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Rick Mercer: Injured Veterans Are Being Tossed To The Curb
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Senator Mike Duffy threw a Nuclear at Prime Minister's Harper
Harper grilled about Gerstein's role
: Senators expulsing part of 'vengeful' Harper narrative
Harper's can of worms
: Senate blowup supersedes actual governing
: Mike Duffy, in his element
Senator Mike Duffy's lawyer submits hundreds of emails to RCMP that
include details of Duffy's alleged secret deal with the Prime Minister's
Duffy Allegations Bring RCMP To PMO Doorstep
Harper says RCMP not seeking Duffy emails from his office
Regina health region studying elder care
Killer not responsible for actions: doctor
B.C. outlines progress on Pickton inquiry
B.C.'s gas reserves double in size: Clark
Alberta proposes more insurance regulation
School trustee sorry for offensive tweets
Less talk, more action, says youth advocate
Alberta returns $50M to post-secondary school
Mtl police show off $360,000 armoured vehicle
Saskatchewan repeals elected Senate law
PQ values charter gets a new, 28-word name
Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau may not be off payroll
Ford under mounting pressure to step aside
China imposes dumping duty on dissolving pulp
Let wounded serve, defence chief told
Canadian terrorist database in the works
Brother speaks out on homeless man's death
Alberta to create environmental monitoring panel
Canadian anti-whaling activist testifies in US
Doctors give feds low marks on health care
Abuses not enough to stop terror case: judge
Tory MP Ted Menzies quitting Commons
Canada's place as ocean world leader at risk
Kingston police seek owner of military medals
CETA impacts on Canada 'modest': reports
Daughter sought to solve mystery of spy dad
YouTube astronomy brings new views on meteors
Consumers question telecom bills they receive
A quick look at a new health care report card
19 arrested in central Ontario drug raids
Quebec Liberal leader to seek legislature seat
New rules threaten endangered species: report
Enbridge CEO lauds Alberta-B.C. pipeline deal
Trudeau considering how to put a 'price' on carbon pollution
Pilot project on Winnipeg crime prevention
Shale gas protest in Fredericton ends
Bail hearing Nov. 12 in airport explosives case
New Brunswick introduces lobbyist registry
PQ values charter gets a new, 28-word name
New Brunswick pension changes spark protest
Senior, 94, taken for $500K in fraud: cops
CETA to bring mostly 'modest' benefits to Canadian economy, say two
Saskatchewan premier to introduce motion calling for abolition of
Maritimes lobster panel to release report
Biker probe brings 28 arrests in Niagara area
Magna Q3 sales up 13 per cent
SUV rollover in Toronto sends man to hospital
Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau may not be off payroll
With historic Senate vote done, parties gather to map next steps
For Indigenous, Where's the Embrace Given My Family?
grandchild of Holocaust survivors reflects on Canada's Truth and
Reconciliation moment.
How US Domestic Workers Won Their Rights
lessons for Canada's labour movement as Conservatives spoil for a
Advice? The Unstoppable Rob Ford Needs None
doctor Steve's re-election tip for Toronto's mayor? Just be you.
Education ministry to replace beleaguered student data system
VIEW: BC fails in methane math
BC, Alberta premiers reach truce over pipelines
Joe Clark on Keystone XL: Harper's policies hurt approval
Let Wounded Soldiers Serve, Defence Chief
Soldier With PTSD Says Veterans Cuts 'Destroying' Family
Canadian soldier who suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in
Afghanistan is speaking out today, saying his case being bounced around
within the...
Veterans Burial Fund Has More Money, But Access Restricted: Budget Office
OTTAWA - Despite changes made last spring to a federal fund meant to give
impoverished veterans a dignified burial, the agency is expected to
Rick Mercer To Harper: Answer Questions About Senate Scandal
Rick Mercer has a suggestion for Prime Minister Stephen Harper: either
answer fair questions about the Senate scandal or hit the road. "I
don't care...
Liberals Have Work To Do, Poll Suggests
Why Tories Want Public Terrorism Database
Physicians Give Tories Low Marks
PQ Values Charter Gets A RIDICULOUS New Name
WATCH: Mercer Says Injured Veterans Being Kicked To Curb
WATCH: Tories 'Get Duffy'
His Plan To Abolish The Senate
Most Don't Know Canada Pulled Out Of Climate Treaty: Poll
Rift In Tory Ranks
Harper Defend's PMO Role In Duffy
Buyout packages allegedly silence Albertans struck with industry-related
At Fukushima Daiichi, amateurs left to clean up the mess
Big Bucks for Foreign Oil or a Safe & Stable Future for Canada?
Stay alive: don't text and drive
Canada's appointed Senate controversies reveal deeper trend of
authoritarian rule
At Conservative Convention, Tories mull future of Senate
Kinder Morgan sued by Coldwater Indian Band for "illegally operating
Koch foundation donated for fourth year to right-leaning Canadian think
tank, U.S. tax records show
Schools along Kinder Morgan pipeline unprepared for disaster?
One month to win a visually splendid, deeply pampering getaway to the
Duffy-Harper cage fight ruining Conservative support in Ontario: poll
Canada's fossil fuels a risky investment: Global Carbon Budget
Carbon Budget Crunch
Carbon Talks: is climate change the elephant in the room for BC's LNG?
Liberal candidate polling ahead of Conservative in Brandon Souris
byelection campaign, Forum Research poll says
Canadians want Harper government to take leadership role on climate
change, poll says
Verizon hires consultant to lobby Ottawa on telecom policy
No heroes in this Senate morality tale
You can't slight city hall
Senators' suspensions reveal rifts in Conservative ranks
Stephen Harper rids himself of three problems, but many more remain
Hung out to dry: the long fall of Helena Guergis
Senate blowup seems to have made actual governing secondary in
Senators' expulsions reinforce narrative of a 'vengeful' Harper
Conspiracy against Rob Ford and Stephen Harper exposed
No heroes in this Senate morality tale
Trudeau and Mulcair seize their moments
Just Saying It's So Doesn't Make It So
Do we really need to fight over the colour of poppies?
Senate can't take away Wallin's pension, lawyer says
At some point Nigel Wright will reveal what he knows: Kenney
The sketch: Stephen Harper, simple questions and simple answers
Suspension of three senators 'dangerous,' Joe Clark
senators to lose credit cards, phones, offices
Senate suspensions won't end Opposition questions for PM
>>>>The Globalist
Europe's Next Leadership: Unknown, Unelected, Unloved
MacShane | The former UK Minister for Europe explains why Europe's system
of horse-trading to choose leaders has produced non-leadership.
Global Bite ­ Europe: Technocrats Vs. Democrats
Varoufakis | Europe's democrats must end the almost religious hold of the
EU technocrats.
A Closer Look at Germany's Trade Deficits(!)
         In Focus |
Germany may run a trade surplus overall, but with some countries it has a
Those Pesky German Trade Surpluses
Stelter | Why it is in Germany's own interest to change course.
Part I: A
History of Spanish Autonomy
Albaladejo | How unresolved historic conflicts inside a nation undermine
its future.
Part II: Spain Urgently Needs Consolidation
Albaladejo | Without significant reforms to the Spanish autonomy system,
the nation's fiscal house cannot be rebuilt.
Spain: Decreeing Structural Reform
         In Focus |
How is the Spanish Prime Minister using an old political tactic to
modernize Spain's economy?
The Emergence
of Two Indias
Bhunia | India's urban middle class turns away from the public
Backwards in Japan
Tandon | Say goodbye to a system that was equitable and among the fairest
in the world.
Japan: Still Not Owning Up to Its Dark History
Courtis | Prime Minister Abe's fourth arrow should be a credible national
Does the U.S. Really Have the World's Highest Corporate Tax Rate?
         In Focus |
Ending a favorite U.S. myth, in 10 facts.
>>>>The Real News
Hopkins Halts Program After Investigation Finds Docs Denied Disability
Benefits For Miners With Black
Breathless and Burdened: Appalachia Coal Miners Face Industry's
       Efforts to Defeat
Benefits Claims
The Defeat of the Rwandan-backed M23 Rebels is a First Step To Peace in
the DRC
Hegemony Abroad Requires a Security State at Home - McGovern Pt2
Mayor Elect De Blasio: Progressive Hero or Friend of Monied
Labour's declining share: A spectre to worry about?
York Times Reveals New Details Inside the NSA: Spying on U.N., Climate
Summit, Text Messaging Worldwide 1/2
Inside the NSA: Spying on U.N., Climate Summit, Text Messaging Worldwide
Google chairman "shocked" at NSA tapping
European Union
Putin Ends NATO Missile Pact, Warns
Military To "Prepare For War"
Putin, Obama Square Off As Russian Troops Mass To Counter US Attack On
Russia not to permit no-fly zone over Syria: Foreign Ministry
Putin's letter to Obama leaves the world as it is
Finland will lose sovereignty if joins NATO – Putin
Russia warns to counter NATO missile system in Europe
Italy's economy to shrink further in 2013
Italy economy shrinks more than previous forecast
Eurozone's unemployment at record high amid debt crisis
Eurozone collective debt hits new record high of 92.2%
Italy economy expected to contract in 2012, 2013
Italy unemployment rate hits new record high in May
Soaring rents force Londoners to live in shipping
World's Ridiculous Laws that Will Definitely make you Laugh
Study lists 20 cities most threatened by flood
UK bans online Porn by default but gives People option to Enable it
Safety fears over Electronic Cigarettes because they are Unclean and
China Takes Up Key British National Party Energy Policy
Kuwaiti woman arrested in Saudi Arabia for
driving sick father to hospital
Egypt Central Bank receives USD 2 billion from Saudi Arabia
Borat's parody anthem greets Kazakh athletes in Kuwait
US stations 15,000 troops in Kuwait
Women's rights in Saudi Arabia
Young Kuwaitis call for anti-government protest
UK PM warned against pressure on media over
Snowden leaks
NSA scandal shows Europe would be better off without Britain
UK ordered Guardian to destroy hard drives in effort to stop Snowden
Britain first Western country to issue Islamic bonds
As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop
Cameron says UK may quit ECHR 'to keep country safe'
SPLC and Raw Story Blame "Patriots" for the LAX
Southern Poverty Law Center labels Senator Rand Paul an "extremist"
Meese: SPLC "Despicable" for Naming Conservative Organizations "Hate
Craig Bodeker Refutes the SPLC
Rand Paul threatens to stop nomination of Yellen until Senate votes on
'Audit the Fed' bill
China, gold prices & US default threats
Democracy Loses Out as Big Money Overwhelms Grassroots Campaigns
Election Day 2013: Results on Key Progressive Issues
'Real Change for Workers': Living Wage Backers Declare Victory in Local
Protesters Light 'Bonfire of Austerity' Across UK
Record-breaking Greenhouse Gas Levels in Atmosphere: 'Time is Not On Our
Widow: Forensic Evidence Confirms 'Political Assassination' of Yasser
Report: Feminine Care Products Awash in Harmful Chemicals
NYPD Officer Risks Job to Speak Out Against 'Stop-and-Frisk' Targeting of
People of Color
Jill Richardson: Big Food Crushes Consumer Rights in Washington State
Ocean Robbins: What Really Happened to GMO Labeling in Washington
David Suzuki: Getting Dirty Is Good for Your Immune System
Center for Constitutional Rights: U.S. Courts Can Hear Cases of Torture
at Abu Ghraib, Experts Argue
Center for Biological Diversity: "Zombie" Grand Canyon Uranium
Mine Halted
OUR Walmart: LA Walmart Workers Go On Strike
Le moratoire sur le gaz de schiste en péril
La maladie de Lyme s'étend au Québec
Commission Charbonneau - Jocelyn Dupuis, émissaire du crime organisé au
Fonds FTQ?
Montréal - Parler haut et fort
L'heure juste
Perspectives - Plus à Fonds
Québec - Le nouveau terminal de granules de bois du port est
Couillard tentera d'entrer à l'Assemblée nationale par Outremont
Richard Bergeron cédera sa place à la tête de Projet Montréal
Des chercheurs découvrent des liens de parenté génétique inusités
Êtes-vous un mouton?
L'assurance autonomie pourrait coûter des milliards
L'«écotaxe» de la discorde
Bombardier - L'indonésienne Lion pourrait acheter 50 CSeries
Lac-Mégantic - Les sédiments du lac et de la Chaudière sont hautement
Toujours trop de GES
Mali - AQMI revendique l'assassinat des deux journalistes français
New York - Le nouveau maire promet de «rectifier les inégalités»
Chine - Explosions près d'un siège du PCC dans le Shanxi
Entre passions et primeurs
Londres : la découverte du trésor nazi suscite espoir et
Hmmmm wonder what Nigel will say eventually.
Anyone have an opinion to share?
From: "Sandra Finley" <>
Subject: Atomic States of America will air free online Nov. 6 -
Hi Everyone,
We can lend a hand here:
·         Pandora's
Promise is a slick piece of propaganda for the nuclear industry,
airing on CNN.
·         The Atomic States
of America (bless good people) tells a different story.  I
watched it – it's well done, worth your time, and free on-line for the
next 2 days. 
Please pass it along.  The battle over nuclear is being waged on
many fronts by thousands of people, at the moment much of it over
disposal of radioactive waste (Great Lakes area). 
Remember Fukishima.  My brother's reaction to today's BBC science
report on Fukishima (appended):  now which way is that jetstream
flowing ?   We all have a stake. 
Read on! . . . .   /Sandra
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Help Counter Pandora's Promise on CNN - Atomic States of America will
air free online Nov. 6 - 8.
CNN will nationally broadcast the much criticized, pro-nuclear power
film Pandora's Promise on Thursday, November 7. CNN is airing the
film without offering any opposing viewpoints despite requests and
petitions from Beyond Nuclear and others. To help provide balance and a
critical perspective on nuclear power, The Atomic States of
America film will be available to
view free online from November 6 – 8. Atomic States
provides a comprehensive exploration of the history and impact of nuclear
power to date, and investigates the truths and myths about nuclear
energy. Please help promote the film's availability to your networks and
- - - - - - - - - - - - --
Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps (and native of Michigan) will debate
Michael Shellenberger (re: Pandora's Promise) on CNN Headline News,
Thursday, November 7th at 7:45pm! Everyone tune in!
Pandora's Promise
on CNN - 9 PM ET Thursday
What Price Would you Pay to Power the Future? Watch Thursday 9p
Pandora's False Promises [ From Beyond Nuclear]
Pandora's Promise , is a new pro-nuclear propaganda documentary
released theatrically in the US in July 2013. It is funded in part by
individuals with a vested interest in seeing the development of new
reactors and is seemingly a vehicle by which to raise the profile of the
anti-environmental Oakland think tank, The Breakthrough Institute, whose
personnel feature prominently in the film. Despite the film's premise and
early claim that it features " a growing number of leading former
anti-nuclear activists" who now support nuclear energy, no one in the
film ever led the anti-nuclear movement. Nor was any credible,
independent scientific or medical professional with expertise in the
areas covered in the film consulted or featured. Beyond Nuclear has
bird-dogged the film from the beginning, and has produced numerous
critiques. We have also published a definitive report –
Pandora's False Promises: Busting the pro-nuclear propaganda –
and a
two-page synopsis. These documents address virtually all of the
myths, lies and omissions typically found in pro-nuclear rhetoric and are
intended to address these long after Pandora's Promise fades into
deserved oblivion.
== = = = = = = = =
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To: Sandra Finley
Subject: jet
now which way is that jetstream flowing ?
BBC Science report on Fukishima, Nov 6 by Shukman
Unlikely to be reported in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, in spite of the
Province's big investment in the industry. Gotta keep the locals drugged
and dopey.
== = = = = = = = =
Email from
Sandra Finley
To: " ...snip..."
Subject: If voters still support Mayor Ford despite smoking crack,
nothing can be done
The Editor
The Toronto Star
If voters still support Mayor Ford despite smoking crack, nothing can be
Re Letter: "Tarring suburbanites with same brush," By Dawn
Roper (Nov. 6).
Despite admitting to have smoked crack, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford still
seems to enjoy the support of suburban voters, known as the Ford Nation.
If this is so, nothing can be done. In a democracy, the voters decide who
will be their mayor. Before blaming Mayor Ford, they should blame
Former Mayor of Washington DC, Marion Barry, was convicted for drug
possession and served jail terms and after completing his sentence, he
again got elected as Mayor of Washington DC. He is still serving as a
councilor of the Washington municipality. Mr. Ford seems to be following
in the footsteps of Mr. Barry. Both have support of the voters.
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: our time is over???
Power Grid Down Drill To Be Conducted By US Government November 13-14
Dark Autumn: What do you tell your children to hope for?
Joe--the article posted by Arthur by Jon Kaminski is so
true.  We cannot even be prepared.  And the power grid
'test'  will also affect Canada and Mexico.  Remember
9/11?  They were also doing a drill then.  Also during the
Boston Marathon bombing. 
Subject: Oh Canada
Veterans deserve better deal than they're getting
And then we waste $351M to open this farce of a museum and then
spend at least $21.7M/year to operate it while our Veterans are treated
like garbage?? 
Just more proof there really are no Human Rights in Canada--just fawning
to the self chosen??
Canadian Museum for Human Rights to open in September 2014
Subject: what's next???
Halton Catholic Board to offer HPV vaccine
Joe--I find this sentence from the article very frightening
"Parents will retain the right to decide if their daughters will
get the vaccine."
Is it in our future to have government dictate that all our children
get vaccines???
There are Health Care workers facing dictation on this right now!
From: John Duddy
Subject: Fwd: Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a top US counter-terrorism officer
speaks out
------ Forwarded Message
Subject: Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a top US counter-terrorism officer
speaks out
Dr. Steve Pieczenik (Harvard-trained MD, and Ph.D from MIT), who
served as a top counter-terrorism officer in the U.S. government, told
the Alex Jones show, in May 2013, that Bin Laden died in late 2001/early
2002. Other government experts from around the world have confirmed this
claim. He says It is not a conspiracy theory. It is the truth.
Dr. Pieczenik says The Bin Laden myth was created to provide an
ideological function in the war on terror, and to get people to believe
in a big boogeyman.
Bin Laden did not do 9/11. And he was not assassinated by SEAL Team 6
(although, they are more than capable of killing any real enemy to
America's existence anywhere on earth). But Bin Laden's real death could
not be publicly announced to the world by the traitors who control the
U.S. government because the war on terror would lose popular legitimacy
if that fact was common knowledge.
Therefore, the U.S. empire kept alive this mythic enemy in the collective
global consciousness for a decade – a myth that the Bush
administration/Israel/Neocons created out of whole cloth to satisfy the
need for an enemy. The staged announcement of Bin Laden's fake death
served two goals. 1) Turn Obama into a competent commander in chief to
hide the fact that he is really a spineless slave and a traitor, and 2)
Flip the script in the war on terror, where it is no longer about getting
Al Qaeda but getting "state-sponsors" of terror like Syria, Iran, and
We're in an American theatre of the absurd." says Dr. Pieczenik. He goes
on to say that the "fraudulent War on Terror is one long, mad
nightmare that never ends. The monstrous traitors who have seized
Washington from the American people create one big lie after another to
try to cover up the big truth that the entire war on terrorism is a
grand, historical hoax".
He also says that Psychological warfare makes up ninety nine percent of
the war on terror. Most of the propaganda and psy-op operations by the
CIA, Mossad, MI6 and the Pentagon are directed against the American
people and people of other countries who mindlessly believe everything
they're told. But, as new fronts in the war on terror began to open up
(Syria, Libya, Iran) the CIA and Pentagon figured they could politically
boost Obama's abysmal poll numbers by saying he "ordered" a special Navy
SEAL team to kill Bin Laden and bring home the ultimate war trophy to the
American people.
He says "I don't know what to make of the news that members of SEAL
Team 6 were killed in an attack on their helicopter in Afghanistan. It is
either a totally fake story, or these soldiers were murdered by the
shadow U.S. government because they knew too much, like Pat Tillman
(RIP). I have read a lot of points of views on various comment sections
on different sites, and one point that keeps coming up is that it is
impossible for 20 highly-trained elite NAVY seals to be in the same
helicopter at once. One Navy SEAL is the equivalent of 10 regular
soldiers, so it makes sense that they travel in smaller
He stresses that "we cannot take anything at face value because
everything that the shadow government in Washington sells to the American
people and the world is a lie. This whole war on terror is a war on
reality and real history. The last ten years has been full of military
legends and psy-op hoaxes. There is the 9/11 legend, the Bin Laden
legend, the Jessica Lynch legend, the Pat Tillman legend, the SEAL Team 6
legend, and on and on. The next thing they'll say is Bin Laden rose from
the grave like Jesus of Nazareth to attack America in a nuclear
He says "All we know for certain is that:
Bin Laden was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks,
He died long before May 2011, and
The war on terror was never about getting Al Qaeda, which is a
non-existent terrorist organization."
Paul Craig Roberts has written a very informative article on August 6
about Bin Laden's fake assassination called, "Pakistan TV Report
Contradicts US Claim of Bin Laden's Death"
> :