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Municipal affairs minister Griffiths says oil bounty 'sucks the life' out of Alberta
         Ottawa man challenges extradition order
Brazeau warns MPs, senators: 'If this can happen to me, it can happen to you'
         Teens charged after Facebook conversation
Guilty plea in Richmond Hill, Ont., slaying
         Drug use during pregnancy affects baby: report
Patients complain of genetic discrimination
         Quebec's biggest union leader resigns in controversy
Agriculture minister feels confident about COOL
         Grandin says more research needed into sensory issues

Alberta puts brakes on $3B super-lab plan
         No fracking on the Rock pending review
Municipal affairs minister Griffiths says oil bounty 'sucks the life' out of Alberta
         Canada, Honduras to ink free trade deal
Ontario eyes tax credits for R&D investment
         Man attacked by polar bear recovering: family
Details of Halifax stabbing deaths told
         BlackBerry gets a billion-dollar lifeline
SIU called in after man shot in Toronto
         Brazeau warns MPs, senators: 'If this can happen to me, it can happen to you'

New natural gas royalty plan in New Brunswick
         Dozens of Canadians wanted web sex with girl
Ottawa failing injured vets: former soldier
         Man faces murder charge in Barrie death
NDP tables accountability bill for P3s
         Voter turnout low in Montreal election
New Brunswick Tories to deliver throne speech
         British Army to continue training in Alberta
B.C. man accused of selling Holocaust items
         Ottawa failing injured vets: former soldier
Saskatchewan reports new HIV cases dropping
         Health-care workers urged to get 'fluless'

Release of coal mine sediment contained: government
         Man charged with murder in inmate's death
Man seriously hurt in hunting accident: OPP
         Victoria team mascot attacked by fan
UBC students reject pledge for sexual assault counselling
         Byelection called for ex-minister's riding
Five things to know about John Chen
         New national museum to open next September
Quebec construction firms facing 996 charges
         Vet burial fund spends less than anticipated

Gov. Gen. opens volunteerism campaign
         Vet burial fund spends less than anticipated
Truck driver charged in death of Toronto girl
         More salad products added to recall: CFIA
Bombardier makes waterbomber sale
         Voter turnout low in Montreal election
BlackBerry gets a billion-dollar lifeline
         Kerry lauds Saudi role in Mideast stability
Pumped up Tories return to House of Commons

Iran: Protesters swarm former US Embassy in Tehran
         Nova Scotia family keeps finding supernovas
Car hits restaurant injuring dining officers
         Scandal-plagued Montreal elects Coderre
Air force flagged Cyclone in 2004: docs
         New chapters, turned pages in Senate scandal
Quebec hopes to turn page with municipal vote
         Cheese maker says trade deal may reap rewards
Supreme Court quarantines contested nominee
         Bank chief open to putting woman on next bill

Poloz brings new approach to Bank of Canada
         Top Tory fundraiser reassures grassroots major cash never in play in Senate saga

Amnesty concerned over Canada demos
         Only 11% find Harper credible: Poll


Harper's Conservatives a long way from upstart Reformers
         Senate can vote separately on Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau suspensions
Bell data collection part of 'disturbing trend'
         Health Canada crackdown kills family business
First Nations education needs fresh ideas, aboriginals say

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NATIONAL NEWSWATCH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Feds bring down legislative hammer on massive budget implementation bill
         Callbeck wants answers on federal job cuts in P.E.I.
Senate vote likely to limit debate on suspension motion
         Point Lepreau leaks toxic chemical into Bay of Fundy
Four in five Canadians back trade deal with EU: CTV poll
         Public service unions to lobby MPs against labour law changes in omnibus budget bill
Tory MPs leave convention looking forward
         Senate can vote separately on Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau suspensions
Governor-General kick-starts campaign for more charitable Canada
         Harper Seeks to Move Past Expense Scandal Amid Canada Poll Slump

What we learned about the Liberals and NDP during the Conservative convention
         The Would-Be Philosopher-King
Ritz eyes fix in labelling dispute with U.S.
         Lenovo pursued BlackBerry bid, but Ottawa rejected idea Add to …
Don't take trade amigos for granted, Canada
         A path forward: There are initiatives in throne speech that could save Conservatives
Only the voters can take Mayor Rob Ford out
         Conservatives' closed doors can't contain growing number of disenchanted party members
Is it time for the Conservative base to give up on Harper?
         It's over between Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath

PM needs better Senate advice
         When Mulroney saved a minister
How to survive a political scandal
         Stephen Harper's 10 per cent challenge
Harper misses opportunity on Senate plebiscite
         In politics, it's the small stuff that kills you
Stephen Harper sings greatest hits in bid to regain control
         Trudeau walking fine line on oilsands, environment
Cost for iPads in Senate? Almost $35,000
         Conservatives' closed doors can't contain growing number of disenchanted party members

Jaded Tories thinking wistfully about a future without Harper
         A path forward: There are initiatives in throne speech that could save Conservatives

Harper's Conservatives a long way from upstart Reformers
         MP Paul Calandra emerges as Senate punching bag in Commons question period

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOREIGN AFFAIRS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Real News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Palestinians Face Discrimination in Israeli Economy, Majority Live in Poverty
         Paramilitary murder farmers and union leaders to silence community claims.
Canadian Company's Plan to Use Cyanide to Mine Romania's Gold Put On Hold After Mass Protests
         UK's Royal Mail Privatized and Sold to Investors
Immigration Reform Requires Dismantling NAFTA and Respecting Migrants' Rights
         'Arctic 30' Face 7 Years In Prison For Targeting Russian Gas Drilling
Rocky Mountain High - Colorado's Cannabis Boom, USA
         Human Lab Rats - Exploiting the world's poor for clinical trials
Corporate Personhood: How Did We Get Here?
         Military Cancer: An extraordinary video essay on the History of the U.S. War Machine

Edward Snowden Says He Will Be Happy To Tell German Government What He Knows About NSA Spying
         Top Stories: Food stamp benefits cut & Marijuana tax on Colorado ballot
"Too Scared to Go Outside": Family of Pakistani Grandmother Killed in U.S. Drone Strike Speaks Out

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The European Union Times<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Senate approves bill backing NSA data collection Source Lockheed Martin announces plans for SR-72 hypersonic spy drone Source Malaysia summons US, Australian envoys over spying network Source Obama Signs Dictatorial Executive Order Imposing Debunked Climate Change Policies Source House committee endorses extra $500 million aid to Israel Source Snowden ready to go to Germany under asylum as his letter to Berlin revealed Source
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Citizens for Legitimate Government<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Authorities ran through 'exact' drill scenario that played out at LAX on Friday - Police chief -- TSA agent killed in LAX shooting, suspect ID'd 
         Suspected LAX gunman charged
LAX shooting: Alleged gunman Paul Ciancia a quiet loner, classmates say
         LAX shooting of TSA agent points to gaps in post-9/11 security
Airport Police Presence Boosted After Officer Killed
         TSA union calls for armed guards at every checkpoint
FBI: 23-year-old L.A. man, with 'anti-government' leanings, is suspect in airport shooting
         Fort Hood, Texas: 13th Sustainment Command to conduct series of 'active shooter' drills 
Speaker of Conn. House: We blocked access to Sandy Hook photos because of 'twisted individuals with an obsession with conspiracy theories'
         'German scholars urge Berlin to offer Snowden asylum'

'No clemency' for Edward Snowden - Congress committees
         Snowden Appeals to U.S. for Clemency
Snowden to work for major Russian website - lawyer
         Glenn Greenwald's partner 'is a terrorist' for transporting Snowden's documents through London airport, say British officials 
UK: Snowden reporter's partner involved in 'espionage' and 'terrorism'
         EU lawmakers condemn US spying on citizens, leaders 
NSA denies report it eavesdropped on Vatican
         President Obama reportedly told his aides he's 'really good at killing people'
OPCW: Syria destroys chemical arms equipment
         Israeli planes strike Syrian military base, U.S. official says

US drone strike kills four in NW Pakistan
         Bomb explosion kills four Afghan kids in Wardak 
How a war game brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster
         Manning says gender ID dispute could go to court
State to spend over ¥1 trillion of taxpayer money for Fukushima decontamination work 
         Earthquake risk at Hanford underestimated 
4 Arkansas Employers Cited for Fatal Crane Collapse at Nuclear Power Plant
         Group Petitions Senate to Prevent Mass Transportation of Nuclear High-Level Radioactive Waste 
U.S. to allow expanded electronic device use on flights
         Senate Republicans Block Two Obama Nominees

Texas Voter ID law snags former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright
         States' insurance exchange websites cost taxpayers $1B -
Koch-owned pipeline spilled about 17,000 gallons of crude oil in Central Texas
         Scientists Oppose Logging Bills in Congress
Northern Long-Eared Bats Need Protections 
         New York protesters target Barneys after black shoppers claim bias

>>>>>>>>>>INFOS <<<<<<<<<<
The Associated Press|17 h 39 |Les Royals déposent une offre qualificative pour le lanceur Ervin Santana
         The Associated Press|17 h 31 |Les Reds présentent 1 offre qualificative à Shin-Soo Choo, pas à Bronson Arroyo
La Presse Canadienne|17 h 28 |Le bénéfice net de MDA a augmenté au cours du troisième trimestre
         The Associated Press|17 h 20 |Obama honore les Hawks pour la conquête de la coupe Stanley à la Maison-Blanche
La Presse Canadienne|17 h 19 |La blessure subie par Craig Anderson est moins grave qu'on ne le craignait
         The Associated Press|17 h 13 |Microsoft signe une entente de 20 ans pour acheter de l'énergie d'un parc éolien
The Associated Press|17 h 06 |Blessé au genou, le plaqueur des Bengals Geno Atkins ne jouera plus cette saison
         La Presse Canadienne|17 h 05 |Mise à jour économique: le vérificateur général coincé dans un débat partisan
La Presse Canadienne|16 h 53 |Gaz de schiste au N.-B.: le gouvernement conservateur est déterminé
         The Associated Press|22 h 29 |Andersen obtient sa 4e victoire de suite dans un gain de 2-1 des Ducks à N.Y.

The Associated Press|21 h 45 |Cabrera est encore le joueur de l'année selon ses pairs; Rivera aussi récompensé
         The Associated Press|21 h 40 |Un autocar plonge dans un précipice de 105 mètres au Sri Lanka: 10 morts
La Presse Canadienne|21 h 12 |Le Fonds du Souvenir a plus d'argent, mais l'accès y demeure restreint
         La Presse Canadienne|20 h 57 |Aéroport Trudeau: sept personnes blessées dans l'évacuation d'un avion
La Presse Canadienne|19 h 14 |Tollé au Canada concernant la vente d'articles de la Shoah sur eBay
         The Associated Press|18 h 45 |Selon une étude, l'espace compte 8,8 milliards de planètes comme la Terre
La Presse Canadienne|18 h 33 |Des Canadiens figurent parmi quelque 1000 prédateurs sexuels piégés
         La Presse Canadienne|18 h 30 |Ritz a confiance que Washington fera marche arrière sur la question de l'EPO
La Presse Canadienne|17 h 50 |LHJMQ: L'attaquant du Phoenix Simon Desbiens est la 1ère étoile de la semaine
         The Associated Press|17 h 48 |Les Rangers présentent une offre qualificative de 14,1 millions $ à Nelson Cruz

Sénat: Brazeau prévient ses collègues que la même chose pourrait leur arriver

Mali - Cinq arrestations après le meurtre des journalistes de RFI
         Denis Coderre invite les élus à éviter la «petite politique»
Pauline Marois nie avoir discuté des affaires de son mari avec Michel Arsenault
         Michel Arsenault ne sollicitera pas un nouveau mandat
Des messages opposés
         #chroniquefd - Le bonheur est dans la ville
Consommation - Un service au poil, pour patients à quatre pattes
         Exercices de concentration - La gratuité de radio-canada.ca et la société distincte des médias québécois
L'action de BlackBerry plonge avec le retrait de l'offre de Fairfax
         Revenu Québec dépose 1000 accusations liées à la construction et au transport

Mines - Difficile de s'extraire du débat partisan
         Antarctique - Moscou et Pékin rejettent la création d'aires marines protégées
Mali - Cinq arrestations après le meurtre des journalistes de RFI
         La Syrie, un «Afghanistan méditerranéen»?
Espionnage - Une menace pour la liberté d'opinion, juge Snowden
         Kerry déterminé à travailler avec les nouvelles autorités égyptiennes