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Mulcair says Northern Gateway a
Harper, Obama to skip Russia Olympics
Basi-Virk legal bills pass muster, says AG
Warfarin may up stroke risk initially: study
Wall says timing is wrong to double CPP
Law school at Trinity Western University
Children's surgeries cancelled:Wildrose
Roaming agreements are a 'nagging irritant'
HIV patient's life expectancy nears norm
'Swirl Face' caught with child porn: Crown
Canada Post chief defends plan to cut service
Train service returns to Lac-Megantic
Baird says Snowden should surrender to U.S.
Feds want pool of third-party managers
Inuit life expectancy trails rest of Canada
U.S. coach to spend holiday in B.C. jail
Judge won't toss Omar Khadr's amended suit
Family of Cdn activist cautiously optimistic
Harper begins election focus after tough 2013
Nova Scotia looking at budget deficit
Politicians, police watch 'sovereign citizens'
Is texting holiday greetings acceptable?
Ex-Bloc MP Maria Mourani gives up on sovereignty
Liberal MP sorry for Pam Anderson comments
Mounties work fast to crack Christmas
Wynne takes shot at Ottawa over pensions
Canada Post makes parcels a priority
Manitoba amalgamates 14 municipalities
Opposition wants inquiry of Manitoba premier
Tracks in fresh snow lead cops to suspect
Alberta extends flood deadline for businesses
Nova to invest $300 million in Sarnia area
Baird says Snowden should surrender to
Saskatchewan faces budget belt-tightening
Pair charged with mischief in gift theft case
Manitoba can't find qualified flood forecaster
Workplace deaths rise in Nova Scotia
Report coming on Northern Gateway pipeline
Nova Scotia Tory boss wants leadership review
Drive Clean fees to be lowered from $35 to $30
Ocean Choice hails fish plant improvements
Ottawa moves to cap domestic wireless roaming rates charged by
Russia passes amnesty bill: includes Greenpeace crew
TransCanada eyes Mexico oil pipelines
Watchdog: Fewer reporters killed in 2013 than 2012
Retired generals take aim at Ottawa's handling of defence cuts
Canada Post's Deepak Chopra says seniors want exercise from picking up
MP Gerry Byrne apologizes for Pamela Anderson STD tweets
Tom Mulcair's NDP firmly against Northern Gateway pipeline
St. Anne's Residential School survivor wants justice from Ottawa
NDP MLA ousted from cabinet partly over lie to legislature
Why Jim Flaherty is turning his back on CPP reform
American conservatives take aim at the 'war on Christmas'
Jailed Greenpeace, Pussy Riot members in Russia may be
What BC's Public Sector Unions Got for 'Labour Peace'
deals show scrounging for nickels and security is new reality. By
Rod Mickleburgh
Please Advise! All Harper Wants for Christmas Is Good PR
         But how to
appeal to all the godless holiday heathens, he asks spinmeister Steve. By
Steve Burgess
Clark's Pipeline Lip Service to First Nations
         On eve of
federal panel's Gateway decision, a look at BC's fourth condition for oil
projects. By
Robyn Allan
Should Account-holders Pay for High-Flying Bankers' Mistakes?
         Harper and
Flaherty want to 'bail-in' banks with customers' money. Part of a series.
Nick Fillmore
Dear James Moore, How Is Feeding the Neighbour's Kids a Bad Thing?
The War Against Harper's Pipelines Reaches Tipping Point
The Incoming Rise of Prescription Drug Spending
Taxpayers Have Been Overly Generous to First Nations
It's Time for Canada Post to Become a Private Business
The Week In Review: Daniel Dale Shouldn't Be Covering Rob Ford
Cops Should Stop Trashing Political
Healing our military veterans: first steps
There's a dire need to directly involve Canadian society to help our
Canadian Armed Forces veterans move closer to a productive life away from
the darkness of suicide.
Conservatives fundraising on Throne Speech's "seizing Canada's
moment," opposition MPs slam move
The Conservative Party has "erased the line" between government
business and partisan pitches for political contributions, opposition MPs
Ottawa's shift leaves Ontario with $640-million less in federal
Liberals, NDP duke it out for Quebec
Enforce them, but these laws are an ass
CPP reform: Four scenarios for what Ottawa and provinces can do next
Call him awkward, maybe, but James Moore is no Scrooge
Prince Harry grows a beard, turns into 'His Royal Hotness'
Getting Job Grant right key to future federal-provincial relations, says
Jason Kenney
Trudeau overtakes Harper in Google searches
Harper government shouldn't pick a fight with unions: Segal
Mr. Harper's war on TV Christmas
Mulcair must target Ontario, not Justin Trudeau
Key byelections loom in Thornhill and Niagara Falls
Stephen Harper's merry band of 19th century liberals
Rob Ford's sorry excuse for an apology
Charles Sousa: Ottawa's funding decrease to Ontario an 'attack'
Our Mean McEconomy
Virtual Mike Duffy haunts us still on CPC website
Peter MacKay acting as 'bully' on victim fine surcharges, judge says
Weaken the PM, strengthen the President?
Freeze on departmental budgets adds to pressure on
UPDATEDBody's immune response to H1N1 causes narcolepsy in some
Much-needed changes will help bring 'financial sustainability' to Canada
Post: CEO
Ontario's Grand River tests highest in the world for artificial
Vitamin pills 'should be avoided,' journal editors say
>>The Real News
McCarthyism Made Us Veer Away From a Systemic Doctrine for Change - Ralph
Nader on RAI (1/3)
McGovern: Unconstitutionality of NSA Phone Call Collection is
US Unemployment Insurance Worse Than Most Other Developed Countries
As Judge Rules NSA Surveillance "Almost Orwellian," Obama
Prepares to Leave Spying Program Intact
"Makes Absolutely No Sense": David Cay Johnston on Budget Deal
That Helps Billionaires, Not the Poor
Maude Barlow: We are destroying the world's water heritage
The Post-colonial Imperial Agenda: America and France Join Hands in the
Destabilization of the African Continent
Don't be Fooled by Mainstream Media Journalists, "Independent"
Experts and the CIA
UN's Syria "Aid" Appeal is Bid to Relieve Trapped Terrorists
Washington's New Islamic Front: Expanded U.S. Support to Al Qaeda Rebels
in Syria
Syria: Media Disinformation, War Propaganda and the Corporate Media's
"Independent Bloggers"
Exporting Apartheid to Sub-Saharan Africa. The Legacy of Nelson
The Future of Planet Earth. Are We the Last Surviving Generations?
Radioactivity and the Gradual Extinction of Life?
The Economic Recovery is a "Statistical Illusion": More Misleading
Official Employment Figures
Global Poverty and Post-colonial "Development Agendas": Ethiopia and
the West
Three Scenarios for India's Future
         What are
the steps required for India to have a brighter future?
Inclusion, Governance and Enterprise Strategy
three dimensions of India's future.
Learning to Collaborate, Learning to Implement
India's policies and projects move forward or be mired in contentiousness
and confusion?
Economic Future and Coalition Politics
the desire for strong leadership, India still fears the autocracy of
single-party rule and a powerful central leader.
How to
Rebuild U.S. Incomes
         Robert J.
Shapiro | Unraveling America's problems with incomes, inequality and
upward mobility.
Business and the WTO
Gresser | Why small businesses are likely to benefit from the WTO's new
Social Mobility: Why Grandparents Matter So Much
         Just the
Facts | No other factor determines one's material position in life more
than one's grandparents.
India Goes
         Just The
Facts | India has gone from 100,000 to 900 million phones since
Photo Gallery: Shenzhen ­ The 80s Generation Comes of Age
Globalist | Life in the big city for a Chinese generation that grew up
after the start of economic reforms.
WTO After Bali:
Should the WTO Follow Brazil's Trade Strategy?
Beijing and Delhi: When Diplomacy Goes Local
Russie: deux activistes canadiens bientôt libérés?Plus
NSA: publication du rapport sur la réforme des pratiques Plus
Le Sénat américain adopte définitivement le budgetPlus
Un proche de la mafia criblé de balles à LavalPlus
Chefferie du Bloc: Landry un bon candidat, selon MaroisPlus
Marois blâme les libéraux pour la surveillance financièrePlus
Couillard promet de traquer les intégristesPlus
Maria Mourani passe dans le camp des fédéralistesPlus
Un minicarambolage force la fermeture de l'A-30 OuestPlus
Québec veut augmenter les aliments locaux sur le marché
Trois suspects accusés de meurtre préméditéPlus
Tarifs d'électricité: la CAQ veut limiter la haussePlus
Égypte: le président destitué Morsi jugé espionnagePlus
Cinq autres victimes pour une ex-préposée en CHSLDPlus
Agression à la hache à Québec: un homme gravement blesséPlus
Lac-Mégantic: un premier train depuis la tragédiePlus
Russie: amnistie pour Greenpeace et les Pussy Riot?
No doubt some have the same problem.
Children spending Christmas with others. Digest until Sunday when we get
back from visiting those going to spend
Christmas in Montreal
Subject: Re: Daily Digest December 15-16, 2013
From: Rene Moreau <>
To Steven Staples, Ceasefire.
December 18, 2013
From Rene Moreau
(416-489-8347 )
   It is time to seriously consider that the corporate world
could well be more of an enemy than China or other countries.
   The media are not allowed to discuss  the problems
there-in if corporations, that have no citizenship and therefor cannot be
charged with treason,  have the rights and privileges of humans but
not the responsibilities, unless mandated by government, which isn't
happenin' is it, much, and democracy is not in their job description, and
MONEY is their 'god', rule the world
   Defense against the corporate world, which makes money from
war, all over the world, and can sell to both sides in a conflict and not
be charged with treason, could well be a new consideration for Ceasefire,
Subject: Re: No Nukes News: How to move ON to 100% renewables
To: Angela Bischoff - OCAA
< >
To Angela at the Clean Air Alliance and Jack Gibbons
re; Petition launched against OPG, Toronto Star by John Spears, Dec. 18,
Nice article; however, some un-mentioned items; When, going by past
performance in the power business, look for outside
influence in the form of 5th column. When, as mentioned by the Auditor
General, the ranks swell and the pension rates go nuts, it  can
sometimes  means people are being bought, rather than paid, using
tax-payers money. Look for Enron similarities, with commodities trading
and such. Don't let the future descendants say their was a 'failure of
imagination' on the part of those who were supposed to be watching,
including the public, like happened with Goldman-Sachs and the mortgage
Note please, the part that says OEB doesn't regulate the corporate,
private entities, but the OPA does, and they are corporate as well and
they get taxpayers money to operate, and fees through the government but
are 'ARM'S LENGTH FROM GOVERNANCE'.  Worse still, this is happening
all over the world.
The fox, baby, is looking after the hen house, and the corporate 'god' is
money so they hate regulation that stands in the way of maximized
profits. (John Kenneth Galbraith, 'Economics and the Public Purpose.'
 Worried yet?
Rene Moreau
(416-489-8347 )
On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 1:32 PM, Angela Bischoff - OCAA
< > wrote:
News about nuclear energy in Ontario and around the world.
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Dec. 17, 2013 – Â Blessings of the season!
Government of Ontario: Stop OPG's 30% price increase Please sign my
petition to the ON Gov’t to import low-cost renewable water power from
Quebec rather than rebuild Darlington at very high cost
Help OCAA move to 100% renewable future Watch Jack and I in this 90
sec. video
To: Angela Bischoff - OCAA...snip...>
Subject: RE: No Nukes News: How to move ON to 100% renewables
The Editor
The Ottawa Citizen
 Copy to: Ms Angela Bischoff, Outreach Director, Ontario Clean
Air Alliance.
Wind and solar can meet all of
Canada's energy needs
Re "Stop making green power the
scapegoat," by Tim Gray (Dec. 17).
Tim Gray is absolutely right when he says: "The real reason
electricity bills in Ontario are on the rise is our overbuilt and
unreliable nuclear system (with Pickering A being the most expensive
nuclear plant to operate in North America)." After the catastrophic
nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, it is clear that nuclear power
plants are not only expensive to build, they are also a threat to life
and environment. Japan used to rely on nuclear power, but after the
accident, it has shut down all its 50 nuclear power plants.
We should subsidize wind and solar power, because they are clean and pose
no threat to the environment. Canada vast empty areas are ideally suited
to both wind and solar energy to provide all its energy needs through a
national grid system. When the sun is setting in Halifax, it is still
shinning in Vancouver. And wind is always blowing somewhere even though
it has died down in some parts. Ontario must end its parasitic dependence
on nuclear power which is fraught with catastrophic consequences. A
catastrophic nuclear accident in the wake of an earthquake or tornado or
fire, might devastate Canada's biggest city -- Toronto. It is time to
learn from Fukushima.
From: Peggy Merritt
Subject: re G20 remark
Hi Joe I just couldn't let this one go without protesting your spin
on the G20 situation.  The security at the G20 was controlled by the
Toronto Police. I was appalled by the strategy used in Toronto.  I
guess the only good thing is that none of the global visitors were
harmed. Sometimes facts get in the way of fiction.  Peggy 
Peggy -  Sorry to be so long posting.
From: "Wayne Clutterbuck"
Subject: Employing best protector.
Dear Leader:
People become sensitive to spoiling their property and wasting a communal
Re the inspection and protection of pipelines and railway lines, could /
should we educate and employ Native Canadians to protect their / our
environment regularly (once / month?) to ensure welds and foundation of
track are okay?
Who better to have a sincere, enlightened and spiritual basis for being
diligent re land and the transported product...if oil spills, our kids
have less to use, eh?
Go native, please.
Wayne Clutterbuck
Beaches-East York
From: "Ray Strachan <>
Subject: The Bobbsy twins
I see the Bobbsy twins Obama and Harper are boycotting The Russian
No blood on the twins  hands  is
there.      I cant believe the
How many people have the Americans and Canadians killed 
(Murdered)  in the past dozen years?
Oh well that don`t count does it?    We are The Good
Guys  ain`t we?
Ray Strachan
My writing at times is "Boobsey" not
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Moore-mania misses mark, December 16, 2013
Re:  Moore-mania misses mark, December 16, 2013
According to your editorial, James Moore is right when he says the
issue of hungry children is one for provincial jurisdiction. But on
November 24th 1989, Canada's House of Commons passed a unanimous
all-party resolution to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000. Twenty
years later, the House passed another unanimous motion to "develop
an immediate plan to eliminate poverty in Canada for all".
The Sun should get its facts right, and stop excusing the
inexcusable. And James Moore, a cabinet minister from the province with
the highest level of child poverty, should lobby his government to stop
abdicating its responsibilities, and to get on with a poverty reduction
plan with clear, measurable standards and adequate funding.
Where's our federal poverty eradication plan?
Transparency and Accountability?
From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: To understand roots of Quebec's paranoia, look at
The Editor
The Gazette, Montreal
Copy to: Ms Celine Cooper, Columnist for The Gazette.
To understand roots of Quebec's
paranoia, look at Ireland
Re "Overcoming phobia -- of any kind," by Celine Cooper (Dec.
Celine Cooper might have missed the broader picture when she writes:
"The campaign [against francophobie] did not originate in Ontario or
New Brunswick, where francopones are in the minority. It began in Quebec,
where the francophones are a powerful majority population." Athough
they are in the majority in Quebec, seven million francophones live
next-door to 350 million English-speaking Americans whose language and
culrure permeate the entire Canadian society. To understand how fragile
is the French language and culture in Quebec, a look at Ireland may be in
From before the time of Christ until about the middle of the 19th
century, the language of Ireland was Gaelic. But then came the Great
Famine of the mid-1800, and the need survive economically by forging
closer ties with Ireland's prosperous colonial overlord -- England and
need to learn the language of the dominant majority. Today, while Gaelic,
or simply Irish, as it is called in the republic, is defined in the
constitution as the country's "first official language," only
about 3 per cent of Ireland's 3.5 million speak it as their primary
"Seoin mentality" is blamed for the demise of Irish in Ireland.
Seonin (pronounced SHOW-neen) is a Gaelic word indicating a preference
for the English language. The word is based on Sean, the Gaelic for John,
as in John Bull.
"Speaking Irish used to be considered terribly old-fashioned,
associated with poverty," said Katie Verling, the marketing director
for Telegael. "Kids were ashamed of their Irish-speaking parents.
The parents wanted them to concentrate on English."
Although French in Quebec has not reached that stage, it remains
extremely fragile. Seven million francophones in Quebec are not only a
minority vis a vis 23 million English speakers in Canada, they also live
next-door 350 English-speaking Americans whose language and culture
dominate the entire continent. The economic and cultural dominance of the
English-speaking Americans makes the francophones extremely vulnerable.
The greatest danger is that, given the primordial importance of English
in North America, the Quebecers might abandon French for economic reasons
in the same way the Irish abandoned Gaelic for economic reasons. As such,
the francophones in Quebec will always need some conscious efforts to the
protect its French language and culture in the English-speaking sea of
North America. The anglophones in Quebec and rest of Canada should
understand this.
2240 Iris Street, Ottawa. Phone: (613) 228-9600
Subject: The Latest from Impolitical
From: Impolitical <>
CPP reform rhetoric
Posted: 16 Dec 2013 12:06 PM PST
Since there is a significant meeting among Canadian finance ministers
today, where reform to the Canada Pension Plan is on the agenda, it's
worth pointing out some really unhelpful ongoing language
the federal Finance Minister is using to describe CPP. This is what
he said today to describe CPP:
"CPP is a tax on people who work, a tax on employers. It takes
money directly out of the economy, so it's not something to be done
lightly. It's something that must be done with consideration and
thought," he said.
This framing of CPP, a valued Canadian program that is the backbone
of our savings retirement, as just another vile tax should be countered.
Here's one :
There is not a shred of credible empirical evidence to support
assertions CPP contributions amount to a payroll tax and a job killer.
CPP contributions, like all contributions to any pension plan, are
deferred wages. Calling an employer's pension contribution a payroll tax
is disingenuous, if not an outright deception.
Deferred wages. Savings investments. A retirement worth paying
Or choose whatever else you'd like to call it to accurately describe the
value and positive association most Canadians would have in their minds
to ascribe to CPP.
The Conservatives are masters of dumbing down issues into these
convenient ideological talking points. The facts are that people are not
saving, there are a growing number of provinces getting behind expanded
CPP for such reasons, and Canada's economy - as the Conservatives enjoy
telling us - is one of those to be envied among world nations.
We should be tackling pension reform and hopefully, in the long term, if
serious people keep speaking up, the need to address this issue will
trump the rhetoric.
Just a thought - would using CPP contributions for infrastructure
rather than banks' monies put us ahead or behind ?
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Just plain interesting, not to mention
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Yellowstone volcano
would be 2,000 times the size of Mount St. Helens -
From: Joseph <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Its a much bigger story China and David Emerson and BC Ferries
 BC Hydro, BC Rail, BC Gas, Canada House UK & rest of Canada
getting sold
Notice where David Emerson now sits after tearing through politics
and chairing / CEO of YVR,BC Ferries, Canfor, cabinet positions for both
Martin and Harper governments
He certainly gets around with the big bucks boys and has being PM Jean C
point person for SSPA ( Canad/ Mexico? USA)
Who is he really working for and did he sell for us or buy for them ...
or both. I need some help here comprehending the scope and direction of
this all.
Did he help sell BC and Canada off in a much larger capacity than Gordon
Campbell?   Here is his latest "appointment" with the
China Investment Corporation International Advisory Board  (
boldface added, see below) after he retired Canadian politics:
International Advisory Council Americas
David L. Emerson (Canada)
Merit E. Janow
(United States of America)
John J. Mack
(United States of America)
John L.
Thornton (United States of America)
James D.
Wolfensohn (United States of America)
China Investment Corporation ( CIC )
( Chinese : ;
pinyin : zh ngguó
tóuz y uxiàn zérèn g ngs ) is a
wealth fund responsible for managing part of the People's Republic of
exchange reserves . CIC was established in 2007 with approximately
US$200 billion of
under management . As of August 2013, the CIC has 575.2 billion in
assets under
1 History
2 Governance
2.1 Board of Directors
2.2 Board of Supervisors
2.3 Executive Committee
2.4 International Advisory Council
3 See also
4 References
5 External links
Subject: Executive Dissertations:Child Hunger & Poverty Is
Everybody's Business Minister Moore
Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin.
#6, 14504-108 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1G8
December XVIth, MMXIII
Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA
Minister of Education,
Progressive Conservative,
Athabasca-Sturgeon- RedH2O
Dear Jeff:
I wonder how many more legally retarded Members of Parliament
are in the federal Conservative caucus of The Right Hon. Stephen J.
Harper, B. A., M. A., P. C., M. P., Conservative,
Calgary-Southwest, Prime Minister of Canada?! The Hon. James Moore, B.
A., M. A., P. C., M. P., Conservative, Port Moody-Westwood-Port
Coquitlam, the Minister of Industry is prime example numero uno at
this moment.
This bowel movement of a Minister & sham M. P. says
that he doesn't think he should have to pay to feed other peoples kids.
Pardon me James, no ones asking you to. What is worse is I am sure he
is not the only Conservative caucus member to feel this way, just
the only one stupid enough to say so out loud! But in your capacity
as a federal minister of The Crown, you'd think you'd have
enough sense to shut your big fat piehole & instead use your power to
work with other levels of government & private firms/individuals II
instead try & help eliminate child poverty & hunger, a basic
right of not just all children, but all of humanity!
Maybe Citizens Shouldn't Be Putting You Back In IV Another Term As
Source: Myself.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: this action isn't making us sweeter
Artificial sweeteners found in river water and drinking supplies,0,4820901.story#ixzz2njFvSvsP
Treated sewage is discharged into rivers??  What is it
treated for before this discharge?  If artificial sweeteners are in
the 'treated' sewage so is drug residue and we are then drinking that
also.  And then we wonder why people are going insane???  Why
are they allowed to dump this into rivers that then run for miles and
contaminate ground and well water??  We are supposed to worry about
the radiation from Fukishima but we are being poisoned daily by this
action by the government controlled dumping of this sewage.  And we
should remember that these artificial sweeteners are also dangerous to
our health.
Subject: My ability to complete the Digest fully and every day is limited
 the season.
Joe--do you decorate them also??  They sound delicious
I don't but the grandchildren do when I make them with them.
Subject: more on chemtrails
CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel
Subject: Harper et al 'stand with israel'(and the birds)
The people of Gaza suffer genocide under the Israeli-Egyptian
Subject: And Canada does and says nothing
Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis Deepens
But bird brain Harper stands with israel and supports the
Subject: too bad our MPs don't walk instead of using limos???
Canada Post's Deepak Chopra says seniors want exercise from picking
up mail
Subject: Human Rights?????
Human rights museum ad irks some veterans
Joe--how appropriate that we have a Human Rights Museum.  Sadly
that is the only place that human rights now exist in Canada.  We
have no rights left in Canada so they will be housed with all other
artifacts in Canada???
Subject: Saving the taxpayer???
How to save Canada Post
The post office is a money-losing enterprise, beset by declining
mail volume and, as both the Crown Corporation and the minister
responsible, Lisa Raitt, have said, these changes were necessary to avoid
the post office becoming a drain on the taxpayer.
Does the above statement by Rutt mean that we will soon see them get rid
of the government?  There is no bigger drain on the taxpayer than
Subject: Moore's retraction
James Moore apologizes after child poverty comment lands him hot
This bloated piece of garbage should be kicked to the curb asap.  He
doesn't give a damn that kids are starving in Canada.  His only
concern is that people will hold him accountable for what he said. 
If he was in the least concerned wouldn't he at least put some of his
loot from the taxpayer towards helping feed kids.  He has no concept
of what many Canadians are going through.  The government just grabs
whatever they want, make laws that consign more and more people to the
garbage heap, and keep on thieving and slurping at the trough.  We
helped kill Gadhaffi, a man that was an example to the world on how a
government should care for their people, while families in Canada are
living on the edge. 
I remember when my kids were in public school I would walk them to the
bus stop where other kids were waiting for the school bus.  One day
there were two little girls there.  They were both eating mustard
sandwiches(packed for their lunch at school) because the were hungry and
had not had any breakfast.  This was at least 20 years ago and
things have only gotten worse today.  Our government takes our taxes
because 'they are looking out for the people' but  all they care
about is living high on the hog themselves.  We are modern feudal
serfs and do nothing to change this situation.
Moore has killed ambitions he had for Prime Minister.