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Perceived secrecy dogs Newfoundland premier
         Canadian special forces and army look to video games for training
No plans to close loophole in government ads
         Hudak asks Santa for a spring election
Medical marijuana users concerned over prices as Canada's market expands
         Canadians told to leave South Sudan
Newfoundland rescue centre staying closed
         Top court strikes down prostitution laws
Judge slams spy agency for end-run of the law
         BlackBerry posts US$4.4-billion loss

Pipeline opponents promise pipeline war
         Army scraps plans for close-combat vehicles
'Turning point' for police and mentally ill
         Canada's housing market still simmering away
Piracy conviction called a win for musicians


         Gaelic College embroiled in royal controversy

Court hands Harper new policy front for 2014

         Supreme Court strikes down Canada's prostitution laws comments
Citizenship backlog stark contrast to fast-tracked Olympic skater
         Stephen Harper says he will lead Conservatives in 2015 campaign
Government won't buy new $2B armoured vehicles for army
         Stephen Harper's 2012 Indian limo tab rises to $1.2Mcomments
Cancelled $2B armoured vehicle order latest procurement u-turn
         Canada's prostitution laws: What the court said
First Nations give Stephen Harper proposal to reform land claims
         Canada's prostitution laws: Who said what about the ruling 

Canadian political books of 2013Authors Susan Delacourt, John Ibbitson, Brad Lavigne and Paul Wells discuss the best political literature of 2013
         Army cancels armoured vehicle purchaseRetired lieutenant general Andrew Leslie on the decision to scrap a $2B order for new armoured vehicles
MPs on prostitution rulingKellie Leitch, Jack Harris and Carolyn Bennett discuss Friday's SCC ruling, which struck down Canada's prostitution laws
         Citizenship backlog stark contrast to fast-tracked Olympic skater
Canada Post CEO says seniors want exercise from picking up mail
         Why Jim Flaherty is turning his back on CPP reform
Arctic ownership race about more than Santa and science
        CSEC watchdog muzzled, defanged: Greg Weston
6 things MPs didn't do before taking a 6-week House break
         Intricate web of ties at heart of Wright-Duffy Deal: RCMP

Stephen Harper's Senate class of 2009 yearbook
         5 secrets of Parliament Hill comments
Supreme Court prostitution ruling forces issue on Harper comments
         CSIS slammed for end-running law to snoop on Canadians abroad
Supreme Court strikes down Canada's prostitution laws comments
         Stephen Harper's 2012 Indian limo tab rises to $1.2Mcomments
Cancelled $2B armoured vehicle order latest procurement u-turn
         Why Jim Flaherty is turning his back on CPP reform comments
Parliament Hill staff may win reprieve from lifetime gag order comments
         Stephen Harper says he will lead Conservatives in 2015 campaign

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Tyee<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUFFINGTON POST<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Canada Must Target Buyers of Sex
         Budgeting By Stealth
Stop Judging Sex Workers and Start Protecting Them
         A Law School That Bans Homosexuals Has No Place in Canada
Legalizing Prostitution Doesn't Help Sex-Trafficked Youth
         Dear James Moore, How Is Feeding the Neighbour's Kids a Bad Thing?
The War Against Harper's Pipelines Reaches Tipping Point
         The Incoming Rise of Prescription Drug Spending
Taxpayers Have Been Overly Generous to First Nations
         It's Time for Canada Post to Become a Private Business

How Can 2014's Question Period Top This Year's? Let's Wait and See
         Not Every Canadian Is Online, What About Their Mail?
How the Values Charter Will Affect Quebec's Children
         Dear Harper, It's Time to Reset Your Relationship With Aboriginals
The Week In Review: How the Government Can Fix Canada's Prostitution Laws
         Seeking Relief Outside Canada
A Northern Gateway to Conflict
         Who Really Represents Workers?

Tories Target Media
         Feds Spend Big To Fight The Pot Menace

Baird Opens Up
         Prostitution Laws Gone: What You Need To Know
The Craziest Response To Court's Prostitution Ru ling
         Harper Tries To Quell Resignation Rumours
Harper Looks To Make Changes In Wake Of Scandal
         WATCH: New Tory Ad Is DRAMATIC


Territories argue for voice in Senate's future, may never have a vote in Constitutional amendments
         Canada Post aims to reduce costs, injuries associated with rural delivery
The Royal Canadian Navy is seeking 180K pairs of underwear with 'good moisture management'
         Skepticism greets resumption of talks to reduce suicide toll
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's year-end interviews show some of his old mojo
         Religious freedom ambassador not worried about 'push back' from abroad

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BOURQUE NEWS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservative Party targets media again in latest fundraising pitches
         Hello (name here)!: 'Forgotten' Duffy fundraising clips resurrected
Public Works plans new assault on Parliament Hill's 'invasive' plant species
         Catching up on Aboriginal services is not cheap
Putin pulls the strings
         Andrew Coyne's wrong about the Senate and the PMO
Virtual Mike Duffy haunts us still on CPC website
         Peter MacKay acting as 'bully' on victim fine surcharges, judge says
Public Voice(s)

­ Are we citizens first or taxpayers?

         Jim Flaherty isn't worried about CPP while he rides MP's Pension pig

RCMP wants ex-Liberal organizer's $1M home
         Our silence over Mandela's support for Palestinians
Five Days in May set tone for pivotal political year
         PQ has lost the high ground with its charter
Stephen Harper and the middle class crisis of faith
         Conservatives attacking average Canadian workers: Mulcair
Liberals lead Conservatives by six per cent nationally, EKOS poll shows
         Peter Kent: Why he drank the Kool-Aid
Harper government shouldn't pick a fight with unions: Segal
         Mr. Harper's war on TV Christmas

Prostitution laws struck down by top court, leaving tough-on-crime Conservatives in a pickle
         Canada will likely end up with law that makes it illegal to pay for sex, but legal to sell it
Our overreaching prostitution laws have put people's lives at risk
         Northern Gateway project likely doomed, despite National Energy Board nod
The political options: Parliament has a year to respond to prostitution ruling
         Ottawa preps for legal battle over Northern Gateway proposal
Northern Gateway is a war that Ottawa can't win
         For two years, Conservatives will be all about the 10 per cent
Canada's new emissions rules on hold again, Harper says
         B.C. likes Trudeau, but he'll have to up his game

A disheartening year in Canadian politics
         Northern Gateway pipeline approval boosts oil producers' Asia export hopes
Parliament finally shines a light on the politics of inequality
         Wynne stakes Ontario Liberals' fortunes on pledge for new pension plan by spring

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Ratner: NSA Surveillance Program Needs to be Torn Apart from Branch to Branch
         On Florida in 2000 and What to Do Next - Ralph Nader on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
Porter: Mainstream Media Fails To Get Facts Straight on Iran's Nuclear Fatwa
         Major US Academic Association Endorses Academic Boycott of Israel
Are Nader-Like Reforms Still Possible? - Ralph Nader on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
         D.C. Workers Win $11.50 Minimum Wage Increase
Private Federal Contractors Cost Taxpayers Twice as Much as Civil Servants
         McGovern: NSA Consistently Violates its Oath to Uphold the 4th Amendment
McCarthyism Made Us Veer Away From a Systemic Doctrine for Change - Ralph Nader on RAI (1/3)
         McGovern: Unconstitutionality of NSA Phone Call Collection is Indisputable

US Unemployment Insurance Worse Than Most Other Developed Countries
         Ukrainians Protest Oligarchic Rule that has Stripped the Country of its Wealth
Are There Just Wars? - David Swanson on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
         Climate Change Clears The Way For The Extraction of Arctic Resources
Hunger-striking Immigrant Detainees Held in Canada for Years Without Trial
         What Drives War? - David Swanson on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)
Pope Francis Labels Capitalism "New Tyranny", But Is It More Than Rhetoric?
         Independent Labor Candidates Win Two Dozen City Council Seats in Ohio
Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and the Collapsing Free Syrian Army
         Lies and War - David Swanson on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)

Wikileaks TPP Revelations Prove US in "Left Field" With Trade Deal
         Snowden Reveals Extent of Canada's Spying on Behalf of NSA
Canada's Highest Court Strikes Down Country's Anti-Prostitution Laws
         Obama hints at rethink on NSA spying
Indigenous Groups Win Right to Seize Chevron's Canadian Assets over $18 Billion in Amazon Pollution
         Arctic 30 Members Welcome Russian Amnesty, But Refuse to Apologize For Trying to Stop Oil Drilling
Will Obama Heed Advice On Changing NSA Spying Policies?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Obama Order To "Destroy Duck Dynasty" Stunningly Revealed Source
        Greek farmers protest controversial property tax Source
Walmart Installs RFID Chip Machine
         Greek parliament illegaly suspends Golden Dawn funding Source
US nuke plans will cost $355 billion over a decade Source
         Why did Putin decide to release Khodorkovsky now? Source
We were subjected to 'meticulous, daily torture' – freed Gitmo detainee Source
        US court revives 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia Source
Duck Dynasty Controversy: Bible to be Banned as "Hate Speech"? Source
         Hagel slams China's 'irresponsible' actions in naval standoff Source

Ugandan MPs pass bill punishing homosexuality with life in prison Source
         ACLU launches hilarious anti-NSA Christmas campaign Source
Edward Snowden seeks warmer shelter in sunny Brazil Source
         Megadeth Takes on the 'War on Christmas' Source
US tests another nuclear-capable missile Source
        World's most powerful satellite telescope 'Gaia' launched to map Milky Way in 3D Source
China will not tolerate US military buildup in Asia Pacific Source
        Russian village life becomes extinct Source
Greenpeace Uses Depressed Santa to Claim 'North Pole is Melting' Source
        Russia to deploy rail-mounted nuclear missiles Source

Brazil ditches Boeing jets, grants $4.5 billion contract to Saab Source

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<


Cocktail météo: pannes de courant et transports perturbésPlus
         Mauvais temps: l'Ontario est durement touchéePlus
Douze ans de la mission en Afghanistan en 100 clichésPlus
         Happée mortellement par un tracteur de déneigement Plus
Fin du calvaire juridique de Claude Robinson lundiPlus
         Important carambolage à QuébecPlus
Les pompiers découvrent des plants de marijuana dans un incendiePlus
         Propriétaire délinquant: la Ville de Montréal maintient la subventionPlus
Nucléaire iranien: négociations en pause pour NoëlPlus
         Kenya: un train déraille dans un bidonville, 10 blessésPlus

Ex-juge Delisle: le procureur avait tout prévuPlus
         Syrie: au moins 500 000 blessésPlus
Québec: le traversier est resté coincé sur le fleuvePlus
        Plus de 150 000 Thaïlandais dans la ruePlus
Ukraine: la mobilisation pro-européenne s'essoufflePlus
         Incendie en 2012 au Bangladesh: propriétaires inculpés Plus
Le milliardaire Edgar M. Bronfman père est décédéPlus


Armes à feu: la GRC demande un e classification resserréePlus
         Prostitution: les clubs de striptease se frottent les mainsPlus
Soudan du Sud: Ottawa demande aux Canadiens de quitterPlus
         La Régie du logement le condamne, la Ville le subventionne pour rénoverPlus
Un mort dans un accident à Sainte-Anne-de-BeaupréPlus
         Météo défavorable: routes glacées et vols retardésPlus
Montréal a les meilleures bibliothèques publiquesPlus
        Des parents craignent que des photos de leur enfant nu circulent sur InternetPlus
«Non au pétrole sale au Québec» scandent des citoyens Plus
        Le syndicat Unifor met Black Diamond-White Birch en demeure Plus

Le pape François visite des enfants hospitalisésPlus
         Syrie: un photojournaliste tué lors de combatsPlus
Deux décès sur la route 138 à Sept-ÎlesPlus
        Incendie: un bâtiment vacant détruit à MontréalPlus
Collision mortelle à Saint-LudgerPlus
        Pont Honoré-Mercier: fermé vers la Rive-SudPlus
Égypte: l'ex-président Morsi aussi jugé pour évasion Plus
         Un homme blessé dans une bagarre à Montréal