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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
despite advice from water-protection experts

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  Vancouver's Extended Summer of Love
         This striking set of photographer Vladimir Keremidschieff's work captures a time of upheaval and cultural shift.
'American Hustle' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street'
        In an epic year of pop culture sexism, Martin Scorsese lathers on a last, large dollop.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This is no way to choose a leader
         Report warned of increased risk of power outages due to climate change
To err is human (check that, please)
         New year will bring big decisions concerning the future of Canada's oilsands
Green Party losing local riding associations, but not momentum
         Worldwide interest in Rob Ford saga highlights new amorality at the heart of public life
Harper government cutting more than $100 million related to protection of water
         Public Voice(s)
We already have hints about next year's huge political stories
         Conservatives trim shadow government

To succeed, Harper needs to fight the next election on his own terms

         Harper on CPP: it's about individual responsibility

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mass Surveillance and the Courts " The NSA Strikes Back" --
        Just when you thought that momentum in the struggle to rein in the NSA was shifting in the direction of civil liberties, along comes another reminder that momentum is fleeting.
Forever War " Why Are We in Afghanistan?"
        -- It's an old chestnut of a query, but now applied to a new locale, and with the same meaningless, misleading cliches for answers.
" Glenn Greenwald Confronts MSNBC Host Over Media Bias" When asked if he's more a spokesman for Edward Snowden than a journalist, Glenn Greenwald said
        "Sure, I do defend him. Just like people on MSNBC defend President Obama and his officials and Democratic Party leaders 24 hours a day."
" Duck Dynasty: Network Caves, Unsuspends Robertson" -- After declaring homosexuality the origin of sin (followed by bestiality), reality
        TV redneck Phil Robertson has been un-reprimanded by the Arts and Entertainment network.
" Four Reasons Republicans Might Take Back the Senate in 2014" -- A new poll shows the GOP on top of the Democrats
        heading into the midterm elections next year and while it's far too soon to be definitive, the numbers should alarm the president and his party.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Navy's ocean-powered drones to wage underwater war Source
         Bulgarians hold nationwide anti-govt. protests Source
Federal Judge Rules NSA Surveillance Legal Source
        China's nuclear bomber can hit US military bases Source
Out-of-job Americans left desperate as long-term unemployment benefits expire Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>t r u t h o u t<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Booming Solar Energy Halted by Hawaii Utility Because Sun Produces Too Much Power! Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

        The Year in Mass Shootings Read the Article at Gawker
How to Defeat Big Brother Read the Article at Salon
        Joe Conason | Want to Save Investigative Journalism? Yes, You Can Help Read the Article at BuzzFlash
Paul Krugman | The Fear Economy Read the Article at The New York Times
         Charles P. Pierce | The Invisible Hand Is All Thumbs Read the Article at Esquire
Deepwater Horizon Disaster: US Judge Rejects BP Demand for Proof of Oil Spill Losses Read the Article at The International Business Times
        Duck Dynasty and the Fake Outrage Machine
Read the Article at The Nation

The Graying of Our Incarceration Nation
         Could We Make Opposition to Iran War Obligatory for Blue State Democrats?
Ted Mitchell, Education Dept. Nominee, Has Strong Ties to Pearson, Privatization Movement
         Populism Rising?
Italy's "Slow Food" Pioneer: How My Love for Food Ripened Into a Life's Work
         Eugene Robinson | The GOP's Growing Divide
When Schools Close and Force Kids to Walk Through Gang Territory, This Is What Can Happen
         Q&A: "Libyan Women Were Handed Over as Spoils of War"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Media With Conscience<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Samer Issawi, Hunger Strikes, and the Palestinian Struggle
         Bugs Bunny is a Jew
Mandela: The Movie
         'Common man' to rule over India's capital
Congress Must Not Cede Its War Power to Israel
         Profile of a Racist Zionist State
What Good Would it Do to Reform the NSA?
         A Glimpse into Washington's Barbaric Crimes in Iraq since 2003 Illegal Invasion
Snow Job about Israel-Palestine
         ASA Boycott:Harvard Should Talk!

Peace on Earth - Good Will to All
         The War on Children
UN to send more troops to South Sudan
         Iranian MPs propose uranium enrichment bill
Kim tells N Korean army to ready for combat
         Al-Qaeda group claims attack on Iraq station
Two rockets land in US embassy Kabul compound

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Prix de l'essence: bond de 19 centsPlus
        Place Ville Marie: le gyrophare est défectueuxPlus
Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza a fait ses dents sur un pistoletPlus
        Une semaine dans le noir pour des milliers d'abonnésPlus
Incendie à Montréal: des employés dans l'incertitudePlus
        Cinq corps décapités retrouvés au MexiquePlus
Liban: le Canada condamne l'assassinat de ChatahPlus
         Bas-Saint-Laurent: un homme se tue en motoneigePlus
Un homme meurt pendant une intervention du SPVMPlus
        Le chalet des cinq ravagé par un incendie suspectPlus

Tentative de meurtre à MontréalPlus
         Inde: 26 morts dans un incendie à bord d'un train Plus
Turquie: Erdogan menacé de toutes partsPlus
        Un huitième manifestant tué à BangkokPlus