery
         Toronto Public Housing Residents Bring Demands Straight to Feds

Canadian Company's Plan to Use Cyanide to Mine Romania's Gold Put On Hold After Mass Protests
         Toronto police confirm existence of crack cocaine video; mayor dismisses calls for his resignation
Scandal Hits Canada's Senate, Adding to Harper Government's List of Corruption
         Canada and EU to Ink Largest Trade Agreement since NAFTA
First-Ever Case of Canadian Mining Company Going To Trial In Canada For Alleged Abuses Abroad
         Tar Sands Protesters Commandeer Public Meeting, Energy Officials Run for the Door
Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade
         Enbridge Line 9 Hearings Met With Resistance in Montreal, As Pipeline Plan Provokes Wider Concern

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Monster solar flare hites Earth Source
         Obama to unveil NSA reforms next Friday Source
White House Says Record Low Temperatures Caused by Global Warming Source
        France deploys tanks around presidential palace in Bangui Source
Top Russian cleric seeks referendum on banning male homosexuality Source
        First deadly case of avian flu confirmed in Canada Source
Clashes erupt at Greek anti-EU protests in Athens Source
         Fukushima Decontamination System Shuts Down Amid Failure Source
Thousands of African migrants hold new protest in Israel Source
        Monsanto announces high profits and major expansion in Latin America Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Globalist<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ten Challenges Around the World in 2014
         Guide to 2014: Global Issues 50 Years Ago: Lyndon Johnson's First Foreign Crisis
The Pitfalls of Renegotiating UK Membership Terms in the EU
         Chinese Antarctic Rescue A Positive Signal
Liberty Vs. Safety: A False Choice
         Is China's Progress Inexorable?
Noxious Beijing
         Shanghai: Urban Family Life
China's City Dwellers
         Don't Worry, Germany: Export All the BMWs You Want!

Germany: What Makes a Nation Rich or Poor?
         Quiz | Which country gets most of its energy from renewable resources?
The Global Economy in 2014: An Uneven Recovery
         Top 10 Upcoming Global Elections
Attacking the New Normal of Secular Stagnation
         The Low-wage, Low-education U.S. Future?
New Approaches to Inequality
         Energy: Subsidizing the Rich

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cato Institute <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gatestone Institute<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Israel Hayom<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Media With Conscience<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


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Un village tibétain millénaire victime d'un vaste incendiePlus
Incendie mortel à QuébecPlus
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Incendie mortel: une femme toujours dans un état critiquePlus
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Secte Lev Tahor: un tribunal ontarien entend la cause Plus
«Noirs à vendre»: Un internaute fait scandale au BrésilPlus
Liaison: Hollande contraint à défendre sa vie privéePlus
Le Canada ferme des bibliothèques scientifiquesPlus
Commandites: report de la comparution de Corriveau Plus
Obamacare: Washington met fin au contrat avec CGIPlus
De bonnes nouvelles pour la gauche en 2014Plus
Les libéraux blâment le PQ pour la hausse du taux de chômagePlus
Fraude chez Target: 70 millions de clients touchésPlus
Le Concordia devrait quitter l'île du Giglio en juinPlus
Pays-Bas: 400 enfants manipulés à des fins sexuellesPlus
Centrafrique: démission du président Michel DjotodiaPlus
Deux Russes ivres se coupent les oreilles après un bras de fer Plus
Le médecin lui extrait un cafard du conduit auditif Plus
Aitza Hassan: héros pour son sacrifice dans un attentat

«¤»¥«¤»«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤» SSir John A. Macdonald Day, eh !
A wee dram to celebrate the man ..

Prime Minister Harper words rightly laud Sir John A. : "Sir John A. Macdonald saw Canada's future as that of "a great nation – great in thought, great in action, great in hope and great in position."  His drive and ambition to unite and expand the country were instrumental in reaching these goals, as was his fierce defence of our borders.   `
- See more at:

Unfortunately his Government`s actions do not mirror them. In Foreign Policy, in joint regulations, in joint border security, agreement to call in each others troops, in the ability of American law officers to act here in Canada, we are more and more getting into bed with the United States.

These effects of NAFTA ``--you're driving down the wages across the board. You're driving down the community's ability to have environmental legislation and social policy across the board. You're giving more power to corporations. `` have been intensified and will be more so by the acceptance of agreements increasing the powers of corporations,

Canada`s first Prime Minister developed a National Policy.  It would be well for out future that such be done today, rather than overweening concern about fitting into the New World Order.