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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HEADLINES ACROSS CANADA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

CBCRritish Columbia »Calgary Edmonton »Saskatchewan» Manitoba» Thunder Bay» Sudbury » Windsor » Kitchener-Waterloo Hamilton Toronto »Ottawa Montreal »New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia »Newfoundland & Labrador

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Military budget cuts mean cadets without parkas, asked to swap used uniforms
         Quebec charter could be key to election campaign
Kitimat chief wants jobs for people in town expecting bust-to-boom times
         Thousands without power on Christmas
2 Cdn Greenpeace activists clear to return
         Inmate dies in Edmonton jail on Christmas Eve
No election budget for New Brunswick: Higgs
         Bodies of two women found north of Toronto
Motel fire evacuates a dozen near Woodstock
         Man who swam to U.S. wants notoriety to fade

Lac-Megantic disaster chosen as 2013 s Canadian Press News Story of the Year
         Quotes on Lac-Megantic as Story of the Year
Vote totals for News Story of the Year
         Book by B.C. researcher says media, police not talking straight on pot
Police seek 4 suspects in alleged kidnapping
         Two children, two adults in Toronto hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning
Russia drops charges vs 16 Greenpeace activists
         Fire destroys SUV in Toronto; body inside
No injuries, everyone accounted for at explosion at refinery in Regina
Queen Elizabeth urges time for 'quiet reflection' in Christmas Day message

Dec 25 2013 ­ CBC ­ People need to take time for moments of quiet reflection, Queen Elizabeth says in her annual Christmas message.
"We all need to get the balance right, between action and reflection," the 87-year-old Queen says on the video message aired worldwide

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Much to Teach, Too Seldom Heard
        Georges Sioui (re)wrote the book on First Nations. Now he's waiting for Canada to notice their contribution. Part of a series.
' Families Seek Court Injunction Against Tar Sands Producer
        Alberta Energy Regulator probe into Peace River emissions sparked in part by Tyee investigation.
Left Needs Soul Searching
        To make people care, craft a 'politics of meaning', a 'secular social justice.' By Murray Dobbin
2013's Big Dose of Fresh Veggies
        Make the year's most intriguing rap duo a part of your healthy diet.
Feast of the Sacrifice
         For the first time this holiday season, I killed dinner.

Santa Wasn't Born Bad
         Society made him that way. Look what the churches, the Victorians and corporations did to a fun little pagan winter fest.
Three Unexpectedly Brilliant Holiday Specials
        We all know the classics but these warm a special place in our hearts. What have we missed?


75 Pictures: Canada Year in Review for 2013

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vancouver Observer<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
New holiday movies include The Wolf of Wall Street, Mandela and Inside Llewyn Davis
        Leonardo DiCaprio leads the pack this week as a shady stockbroker living the high life
Please help us reach our goal in The Tar Sands Reporting Project Kickstarter campaign
        After 14 days, the project's 81% funded. Please help us make it to 100%. If we can surpass our 1st goal, we'll aim for our "stretch goal" to make a film to reach a wider audience.
Vancouver Christmas Ski preview
        Sleighing pow: Celebrate Christmas with your skis or snowboard.
Christmas is a secular holiday
        Christmas belongs to everyone.
Filipino Christmas celebrates family, faith and great food
        A Filipino Christmas is filled with rich traditions, some of which might come as a surprise.

Unions must defend climate
        Without the basics of life, being able to buy more things is meaningless.
10 holiday party tips from the gay community: 2013 edition
        Party advice from local experts.
Paul Yee's Chinatown Christmas
        As a child in Vancouver during the 1960s, I wasn't deprived of Christmas. Mine was just different. It wasn't until I was 30 that I discovered Christmas shortbread, and 40 when I learned that "tree...
What Once Upon a Time does for feminism *Spoiler alert*
        Is Once Upon a Time's re-imagining of classic fairy-tale characters a feminist feat of modern TV

Sick at Christmas? Stay home to avoid infecting loved ones
         Drug blocks HIV from killing immune system cells
Holiday heart syndrome, heart attacks among seasonal health risks
         Men do diapers, too; "detached dad" myth dealt a blow
Warfarin to treat irregular heartbeat may up stroke risk at first: study
         Life expectancy for people with HIV approaching that of general population

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ottawa Citizen<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Who is Joe Canada? The National Household Survey offered us a new portrait
         Kevin Page dismisses Privy Council's Blueprint 2020 as 'empty vessel'
Harper needs to just say No to the Northern Gateway

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
RCMP warns about community mailbox robberies

         Canadian troops mark last holiday in Afghanistan
The high price of a year of political scandal
         Workplace rules on medical marijuana in federal agencies not consistent, survey finds
Youngest MP takes on bigger role
         Prominent Canadian women may soon have names etched into history
Cost of closing Sen. Patrick Brazeau's office tops $50,000
         Mike Duffy claimed $23K in travel expenses amid Senate spending scandal
Duffy following Senate's rules on travel expenses after audit, recent claims show

Oil industry's 2014 resolution: to focus on aboriginal issues
         PQ releases self-help holiday guide to defending Quebec values charter

Progressive Muslim Coalition fights for universal Canadian values
         Fighting the wind turbine bullies
Canada's flawed education system and how to take it back


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TerraViva Europe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Arab Spring Breeds More Trade in Exotic Pets
         Need for Firewood Raises Threat for Georgia's Christmas Tree Trade
Assisting Rather than Deporting Trafficking Victims in Spain
         Some Cartoons Aren't Funny
Russia Plays the Pardon Game
         China Gets More Territorial
Caring for Water Is a Must for Brazil's Energy Industry
         Nevis Embarks on Geothermal Energy Journey
Mexico Needs a Bouncer at the Oil Industry Door

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If We Build It, They Will Come
Paul Jay leads us through a tour of The Real News Media Center in Baltimore
TRNN REPLAY: Detroit Red Wings Get New $400 Million Taxpayer-Financed Stadium While the City Goes Bankrupt
         TRNN REPLAY: Government Debt and Deficits Are Not the Problem - Private Debt Is
TRNN REPLAY: Alberta Regulator Approves Tar Sands Expansion Despite "Irreversible" Eco Impact
         TRNN REPLAY: Total Arrests Climb to 700 as Thousands Protest GOP in North Carolina
TRNN REPLAY: The Making of "Untold History of the United States"
         TRNN REPLAY: Investigation Reveals Trillions Hidden in Tax Havens
TRNN REPLAY: War is Not About Truth, Justice and the American Way
         Vindication for Snowden? Obama Panel Backs Major Curbs on NSA Surveillance, Phone Record Data Mining
Pussy Riot members Alyokhina, Tolokonnikova released from jail under amnesty
         Glenn Greenwald "Dick Cheney Engaged In Some Of The Most Radical & Criminal Conduct In The U.S."

Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds

                Israel's Water Challenge

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Clapper reveals Bush-era docs showing NSA spying dragnet started 2001 Source
        Scientists create Terminator-style muscle at 1,000 times human strength Source
New post-Soviet alliance to launch 2015: Putin Source
        15 Quotes About The Duck Dynasty Controversy That Every American Should See Source
Thousands killed in South Sudan violence: UN Source
        14 dead, 130 injured as explosion destroys police office in Egypt Source
BP, Chevron dumped radioactive waste into Louisiana waters Source
        Scientists develop aging reversal chemical Source
Americans outraged with Obama's Hawaii game of golf Source
        Cuba to end currency pegged to US dollar Source

Russian Inventor of AK-47 rifle Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94 Source
        Floods, mudslides kill 20 in Brazil Source

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eurasian Review<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hindus Urge To Withdraw Lord Ganesha Pants
         China: Mao's 120th Birthday, The Undiminished Importance Of His Legacy For CCP – Analysis
Macedonia Adopts Part Of Disputed Media Law
         Qatar Petroleum International Enters Into Share Capital Of Total E&P Congo
Caspian Sea Region Acquires Increasing Importance For Turkmenistan
         Tunisia Terror Threats Cast Shadow For New Year's Eve
European Authorities To Renegotiate South Stream Contracts
         Arafat Died Of Natural Causes – Russian Expert
Putin Indicates Significant Boost Of Russia's Defense Capability

         Has China's New Labour Contract Law Worked? – Analysis

China And Africa: The Crucial Urban Connection – Analysis
         Khodorkovsky Seeks Swiss Visa
Iranian Air Force Holds Military Drill In Persian Gulf

         China Sends Mixed Message On Economic Growth – Analysis
The Three Versions Of Al Qaeda: A Primer
         Investment In Iran's Oil And Gas Will Benefit India And Iran – Analysis
India: Andhra Pradesh Assessment 2014 – Analysis
         Experts Differ On Australian Court Decision To Abolish Gay Marriage – Analysis
South China Sea And The United States – Analysis
         The Execution Of Jang Sung-taek: Power Struggle In North Korea? – Analysis
Abe's Agenda Of Revising Japanese Peace Constitution: Motives And Internal Challenges – Analysis
         Imparting Dignity To Bangladesh Garment Workers – Analysis

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Brasscheck TV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Who are these two million plus people behind bars in the US?
Are they all monsters the public has to be protected from or has incarceration become an addictive business for the state?

Is that's the case, how safe are any of us in the long run? These are questions a freedom loving people should be asking itself.
A unique perspective on inmates and prisons here:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Arutz Sheva<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Israel vs.Islamists: Setting the Record Straight

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


        Soirée du Nouvel An: tout un défi pour Opération Nez rougePlus
Frères musulmans: Kerry contre le terme «terroriste»Plus
         Inondations: 44 morts et 60 000 déplacés au BrésilPlus
Il installe une toilette et évite ainsi un divorcePlus
         Motoneigiste heurté mortellement par une camionnettePlus
Une femme perd la vie dans une collision frontalePlus
         Emprisonnée au Panama: Sandra Mallon rentre au paysPlus
Les É.-U. livrent des missiles et des drones à l'IrakPlus
        Alexandre Paul de retour à Montréal vendrediPlus

Colette Roy-Laroche élue personnalité de l'annéePlus
         Collision frontale à Rivière-Rouge: 3 blessés gravesPlus
Près de 5000 abonnés sans électricité au QuébecPlus
        Attentat au Caire: 18 Frères musulmans arrêtésPlus
Une maison s'embrase à Mont-Saint-GrégoirePlus
        Reprise du déneigement... et des précipitationsPlus
Un premier militant de Greenpeace quitte la RussiePlus
        Arafat: Les experts russes écartent la thèse de l'empoisonnementPlus
Annonce prochaine de nouvelles constructions de colonies en IsraëlPlus
        Une visite du PM japonnais crée beaucoup de réactionsPlus


Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas
For those of you aware of Dansk traditions.