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Soldier PTSD's likely to rise: psychiatrist
Grapes to talk about future under Rogers roof
Floods cause federal deficit to balloon
Atlantic support builds for Maritime Link
Black Friday: 'Do you people have families?'
Can Rogers do both: Keep Cherry and re-brand HNIC?
Ottawa imposes risk fee on CMHC
         Fix First
Nations relations, biz forum hears
Child abductor declared long-term offender
Liberals ask Mounties to probe party's role
Watchdog to probe reports of health info leak
Feeling social? If so, feds could be watching
TransCanada chief lambastes pipeline
Conservative's bill would give MPs power to eject their leader
Alberta politicos vote for 3-year pay freeze
GDP growth picks up in third quarter
Man accused in alleged Via plot denied bail
Nova Scotia moves to open energy market
Liberals ask Mounties to investigate Conservative party's role in Senate
Floods cause federal deficit to balloon
21 people charged in counterfeiting probe
Canadian economic growth rate rises to 2.7 per cent
In hockey book, Harper thanks now-disgraced chief of staff for help with
Soldier suicides prompt pointed questions
Kenney's confident enough to speak his mind
'O Canada' flubbed twice at hockey
Manitoba premier defends tax hike, seeks donations
P.E.I. critic takes aim at isolation rooms
DHX Media buys the Family Channel from Bell
Alward tells Alberta: pipeline means big jobs
Canada's drug approval process questioned
A quick look at suicides in the military
First Nations relations a resource hurdle
Loonie headed to 88 cents US: report
Farmers want Ottawa to spur grain shipments
RCMP confirm child sex abuse warrant for priest
Privacy czar has questions on cyberbullying
Ottawa urged to hold inquiry into foster deaths
8 bands get $7 million in mineral tax money
Tories block key witness on Duffy audit
Curb federal instant messaging: watchdog
Eavesdropping agency denies breaking law
Debate on values charter: PQ minister pulls out
Skills gap needs to be addressed now: Manley
Feds spend $40M pitching natural resources
Ban federal instant messaging to preserve message trail: info
Environment minister punts oil and gas rules
Tories block key witness on Duffy audit
U.S. spied at G20 summit in Toronto: CBC
Senator Brazeau
wishes RCMP would charge him
Christopher Montgomery: Senate white knight on Conservative
Saint Jack's final press release
Defibrillators may be hard to find in emergencies: CBC investigation
Canada's top spy won't answer questions about G20 surveillance
Senators won't ask Deloitte partner to explain Duffy audit call
How RCMP managed fallout from Alberta flood gun seizures
PSAC claims government officials misled MPs
New Snowden docs show U.S. spied during G20 in
Appliance Envy
Elbows-deep in suds, I envy my home-owning friends. Last in a series
about renting.
'The Deserters'
vivid stories of men who fled may finally kill the myth of the 'Good
hat We Should Do with the Senate
abolish it or create one that better suits less populous provinces. By
Rafe Mair
Why Climate Pariahs Like Australia and Canada Matter
alliance emerging from Warsaw is eroding global action, insider
Where Is Media Hunger for Government Transparency?
         Time to
demand it. Because when reporters become repeaters, we all suffer.
Harper Says He Did No Wrong? Let Him Prove It
Answering these questions under oath would do wonders for PM's
Journalist's lawyer presses John Furlong to go to trial
Pacific man denied climate refugee status; Canada still bracing for
Protections needed for citizen journalists: US report
Senate scandal: Nigel Wright and the making of a controversy
Like it or not, it's time for Don Cherry to exit gracefully
Border refusal for depressed paraplegic shows Canada-U.S. security
co-operation has gone too far
Business as usual for tone deaf Tories
Justin Trudeau confuses forceful debate for negative politics
If we abolish Senate, why not the Commons
ORNGE: Chris Mazza claiming $1 million in unpaid bonuses
John Tory's non-campaign campaign for mayor
Stephen Harper's self-styled bagman survives
Most Canadian troops home from Afghanistan within weeks but some
equipment still stuck in Kandahar
Only police demand gov't accountability
Broadcaster Rex Murphy urges pipeline pride
Harper expected to announce first visit to Israel: sources
The bill that would save Parliament
Study that fuelled fear of genetically modified foods retracted
Tory caucus revolt not in the cards ­ for now
PMO has hired three law firms to handle Duffy-Wright investigation
Federal government not ready to reduce pollution from oil companies
John Manley and Lloyd Axworthy weigh in on Conservative 'economic
'Angry' Mulcair Flyers Weren't Personal Attack, Liberals Say
Group of Tory Backbenchers Pushing To Limit Prime Minister's
Don't let it go to your head, Mr. Trudeau
Trudeau is Layton's successor in 'positive' politics
Tory changes to accountability rules leave Harper blameless in Duffy
The Golden Boy from the flatlands stirs Tory hopes
Harper says he's telling the truth. Let him prove it.
At Issue: Senate Scandal, "Innuendo Period" and Byelections
Put down the politics and get the job done
Inside 24 Sussex
Foreign policy shift is the big story
Don't count the Conservatives out
Green-Friendly Enterprise Helps Save Biggest Caribbean Wetland
GM Crop Could Migrate Dangerously
U.S. Seeks to Stem Flood of Political "Dark Money"
LGBT Immigrants Face Rampant Assault in U.S. Jails
An Embittered Riyadh May Weigh Nuclear Option
CARICOM Chastises Dominican Republic over Deportations
Pros and Cons of Uganda's New ARV Therapy for Pregnant Women
Peru's New Cybercrime Law Undermines Transparency Legislation
Business Is Business, Moses Is Moses'
Mental Illness Plus Police Often Equals Tragedy
Spring Bursts Among the Toubou in Libya's Desert
Almost 20 Years On - International Justice Still Fails Rwandans
>>>>The Real News
Why Would Saudi Arabia Support the 9/11 Conspirators, Why Would the US
Gov. Cover it Up? - Sen. Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt3
Documents in JPMorgan settlement reveal how every large bank in U.S. has
committed mortgage fraud
Nicaraguan President Ortega's Power Grab
U.S. Student Homelessness Up 10% Since Last Year
Revealing the 9/11 Conspiracy Would Undo the Entire US-Saudi Alliance -
Sen. Bob Graham on Reality Asserts Itself pt2
U.S. Student Homelessness Up 10% Since Last Year
Hot Money & Cross Border Finance: The Example of Iceland, Part 2.
Post Crash to Present Dilemma
Obama Rebukes Israeli-Saudi Attack on Iran Nuclear Deal
Wage Crisis - The USA's new underclass - Featuring economist Joseph
Julian Assange talks to Ron Paul part 1
Julian Assange talks to Ron Paul part 2
Julian Assange talks to Ron Paul part 3
Assange talks to Ron Paul part 4
The NSA and surveillance ... made simple
Religious Rights for Corporations? Supreme Court Takes Up Challenge to
Contraception Coverage
US veterans being pumped full of addictive opiates
High-Intensity 'Megafires' a New Global Danger
Yves Smith and Dean Baker on Secrets in Trade
Next Steps for the U.S.-Iran Deal
>>>>The European
Japan, South Korea military planes fly into China's air
defense zone
         Poverty sends
Germans to campgrounds
Is Europe a dreamboat or a trap-hole?
         France dismantles
Roma camp, evicts 800 immigrants
US police getting leftover armored trucks from Iraq
         Belgian Senate
panels advance children euthanasia bill
Egypt tensions running high over new anti-protest law
         US, China flexing
muscles in Pacific
Israeli woman fined $140 per day for refusing to
circumcise her son
Civil Disobedience Targets Walmart's Poverty Wages
Walmart Workers
Will Make History on Friday As America Confronts Growing Inequality
Scant Media Attention, 'Human Catastrophe of Epic Proportions'
Scared to Death in
the USA
Experts Weigh in, Warmongers Emerge as Sole Opponents of Iran Nuke
The Empire
Strikes Back: How Wall Street Has Turned Housing Into a Dangerous
Get-Rich-Quick Scheme -- Again
Intimidating. And It's Free': Iraq War Surplus Militarizing US
Police bed
We're Not Broke ­
We've Been Robbed
Climate Disaster Bubbling in the Arctic
One 'Entitlement'
Really Does Need Trimming
Le ministre Lebel fera une mise à jour dimanche sur le projet du nouveau
pont Plus
         Pont Champlain:
la circulation reprendra bientôtPlus
Washington demande à la Corée du Nord de libérer deux AméricainsPlus
         Une sexagénaire
périt dans une collision à AmherstPlus
Lac-Mégantic: QS rend hommage à la mairessePlus
         Quatre jeunes
meurent dans un accident au N.-B.Plus
L'affrontement politique tourne à la violence en ThaïlandePlus
         CHUM: le DG
serait sur le point de perdre son emploiPlus
Sortie de route mortelle à MatanePlus
         Namibie: 33 morts
dans un écrasement d'avionPlus
Écrasement d'un hélicoptère: huit morts à GlasgowPlus
         Patrick Brazeau
se cherche un travailPlus
Armagh: il découvre son frère mort dans un accident d'autoPlus
         Pont Champlain:
la «super-poutre» installée dans la nuit de vendredi à samediPlus
Les gangs de rue font la loi dans un HLMPlus
         Des enfants de la
secte juive Lev Tahor toujours avec leur famille Plus
Terrorisme: Le recrutement des jeunes préoccupe le SCRSPlus
des députés: 272 000 $ pour Marois?Plus
Une mère craint que son fils soit devenu un musulman extrémistePlus
Montréal: Michel Archambault remplace temporairement Jacques
La légitimité du nouveau maire Demers contestée en CourPlus
Péladeau: derniers adieux à une femme de coeurPlus
L'appel de Bianca Rojas-Latraverse rejetéPlus
         Des tenancières
de salon de massage érotique arrêtéesPlus
Hôpital Sainte-Justine: un médecin poignardéPlus
         Écosse: Plusieurs
personnes coincées dans le pubPlus
Charbonneau: troisième revers pour Chevrette et BeaulieuPlus
Coalition Montréal dans le rouge: Réal Ménard veut faire modifier la loi
Charte: Drainville attendu de pied ferme à LongueuilPlus
         FTQ: «pas
d'infiltration mafieuse», dit Daniel BoyerPlus
Londres: le soldat Rigby écrasé, poignardé et quasi-décapitéPlus
Déficit: le gouvernement est sur la
Philippe Schnobb défend sa nomination à la STMPlus
L'Iran, Cuba et les États-UnisPlus
Turquie: les lunettes de piscine portées par un manifestant sont une
Il tue et découpe un volontaire rencontré sur un site cannibalePlus
         Un groupe attaque
en justice le géant PetroChina Plus
Une fillette meurt lors d'un exorcismePlus
Do you buy and eat pickles and relish?
We do - and I was surprised when I looked at where  they're
Look at yours and lemme know where to they're from.
From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: GMO: Important video "Salmon Confidential". PLUS One
step closer to Frankenfish, thanks to Canada.
The video "Salmon Confidential" is not about GMO salmon, but it goes
a long way toward explaining WHY Canada is registering the GMO
I posted it to March Against Monsanto facebook groups.
"Salmon Confidential"  may unsettle your mind.
HOWEVER!  The simple action that follows it, re GMO salmon, will
re-invigorate you!
I don't think that you and your friends CAN make sound decisions about
what you are eating, if you don't know the information in the video.
Important video "Salmon
Confidential". PLUS One step closer to Frankenfish thanks to
At top of blog, under "Corporatocracy or Democracy?", there are
links to recent postings. 
·         Conservatives are
effectively using the techniques that marketers have developed for
changing brains, George Lakoff
·         NSA surveillance:
Europe threatens to freeze US data-sharing arrangements, The Guardian. .
. .  Canadians might ask . . ?
·         "Unacceptable Levels",
new documentary. And ally groups (March Against Monsanto)
From: "S Booiman"
Subject: Fw: 12 year old explains Canadian Banking system
She talks about the Canadian Banking system, but suspect her comments
reflect many of the other banking systems in the world.
Take the time to review this You Tube video, it is Canadian.
Put Victoria Grant on your "Future Leader" list, For Sure!
12 yr old explains Canadian Banking system A MUST WATCH
Now here's the rest of the story:
From: Robert Ede
Subject: -FYI Getting "stronger everyday"  (that's tongue
in cheek, eh)
Table 6 -- Interest-bearing debt $917+B...b..b..billion
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Date: Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 11:34 AM
Subject: New Finance Canada document
The following Fiscal Monitor has just been posted on the Finance
Canada Site.
The Fiscal Monitor - September 2013
La revue financière - septembre 2013
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Tell it like it should be everyone !!!!!
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Christmas Everyone
From: Mahmood Elahi
To: "Kate Malloy" <>
Subject: Despite booming economy, Paul Martin lost the election
Ms Kate Malloy
Editor, The Hill Times, Ottawa
Despite booming economy, Paul
Martin lost the election
I am writing with reference to Opinion: "Economy trumps all,
whatever that means," Susan Riley (Nov. 25).
Susan Riley seems to have forgotten the recent history when she writes:
"The economy will trump every other issue, as it almost always does.
If things are going well -- losts of jobs, rising wages -- Stephen Harper
could be re-elected." She may be reminded that when former Prime
Minister Paul Martin assumed office, the economy was booing and the
budget was in surplus and yet he went down in a crushing defeat. Why?
Because the Liberal sponsorship scandal under his watch as the Finance
Minister and people didn't buy his contention that he was not aware as
Finance Minister that Prime Minister Jean Chretien was spending millions
of dollars in the name of national unity.
Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's assertion that he didn't know that
his chief of staff, Nigel Wright, wrote a cheque of $90,000 to repay
Senator Mike Duffy's alleged overspending of public funds has an uncanny
resemblance with Mr. Martin's assertion and the great majority of voters
are not buying it. As such, Mr. Harper is likely to face the fate of Mr.
Martin come next election. Voters do care about scandals in the
It is said that coming events cast their shadows before them and massive
Liberal victories in Toronto and Montreal byelections may be the
harbinger of the future. In the next election, Liberal leader Justin
Trudeau is likely to sweep Canada's two most populous provinces of
Ontario and Quebec. We will be back to the future -- to 1993 -- when
former Prime Minister Jean Chretien won a landslide victory.
From: Ray Strachan <>
Subject: Couple of things
One....I do not agree that all politicians are the same,  not worthy
of a vote.
Two....I worked with people  who were serving time in The Peace
River Correctional Institute. I was a voluntteer.
Always  70%    Native or underprivileged. Were they
the  worst of the worst,  no,   not  
ever.   Just picked on by our elitist part of
society.     They all thought well of me because I
treated them like human beings.  Took them to my house for
suppers,  Took native ladies in for  few days so the
could  go out to visit their husbands or  sons.  These
were gentle people  when I  got to know them.  I
tracked  down the reason why some of them were incarcerated I
arranged to get them a lawyer when I knew they had been railroaded by our
elitists.    Never lost a case .  Harper is a elitist
,so vote for  him.   Kill two birds  with one
stone.    Help Harper   and tramp on the down
Ray Strachan
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: It's a start
The bill that would save
Andrew Coyne
Published: November 29, 2013, 7:07 pm
Two, this does not by any means exhaust the list of reforms, large and
small, our damaged parliamentary democracy requires, from electing
committee chairs to changing the electoral system. But it is the key to
all the others: until we crack the leaders' lock on power, nothing
else will flow. (Witness the all-party beat-up on MP Mark Warawa this
spring, merely for asking to speak without clearance.) Indeed, the
mere act of MPs passing such a bill, over the certain opposition of their
leaders, would be something of a revolution in itself.... (emphasis
added)[read more at link below]