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Train passengers stranded for hours in cold
Four cops fired guns in subway shooting: SIU
Delay means fracking protest can continue
Man dies after balcony fall: Toronto police
Battle-lines forming on CPP enrichment
Low-income social housing residents anxious
Ottawa cop faces domestic incidents charges
U.S. 'green billionaire' addresses his motives for working to block
What housing fed wants on social housing
U.S. 'green billionaire' addresses his motives for working to block
Canada Post changes might hurt businesses but also create
Shopping indigenous this holiday season
CPP reform divides Jim Flaherty and finance ministers
Rick Hillier calls for public inquiry in wake of soldier
Canada Post changes: Who benefits, who could be hurt video audio
CPP reform divides Flaherty and finance ministers: Chris Hall
'I thought they might come to blows:' Tory MPs clash over Rob Ford
saga video
A Holiday Truce
Christmases were bitter in my family. But some traditions don't
Mandela: Five Lessons for Canada's Activists
DePape reflects on the great South African's victory and legacy.
staring at a screen right now. Is that anywhere to find love and
The end of Canada
Post and the coming war for your mailbox
New app designed
to help Vancouver residents search for safe apartments
North Korea
executes Kim Jong-un's uncle as 'traitor'
AUDIO: How the CIA
helped send Mandela to jail
If Nelson
Mandela really had won, he wouldn't be seen as a universal hero
Daniel Dale tells
why he is taking legal action against Rob Ford
employee gag order 'shameful,' say critics
Why shorter men
should go after taller women, and vice versa
Auditor's report a wake-up call for entitled employees, OPG director
Don't try to fix CPP. It's not broken
Tory Minister Denis Lebel To Trudeau: Clean Up Liberal 'Corruption'
Not Every Canadian Is Online, What About Their Mail?
So far, so good: Trudeau says his ground game was key to a successful
Tories on Senate scandal: from denial to obstruction
City dwellers don't vote Tory
Canada Post delivery changes will hit politics too
Leaders' year-end report cards show room for improvement
Canadians held hostage to Canada Post
Canada Post cuts doom mail service but help Tories
PMO snubs CTV for year-end Harper sit-down
There's no shame in politics, and that's the problem
Prince Harry reaches South Pole with wounded Canadian warriors
Tory call centre company under control of U.S. investment firm
DND promises bug-free move into former Nortel campus from
More trouble for Sears: 640 jobs lost as company ally goes into
Low-income social housing residents anxious as Ottawa ends subsidies
Canadian real estate most overvalued in world, study says
Michelin recalling 76,000 tires in Canada for tread loss, rapid air
Medical journal author calls for better PTSD diagnosis among soldiers and
>>>>The European
Russia to cancel Cuba's $29 billion of Soviet debt
         US Congress
triples Obama's request on military aid to Israel
More Spaniards migrating amid soaring joblessness
         Murdoch's own
newspaper calls him 'evil'
Director Who Released Obama Birth Certificate Dies in
Mystery Plane Crash
         Washington Drives
the World Toward War
Not content with sending war signals to Russia and China, Washington has
apparently also decided to torpedo the Iranian settlement by announcing
new sanctions against companies doing business with Iran.
Al-Qaeda Rebels To Meet US Officials: Sources
Syrian rebel commanders from the Islamic Front which seized control of
bases belonging to Western-backed rebels last week are due to hold talks
with US officials in Turkey in coming days, rebel and opposition sources
said on Saturday.
War: The Next Phase
While the initial conflict was disingenuously portrayed as the
spontaneous militarization of unarmed protesters fighting against a
"brutal regime," in reality Al Nusra was already inside the
country and operating on a national scale.
Our Leaders US Deceived Us On Syria
If Barack Obama had not been forced to scrap his plan to bomb Syria, we
would now be reading about these deceptions after thousands, or more
likely tens of thousands, of Syrian civilians had been killed in allied
bombing runs.
Palestinians and Israelis Can Coexist if Occupation Ends
The unstable and unhealthy relationship of dominance and subordination,
of discipline and control through violence, built into Israel's
occupation was graphically illustrated this week in two separate, tragic
and bloody incidents.
Global Leadership - It's Broke and it Needs Fixing
We are constantly brainwashed by our trusted leaders with the
illusions of freedom.
Wild and Cruel Gap Between Debtors and Creditors
The situation is bad and getting worse. Savers are being turned into
"lockbox customers" in peril of having to actually pay the
banks to hold their money.
Does The Financial System Work? 2 Minute Video
John Clarke and Bryan Dawe with a lesson on how the financial system
really works.
         It Is
Possible To Be Optimistic Global Warming and the End of Capitalism
If the system you want to build begins with working people around the
world taking over the reins of the economy and replacing capitalist
minority rule with economic democracy, then that could happen relatively
         What Is
The Economic Value Of A Human Life? Video
How we make decisions. Bram Van den Bergh attempts to uncover the
fundamental drivers of our behaviour.
expert: 60% of gunmen fighting in Iraq come from Saudi Arabia:
The expert in the Iraqi Security Affairs Saeed al-Jaiyashi assured
that almost 60% of the gunmen who entered Iraq between 2005-2008 were of
Saudi nationality, noting that "the statements of the secretary
general of Hizbullah, Hasan Nasrallah, and the representative of Syria at
the UN, Bashar al-Jaafary, confirm that this case is repeated in Lebanon
and Syria."
         US asks
Islamic Front rebels in Syria for stolen equipment back:
The official said the Obama administration is willing to consider
supporting an expanded Syrian rebel coalition that would include Islamist
groups, provided the groups are not allied with al-Qa'ida
demand US apologize for deadly wedding strike:
Tribal mediators headed for the capital on Saturday, a day after they
succeeded in calming protesters who blocked the road between Rada and
Sana during the funeral of 13 relatives said to be all civilians, the
official said.
         US and
Chinese warships nearly collide amid tensions over airspace:
A US guided missile cruiser operating in international waters in the
South China Sea was forced to take evasive action last week to avoid a
collision with a Chinese warship, the US Pacific Fleet has
clash of civilizations according to Vladimir Putin: Op-Ed:
I believe that the most important part of his speech is the following
one: (emphasis added)
Places You May Not Know The U.S. Military Operates:
The president is required under the War Powers Act of 1973 to detail
to Congress any ongoing activities occurring without a declaration of war
from the legislature. Here's five of them:
Claims Uruguay Not Allowed to End Marijuana Prohibition :
UN narcotics bureaucrats, whose generous tax-funded salaries depend on
the perpetuation of the war on various plants and substances, have
responded with outrage and concern.
Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War:
The increase in police brutality in this country is a frightening
reality. In the last decade alone the number of people murdered by police
has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of
the Iraq war,
Police Brutality Goes Unpunished:
An investigation into the Houston police department reveals why
officers rarely face the consequences of beatings or shootings.
Let's Get This
Straight: AIG Execs Got Bailout Bonuses, but Pensioners Get Cuts
The Peaceful
Protest US Govt Doesn't Want World to Know About
The Great
American Class War
Whistleblowers to US Intelligence Agents: 'Follow Your Conscience'
Reformer or
Hypocrite? Understanding Pope Francis
& 'Cruel': Budget Deal Attacks America's Most Vulnerable
Rises to Kick 'Corporate Reform' Out of Public Schools
The End of
the Internet As We Know It
Covert Drone War Attacks Wedding Party in Yemen
How History
Will Remember Obama (Hint: Not Well)
Fossil Fuel's Wastewater Creating Earthquake Boom
Smoke the TPP: How Big Tobacco and "Free Trade" Deals Erode
Public Health
Will Brazil's Vote on 'Terminator Seeds' Be a Christmas Gift to
Bill Moyers: Gunfighter Nation
Gazprom's Over-Reaction to Arctic Oil Protest is a Sign Their Fortune is
at Stake
>>>>Media With
US mulls sanctions against Ukraine
John Kerry's Anti-Palestinian Agenda
France Lies for Israel
White House urges N Korea to free US man
Undermining Geneva Already
Targeting Iran in Beirut -
Will Clintons Scuttle US/Iran Rapprochement?
Beltway Bandit Named Senior Obama Adviser
Israel's Self-Boycott
Must Lift the Cuban Embargo
Australia spies on World for UK, US & Israel
Mandela Wasn't Radical Enough
Israel: Legitimacy and Behavior
Read more: Ukraine suspends officials over crackdown
more: German party clears way for third Merkel term
Toronto: 4 policiers auraient tiré sur un jeune suspectPlus
Alberta: un avion s'écrase, un mortPlus
Le voyage de Mandela prend fin à QunuPlus
Froid glacial: 4500 abonnés privés d'électricité Plus
Québec: nombreuses sorties de routePlus
Québec sous surveillance: Pauline Marois demeure sereinePlus
Train en panne: 270 évacués à Labrador CityPlus
Jacques Proulx est décédéPlus
Kenya: quatre morts dans une explosion à NaïrobiPlus
Ukraine: payés pour aller manifesterPlus
Le meurtrier Maxime Guillemette arrêtéPlus
Deux jeunes femmes périssent dans un incendie à OttawaPlus
Froid intense et neige au menuPlus
Importante fuite d'eau sur le Plateau-Mont-RoyalPlus
Desmond Tutu de rendra aux obsèques de MandelaPlus
Newtown: Obama appelle au changement Plus
Six personnes blessées dans une collision
Amazing even in 2013 some do remember
The birth of CHRIST on the 25 of December,
In a time of  fear to offend the new generation
Coming to what is and was a Christian Nation.
The opening line of the Constitution does
"We recognize the supremacy of GOD" yes today.
A commitment that not many will accept anymore
Not finding any the Nation's demand as before.
With those words in mind here comes the
That the message from the Father is still here,
"A Son is born in Bethlehem" 2013 years a go
The Scripture" is clear to let all know.
A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all is my wish
My thoughts about you are with this,
Health be with you in the New Year
Enjoy the memory with all that are dear.
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: BBC commercial.......excellent
From Inky
  This really is Magic. Enjoy
A wonderful way to wake up!   David Attenborough does it
What a stunning commercial from BBC !
From: Joseph
Subject: Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell sold the
Canadian High Commission in London, Eng land
Hi just received this email link and passing it on.
Maybe this is why Gordon Campbell was appointed high commissioner to
England after getting busted as premier in BC ... WTF is going on ! 
Well this email caught my interest so I looks at the rest of the blog and
it presents a unique perspective on selling off Canadians asset to the
very rich with very little accountability.
If the citizens don't pay attention they will end up getting taken
advantage of. Locally Victoria's harbour front is a plum for sale as was
BC Rail, BC Gas etc ... and do keep a close eye on our most valuable
crown asset BC Hydro becasue there are secret plans a foot to privatize
it after it is driven into massive debt.  And the BC Ferries
are  being considered, etc.  ARL anyone?
Anyway , have a look at the kink for yourself, I really don't understand
what is going on here but may the picture will become clearer.  make
sure you check other source too though to get the big picture.
Link is below:
Friday, November 29, 2013
Former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell sold the Canadian High
Commission in London, England. A developer from
India paid $530 million dollars for this beautiful, historic building,
which will be converted into condos.
According to Huffington Post Canada, Gordon Campbell said:
"One of the things we decided as a government is that we're not
in the development business."
Gordon Campbell has been in the development business for nearly forty
years. At Marathon Realty he sold CPR land to developers, then created a
real estate corporation called CityCore Developments. As Mayor of
Vancouver, he changed zoning laws at False Creek and Yaletown, to
facilitate real estate construction.
From: Larry Kazdan
Subject: Letter to Editor re: Conservatives feared Canada Post losses
would affect budget,
Re:  Conservatives feared Canada Post losses would
affect budget, BILL CURRY,  Dec. 12 2013
The costs of long-term unemployment, in addition to UIC
and welfare payments, include mental health problems, substance
addictions, family breakup, and child poverty.  John Maynard Keynes
once said that if government put money in bottles and buried them, we'd
still be better off because at least people would be busy digging them
up, and then have spending power that would flow through the
But there's a better idea - let's hire people to deliver mail
door-to-door. This would not only keep a large number of people active
and healthy, it would also provide important services to households and
business. I know this idea is silly, expensive and outrageous. Ask any
right-wing economist, Conservative politician, or well-paid Canada Post
executive, and they will explain that responsible policy calls for adding
to Canada's 1.35 million-strong unemployment line, and for denying
seniors and the disabled postal services vital to their quality of life.
1. Quote from John Maynard Keynes
"If the Treasury were to fill old bottles with bank-notes, bury
them at suitable depths in disused coal-mines which are then filled up to
the surface with town rubbish, and leave it to private enterprise on
well-tried principles of laissez-faire to dig the notes up again (the
right to do so being obtained, of course, by tendering for leases of the
note-bearing territory), there need be no more unemployment and, with the
help of repercussions, the real income of the community, and its capital
wealth, would probably become a good deal greater than it actually
Quote by:
John Maynard Keynes
(1883-1946) British economist
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
(London: Macmillan, 1936), p. 129.
From: Mahmood Elahi
To: <>
Subject: By taking up the combat, the US might have replicated the failed
Soviet mission in Afghanistan
The Editor
MWC News 
Copy to: Mr. Sheldon Richman, Vice President, The Future Freedom
Foundation: Like the Soviets, the Americans have made a mistake by
occupying Afghanistan. They should have withdrawn immediately after
overthrowing the Taliban and helped the Afghan forces to confront the
Taliban on their own.
By taking up the combat, the US
might have replicated the failed Soviet mission in Afghanistan
Re Comment: "In Afghanistan, They Died for No Good Cause," by
Sheldon Richman (Dec. 5).
When 80,000 (later raised to 120,000) Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan
to stop the fanatical Mujahedin from toppling the pro-Soviet regime in
Kabul, they were backed up by helicopter gunships, fighter bombers and
mechanized divisions in full combat gear. Afghanistan had seen nothing
like it before. It was a far cry from Alexander the Great's chariots and
the British infantry divisions in the 19th century. The ragtag Mujahedin
had very little chance against such a formidable force.
Enter the United States which thought this was an opportunity to bleed
its Cold War rival. With lethal weapons, especially anti-aircraft Stinger
missiles, supplied by the United States and sanctuarires provided by
neighboring Pakistan, the Mujahedin almost wiped out the helicopter
gunships and the Soviet forces were exposed to hit-and-run attacks
without air cover. The only way the Soviets could stop the Mujahedin from
infiltrating Afghanistan was by destroying their bases inside Pakistan's
tribal areas. But Pakistan was an American ally and any attack on
Pakistan would have drawn America directly into the conflict. As such,
the Russian troops were forced to withdraw after suffering heavy
casualties. But they didn't leave behind any well-trained and well
equipped Afghan army to face the Mujahedin. As such, the pro-Soviet
regime collapsed within two years of Russian withdrawal.
If the Soviets didn't invade Afghanistan and instead helped the
pro-Moscow regime to fight the Mujahedin on its own, the United States
would have little reason to provide lethal weapons to the rebels and the
regime would have been able to defeat the Mujahedin and there would have
been no Taliban and al Qaeda threatening America.  And there would
have been no 9/11.
Similarly, by occupying Afghanistan, the United States has become
embroiled in a local conflict it cannot win. Now as then, the Taliban are
attacking the Americans using Pakistan's tribal areas as their staging
posts and although Pakistan is still nominally an American ally, it is
providing sanctuary and support to the Taliban because it thinks a
Taliban-dominated Afghanistan will provide it a "strategic
depth" in its conflict with India. If the United States didn't
occupy Afghanistan and let the Afghan army do the fighting, the situation
would have been different. Now, like the Soviet Union, the United States
is  withdrawing leaving the Karzai regime  to face the Taliban
without a viable army. If the collapse of the Soviet-installed Najibullah
regime is any guide, the collapse of US-installed Karzai regime seems
inevitable. The United States and Canada might have sacrificed their
troops for nothing.
From Rene Moreau (416-489-8347)
re; Bank of Canada; Print and keep this. If the court case fails, 
we stand the chance of forgetting what we had! It might be a good idea to
save, print and distribute this. The latest court case was December 10th
2013. Results unknown so far. COMER will know.
Consider...... .
       - In 1938, it was nationalized.
It is empowered 'to regulate credit and currency in the best interests of
the economic life of the nation'.
    -Until 1974, the government was able to borrow at
little or no interest, because the Bank of Canada created up to one half
of all new money.
    -The system served us well. It helped finance World
War ll and enabled us to afford post -war infrastructure projects like
the Trans-Canada Highway and the St. Lawrence Seaway, social programs
like the Canada Pension Plan and Medicare. It nurtured a growing Middle
Class and an increasingly egalitarian society - all without undue debt or
price inflation.
    -In the 1970's, Canada joined the Basel
Committee  of G-10 countries at the Bank for International
Settlements. From then on, the government borrowed instead, from private
banks at compound interest. Banks get the profits; we get the
    -Since then, Canadians have paid over one trillion
Canadian dollars in interest on the national debt alone.
    -The debt has been used to justify the demolition of
much of the social progress made during the post war "Golden
    -"If the Canadian government had continued to fund
itself as it had before the mid-1970s,
estimates are that Canada would now be operating with a surplus of C $ 13
    -In 2011,  the Committee on Monetary and Economic
Reform, (COMER), brought suit in Canadian federal court  " to
restore the use of the Bank of Canada to it's original purpose". 
    -The government responded by filing a Motion to
Strike, to prevent the COMER suit from getting to court.
    -In December, 2012, a federal court judge supported
the government's Motion to Strike.
    -Today, that decision is  being  appealed at
the federal court, 180 Queen St. W., Toronto.
    The very idea of a government
     that can create money for itself
    allowing private banks
    to create money
    that the government then borrows
    and pays interest on
    is so preposterous
    that it staggers the imagination.
-William F. Hixson, It's Your Money.
Learn the truth about money and debt!
(1) Ellen H. Brown, The Public Bank Solution.
(2) ibid.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: Van Loan hits back at Canada Post critics  DD
Joe--is Van Loan stating that we are complaining about the Post
Office changes because we are all rich and lazy??  Strangely he
doesn't mention the huge increase in the cost of stamps that we will be
paying.  Guess that slipped his mind???  We are blamed for the
loss of money by the post office because we don't send as much
mail.  Well guess what--they keep raising the price of stamps and
blame us for everything and they are above reproach.  It takes much
longer for mail to get anywhere but we are not supposed to notice or
complain--just shut up and pay more for less.
Subject: articles that will strike fear into every thinking person
Canada being steadily Zionized
Subject: Canada Post stops selling permanent stamps  DD
Joe--now we can't even stock up on stamps and will have to pay the
higher price. 
I just bought so 'p' stamps so on Monday will buy regular stamps and keep
the 'p' ones for later. 
And then the government wonders why household debt is increasing
Subject: BC bus driver forbidden to wear Santa costume  DD
Santa suit bus driver can stay, says TransLink
Subject: same theft, different Party???
Jacques Corriveau charged with fraud in sponsorship scandal
Former Liberal organizer set up kickback system, RCMP allege
"The Liberals still owe the Canadian taxpayers over $40
million. When will we see the repayment?" Lebel asked in a
Subject: Vaccines???????
Almost 10,000 children in UK have cancer, new figures suggest
More boys than girls have disease, says data from Macmillan Cancer
Support and National Cancer Intelligence Network
Joe--it is not mentioned in the article but I wonder if vaccines
have something to do with this horrible destruction of children?? 
That would be the one thing they have in common??