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Firm to drill for natural gas in Nova Scotia
         No rush to suspend senators after all
Toronto in turmoil, but no way to oust mayor
         Tories lose fundraising edge in donor numbers
Premier sheds light on abuse inquiry
         No hunting, fishing for deadbeat parents
Watchdog raps CSIS over Abdelrazik disclosure
         Watchdog criticizes soldier support centres
Conservatives gather in midst of Senate saga
         Human trafficking claims made up: defence expands into grocery business
         Trick: Cocaine-filled pumpkins found at airport
Mediation for New Brunswick vote map concerns
         Spy info sharing concerns CSIS watchdog
Senate reform or abolition: Poilievre
         Man found after three months in the woods
High court OKs price-fixing suits
         GDP beats expectations with 0.3% advance
Canada Post rolls out new stamps for 2014
         Payroll earnings up in August: StatsCan

Unprecedented police presence at UBC
         NWT cabinet shuffle needed for devolution:premier
Parliament Hill preview: Tories convene in Calgary, hoping to leave Senate scandal in rear-view mirror
         Cost of trash too high, say small towns
Retired nurse concerned about 'filthy' hospital
         Reporter behind Furlong claims fires back
Trade deal may add $1.65B to drug bill: study
         Feds extend farmed-salmon moratorium in B.C.
Tories take new tack on Senate suspensions
         Alberta bill to take over regional planning

Convention flash belies Tory internal angst
         EU Trade deal may add $1.65B to drug bill: study
No one released until ready: defence minister
         Convention flash belies Tory internal angst
Ontario green bonds to fund public transit


Vote on fates of Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau stalled until next week
         Wright-Duffy cheque affair: Harper's explanations changing by the day
Halloween: when did it become so gory?
         Why whistleblowers are crucial for democracy
Joe Clark critical of Harper's handling of Senate scandal
         No reprieve for Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau
Conservative lawyer Arthur Hamilton assisted MP Del Mastro
         Harper points to Mulcair's legal fees paid by party
Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau may keep medical benefits
         Canadian 2014 Olympic uniforms to be unveiled

Young politicians no longer a novelty in Canada
         Métis and non-status Indians defend victory in court
At Issue: The Changing Tone on Nigel Wright
         Angry Harper lashes back over Senate scandal questions
Canada lags behind U.S. on pipeline transparency
         No evidence in Furlong molestation allegations, says RCMP
NSA spying: The faux outrage of America's bugged allies
         5 questions raised after Mike Duffy's bombshell allegations
Patrick Brazeau says RCMP haven't contacted him over expenses
         Harper says Nigel Wright 'dismissed' over $90K Mike Duffy cheque

Mike Duffy drops another bombshell: there were 2 cheques
         Senate leader mulls lighter penalty for Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau
Senate scandal a disruption to economic agenda, Flaherty says
         Pipeline safety incident rate doubled in past decade
Assisted suicide laws need updating, says former Supreme Court justice
         Mental health disorders spike in post-high school transitions
Pipeline project: From grainy documents to interactive map
         Pipeline safety incidents: How we organized the data
Pipeline project: From grainy documents to interactive map
         Hudak questions why NDP willing to 'prop up' Liberals

Canadian researchers use bees to drop pesticides on crops
         Senate to consider changing suspension motion
Thousands march in Montreal for values charter
         Ontario NDP unlikely to trigger fall election, Andrea Horwath says

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5 Things To Watch At The Tory Convention
         Harper Government Suddenly In No Rush To Suspend
CSIS Criticized For Disclosing Montreal Man's Personal Information
         Kenney Defends Nigel Wright
'High Ethical Standards'
         Wall No Longer Wants Senate Reformed, He Just Wants It Gone
Tories To Debate 'Less Progressive Tax System'
         WATCH: 'Hitler' Reacts To Duffy Bombshells
Tories Raise Big Money, But Gap Is Narrowing
         Fewer Donors Than Liberals

Scandal To Haunt Tories At Convention
         Tory Lawyer Helped Del Mastro
Tories To Debate Radical Change To Labour Laws
         'Significant Challenge' On Tory Horizon
Harper Government Spent $50 Million On Ads
         Tories Won't Expense This
Conservatives Take New Approach
         Tories On Defensive After Soldiers Given Boot


Harper must face the base
         House of the whopper: PM has spun such a web of deceit he should resign or be dismissed
McGuinty's housing deal was pretty sweet
         Do Conservatives still love Stephen Harper?
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's approval rating drops, poll finds
         Alberta Premier Alison Redford to push Keystone XL pipeline to U.S. President Barack Obama in trip to Washington next month
Ads betray boundless arrogance
         Harper defends payment for Duffy's legal bill, says senator should get the boot
Call election over gas-plant fiasco: Poll
         Canadian Patient Safety Institute to get $38.1 million in funding from federal government
In court of public opinion, Stephen Harper and senators losing
         Scandal + weary voters = end of Harper?
Sun News stands firm: Reporters get little help from police in N.B. protest aftermath
         Canadians want more labour union transparency
A loathe-hate relationship: PM refused for years to appoint senators, now they're chained around his neck
         Sun News barred from Native anti-fracking protest
Calgary, Edmonton mayors push Premier Alison Redford on big-city charters
         Harper unmoved by Senate drama
Senate scandal nothing to sneeze at
         Dubious distinction: Suzuki tops 'most-admired' list on a poll that in truth is a complete sham
Senate scandal tainting Tories' political brand like no other
         Senators, don't roll over to PM's demands
ANALYSIS: Smart money's still on Harper
         In fight for middle class, Harper tied with Trudeau

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Conservative Party appears ready to double down on Senate reform
         It may be in Nigel Wright's power to destroy Stephen Harper
House of the whopper: PM has spun such a web of deceit he should resign or be dismissed
         Farewell Stephen Harper, tactical genius
In Senate spending scandal, honest lies have been rechristened 'spin'
         Senate crisis is scary for party faithful
Harper must face the base
         Forget Duffy. Harper's real war is with unions
Calgary convention gives Conservatives chance to face problems that don't involve the Senate
         Carbon pricing an idea that just won't die

Contested judge already has office at Supreme Court, despite nomination challenge
         That $90,172 question: Who knew about Duffy's cheque?
Tories legal bills far outstrip those of opposition parties
         Senate reform or abolition: Poilievre
Billion-dollar RCMP base in Surrey means substantial boost to municipal policing costs
         OPG pressed non-profits to back Bruce County nuclear-waste plan
Senate scandal hasn't hampered Tories' support: poll
         Conservative party donations drop almost 30 per cent
Reform or death? A scandal touches the government
         Canadian firm's Haitian workers paid too little, report alleges

Will the senate scandal impact the Brandon-Souris byelection?
         Liberal fundraising continues to surge under Trudeau
Wright-Duffy cheque affair: Harper's explanations changing by the day
         Chrétien says he 'had the good sense' not to appoint Duffy to Senate
Joe Clark charts Canada's decline under Harper
         Rathgeber predicts 'outrage' over Duffy legal fees at Conservative convention
Hillier proposes bill to recall MPPs
         No rush to suspend senators after all
Tories defend $5.3M price tag to house flood-displaced Elbow Park students
         Mulcair attending P.E.I. Federation of Labour Convention

At Issue: The Changing Tone on Nigel Wright
         Stephen Harper plays on Mike Duffy's turf
The knife in Harper's heart marked 'ethics'
         Tory convention agenda bodes badly for Canada
PM can't win in Senate scandal
         The supreme irony of the Senate scandal
Stephen Harper's walk in the snow
         Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs an answer to the mystery of the second Mike Duffy cheque
Forget the Senate scandal ­ it's the economy, stupid
         Sordid Senate scandal leaves Harper government integrity on the ropes

MP Jason Kenney defends Nigel Wright's character amid Senate scandal
         Preston Manning calls Senate scandal an embarrassment to everyone, including Harper
Tory base questions Harper's credibility

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Monsanto and Pepsi trying to stop GMO labeling law in Washington state Source Clapper: US spies to learn foreign leaders' intentions Source United Nations To Take Over The Alamo Source This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Romania starts work on US missile defense base Source Record number of nations oppose US embargo of Cuba in UN vote Source Britain first Western country to issue Islamic bonds Source EU considering sanctions on US over spying Source EU Set to Monitor "Intolerant" Citizens Source This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Spain opens inquiry into NSA spying operations Source Rebels conduct new chemical weapons attack in Syria near Turkish border Source Monsanto denies its pesticides behind Argentine health problems Source Mexico orders probe into US spying on its top officials Source Obama Readies Military for Domestic Gun Confiscation Source Australia's bushfires threaten suburbs of Sydney Source Rebels blast gas pipeline near Damascus causing southern Syria blackout Source
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Électrification: Québec changera tous ses véhicules ministérielsPlus
         Scandale au Sénat: 60 % des Canadiens indécisPlus
Elle tente d'importer 2 kg de cocaïne dans des citrouillesPlus
         FTQ: un premier adversaire pour Michel ArsenaultPlus
Québec dévoile un déficit moins élevé pour l'an dernierPlus
         Le petit garçon qui volait la vedette au papePlus
Un travailleur meurt enseveli sous des blocs de bétonPlus
         Chavez est «apparu» dans le métro de CaracasPlus
Montréal doit s'inspirer de Québec, croit Lisée Plus
         Les revers s'accumulent pour ObamaPlus

Procès des écoutes: Brooks et Coulson avaient une liaisonPlus
         Charbonneau: les élections de la FTQ sont sous la loupePlus
Marceau est furieux contre l'oppositionPlus
         Trois adultes accusés de bestialité en OntarioPlus
Le violent incendie de Granby est éteintPlus
         Italie: réseau d'enlèvement d'enfants démanteléPlus
La Syrie ne peut plus produire d'armes chimiquesPlus
         Edward Snowden s'est trouvé du travailPlus
Un écolier se jette d'un immeuble «sur ordre» de son professeurPlus
         Incendie sur la ferme du campus MacdonaldPlus


Débats: la question de l'intégrité omniprésentePlus
         Retrouvé vivant après des mois seul en forêtPlus
Violent incendie dans une usine de GranbyPlus
         Dupuis débarque à la commission CharbonneauPlus
Crimes d'honneur: le CSF fait pression sur QuébecPlus
         Écoutes: les responsables du News of the World savaientPlus
Canadiens en Russie: les familles demandent à Ottawa d'agirPlus
         Pereira: «Je dormais avec un "bat"»Plus
Espionnage: l'Europe et les États-Unis s'accusent mutuellement Plus
         Poutine le plus puissant du monde, selon ForbesPlus

Jocelyn Dupuis très influent chez CarboneutrePlus
         Happée par un camion: une femme de 77 ans décèdePlus
Pétition en France: «Touche pas à ma pute» Plus
         Nouvel échec de la réforme sur les minesPlus
Alcoa est là pour rester, assure Pauline MaroisPlus
         Du soleil grâce à des miroirs géantsPlus
Attentat de Tiananmen: cinq suspects arrêtésPlus
         Quatre ex-otages de retour en FrancePlus
Allemagne: premier pays à légaliser un troisième genre


Subject: Protecting MPs rights:

Would in my view be most interesting to have the delegates at the Convention apprised of this move.

Seems to me at one time there was to be power flowing upward, was there not?

         At home from the Hunting Lodge

Dear Friend,

While the front pages of this week's papers are certain to contain further allegations in the Senate scandal - a scandal that is deeply rooted in the PMO's obsession with controlling all aspects of government - I am writing to update you on another example of Stephen Harper's efforts at total control; one that affects my ability to do my job as MP.

I have previously written to you about a procedure that enabled an MP - such as myself - who is not allowed to sit on committees to put forward substantive amendments at the Report Stage of bills. I was the first MP to notice this rule and have made good use of it. Since being elected as an MP in 2011, my amendments have been a constant thorn in the side of the Harper machine.

This spring, the Conservative majority found a way to block my use of this provision by "inviting" me to submit my amendments in committee. If I didn't accept the invitation, any amendments presented to the House would be ruled out of order because I had been offered an earlier "opportunity". I was not allowed to participate in the committee meetings, beyond having 60 seconds to introduce an amendment.

As a result, I was forced to race from committee to committee for the ritual rejection of all my amendments, which in turn took me away from my desk in the House. Other members were more than willing to take advantage of these rare absences.

Now the Conservatives have taken it even further by introducing a motion to require that members, who are either independent or are members of recognized parties with fewer than 12 MPs, submit amendments to committee 48 hours prior to the start of clause by clause consideration of any bill. The clear purpose of this motion is to reduce rights of Members of Parliament.

Yesterday this motion passed in four committees simultaneously and identical motions have already been tabled in multiple other committees with votes still to come.

I need you to stand with me and tell Stephen Harper's Conservatives that this motion is in flagrant violation of one of the most important traditions of Canadian democracy: that all Members, regardless of their affiliation, should have an equal voice in Parliament.

The Conservative approach, of rejecting any and all amendments while simultaneously abbreviating debate opportunities, is a perversion of the parliamentary process. It is a new and hyper-partisan approach to the legislative process.

Please add your name to the list of Canadians who believe that each MP must have an equal opportunity to fully represent the concerns of our constituents:

Thank you for your continued support.

Add Your Name
Elizabeth May  

Elizabeth May, O.C.
MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader, Green Party of Canada