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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gatestone Institute<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Competing Human Rights in Canada

Bombardier CSeries launch delayed until 2015
         High court to hear council prayer case
Top court clears class-action lawsuit
         Journalist's family denies Egypt accusations
Trudeau fesses up to expense claim errors
         Baird Keystone push gets attention in D.C.
Baird headed to Swiss peace talks on Syria
         3D printing could help child amputees
Weak loonie not so bad for economy:experts
         Canada not ready for virus that kills pigs: board

Fined $75k for importing live Asian carp
         Tory moves mean possible fireworks for Saskatchewan in 2015 election
Athabasca Chipewyan file Jackpine lawsuit
         Tens of millions in federal ad spending skimps on public health, flu awareness
Montrealer charged after alleged legislature threat
         Privacy czar wants better patient protection
Record suicide numbers prompt Nunavut inquiry
         Trudeau wary of proposal to legalize, regulate, tax prostitution
Neil Young takes aim at Keystone pipeline
         Manitoba Tories say women's event may break law

Mining groups back transparency report
         Alberta man faces 36 charges in RCMP shootout
$50K reward offered in 2012 murder case
         Is workplace mental health program helping?
Baird presses Americans for Keystone pipeline decision
         NDP wants faster cuts in auto insurance
Last batch of Nova Scotia flu shots on way
         NDP asks feds to help Toronto with storm bill
Prince Charles, Camilla to visit Canada
         High court to revisit right to die

Nova Scotia reviews doctor billing system
         Nova Scotia begins electricity system review
Canadian drug suspects arrested in Philippines
         NDP to focus on making life more affordable
Neil Young brings political tour to Winnipeg
John Baird pushes for Keystone XL decision in U.S. speech
         Edmonton pipe bomb incident: How much power does airport security have?
Xristos Katsiroubas, Canadian in Algeria gas plant attack, attempted suicide bombing
         Broadbent Institute primes 'progressives' for 2015 election – and beyond
Is the Conservatives' Canada 150 roadmap out of step with public?

         Algeria gas plant attack hostage saw Canadian attempt suicide bombing video
Olivia Chow 'seriously considering' run for Toronto mayor
         Older trees grow faster than younger ones, study finds
Spoof YouTube video lands Durham police officers in hot water
         Falling loonie tied to underperforming economy video

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Taxpayers Dinged for a Thousand $1,000 Phone Calls
        Payments to private contractor Maximus balloon since BC outsourced health records in 2004.
Canada's Spy Watchdogs Are Lobbyists, and That's a Problem
        When government listens to industry (Big Telecom, anyone?), and not citizens, we all suffer.
Premier's Jobs Task Force Files Limp Report, Dies
        Plug pulled on Jobs and Investment Board after it finds little to cheer about.
What Is Sharon Jones Giving the People?
        What they want! For the most part, anyway.
Gap slammed for refusal to sign global factory safety pact

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Tar Secret #6: Oilsands pay one dime per barrel for their climate pollution
        BC charges its oil and gas industry thirty times more.
Growing number of Canadians say: No to KXL
Poll shows that pipeline opposition by First Nations and environmental groups has growing impact on public opinion.
Olivia Chow coming to Vancouver to talk about new memoir
        Olivia Chow Member of Parliamentt, seasoned politician and widow of former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton has added published author to her list of accomplishments..
TPP agreement sacrifices environment for corporate interests: WikiLeaks
        The leaked secret draft of the TPP´s (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Environment Chapter, published Wednesday by WikiLeaks,
         underscores how multinational corporate interests rule the negotiating process...


Canada Post appears to be failing on purpose
         Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Supreme Court choice raises hackles in Quebec
Election forecast in Ontario is variable and unpredictable


Canada has "moral obligation" to support Israel, stop anti-Semitism: Jason Kenney

         Citizenship changes raising concerns about integration, multiculturalism, study suggests

Cutbacks reduce revenue agency's nine libraries to one
         Was it worth it? Answer to Canada's Afghanistan question won't be known for decades
NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan says scary visit to Sri Lanka only strengthens her resolve
         Judge rejects attempt to shut down Helena Guergis lawsuit
Former Toronto cop sentenced to U.S. prison in asset-tracing fraud

         Environment Canada opinion survey reveals skepticism of government action on climate change

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Globe and Mail<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Former Alberta Finance Minister launches bid to unseat Tory MP Rob Anders
         More oil-sands facts, less rock-star rhetoric
Oil industry rebuts 'trash-talking' celebrity critics Add to …
         Provinces see 'positive shift' in Ottawa's new jobs grant offer
Household-debt surge merits caution, but don't panic, Harper says
         Four tactics the NDP is talking about to win your vote in 2015
Supreme Court justices express skepticism about Harper's latest appointment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Tories Skimp On Public Health Ads, Spend Big Promoting Oilsands
         Chow 'Seriously Considering' Run
NDP MPs Urge Feds To Help Toronto
         NDP Looks To Reclaim Its Title
Trudeau Lends Wynne A Hand
         Carney Accused Of Political Bias
Robocalls Immunity Deal Struck
         Meet Anders' Star Challenger
The Royals Are Coming
         Tory MP Fights Tory Ban

7 Things To Do When Your Kid Is Being Defiant
         The 'Sexy Lie' We Should Be Talking About
I'm In My Mid-20s, And I've Been Single For My Entire Life
         This 'Peter Pan' Proposal Has A Real Fairy Tale Ending

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YAHOO NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Should taxpayers have to pay for Prince Charles' Canadian tour? 7 hours ago
         Teen didn't plan to use pipe bomb on plane, RCMP say 6 hours ago
Right to die proponents welcome court's decision to revisit ban 8 hours ago
         Astronomers discover first ever silent black hole orbiting star 7 hours ago
Keystone XL 'limbo' needs to end soon, Baird tells U.S 6 hours ago
         U.K. detention centre slammed after 84-year-old Canadian dies in handcuffs 10 hours ago
Lev Tahor sect controlled kids with fear, youth court told

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
'Parliament should not have to pay for' information on feds' spending cuts, says PBO Frechette, forced to file ATI requests

Puzzling out the PM's Supreme Court 'head scratcher'
         No indication Toews is violating ethics rules: Dawson
Non-Conservatives need not apply
         Puzzling out the PM's Supreme Court 'head scratcher'
NDP leader Tom Mulcair likely to support Tory private member's bill empowering caucus
         RCMP obtain newly discovered daily calendar records for Sen. Pamela Wallin
TVO's Steve Paikin under fire after John A. Macdonald party awards redface costumes
         AECL should keep aging NRU nuclear reactor for research, report says
The amount of money is hardly ever the point

         Study looks at potential complications of radiation therapy for prostate cancer 4 1

No end in sight for Canadians living the lives of refugees

         White House dismisses Canadian plea for Keystone XL decision
Trudeau totally untested in a tough policy debate, and prostitution will be a hard one to start with

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Monsanto readies first-ever GMO wheat Source
        Israel, Pentagon 'big winners' in US spending bill Source
Low Flying Homeland Security Helicopter To Test For Radiation Source
        US and Israel behind conflicts in Africa – political analyst Source
Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Merkel, Karzai Discuss 'Possible Extension' For Troops – Report
         UK To Release Paper On Implications Of Scotland's Independence
NASA Launches Three Suborbital Military Rockets
         Breakthrough Announced In Treatment Of Patient With Rare Type Of Leukaemia
Interfaith Dialogue: Only Way To Fight Extremism – OpEd
         Parsing The Pope's Words – OpEd
Rethinking Asia-Europe Security Cooperation – Analysis
         US Prompt Global Strike Moves Center Stage In Russian Security Planning – Analysis
Smoking Gun In Baseball Star A-Rod's Civil Case Is Digital Evidence – OpEd
         US Prompt Global Strike Moves Center Stage In Russian Security Planning – Analysis

Getting Ahead – OpEd
         New Impetus For Jerusalem Committee – OpEd
Hindus Term Hollande's Escapades 'Morally Reprehensible'
         The Middle East And North Africa: Cauldron Of Conflict – Analysis
Fear Is Why Workers In Red States Vote Against Their Economic Self-Interests – OpEd
         Understanding The Psychology Shaping Negotiations With Iran – OpEd
Ralph Nader: Medical Price Gouging – OpEd

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Global Research E-Newsletter<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
The Surveillance State. NSA Telephony Metadata Collection: Fourth Amendment Violation
Towards a World War III Scenario: Breaking the "Big Lie"
Iraq: "Devastating" Dossier Alleging British War Crimes Lodged with the International Criminal Court.
Global Terrorism and Saudi Arabia: Bandar's Terror Network

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Foreeign Policy In Focus<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Sun Also Rises: Resisting Militarism in Japan
         Al Qaeda Seizure of Falluja Throws U.S. Attitudes Toward Iraq Into Sharp Relief
Zapatistas at Twenty
         Open Fire and Open Markets: The Asia-Pacific Pivot and Trans-Pacific Partnership
A Tale of Two Jesuits
         NAFTA at 20: A Model for Corporate Rule
NAFTA at 20: State of the North American Farmer
         NAFTA at 20: State of the North American Worker
Don't Expand NAFTA
         Obama's Canada Trip May Spell Change for NAFTA

NAFTA and Environment

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Common Dreams<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Growing Number of Canadians Say: No to KXL

        With Internet Under Attack, Who Will Slay the Telecom Giants?

Leaked TPP 'Environment Chapter' Shows 'Corporate Agenda Wins'

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Charbonneau: le «dieu» de la FTQ se présente en victime Plus
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Forcé à subir des lavements, il reçoit 1,6 million $Plus
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