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Cliffs suspends Ring of Fire chromite project
Poloz says housing market not a bubble
PMO, senators worked to cover for Duffy: RCMP
Inquiry into judge's nude photos scuttled
Raitt issues directive to rail companies
Conservatives introduce cyberbullying bill
Lucien Bouchard says he was bullied as a kid
ER overcrowding public-health crisis: MD group
Canadians using social media to find jobs: poll
Study estimates Canadian hepatitis rates
Witness says northern priest abused hungry child
JFK in Canada: friend, foe, meddler
JFK's pollster describes his Canadian mission
Who's that rodent on the Harper holiday card?
Grey Cup fans brace for cold and Prairie wind
Canadian national parks in Google Street View
No sign of Ford lawsuits amid trainer questions
Manitoba report cites younger suicides
Redford mum prior to party leadership vote
'Zero' accountability on spies: Segal
Excerpts from RCMP document on Duffy probe
Top Tory bagman tried to sway audit into Senate scandal, Mounties
Recall raised in wake of mayoral scandals
Sex offender Graham James can apply for full parole
Accountability officer by 2014? Nope, say NDP
Stoffer won't seek Nova Scotia NDP leadership
Toronto 2015 PanAm Games to cost $2.5 billion
Nova Scotia labour safety concerns flagged
A timeline of the Senate expenses scandal
Nova Scotia loans poorly managed, audit says
Alberta opens new cancer centre in Red Deer
Review wanted after pot grow-op at care home
Alberta committee picks new elections boss
Raitt issues directive to rail companies
PMO, senators worked to cover for Duffy: RCMP
Ex-politician appeals sex abuse jail sentence
Parliament sees music outside, scandal inside
Groups want more input into aquaculture
What did Kennedy do for the history of this country? Plenty, experts
BoC says price gap narrows over time
B.C. carbon trust, capital commission chopped
Alberta orders cleanup of coal slurry spill
Kenney becomes first Tory to slam Ford
Byelections test Trudeau vow to stay positive
Cabinet documents reveal abortion battle
Baird pledges $10M to combat cluster bombs
Politician wins election by one vote
Crash probe cites safety problems at Ornge
Fantino wants clarity on duty to veterans
Human smuggling apprehensions at the border
Quicker disaster relief for First Nations
Mine firm says panel review error outrageous
Climate fix hurt by 'solution-deniers'
Size of Canadian military up for debate?
Human smuggling to Canada from U.S. increases
Ford comes up in debate over federal bill
Anesthesiologist guilty of patient assaults
Canada 'at odds' with allies on Syria: memo
Home prices will fall in next 5 years: report
OECD sees Canadian interest rates rising
Byelections turn nasty, test Trudeau's vow to stick to high road
Keystone denial would be tragedy: TransCanada
Harper questioned over robocalls
Defence tests memory of priest's alleged victims
Quebec police underestimated riot risk
Calgary freeman sent for psych evaluation
Orphaned polar bear gets new home in zoo
French school board sues province for funding
Butterball mystery: Turkeys wouldn't fatten up
New Brunswick introduces pension changes
AG wants independent review of MPs' expenses
Jason Kenney calling for Rob Ford's resignation
Saskatchewan premier declares 'Green Day'
Canada 'at odds' with allies on Syrian rebels as new report cites
Mine firm says panel review error outrageous
Cutting size of military could be on the table for Harper government
Opposition parties turn to that other scandal, robocalls, during question
Ford: A boon or hindrance to Harper, who might need Ford Nation next
Nova Scotia to tighten financial transparency
New urinal cakes Building Alberta:Wildrose
15 alleged fraudsters arrested in Montreal
Economy and trade focus of Commons committees
Russia to release 4 foreign Greenpeace activists in Arctic protest
Busy day for MPs studying federal budget, Canada-EU trade agreement
Calgary mayor says he'll fight lawsuit
Russian FM: Syrian opposition warms up to talks
Beef recalled due to possible contamination
RCMP documents on Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy
Why America can't get enough Rob Ford
Mass burials may complicate Philippines Typhoon Haiyan recovery
Rob Ford should 'step aside,' Conservative Jason Kenney says
MPs' expenses need independent oversight, Auditor General says
Gloria Steinem weighs in on Trudeau ladies event
Fukushima's crippled reactors: the risky plan to move fuel rods
Churchill polar bear cam shares 'amazing' live
How First Nations Guardians Defend BC's Fragile Coast
         With cuts
to conservation protection, Aboriginal stewards step forth, on their own
terms. First in a new series.
Little Buggers
covered me in red bumps. I bit back. Latest in a series of BC renter
Clark's 'Now You See It, Now You Don't' Coastal Protection Plan
contradictory on need for adequate spill preparedness and response.
Leaked Pacific Trade Treaty Shows Countries Had Plenty to Hide
reveals threats to Canadian web access, expansive border seizures and
pricier health care.
Clark Aide Joins Firm that Lobbies for Kinder Morgan
Garfinkel now an executive at FleishmanHillard, which also represents
Chevron Canada, drug giants.
Records show Sona on a beach when Conservatives claim he confessed to
Government 'provoked' teachers to strike in 2012: union lawyer
Tyee National campaign hits target in night of overwhelming
Harper government's extensive spying on anti-oilsands groups revealed in
federal agency, National Energy Board, directly coordinated effort
between CSIS, the RCMP and private oil companies.
Typhoon Haiyan brings flood of emotion as Filipinos confront class issues
and climate change
         A flood of
emotions inundated Filipino Canadians as they watched relatives' houses
being ravaged by the super typhoon Haiyan last week, which has affected
an estimated 11 million...
Canada will reach 2020 carbon goals, enviro minister promises
         But she has no
plan on how the country will get back on track to reducing carbon
Local, ethical gifts galore at The Great Canadian Christmas Craft Fair
         The Great
Canadian Christmas Craft Fair is coming, just in time for holiday
shopping. With over 200 exhibitors at the Cloverdale Agriplex, the fair
starts on November 29 and continues until December...
Doris Lessing: how the Nobel Prize winning storyteller kept me
         It was the
intensely personal nature of her fiction, its emotional depth and
intricacy, that kept me reading.
SFU Vancouver Speaker Series: A lecture by Dr. Gwynne Dyer
         The lecture
"Climate Wars" is based on Dr Dyer's book of the same name. Drawing on
interviews with scientists, policy-makers and military strategists in a
dozen different countries, it explores the...
Ten days to win a visually splendid, deeply pampering getaway to the
         Silence and
romance in Ucluelet, British Columbia and Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, a
drop-dead beautiful location.
Carbon capture and storage is King Coal's pipe-dream
(06.18 GMT), on Monday afternoon.
Empowering the Senate to Disempower Ottawa
A senator's case for an unelected Senate
Jim Flaherty and Rob Ford's 'come to Jesus moment'
Why America can't get enough Rob Ford
Rob Ford poses a conundrum for conservatives
The EI ripoff
Brandon-Souris by-election heats up with PM Harper letter
Brandon-Souris by-election heats up with PM Harper letter
Stephen Harper thinks Rob Ford is qualified to be Prime Minister
Public Voice(s)
Harper's houses of
Emails suggest Wright kept Harper in the loop
Explosive new RCMP documents
. Wright & Duffy accused of bribery & fraud
. probed for corruption offences
. Wire ..
More Chileans Want the Benefits of Living in Latin America's 'Tiger'
Scowcroft, Brzezinski Urge Iran Accord
Déjà Vu All Over Again for Indebted Caribbean
Typhoon Haiyan Exposes Flaws in U.S. Food Aid
At Kyrgyzstan's Kumtor Mine, "No Light at the End of the Tunnel"
New Hope for Haiti's Decimated Forests
Libya's Fragile Peace Cracks
Coal Tries to Clean Up Its Image
It's Rubbish to Waste Like This
>>>>The Real News
Striking LA Truckers Target Walmart Supply Chain
Obama and the "Post Racial Society" - James Early on Reality
Asserts Itself pt2
All Eyes on France In Next Round of Iran Nuclear Talks
Chris Hedges and Jeremy Hammond's Mother Decry Hacker's 10-Year Prison
Kashmir Remains a Central Flashpoint in Southeast Asia
"Liberty and Justice for Some People" James Early on Reality
Asserts Itself pt1
How Powerful Interests Walked Households into a Debt Trap pt.1
City Council Strips Mayor of Key Powers, Protesters Rally to "Save
Judge Awards Fired ESPN Zone Workers Major Settlement
Three Million More in Poverty than Previously Estimated
Letter from Tangier
>>>>The European
Thousands protest press credibility in march against
mainstream media
         Iran unveils
biggest indigenous drone
TSA Rolls Out 'Detention Pods' at Airport Terminal Exits
         Indonesia recalls
envoy to Australia
NASA launches Maven to reveal Mars' biggest secret
>>>>Citizens for
Fukushima nuclear plant begins risky fuel rod removal --Several
engineers, both Japanese and foreign, have warned that any errors during
the process could have grave consequences, such as sudden leaks of
radioactive material . 18 Nov 2013 The operating company at the
stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has begun the risky but crucial
task of removing radioactive fuel rods from one of the four reactors. In
a process due to take over a year, more than 1,500 tubes must be lifted
out of a storage pool. A spokesman for Tepco said they started lifting up
a first fuel assembly with a crane at 15.18 local time, (06.18 GMT), on
Monday afternoon.
Cracks in Tepco's 3/11 narrative 17 Nov 2013 "While I was
with Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco), a question was raised internally
as to whether or not the measuring pipe installed at the Fukushima No. 1
nuclear power plant, the diameter of which is about the same as that of a
human thumb, can withstand an earthquake. But Tepco has yet to make clear
whether or not the March 2011 earthquake damaged that pipe," says
Toshio Kimura, a former Tepco plant engineer. Kimura, who served the
company for 17 years from 1983 to 2000 and worked at Fukushima No. 1 for
12 years, is strongly of the view that pipes in the plant were damaged
seriously by the quake before a subsequent tsunami struck the plant. He
thus casts doubt on Tepco's position that the tsunami caused loss of all
the power sources, thus leading to the disaster.
Photo confirms water leaks from Fukushima reactor containment vessel
14 Nov 2013 A camera installed on a remote-controlled device captured
the first direct evidence that [radioactive] water is leaking from a
containment vessel at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. Tokyo
Electric Power Co., the plant operator, said Nov. 13 that the water was
leaking from an unidentified source, possibly a broken part in the
suppression chamber or elsewhere in the containment vessel that houses
one of the three reactors that went into meltdowns. Radiation levels in
the area measured between 0.9 and 1.8 sieverts per hour.
Climate Change as Terrorism Against the People
Problem With Billionaires
Photo Gallery: Scenes of Afghanistan in Transition
Just the Facts: Shipping Out of Afghanistan
How African-Americans and African Immigrants Differ
the Facts: Nigeria's Oil Thieves
The "Yes We Can" Minister of Nigeria
Brazil: An Object of History ­ or a Subject? |
London and Beijing: A Polluted Tale of Two Cities
Just the Facts: Where China Beats the Entire World
The Case for President Warren
CHSLD: règlement hors cour pour des frais de buanderiePlus
Deux éducatrices de garderie en niqabPlus
Ottawa sort ses muscles contre la cyberintimidationPlus
Meurtre de Salvatore Montagna: Les accusés plaident
Obamacare: CGI tarde à compléter le systèmePlus
Tireur parisien: un homme arrêtéPlus
Costco: La Bible affichée comme ouvrage de fictionPlus
Montréal: Michael Gero accusé du meurtre de sa conjointePlus
Obama et Clinton sur la tombe de JFKPlus
Triple meurtre: Pascal Morin restera détenuPlus
Greenpeace: accusations de méfait pour les activistesPlus
Union Montréal ne veut pas disparaîtrePlus
Un républicain coupable de possession de cocaïnePlus
Couillard ne croit plus au déficit zéro à court termePlus
Montréal aura son chien de garde de l'intégritéPlus
Nigel Wright soupçonné d'abus de confiancePlus
De l'opium retrouvé dans des pains de savon Plus
Matières dangereuses: les municipalités seront informéesPlus
Irak: 43 morts dans une nouvelle vague de violencesPlus
Exécution d'un suprémaciste blanc américain au MissouriPlus
Côte-des-Neiges: un chauffeur de taxi est tuéPlus
Montréal: la sexagénaire portée disparue a été retrouvéePlus
Lac-Mégantic : le dernier wagon-citerne enfin déplacéPlus
Charte: le PLQ se rapproche de la position du PQPlus
Québec verse 300 000 $ pour les PhilippinesPlus
Égypte: Manifestations et heurts entre pro et anti-armée Plus
Kenney estime que Ford devrait se retirerPlus
Fatima Houda-Pepin rentre dans le rangPlus
Lac-Mégantic: Des trains sur les rails d'ici un moisPlus
George Zimmerman n'a plus le droit de porter une armePlus
Le sénateur de la Virginie poignardé, son fils abattuPlus
Accident mortel sur l'autoroute 30 Plus
Charte: Le PQ attend les libérauxPlus
JPMorgan paiera 13 milliards au gouvernementPlus
FTQ : Bataille pour la présidencePlus
Maria Mourani s'oppose à l'expulsion d'une femme atteinte d'un cancer
Paris: deuxième jour de traque pour retrouver le tireur Plus
Liban: double attentat devant l'ambassade d'Iran à BeyrouthPlus
La cause de Georges Laraque remise en décembrePlus
Soutien aux Philippines: 600 000 survivants dans l'attentePlus
Montréal: Une femme battue à mortPlus
Un militant canadien libéré en RussiePlus
Une Belge dort un an aux côtés du corps momifié de son
From: "Wayne Cutterbuck"
Subject: Appreciating Harper silence, but worried. what's really
Good day.
The sensational blustering announcements followed by hasty, permanent,
silent retreats matches Ford Nation grandiosity and bluntness; but,
unbecoming as federal government leadership.
Is Harper nation waning, too?
Calculated, self-serving, confrontational, my-way-or-the-highway sounds
like recess.  Must fatherly Supreme Court legislate so much
government legislation?  Consulting in Parliament or Committee could
Growing-up and changing habits, publicly, takes time and effort; but,
maybe my problem is a case of “a skunk smelling its own scent, first,
eh?â€�  (Are complaints ever wise?)
Wayne, Beaches – East York.
Subject: Smelling a Senate problem?
Settling Senate problems.
Harper Government lawyers and MPs...People who regularly need others to
verify the appropriateness of their behaviour could be inherently
deceitful...always thinking as they act...“prove I did
it!â€�-types.  Even Judge Rothstein re-directed?
Exhaustingly distrustful people or maligned creative folks?
Truthful, inspired, open do-gooding desired.
Wayne Beaches –East York
From: "S Booiman"
Subject: email
I find it ironic that Mulcair thinks that the prime Minister is
sitting behind the computer all day
waiting for messages, which I assume could run into  hundreds per
Sure there could be, as the RCMP showed, but still does not mean “he
Am sure he sees very few , if any, Like the messages we receive on behalf
of the PMO one
can imaging that he has never seen any of them.
From: Henry Atkinson
Subject: Fwd: Begin forwarded messages:
Solomon Friedman and mandatory minimum sentences
Cdn-Firearms Digest   Wednesday, November 20 2013  
Volume 15 : Number 1023
So the NFA is seeking intervener status at the S.C.C. This is
full marks for the NFA here. It's an opportunity for Solomon Friedman
explain his position both at court and  through the media all across
He should be offered to every talk radio phone-in show in the land. 
factum or a précis thereof should be submitted to the Op-ed sections
newspapers across the land. That way he can contribute to re-arming
arsenal of reasoned argument for the citizenry most in need of
This is timely, as the Harper Conservatives attempt to divide many of
supporters, by defending them and attacking them simultaneously, hoping
won't  notice. Are there others to join the NFA on this?  The
CSSA? It's
only a matter of time until this 3 year mandatory minimum will be applied
non-restricted firearms, too. Solomon Friedman is not only concisely
articulate, but also not being long of tooth and grey of hair, as so many
us here are. It gives one some hope for the future generations of
that they may be able to sing "We stand on guard for thee ",
and have its
meaning be both alive and profound. _______
Participating in a gun buy back program because you think that criminals
have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think
your neighbors have too many kids.
From: Ray Strachan <>
Subject: Mayor Ford ,Toronto
I do not think that mayor ford has an abuse problem
His problem is that he is totally without conscience, same as those in
Truth means nothing on his way to his  "Ends"
He has lots of cards to play yet, to reach his criminal ends.
He  could easily be the right hand man of Meyer Lansky,and his
family Lanskys  closest friends.
So until you can stubble onto a conscience,    good 
Ray Strachan   syki
From: Rebecca Gingrich
Subject: just another cash cow for the government?
Taxpayer group calls for EI system to be used as savings plan
Subject: corporations rule the world
TPP's Intellectual Property section also boosts GMO and drug
Subject: 'Flushable' wipes a  going concern in Canada  DD
Joe--not to worry.  The UN is taking care of flushing us all
down the toilet?  People are being killed around the world with
nuclear, chemical and bombs, being isolated and left to starve(Palestine)
but we all need toilets??
UN declares November 19 'World Toilet Day'
"By working together – and by having a frank and open discussion on
the importance of toilets and sanitation – we can improve the health and
well-being of one-third of the human family," Ban said. "That is the goal
of World Toilet Day."
Subject: and Ritz crackers are so healthy!!!
Mother fined for giving children leftover beef and vegetable dinner
for their school lunch because it wasn't 'balanced' enough
Subject: Seems to me there oughta be a law enabling access
Joe--Sona=Nigel Wright???  Surely NSA would have a copy of these
records.  Shouldn't someone be asking them?? 
As the idiots in charge are the ones that make the laws we could not
expect an honest, clear law governing this issue.
Only an Enquiry where Testimony under
Oath is required will approach us knowing the truth.